She moves on to hopefully better days

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She moves on to hopefully better daysWhen Leon had gone I said to Jane “how did you like your adventure?” she said “well I never thought I would have such a great time and would have never done it had you not tricked me into it! however it was really good and I never came so much so thanks a lot it was a good evening” Jane had always been very shy and even though she had a great figure and 34FF tits she never did show it off so to get her to this stage was a major triumph for me and would not have been possible without Leon’s expert help. We had discussed several times how we would get Jane to come out of herself and become more daring and sexually active. Now it looked we may have succeeded and we were about to put phase 2 into action. Over the next few days Jane was very attentive and we fucked 2 or 3 times a day which was great. I said to her “would you like to try some more sexual adventures?” and she said “I think I would what have you got in mind?” “Well Jane” I said, “Leon told me he had 5 apprentice BBC 16year olds who had never had any experience and he thought that you, as a new convert to BBC. may be able to set them off on the right path as you do not have any preconceived ideas so you too would be working on a first time basis too” “Wow” she said “do you think I can handle 5 young bucks?”. “There is only one way to find out” I said “so shall I tell Leon you would like to go for it this weekend”. “Sure thing” she said “Leon and you will be there so I think I will give it a go”The next couple of güvenilir bahis days before the weekend was even more sexual than before as she constantly wanted to be fucked! it was great for me and I loved every minute of it. The weekend came and we drove over to Leon’s house which was a splendid old place with about 7 bedrooms and nice big lounge and living room on the ground floor. He invited us in, planting a great big kiss on Jane’s lips. “Welcome” he said, “I hope you will enjoy the boys as much as you enjoyed the session we had last time. This is something new for me too as I have never had 5 guys starting out at the same time before and they have never had a white lady before so you will have to guide them though it” . “I am looking forwards to having some fun with them” said Jane and he said “Fine I will ask the lads to come in and meet you, he pressed an intercom and requested them to come in.I sat back on the sofa with Leon and Jane was sitting in a chair on her own as the 5 lads walked in. The were stark naked and sporting semi hard on cocks. They were all around 6ft tall and well muscled each sporting a cock that even semi hard looked to be at least 10 inches. “Here are Jamie, John, Jacob, Reuben and Zac” said Leon “say Hello to Jane guys”They all said “Hi Jane” and she said “well hello guys it looks like you re pleased to see me”. Her eyes almost popped out as she gazed at their magnificent young cocks. They went over to her and started to undress her teasing her out of her clothes and soon she güvenilir bahis siteleri was as completely naked as they were. “Tell them what they have that helps you ladies relax and feel sexy and receptive”. “Well boys” said Jane “you guys are blessed with precum which when swallowed by ladies makes them feel really randy and want lots of attention so I will suck you each in turn and get a taste of you” She remembered how Leon had told her to suck his cock and lick up the precum to make her receptive and sexy, which she had done and so told the guys. She sucked each one in turn and said to Leon and me “Wow they have loads more precum than you and with 5 of them it is making me extra sexy and sensitive and I am cumming just from sucking them.” “You had better instruct them what to do as they have not learnt yet” said Leon. Jane said to Jamie, John, Jacob, Reuben and Zac “You guys have loads of precum and us ladies do love it but it works even better when you rub some of it on a ladies clitoris” she opened her legs and presented her well trimmed cunt to them when Jamie slapped her cunt with his now over a foot long cock and deposited loads of precum on it. Each of the guys did the same and she was running in precum. You could see from her face she was loving it. She said “as there are five of you one had better rub my clit to massage in the precum two of you suck my tits and the others stand each side and I will stroke your cocks” they sorted themselves out and she looked well pleased as they got on iddaa siteleri with pleasuring her. Two of them sucking a tit each, one rubbing her clit and her stroking the other twos ample cocks. She looked to be really enjoying this new persona and Leon and I were too. She told them to change positions so they could all get experience of each role and they each in turn took place between her legs, sucking her tits and being stroked. When they had all had a turn she said “now we will get to the fucking! and my how I am going to enjoy having 5 cocks to please me.” She lay back on the floor and Jamie entered her first and proceeded to fuck her with long hard strokes he quickened up the pace and dumped his load into her. He was swiftly replaced John, Jacob, Reuben and then Zac who fucked here readily and she came and came and came. When Zac had finished Leon said “You should be ready again now Jamie” he nodded he was “give it to her again then and when you finish you can all do the same again”. He jumped aboard and she purred with pure pleasure.All of the guys fucked her again and then again for a third time each when Leon said “You guys better go and get cleaned up and let Jane recover as I am sure she will never have had so much sex at one time” He was right, of course, and they guys left her on the floor with us still recovering from the best fucking of her life. Leon said “I knew Jane would be fine after about half an hour of our first session but I never thought she would come on quite like this. We could not have expected much more and I am sure you will agree she is ripe for many more adventures which we will plan for her in the future” I looked at Jane and she smile d back at me nodding as if saying yes please …. bring it onMore if you want it

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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