Shelly’s Mom Visits Dr. Wilson

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Michelle started seeing Dr. Wilson when she was 18 yrs. old. She received her first exam from Wilson after she was experiencing some difficulties with her cycles. Dr. Wilson had never had any inappropriate feelings or sexual desires with any patient until Michelle came in.

During the first exam with Michelle, the doctor had a hard time staying calm. This young girl was the most alluring female he had ever seen. It would be risky for him to proposition her for a date. He knew it was unprofessional and dangerous to think this way, but he was examining her vagina and breasts during these visits. He had to control himself or possibly risk losing his practice and freedom.

He became bolder during her exams and would not use gloves to inspect her pussy. He would lick his fingers and think about how her wonderful feminine smell and taste was turning him on.

He would even have his dick out of his pants under his smock while he was checking her. He would rub her juices all over his penis during the checkup so he could masturbate thru them after she had left. He even went so far as to purchase the same exact brand of panties as Michelle wore, and he would swap them with the pair she had on so he could have her scent to remember later.

He had blown many loads dreaming about having her someday. Her next exam was one week later and he was abstaining from sex with his wife so he could have a large volume of pent up semen ready to inject inside her if the circumstances presented themselves.

Wilson had been talking with Michelle about sex all along and she was very interested and asked many questions.

She asked “what kind of stuff do men and women do during sex and how do these things get started?” She was very interested in pregnancy and how it all worked.

She admitted that she didn’t have a boyfriend and asked “would it be alright if you were my boyfriend?”

“Oh Michelle, I’m too old for you and besides it wouldn’t be right for me as your doctor to be a boyfriend or even a lover to you.”

“But doctor, I get so anxious waiting to see you and you can just alsancak escort see how wet I am when you are examining me.”

“Now that you are old enough, we can discuss this, but we’ll have to keep it our secret.”

After her checkup was finished, she realized she was his last patient for the day.

She waited outside his office and when Wilson came out, she followed him down the street to an adult bookstore. She followed him inside without him noticing.

Michelle had been inside here just a week before, and the clerk checked her ID. He even wished her a happy day and to have fun. She had gotten turned on browsing through the magazines and videos.

She even went into the back room and played with some of the customers the first time.

She had given a few hand jobs and even sucked a couple of dicks through the glory holes that day. Some of the men played with her pussy and clit , but she did not allow any guy to actually slide into her pussy. She really hungered for a cock inside her, but she wanted her first time to be with someone she cared about and trusted.

She watched as Dr. Wilson went to the counter to get some change for the machines. He must have frequented this store a lot because the clerk said “Hi Myron, how’s it going today?” Wilson responded “Pretty good, but I’m so horny from the last patient I examined. She gets me so hot and I need to get some relief now!”

He made his way into the back and Michelle followed discreetly behind. She wasn’t sure what she would do, but she just wanted to get close to him. He went into the very last booth and she quickly got into the one right next to his.

Michelle quickly took off her top, skirt, and panties and realized she was already leaking from her pussy. She watched through the hole as Myron opened his pants and took something from one of the pockets. It was her panties! She was suspecting the doctor was doing something because her panties always seemed so fresh and clean after her exams. Now she realized the he had been swapping her panties.

This aliağa escort made her pussy leak even more knowing Dr. Wilson was going to masturbate while using her panties. He started to pull on his dick and he held her panties to his face and started to groan. She quickly tapped on the wall and put her fingers through the hole. Wilson noticed her hand, and even though he didn’t normally want any help, he was extra horny today and thought why not.

He pushed his dick thru the hole and Michelle grabbed it and slowly started to play with him. She put her mouth to his dick and smelled her own scent on it. Myron must have been wiping her juices on his cock while he was checking her vagina. This drove Michelle absolutely wild.

She whispered “Do you want me to suck your cock?”

“Oh baby, you can do whatever you want, just let me cum!” Myron responded.

Michelle licked up and down the shaft tasting the pungent sweet juices that she knew were her own.

She put the cock head inside her mouth and started swallowing his cock. “Ohhh , mmmmm” groaning her pleasure with her mouth full of Dr. Wilson.

Michelle already had her pants down and was rubbing her swollen clit. Her juices were streaming down her legs and she could smell her strong odor. She was beyond ready for him. Her body was ready to breed.

Myron was getting harder and bigger with each stroke of her sweet mouth. A couple of times she managed to swallow his cock right to the wall and he too groaned with utter satisfaction.

Wilson was getting close and softly said “Honey, I going blow my load if you keep that up. I hope you’re ready for a lot of cum.”

Michelle knew this might be her only chance, so she pulled her mouth off Myron’s cock and quickly spun around and put her ass tight against the wall. Myron immediately pushed back through the wall and slid inside her sopping pussy right to the hilt.

Wilson realized he wasn’t in her mouth anymore, he was actually deep inside her pussy and it took only a few deep pumps and he was exploding. He was tire escort ejaculating harder than he could ever remember. He was squirting in the belly of a complete stranger, or so he thought.

Michelle had finished her period 2 weeks before and she knew at that instant what was happening. At that very moment, Myron was impregnating her.

Michelle groaned loud enough for him to hear. “Oh shit! Squirt in my belly!”

Dr. Wilson was ejaculating right inside her fertile cervix.

Myron heard this and hollered “Oh baby, I’m squirting right in you!” He knew his wife wouldn’t be happy if she found out that he just impregnated another woman, but it only made him squirt even harder. He finished shooting his last streams inside her belly and quickly pulled out, zipped his pants up and got out of there.

Michelle just sat and thought about what trouble she was going to be in if anything came from this episode.

Turns out that Michelle did indeed get pregnant that day. Dr. Wilson had no idea that he and Michelle had created Shelly. He just had quickie sex with a stranger that day and thought nothing more of it.

She quickly found a boyfriend to help her through this and they were married soon after. They moved away from the area and they had a beautiful girl a couple of months later and they named her Shelly. They were married for about 15 years, but things didn’t work out and they split just before Shelly’s 18th birthday.

Michelle decided to move back to her hometown and Shelly seemed happy with the transition. When she back into town and settled in, she called Dr. Wilson for an appointment to have her annual exam. She had a different last name, so Wilson didn’t realize this was the woman he was so infatuated with when she was only 18.

Little did Michelle know that her daughter Shelly was already being seen by Dr. Wilson. She certainly didn’t know they had started a sexual relationship and were in falling in love.

Wilson had heard that Michelle had daughter years back, and was wondering about her over the years. He always wanted to make love to her but regretted having missed the chance.

What he did not know was that he did have Michelle that day in the bookstore and never even knew it. He also didn’t know that Shelly, the beautiful young girl he had been falling in love with was his own long lost daughter.

All three were in for a huge surprise soon.

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