Shopping for a Christmas Tree

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It’s December 23rd and we’ve decided to get a fresh Christmas tree this year. There’s a Christmas tree farm in the snow-covered mountains of Colorado, not far from where we live.

The snow crunches beneath our boots as we search for the perfect tree. Several families are also looking for trees. I slip my mittened hand in yours as we inspect the trees. A couple of kids playing “tag” rush by us nearly knocking me off my feet. You steady me and put your arm around my waist, holding me close to your side. After a little while, I feel your hand slip into one of my back pockets and give my ass a squeeze. I lightly pinch your side in response.

“What about this one?” you ask, stopping in front of a medium-sized pine tree. I look at it carefully. It’s a pretty nice looking tree and would probably fit perfectly in the living room.

“It’s nice,” I say. “Let’s look at some others though.” I’m enjoying being out here in the crisp December evening with you.

“How about this one?” I ask, coming to a halt in front of a small, sickly looking tree. “You’ve gotta be kidding me!” you laugh. “It’s a Charlie Brown tree.”

“But it’s cute!” I protest, laughing.

“Yeah, if you’re a Peanuts character,” you retort. I bend down and grab a handful of snow, making it into a ball when you’re not looking. Suddenly I throw it at you, hitting you in the ass. You whirl around and face me.

“Did you just throw a snowball at me?”

“No,” I say innocently. “Why would you think that?”

“Someone threw a snowball at me,” you say, stooping to pick up a handful of snow. “And I think it was you.” You throw your snowball at me, hitting me in the leg. I form another snowball and pitch it at you, this time hitting you in the chest. The next one you throw hits me in the ass as I playfully run away from you. My next shot hits you in the crotch. Your eyes darken with passion as you stalk towards me, knowing that I hit you there deliberately. I feel myself growing damp as you approach me. You grab me by the front of my ski jacket and haul me against you, crushing my lips beneath yours. At the first touch of your tongue against my lips, I open my mouth, taking your tongue deep inside. You walk me backwards until my back hits gebze escort a tree. Your hands undo my belt and make quick work of my jeans, pushing them down my hips. I gasp as the cold air hits my naked flesh. You smile when you notice I’m not wearing panties beneath my jeans.

“What are you doing?” I say breathlessly. “Someone could catch us.”

“Nobody will catch us,” you say probing my pussy with your fingers as I quickly free your cock. You grab my legs and lift me onto your hard cock. You thrust into me quickly, forcing me against the tree. I wrap my legs around your waist and begin to grind against you as you pound into my wet hot pussy. My back rubs against the tree as we fuck causing my bra to rub against my hard sensitive nipples. It doesn’t take long for us to cum hard together. You lower me to my feet and we hurriedly get dressed. Once we’re dressed, I can feel our juices dampening my jeans. I’m just straightening my jacket when the salesperson approaches us.

“Have you found a tree yet?” he asks.

“We’ll take this one,” you say, reaching for my hand.

“Excellent choice,” the salesman says. He signals to a couple of his employees and they cut the tree down that we have selected. You pay the salesman while the two men who cut the tree down carry the tree to your pickup truck. We thank them and begin to secure the tree to the pickup truck. We climb in to the cab and drive home. I get out of the truck and quickly unlock the door and prop it open while you untie the tree. Between the two of us, we managed to get the tree inside the living room. We quickly remove our jackets and I hang them in the front closet, then we remove our boots. We put the tree in the stand and you fill the stand with water.

“There’s homemade beef stew for dinner,” I say, heading towards the kitchen. “Why don’t I dish some up and we can decorate the tree in a while?”

“Sounds great, babe,” you say following me into the kitchen. I turn the Crockpot off and ladle stew into two bowls while you butter some French bread and get some red wine out of the fridge. We sit down and eat dinner. After dinner, we wash the dishes and then head into the living göztepe escort room. You build a fire while I load the CD player with Christmas music. I hit the play button just as you head over to the tree. We begin by placing strings of clear lights on the tree and the angel on the top. I run into the kitchen and return a couple of minutes later with two steaming mugs of hot chocolate. You’re putting some decorations that your niece and nephew have made over the years on the tree.

“I thought you might like some hot chocolate,” I say, handing you a mug.

“Thanks,” you say, leaning over and kissing me quickly. We continue hanging decorations until we’re satisfied that the tree looks perfect. We spend the rest of the evening cuddling on the couch and watching A Christmas Carol on TV. When the movie is over, I head to the bedroom to get ready for bed.

You enter the bedroom as I remove my sweater, leaving me clad only in my jeans. I can see you in the mirror over the dresser. You’re wearing only a pair of cotton boxers. I look in the mirror and I can tell that you’re already aroused. I fold my sweater and place it in the dresser drawer in front of me. Our eyes meet in the mirror. Holding your gaze, I move my fingers to the button on my jeans and I undo it. I slowly drag the zipper down, slipping my hand beneath the fabric. You’re watching me as I briefly touch my pussy. I slide my hand back out of my jeans to the waistband and slowly pull them over my hips and down my legs, exposing my ass to your hot gaze. I step out of my jeans and before I can fold them, you’re behind me with your arm around my waist.

“You are so sexy,” you growl as you nibble my neck. I drop my jeans as your hand travels down my stomach to the apex between my thighs. You gently spread my legs with your foot as your hand finds my moist pussy. You rub your fingers along my slit before sliding them into my hot channel. As we watch ourselves in the mirror, you lovingly finger me. Just as I’m about to cum, you stop and I whimper in protest as you withdraw your fingers from me. I watch as you lick your fingers clean and then you move in front of me. You kneel in front of me and halkalı escort cup my ass cheeks in both hands. I look down at you as you lick my inner thigh.

“Don’t look down at me,” you whisper. “Keep looking in the mirror.” I do as you ask and as I watch, you trail open-mouthed kisses along both my thighs until you reach my steaming pussy. You trace the contours of my pussy lips with your tongue before diving in. You suck my pussy lips before slipping your tongue inside. My orgasm begins to build again. The sight of you between my legs, eating me like there’s no tomorrow is almost more than I can stand. I place my hands on your head, tangling my fingers in your hair as you draw my clit into your mouth and begin to suck. You know when I’m about to explode because you bite down lightly on my clit.

“DEAN!” I scream as I cum hard, flooding your face with juice. Your hands on my ass are the only things keeping me upright. You keep licking and sucking as I slowly calm down. Once you’ve cleaned every last bit of juice from me, you stand and pick me up. You kiss me passionately, sharing the taste of my juice with me. You carry me to bed where you gently place me. You slide in beside me and pull the covers over us. You hold me for a few minutes and then I push you onto your back and straddle your hips. I gently take hold of your hard cock and run it along my slit, coating it with my juices. Pushing up on my knees, I aim your cock at my hole and slowly lower myself onto it. I tease us both by only taking an inch of you inside and then pushing up until you’re almost out of me. You place your hands on my hips to try to get me to take all of you, but I resist. I finally take all of your hard cock inside my hot wet pussy and I begin to ride you. You cup my breasts and squeeze them before taking one in your hot mouth. You take the other one in your mouth as I slow my rocking motion down. You start moving your hips, trying to thrust up into me. You place your hands on my waist and I shriek as suddenly you flip me onto my back.

“No more teasing, Samantha,” you say as you begin to thrust hard into me. I wrap my legs around your waist and try to pull you deeper into me. You begin to fuck me hard and fast as we both get close to cumming. You slide one hand between our bodies and rub my clit. As you pinch it, I explode. You thrust a few more times before going still. I can feel your hot sticky juices filling me. We collapse against each other, kissing softly. You roll to your side, taking me with you. Pulling the covers up over us once again, we fall asleep.

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