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Melanie kissed Derek before his hands left the steering wheel, her tongue tracing a seductive outline of his full lips. Derek smiled at her usual aggressiveness, finding himself aroused at her inability to wait. He pulled away from the luscious lip lock, torturing both himself and the love of his life that he lived with for the past three years. Melanie let out a whimper of displeasure.

“Let’s hurry and get the condoms, and then we can have all the fun you want,” Derek ordered, his hand on the door.

“In the car?” Melanie’s voice perked up as she slowly smoothed her hands down her chest. Derek licked his lips as she breathed, the curve of her breasts pushed taut against her tight sweater. He could not wait to get home, rip off her clothes, and swallow one of Melanie’s perky breasts in his mouth, twisting the exposed nipples between his finger and thumb, licking and biting the hell out of it until Melanie whimpered in defeat…

“I’ll start a fire when we get home,” Derek managed to choke out.

“Goody.” Melanie jumped out of the car and raced ahead of him to the store, Derek’s pace hindered by the large growth he now sported in his pants.

They made their way to the rear of the empty store toward the pharmacy department. Derek stared at the tight buns wiggling in front of him. He could see the outline of Melanie’s thongs through the white cotton skirt she wore. When Van Escort Melanie paused to bend over the aisle in search of the perfect product, Derek reared back and slapped Melanie’s rear possessively. Ahh, that sounded good.

Melanie turned around, condoms in hand. “Do you want ribbed or flavored?” She laced her arms around Derek’s neck and pulled him in tight, purposely positioning the sexy v between her legs against his very hard male instrument. Melanie moaned softly in his ear, her breath tickling Derek’s senses as he responded, “I want you—right here.”

He looked around the near-empty store. Although the store was open all night, they had yet to see another customer or employee. Melanie took the initiative and walked further down the aisle, one hand beckoning him with a crooked finger, the other teasing as she slid it beneath her skirt and rubbed the soft fabric of her thong.

Derek let Melanie lead him into the darkest corner of the pharmacy, where her hands and lips probed uncontrollably over his body. Derek indulged in a tug of war with their tongues, Melanie sighing with satisfaction as he meandered in and out of her mouth.

His hands lifted her skirt and touched bare skin, then hiked up her bra and rubbed against two very hard nipples. Derek crashed Melanie against an aisle of cold medicine as he took her large, perky breast in his mouth and flicked his tongue Van Escort Bayan back and forth across it. Melanie let out a rather loud shriek as Derek bit into her flesh, causing him to jerk up his head to make sure no one was coming. After fifteen seconds of silence, he got down on his knees.

“Baby, what are you—ohhh!”

Derek hiked up her skirt, pushed aside the flimsy underwear and inserted two fingers into her wet pussy. Melanie jolted at the sudden intrusion; when she relaxed Derek pushed faster. With his tongue, he licked across her juicy pussy lips, taking her swollen clitoris in his mouth to suckle and caress. With alternating upward strokes and sucking motions, he sent a tremor of delight through her strong enough to shake the aisle. She squeezed a hand in her hair to stifle a scream as she exploded sloppily all over the love of her life beneath her.

She had little time to think or breathe. Derek pulled her limp body over to a chair where people waited for their prescriptions. She noticed with delight that he had lowered his pants, and the size of him took her breath away again as she stood and stared.

“Have a seat,” Derek offered with a chuckle.

Melanie knelt instead, happy to return the favor. She flicked her tongue against the head of Derek’s penis, her fingers running gently up and down the side of his long shaft. One hand encompassed the base of his Escort Van penis as she slipped her whole mouth just over the head and applied a tiny bit of pressure. Derek let out a pent up sigh as her other hand gently jiggled his balls and her mouth lowered completely.

He could not believe the beautiful babe in front of him was deep throating him, and it took every ounce of self-restraint to resist the urge to finish right there in her mouth. He rested his hands against the mass of blonde curls but she moved faster, her little mouth gliding farther and farther down…

Derek removed her mouth and pulled her atop of him in one fluid motion, her skirt hiked up and underwear pushed aside. Straddling his massive penis, Melanie gently rocked her hips to the delight of the hunk beneath her. Derek placed his hands on her ample rump and coaxed her to move faster, until they were both playing a dangerous game of self-preservation. Derek doubted he could last one second longer, when, with a flick of her hips, Melanie shot him over the edge of the cliff of absolute pleasure. Feeling her juices tickle his balls as they dripped down the length of his penis, he knew she too had enjoyed their naughty experience.

He looked up and saw love in her eyes, still hazed from the euphoria of sex. He put his hand back in the comforting blonde curls and pulled her toward his chest. Whispering in her ear he asked, “You still want that condom?”

Melanie jerked her head up, defiance now replacing the lust in her eyes. “Hell yeah,” she said with a seductive smile. “You still owe me sex in front of the fireplace.”

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