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Short, fun, pictureMore to come/unedited so farThe heat of our lips coming together, the feeling of my hand running up your leg surging through your body. An electical current running from one end to the other as heat surged through you, a yearning blistering as you want more. Pushing forward into the kiss, arms wrapping around me and pulling me body closer as your leg presses against my private area. The feeling of me partially hard and growing hard against you calls the back of your mind as you want me full and hard…as my wishing for you to be wet and wanting me deep inside you comes to a head blossoms. Any thought of holding back given way to desire and need, passion and craving. My lips moving from yours down to your neck, the feelings sending ripples of shivers down your back, through your very being and sending your womanhood into a tingling sensation. it flames forth as i lightly bite down. sinop rus escort I feel your back arch and your body press against me, using the moment to slide my hand being you and run it slowly up your skin until i reach the connection of you bra.All the while having your hands dig into my back lost in the sensation as it pulses through you, a moan lightly escapes your lips as you feel your bra come lose. Your body settled back down as my hands slid from behind you and up your arms pulling the bra free from you revealing your beautiful body…Your wish for me to be as hard as can be was fully done as your hand reached up and felt all of me, 7 inches bulging in my pants wanting, craving every bit of you to be around it.As i looked dwn at the beauty that you behold i felt your hand running down my chest enjoying the site as much as me until it reached the top of my sinop rus escort bayan pants and your eye brow rose. smiling shining as you pulled down revealing all of me. Hard and ever all you wanted.I stepped back off the bed, letting my underwear fall away leaving me completely open to you, looking up you saw me smiling, a desire and craving burning in my eyes. Walking to the side of the bed i pulled your legs over my shoulders using the leverage to move you to the side of the bed, then smiling i leaned forward, closing your eyes the first sensation you felt was my lips lightly on your neck, as my hands carresed your breasts, slowly kissing down i reached your breasts. My tongue dancing around your nipples, my teeth bitting down you let out a moan of ecstasy. Feeling your body shiver to my touch i felt a surge of craving burst forth…my lips fell even rus sinop escort further drawing down your stumach until they reached between your legs…hands falling from your breasts to massage your thighs just below were i was kissing, lightly teasing around your panties until finally i reached up and pulled the last garment away from your body. revealing all of you, the smell of your juices strong i lean forward yet again my first taste pusing into you as my tongue danced acrost your clit the taste was like a d**g as i wanted more and more as my tongue went further into your pussy, your hands reaching down and curling in my hair as we both got lost me into the taste and you into the feeling…but that d**g like every other pushing my further into wanting you until i couldnt take it, and neither could you.Standing up i pulled you to the side of the bed, aligned my hard self with you and smiled down at you, my hands holding on to your thighs as i pulled your legs over my shoulders then you felt me lift you slitly off the bed so only your back upper back touched the bed. Then inch by inch you felt me slide inside of you…every second sending ripples through you cravings, wantings and just purely wanting so much more

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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