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Show me yours Ch 1This particular series of incidents started 42 years ago (I’m now 49) and still continues to this day.My parents had lots of friends, from work or previous neighbours they had kept in touch with, which meant that we were either visiting or being visited at least half of the weekends.Now, to the point. One family who fell into this category were a couple from Birmingham and they had a daughter a year older than me and a son a year younger and these two were often caught up in my schemes.It all started one weekend when we are staying at their house. Some silly argument came up between me and Judith and I just knew I was right. She wouldn’t hear any debate from me and was adamant about her position to the point that she started suggesting silly bets on the outcome. Firstly she suggested cash, but we both knew that we didn’t really have any so the winner wouldn’t be rewarded. This moved on to doing chores and then slavery for the rest of the day, which she seemed very keen on and being as I was convinced that I was correct, it made no difference to me whatsoever what she chose, I was going to agree!So, personal slave kurtköy escort it was. For the rest of the day, the loser would do whatever the other person ordered them to do and off we went to find our parents and resolve the dispute, which, as I knew it was going to be, went my way and I got myself a slave for the afternoon. Judith’s face was a picture, she imagined I would have her running around and working really hard doing stupid things and that’s exactly what she got!!!!I sent her to the shop, then again and again.She tidied up the kitchen, made us all a sandwich and when the other two were bored and went to watch TV, she bowled at me for an hour in the garden.This was when things changed.I’m batting with my back to the house, facing away down the rear garden. About halfway down, there was a shed, which presumably had once been on the edge but now appeared to be amongst the rhododendrons forcing their wait all around it.I look to drive the ball to mid-off and miscue to covers and it disappears into the bushes behind the shed. We both spend a few minutes looking and then I realise I don’t need to be doing this, aydıntepe escort I have a slave!!!!! And I tell her that I’ll be sat in the sun waiting for her to find it. At this point she grabs my arm and pulls me back, pleading that I let her off the rest of the day.As it happens, I wasn’t really into it anyway and had pretty much run out of things for her to do anyway, so when she suggested that if she showed me her “front bottom” we could call it quits for the day, I nearly choked! Trying to play it cool, telling her that I had lots for her to do anyway and that as my slave, I can order her to take her panties off anytime!The end result was, us two stood behind the shed, out of sight, facing each other and she pulls her shorts and knickers down together and pushes them until they fall and puddle around her trainers.My heart was pounding so hard I could hear it and I got a tingling in my pants.She stood back a little and kind of spread her knees so, taking her lead, I leant forward for a closer look. Bearing in mind our tender year’s only total fifteen between us, she is smooth and completely devoid of any hair, but tuzla içmeler escort when she opens it up, there’s a glistening wetness n the pink inside bit, which makes me feel funny.Trying to gain some semblance of control of the situation I tell her to turn around and bend over and pull her cheeks apart. She blushes furiously but says nothing and turning to give me a wonderful view of her puckered pink anus and moist thin lips of her young pussy.After a few brief seconds, she drops hers hands down to pull up her shorts and it was gone! Burnt into my memory forever and now the primary task of all my endeavours when we are together in the future.She says that it was “rude” and that she will “tell” unless I let her out of slavery, which I of course do, but point out that it was her idea at which she blushes again and runs off to the house.Nothing further happens during the course of the day apart from little smiles and knowing glances over the dinner table but as I was going to bed, Judith called me from the doorway of her room and lifts up the top of her boy short and vest set to show me her (as flat as mine) chest, then, with a big grin on her face, she skipped back into her room.We spent the next day outdoors until it was time to go and departed with nothing more said between us, although we both knew we would been spending another weekend together in a couple of months’ time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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