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Subject: “Shower Equipment” Chapter 6 GAY/ENCOUNTERS “Shower Equipment”by Mike hoo Dear Readers: Please donate to fty. Their efforts bring us a lot of enjoyment. You can read donation gift details elsewhere on the fty site. Also, if you enjoy or dislike a story, please take a moment to let the author know your impression. VI. Our drive to The Inn was filled with oohs and awes, cameras snapping, humming noises from cell phone cameras too and then the general hush as the mountains etched in sunset gold with purple backgrounds. Jim and Jack, chef Rodrigo, Ericka and Elaine all greeted us as well as Ericka’s four nephews, to ferry our bags to our rooms. The older teen nephews (Jose 18) and (Guillermo 20), were too young for me, as were (Pedro and Hilario- twin 16 year old brothers) but perhaps not for others. Jim’s simple sign-in sheet covered the fee agreement, rental car rates, taxes, etc and required a quick signature to complete the registration. We were then escorted to our rooms. Even our Juan and Pablo remarked how efficient and wonderful this place and these people were. Serge and Pavel were stunned with their mouths gaping at this little “discovery” on the Pacific coast. Among several surprises we found on arrival, were Mitch and Todd’s “guides” Diego and Rafel; who shared our trip plans with Juan and Pablo (1), all of whom greeted the new arrivals. The new Juan and Pablo pair weren’t too thrilled with the former J Ron and Tony booked 4; the Dan boys were in 6 with Brad and Mark in 7; Ben and Zach got 8 to finish off the ocean view rooms. The two mountain-view facing rooms had Jack and Dean in 9 and Steve, and Canadians Pavel and Serge in 10. A full house. NOTE: there is a different room configuration in the real Cerritos Beach Inn- 6 ocean view rooms and 4 mountain-views; but I wanted this (8 and 2) set-up for my story line. The studly bull Chef Rodrigo was an instant hit with the retirees, Jack and Dean and he was quick to help the retired couple find their room 9 and assist getting them settled. They gave him a generous tip and huge smiles; which he returned in kind. More on them later. Tom, Juan, Pablo and I got ourselves easily settled into 1 without help as did Mitch, Todd, Diego and Rafael in 2. Jack and Ericka helped Ron and Tony into 4 then Roy and Jake in 3. The twin nephews (Pedro and Hilario) zeroed in on Daddy Brad and helped he and Mark get settled into 7. Mark was not too pleased with the sizable tip Brad gave the young eye candy. Oldest nephew Guillermo helped the Dans get settled in 6. Nephew Jose assisted as needed with everyone. Of the four nephews, Guillermo was a surfer with a fine muscled torso, but was still too young for my prefs. He intentionally flexed and showed off for the Dans but they were too focused on each other and the view to pay him much attention, but handed off a nice tip. Everyone was in their designated spaces now. It was fate that would see if all remained that way, going forward or would there be musical rooms as was the case in our previous visit? During check-in Jim shared the evening schedule; happy hour tonight would begin at 6 and run until 8, with dinner served from 7:30 to 9. This schedule tweak allowed for everyone to settle in, freshen up or whatever and enjoy the scenery, sunset and more. It worked like magic and was clear he’d done this a time or two for his guests. The nephews were busy as servers, bussing empty drink glasses, tables, etc and available for other assignments as needed. The oldest nephew Guillermo also served as a waiter and was pretty fair at it. The drinks and appetizers appeared and were replenished seamlessly. I could see Jim’s calculator running full tilt in his eyes and chuckled to myself. This was going to be the SMASH HIT I’d envisioned. I gripped Tom’s hand and rolled my eyes around the room. He took the hint, took in the scene and smiled, nodding in agreement. Our J even though the king bed was ample for the three guys. Steve took the side near bath and grabbed a quick shower, emerging with a towel wrapped around his waist, displaying a long flaccid dick down his left leg and his moderately furry pecs, firm and squared off from a long-term gym routine. His torso was kurtköy escort admirable. Pavel was focused on the torso of the guy who’d saved their vacation AND his body. Serge too, took notice and though he and Steve were both furry brunettes, while Pavel was a blonde smoothy, Serge felt his cock twitch, teasing the head as his loose hood began to slowly retract. The couple decided to shower together and began to strip and held a brief conversation to learn Steve’s Friday plans. The duo returned naked, drying off in full view, Serge’s cock now more than flaccid and aroused, Pavel similarly boned hard and extended in mid-air. Steve grabbed the edge of the covers and tugged them back as entry for the couple to join him in bed. They did without delay and soon were embraced, advanced to kissing, and then foreplay. In short order, the three were actively engaged in a daisy chain; each taking time to fully throat the cock at hand or before them as it were. The soft gulping noises filled the room, punctuated with gurgles and moans. The frenzy continued until Pavel let out a loud final moan and pumped his cream down Steve’s throat. Pavel had been working Serge’s cock with tenacity and as soon as Pavel was finished cumming, Serge gripped Pavel’s head and held it in place, shooting cum down the smoothy blonde’s throat. Both guys now focused on Steve, their host and savior. Serge guided Pavel’s finely chiseled butt atop Steve’s thick and slightly curved dick that was pouring pre-cum from a wide slit. The head easily spread the boy’s ring and Pavel let out a long, slow gasp as Steve filled Pavel’s hole slowly but steadily. Serge rubbed Pavel’s back, shoulders and hips, as the younger guy rode up and down Steve’s turgid cock. Soon Steve gripped Pavel’s waist, hips and tugged his glutes apart and rolled the pair onto Pavel’s back, legs splayed widely, toes curled in passion as Steve began his intense fuck. The dick riding was foreplay, he now had full intention of fucking this young smoothy to another hands-free orgasm. Serge kneeled beside the pair jacking off over his lover’s face watching the stud architect hammer Pavel’s butt. Pavel reached for Serge, then moved his hands to Steve’s pecs, pulling at his chest hair. “Soon boy” Steve uttered through clenched teeth as Pavel arched his neck and head backwards and felt his spine tingle with that pre-cumming electricity. “Now boy” Steve declared and began flooding Pavel’s hole with his cum volume; forcing Pavel to shoot across his abs and pecs and at the same time Serge came across his boyfriend’s chest. The three collapsed in a heap and fell asleep in no time. It had a been a very long day for the retirees Jack and Dean. The events at The Inn were a spectacular vacation start, but they weren’t used to the long hours without an afternoon nap and the excitement of the trip prevented that. The few drinks and delicious food left them more than a bit sleepy. Still there was that sexy chef, Rodrigo who stirred them along. They chatted back and forth about him as they undressed and got ready for bed; commenting on his biceps, shoulders, pecs and then teased about what they’d each do to and with him, how, and for how long. They speculated about his ass and cock and felt he was not long but very thick and uncut, perhaps having a tight scrotum until he was fully hard and then perhaps his balls would drop and swing as he fucked an ass or mouth…..Soon they were fast asleep in each other’s arms and slept through the entire night until they woke long before their wake-up call at 7. The day had been long for the staff too. Rodrigo didn’t leave The Inn for home as usual since it was 1:30 before finishing in the kitchen and he had to return by 5:30 for breakfast prep. It made no sense to commute for a short sleep so he made a pallet in the kitchen office and fell asleep really fast, after setting his alarm for 5. He recalled how long it had been since he partied as a young guy and didn’t need more than 4 hours sleep, and tonight IF he got 3+ hours sleep, he’d be lucky. The four young nephews made mock-beds on the pool chaises, sleeping in their swim trunks, but it was 1:30 too, when they finished helping Rodrigo and their aunt aydıntepe escort Ericka. Elaine, Jack and Jim all made sleeping arrangements; Jack and Elaine used the hammocks, while Jim stretched out on the sofa in the office; each getting no more than a few hours of sleep, with a planned wake up by 5. All agreed that Friday would be a better day, though equally long. Jim’s alarm clock was set for 4:30 and went off as set. He rose, groggy and in a stupor, turned on the Bunn coffee set, peed, cleaned up in the office bath and went out to wake Rodrigo and the others. He found Rodrigo just waking up, but already on the phone to one of the fishermen bringing in their catch to The Inn within 45 minutes; and then moved to Jack, Elaine and Ericka, letting the four boys sleep-in. He told each staffer that he’d made coffee in the office and moved to the next and next until all but the boys were awake. The staff awake now; the day began and at 6, Aunt Ericka would wake her four nephews and get their day started. The breakfast table and buffet had to be set by 6:30 in plan for any guests that woke early. At that time, Ben and Zach made their way onto the patio, still groggy eyed, but alert and IN NEED of coffee and juice; breakfast could wait. Jack and Dean were down about 6:30 as well, seeking coffee, juice, some toast or fruit, before they took their first morning walk along the beach. Greeting Rodrigo as he was bring out the bowls and trays of fruit, they made small talk, again complimented him on the appetizers and meal last night, then settled into eating their fare and downing coffee and juice. In no time the spry retirees were finished and headed out to the beach and a good walk along the surf, as the sun began its crawl up the sky from behind the purple smudge of mountains to the east. Ben and Zach talked intimately about the flight, this trip and their lives together and how much they really needed this escape. It was a continuation of their talk the night at dinner and after they retired to their room. For once, their lust was not rowdy, fitful and over with. Their passion had mysteriously re-emerged and they made love slowly and longingly before drifting off to sleep. They’d found an escape pod at The Inn and planned to recharge within it and renew their love. They found themselves, both aggressively butch guys, holding hands in public, among their friends, other customers and Inn Staffers, all were unphased. As Jack and Dean were leaving the patio area to begin their walk, they passed Roy and Jake who were just standing on the small cross walk bridge that spans the pool, admiring the distant mountain view and sunrise. The four greeted each other, wishing each a great start of the day. Roy asked if they’d like company on their next walk and Dean replied perhaps Saturday morning, then continued in his strides to keep up with Dean. “ce guys” Jake remarked, then Roy added “I heard they’ve been together for 45 years”, before the guys left the bridge and made their way for the breakfast service farther in the patio. As they were deciding what fruit to add to their plates, Ron and Tony arrived beside them, made some small talk, asked about sleeping well, and what plans there were for the day? The Group was still slowly waking as the 12 “main players” including “friends”- me, Tom, Juan, Pablo, Mitch, Todd, Diego, Rafael, Ben, Barry and the original Juan and Pablo were still absent. Jim and Jack were busy greeting each guest as they arrived, even if only for a cup of coffee or glass of juice. Their focus was service and hospitality and the entire staff was committed to excellence. Ericka and her nephews were busy putting out set-ups, catering to their guests, while Elaine and Rodrigo were busy in the kitchen, filling the now steady flow of breakfast orders. Jorge and Miguel, a father-son fishermen team arrived with their morning catch which took Rodrigo from the stove to sort through the catch and select the seafood of choice for the day’s meals. They would then help him load the selection into the cooler, for future use. Roy pointed out Miguel to Jake, who promptly took in the tall, handsome, well-muscled son of Jorge. “DAMN” Jake exclaimed at the hot Latin tuzla içmeler escort stud wearing a sleeveless shirt, revealing his muscled arms, chest and abs as he hoisted the swordfish and tuna from their cart to the cooler. “Now he’s who you could bring home tonight” Jake continued and smiled back at his long time partner. It was time for more guest arrivals and on cue, Steve, Pavel and Serge strolled into the breakfast patio area, filled cups of coffee, grabbed some juice, made their way to a table and reviewed the mini-menu that had been tailored for their event. Then as if tethered together, Brad, his boy Mark and the pair of Dans appeared, were seated, menus presented, coffee and juice delivered, followed by fruit. The patio was filling and the energy building. Finally, the core of the Group began to arrive; first Mitch, Todd, Diego and Rafael ambled in almost quietly. They filled coffee mugs, juice glasses and fruit bowls then took their seats and were presented the same mini-menus for their breakfast order. Ben and Barry soon showed with their “friends” Juan and Pablo (1), repeated the arrival routine of coffee, juice, fruit bowls and being seated…The last arrivals were the hosts of sort; me, Tom, and our “friends” Juan and Pablo who arrived and the collected guests gave a rowdy set of applause and thumbs up gestures. The 27 had been accounted for now, as I scanned the group and got input from Jim about Jack and Dean’s early bird status and beach walk. “All present and accounted for” I noted to Jim, who was beaming with the Full House again. The breakfast service seemed to be so relaxed and lasted for hours, though it really hadn’t; when Roy and Jake approached, shook hands again, thanking us for getting this event together and asked about day events. Tom took this cue to stand and thank everyone for joining them at The Inn and on this little escape and reminded all that they would leave for Todos at 10 for tours of galleries, craft markets, clothing and leather shops for those interested. A stop at Prinz’s for the best late morning margaritas, bloody Mary’s, Tequila sunrises, etc was also in order, and he began handing out small maps he’d created that showed the various venues from his small presentation. He urged safety and reminded those “4 guides/friends” to “look out for all the Group and not just those you’re with”. Juan, Pablo, Diego and Rafael gave a salute to Tom and waves to the others. Our J check and service the pool and hot tub, sweep the open areas of any sand and fallen palm fronds, etc and generally police the area. They went about it quietly and efficiently, before peeling off to get some much needed rest while the bulk of guests were away. The two oldest nephews were busy with pool and hot tub duty, while the younger ones were split between Ericka and Elaine on room tasks. Jim and Jack worked with Rodrigo prepping the menu items for future use. Each team grabbed a nap when they could throughout the rest of the day. Slowly the guests began to return from the Todos tour. Jack and Dean again took the lead, returning to The Inn about 1:30 ready to try those burgers. In due course, three rental vehicles containing Roy and Jake, Ben and Zack, Ron and Tony returned on the same burger/fries mission. Tom, me, Juan and Pablo joined the Inn team as did Brad, Mark and pair of Dans. Steve, Pavel and Serge had spent the longest time in galleries, shops and markets, making arrangements for shipments back to their home addresses. Aside from the guys eating lunch in Todos, they were the last lunch diners at The Inn; returning about 2:30. The patio area was abuzz with the sights and finds of the day. Jack, Dean, Ben and Zach, while a seemingly unlikely 4some, were hitting it off; especially when Ben and Zack learned of the 1966 T-bird convertible that was Jack and Dean’s pride and joy. Drinks and happy hour followed with dinner planned for 7 and most engaged in swimming, enjoying the hot tub, the beach, surfing and just relaxing. The oldest nephews demonstrated surfing to the delight of many lustful eyes in the Group. The Todos diners returned at 3, retired to their rooms and remained secluded until almost dinner. Walking past Mitch and Todd’s room, it was clear they weren’t napping the afternoon away, nor were the upstairs sluts, LOL. But that was what escapes were for, freedom, no guilt or fears. One sign of hot sex from those rooms were the long running showers and voice echoes, oohs and ahhhs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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