showering with Sheila.

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showering with Sheila.A continuation of my last story.After my quick fuck with Sheila (my 67 year old widowed neighbour), we both went into the bathroom, where i stripped Sheila of her sodden cum soaked black granny pants and her tee shirt and bra. Those and my tee shirt were quickly discarded on the bathroom floor as we clambered eagerly into the shower. I played with her saggy boobs, circling her massive stiff nipples with my fingersas i tried to cup those magnicent hangers. Sheila pressed her back against the ahite tiled wall arching her pelvis forward and moaning lightly. She then reached down and started pushing my now semi erect knob towards her fabulously hairy hole. She manipulated my manhood with great dexterity, sliding her hand back and forth, causing my foreskin to slip back and forth over my now engorged organ. Sheila then droped to her knees, water cascading over her head and skillfully slipped my dick into trabzon rus escort her hungry mouth. She slobbered on my cock licking around the tip and poking her tongue into the folds of my foreskin. My fingers eagerly sought out her cunt still slippery with my cum from minutes before, i inserted my forefinger and middle finger into her. She flexed and shuddered as i felt her cunt muscles tightening on my fingers which were gently exploring her pussy, seeking her g-spot whilst mythumb rubbed her big hard clitoris. Sheila then gave an almighty spasm, her teeth biting into my cock before she let go of me from her mouth. She stood up turned her back to me and panted at me to “fuck me doggy”, I of course had to oblige her request. Slipping my now throbbing cock into her soaking wet hairy hole, i thrust as deep as i could into her. My balls wereswinging back and forth slapping as i trabzon rus escort bayan rammed my stiff rod deep into her innards.The shower was sloshing over us as i pounded into Sheila, she was pushing back to meet my relentless banging. I reached around her belly and playfully jiggled her big bouncy tits up and down flicking her now swollen nipples with my fingertips. Sheila softly groaned and pushed back even harder forcing me back against the wet slippery tiled wall. Harder and harder she pushed back as i thrust my raging rod as far in as i could, suddenly my feet slipped on the wet shower tray and we both ended up on the floor, Sheila still impaled on me as we fell. She bounced atop my cock as the waterpoured over us, grinding her arse hard down onto my lap. There was an almighty scream as she shuddered and twitched and then rolled limply off me. My cock was standing rus trabzon escort to attention looking like a little soldier ready to salute, Sheila turned looked at it and smiled a smile i’ve seldom seen on a womans face. Her wrinkly liver spotted hand reached out and gripped my shaft. Looking me straight in the eyes she started jerking at my little soldier, her other hand came round and manipulated my now aching hairy ball sack. Within minutes my cock spurted my hot white cum over her big saggy tits, the spunk turning to white strings in the steamy hot water of the shower.Sheila then grabbed a bottle of shower gel and started washing my now almost limp member. Her hands expertly lathered up the shower gel around my crotch before she then started lathering up her big hairy bush which filled the vee between her thighs and reached up over halfway to her belly button, her fingers disappeared between her legs and she had a twinkle in her eye as she rubbed and poked at her cunt.After getting dried and dressed she escorted me to her front door and gave me a lingering kiss as she groped me through the front of my shorts, then she told me quite matter of fact that she would like my services every Sunday morning. I cant wait for next Sunday to come round….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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