Sibling Holiday Part One

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I stood naked in my bedroom, the door firmly locked. Even to my own eyes, the sight of my 19-year-old body was arousing. My breasts were firm and more than filled my small hands. Although they felt weighty, they stood out nicely and my nipples pointed upwards. I ran my palms under them and lightly fingered the tips. God they felt sensitive. I rolled the nipples in my fingers and felt them harden even more. Slowly I slid one of my hands down my belly and toward the tiny triangle of hair between my legs. The brown hair had a nice natural shape; just enough to make me feel womanly.I ran my finger lightly over my slightly exposed clit and quivered with the strong sensation I felt. As I drank in my own image, I could not help but feel I looked every bit as good as the best-looking girls in the magazines I had once discovered under my brother’s bed. I lay back on my bed and imagined I was posing for a magazine photo shoot. I lay slightly propped on my pillows with my legs together and slightly twisted to the side, as I had seen many girls do in those photos. Then as I watched myself in the mirror, I slowly parted my legs and gradually exposed my open pussy to the world.I imagined men looking at me in a magazine and felt aroused by the thought of them seeing my most intimate place; moist and open to their view. I imagined the photographer looking turned on, with an erection straining his trousers, as he crouched before me, snapping away. The thought of my body affecting men that way added to my arousal. Gradually as I visualised the man, he morphed and became my brother. This was not completely new to me. For some reason since he had moved back home after he graduated at university my biggest turn on always seemed to involve being looked at by my brother.I started to finger myself for my imagined audience. As I did so; in my mind he put down his camera and took off his t-shirt and started to undo his jeans. He undid the buttons one by one, he had no underwear on, and so gradually his pubic hair came into view, and then finally his Ankara bayan escort rigid cock. In my mind he stood up and the jeans fell free, leaving him as naked and exposed as myself. Our eyes locked onto each other, as I slowly pushed a finger inside myself and he started to stroke himself. He stepped closer until he was looming over me. In my mind he pressed the shaft of his erect penis against my pussy, pushing it between the palm of my hand and my clit. His hard length was now lying along my pussy. Then he started moving slowly, brushing his head against my clit and rubbing his shaft along the length of my moist lips to lubricate his cock.Our eyes were locked; both of us feeling heightened with the awareness of this forbidden contact. Then he placed his head against my lips and pushed incredibly slowly until he was fully inside me. I now actually had two fingers inside myself and every thrust of them was a thrust of his hard cock. My hips were gyrating around my hand and my other hand was now frantically tweaking my nipples, as I imagined him roughly groping and feeling me all over. Suddenly wave after wave of orgasm washed over me and with every quiver I milked my fingers, as if I was sucking every last drop from his rigid cock. I lay back panting on the bed, still gently touching my hard little clit.Once I had got my breath back, I stood up again. Right where was I, oh that’s right I was trying on all my old swim suits ready for next week’s family holiday. I picked up a black all in one speedo swimsuit first and slipped it on. This was one of those sport ones with the high sides on the leg. However the suit was so tight that it was pulled up into my pussy almost obscenely. Every fold was clear to view. The effect was added to by my lingering dampness. Furthermore, my breasts were trying to escape out of the top and sides. The material was so thin and pulled so tight that I might as well have been naked. Every small detail was clear; from the contours of my nipples, to the texture of my little tuft of pubic Escort bayan Ankara hair. All in all the sight was very nice and already I was starting to feel aroused again. The trouble was that the straps bit into my shoulder painfully. Shame, as I would have enjoyed the look on a certain someone’s face as he tried to hide his expression on seeing me in this. I had recently become aware that my brother was looking at me a lot, and I had been surprised to realise that I found this quite a turn on.Recently I had become much more sexually awakened and this had a number of results. I started wearing less around the house and found myself getting turned on when I knew my brother was furtively eyeing me up. Like the other morning when I sat on the sofa in a long t-shirt nightie and casually opened my legs while pretending to be engrossed in watching the TV. From the corner of my eye I could see him staring transfixed at the exposed crotch of my cotton panties. When I decided to get up and walk past him to the kitchen for a drink I could see his face looked red and he had a cushion on his lap. I smiled to myself in satisfaction. When I returned he had gone to his room. I knew why. I had also become a lot more aware of my brother’s physical presence. He had a lean sporty body and I had seen enough to work out he was quite well endowed. I had also learnt to tell when he was masturbating in his room with the door locked. For a while now I had found my own masturbation filled with thoughts of him doing it. One time when I was certain he was doing it in his room I had purposefully fingered myself finding arousal in knowing we were both getting off at the same time.I peeled off the tight swim suit and picked up another outfit. I went through them all, but none looked just right. Then I remembered I still had an unworn string bikini, bought a couple of years ago, somewhere in the back of my wardrobe. I located it and pulled it on. It had string that tied at the back and then two strings at the top of each triangle that tied Bayan escort Ankara at the back of my neck. Once I was tucked in, I was very pleased. The bra showed a bit of bare breast at the sides as well as a good bit of cleavage. My breasts strained against the material nicely, and the effect was very sexy. Once I had tied the very low cut bottoms satisfactorily at each side of my thighs, I drank in the image. The front triangle was unbelievably small and low on my crotch, and as I moved, I felt the back panel riding up my shapely buttocks.I imagined being ogled by loads of men on the beach, and I felt another tingle. The only small detail that didn’t look right was the small tuft of hair on my crotch peeping above the bikini bottoms. I decided, for the first time in my life, I would have to trim it back. However, with what little I had, the amount left would barely be worth keeping.Another arousing thought crossed my mind. In my brother’s magazines, many girls were completely shaven. In fact, it had previously occurred to me, that so many of them had naked pussies, that maybe that was my brother’s preference. Truth be told, I myself had found looking at those girls to be quite a turn on. In fact it was strange that despite enjoying looking at them the most, the idea hadn’t even occurred to me to shave myself. Now that it had, an even bigger thrill ran through me.I idly ran my hand down my crotch and through my little tuft. Did I dare to shave myself? If my friends saw me in the showers at the gym, it might cause an unwanted stir. However if I did it now just for this holiday, it could probably grow back before my next visit to the gym. I just could not get it out of my mind. The thought of being bald and even more exposed down there was just making me incredibly horny.I quickly shoved my dressing gown on over my bikini and snuck out of my room and into the bathroom. Once the door was locked, I threw off the robe and started running the bath. While it ran, I located a can of shaving foam, a new razor and some scissors. I slipped off my bikini bottoms and sat on the toilet to remove as much hair as possible with the scissors. As I started trimming, the hair fell neatly into the toilet bowl. Once I felt I had trimmed enough, I stood up and surveyed the image in the mirror.

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