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Silver Satin pantiesI’ve always wondered why bars and motels are the places where wife sharing stories take place. I guess it makes some sense… but the thrill…the heart pounding…the anticipation are so much greater in places where you just don’t expect it. I haven’t written for a while but this time I just had too. Here’s how the fun happened…The week of New Years Day was a week that both Jodi and I took off from work. We didn’t have any plans or goals. The thought of hanging around the house and doing nothing sounded good to both of us so we did…kinda.She headed out one afternoon to catch some of the post Christmas sales while I decided to get some of my crap cleaned out of the garage. I got a text from her that had a shot of her in a dressing room trying on a pair of satin, full cut panties. They were silver with just a hint of lace around the top and legs. The next shot was her sitting on the bench with her hand under the satin. Then came picture three…she had the panties pulled down just far enough to give a glimpse of that light brown landing strip. I was hard…my hand down my pants and waiting anxiously for the next text. 2 minutes…. nothing. Five minutes…still nothing. 10 minutes and I gave up.About 15 minutes after picture three, came picture four… I was shaking a little when I opened the text. Now she was in light blue satin panties taking a full body shot in the mirror. She was wearing a matching bra and a huge smile. The next text simply asked which ones I liked the best and I let her know that the silver ones were amazing. Another 10 minutes went by with nothing from her so I figured that she was checking out and güvenilir bahis would  head home. I was wrong. I set my phone down and got back to work expecting her to roll in at any time. Instead….BING….another text. It was just a face shot of her with a grin like she had just won the lottery. BING! Another text….”Do you want to face time?” she asked. I responded with asking her where she was now……”I’m still in the dressing room and had an idea.” She told me that she wanted me to give her a few minutes and then she was going to face time me. I said sure. 10 minutes went by…..BING! A request came through on my phone for face time. I accepted. When the picture came on I fully expected that she would be in the store somewhere to show me something else she wanted to buy. No… she was still in the dressing room…fully clothed. I asked her what was going on. She told me to take my pants off and get ready to blow a load. I figured she was going to give me a strip tease and maybe even let me watch her masturbate. I started getting hard thinking about it. What seemed weird was that as she was squeezed into one corner of the little room when she started to take off her blouse. Button by button she methodically undid her shirt. This time she wasn’t wearing a bra….her amazing tits were out in the open.. her nipples erect and hard. Her hands fell and she started to unzip her skirt… I could see a blue satin slip….the dress fell to the floor. It was then…. wow…. I realized could see both her hands. Someone else was holding her phone! I think she could tell by the look on my face that I finally had put two and two together! My mouth türkçe bahis got dry and couldn’t get it to say any words. Her smile got big…”let me introduce you to Steven” she whispered. The phone turned and I was face to face with a k** I would say about 21. I had seen him before in that particular department store. “Hi” he waved. He brought the camera close to his face and said softly “I’m going to fuck your wife…she wants you to watch!”My cock was on fire! He held her phone out so I could see him back her against the wall…and gently kiss her shoulders and neck. He moved his lips to her nipples and sucked them while she quietly groaned. Jodi obviously knew that this was going to have to happen with some speed so she took his free hand…put it on her stomach and slid it under the slip. She told him to take the slip off and there were those wonderful silver panties! His hand plunged under the panties and I watched his knuckles move up and down against the satin as his fingers drove into her cunt. He was breathing so hard that I wondered if he was going to have a stroke or something. He dropped the phone to floor and when it landed I could see that Jodi had already pulled out his dick and was stroking it in rhythm to his fingering her. I knew she didn’t want to get caught and with the camera lens facing up I had a perfect view of her pulling her panties to one side and aiming his piece into her pussy. I knew she would be soaking wet and he went in slow, deep and easy. She positioned herself better against the wall so her clit would rub on his cock. The satin shimmered with each of his drives.I could hear her winding up for the O that was güvenilir bahis siteleri seconds away. That’s when I exploded all over my hand and then the floor. I tired to keep my eyes open while I was spitting out cum and came pretty close to success. I was just at the end of my orgasm when his started. That k** must have been storing up jizz for a month. It was almost milk like as he tried to pull out of her. It just kept coming and coming and coming. Even Jodi said “wow!” She dropped to her knees and wrapped her lips around him hoping for another shot in her mouth. She LOVES the taste of cum! And I mean LOVES it! I couldn’t see it happening because when she went to the floor the phone moved but I could hear that he had another throb for her tonsils. She picked up her phone to show me the cum on her tongue and then the traditional swallow and look of success. “Let me clean you up a bit” she said to him as she licked his balls and cock. She took off those silver panties and wiped her cunt and legs. She helped him pull up his boxers and pants… put her clothes back on along with the panties she was wearing when she went into the store and told me she would see me when she got home.When she finally pulled into the drive way my wife walked into the garage with a silly grin and pulled up her dress. Her panties were soaked with his sperm. She took them off in front of me and licked out the globs of his cum. She kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for the great adventure and headed off to the shower. Before she disappeared though the door I asked her what happened to the panties. “Steven wanted them so he bought them” she smiled and then said “I’ll bet before he goes to bed he pulls out another load!” I have no doubt.There was no bar…. no motel… But even without all the normal trappings we both had a pretty wild afternoon…. Oh… and so did Steven. Happy New Year to me!

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