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Sis In LawI married young, just 24 years old when I went to Pakistan and had an arranged marriage to my cousin sister. She was 21 and stunning! Fresh and untouched slim at size 8 with perfect 34b tits and an arse that would not let me rest. I should explain, perhaps, that marriage between cousins is a very common thing amongst the high caste families of northern Pakistan. So it was not a big thing in my culture.My wife, Saba was a virgin and had never been touched. So as I brought her back to the UK, into my world I was presented an opportunity to mould her sexually to my own tastes. And that was exactly what I did. I took that sweet innocent girl from rural Pakistan and trained her to be the perfect sexual playmate. Soon she was an expert cocksucker, she was bending over and taking it in every hole and loved it when I talked dirty to her. Now to you dear reader you may be thinking that I’m the luckiest guy in the world, but this story isn’t so much about my delicious wife, as it is about her sister…..You see, Saba is the oldest of 5 sisters and they are all delicious. Many times I’ve had her bent over with her pussy full of cock as I tell her how much I’d like to get my hands on her sisters one at a time or all together given the chance. It’s strange, but she loves it, the idea that I find her sisters so hot fills her with a strange pride of sorts and she gets off on it as she takes my cock and cums all over me. We’ve spoken about it and she has often said that that she would prefer to share me with one of them rather than another woman because they are, after all, her sisters and she loves them enough to share.Now for the main, this has been accepted as dirty talk between husband and wife, as her family are still in Pakistan and not really a day to day part of our lives, but that changed one day when her second youngest sister Mona told us that she was planning a visit with her husband and her newborn baby girl. At the time of our marriage, over 10 years ago, Mona was a teenage girl of 14, now at 24, and a new mother, the game was very different.I remember the night before they arrived for their visit I had my wife riding me, impaled on my cock as I described to her how happy I was that Mona was visiting and all the things I wanted to do to her. She came hard and fast listening to me describing how I wanted to bend her little sister over and eat her creamy pussy from behind, how I’d love to slip my tongue into her and over her and into her juicy ass. I went on to describe how I’d also love to see her eating her sweet little sisters juicy pussy as I took her from behind and the result of this was an explosive orgasm that shocked us both.In my mind, her reaction was the deciding point, I was determined that at some point during this visit I would make a move and make little Mona my willing fuck toy too.At the arrival gate I stood and waited with baited breath, it had been a few years since I had seen Mona, the last time had been before her marriage and although she was barely 20 years old at the time, she was a stunning young lady. Taller than Saba and not as slim, with a more athletic physique she had given me hard ons even then.But as I watched her walk out of the arrival gate I saw that her recent pregnancy had been very kind to her. Her breasts were the first thing I noticed, full and firm, obviously full of milk for her 9 month old baby, and thankfully an eight hour plane ride surrounded with strangers was not the place for a good Pakistani girl to be breastfeeding openly.I remembered how much fun it had been when Saba’s tits had been so full and firm with milk. And at that idea, my cock swelled in my pants a little. We met and hugged and I was introduced to her husband Samir. Now, as hot as Mona was, this guy was not, a terrible mismatch. Short, fat and 20 years older than her, such a waste of extremely fine pussy. Never the less, he was a decent guy and I liked him, and over the next few weeks got to know them both very well.The fun began about 3 weeks into their visit. Samir decided he would be going out of town alone to visit with some old friends who had settled in the UK and as these guys lived together in shared accommodation it was not the kind of place to take his wife and infant c***d along with him. As I drove him to the city his friends lived in, my mind was filled with ideas and scenarios of how I was going to have my way with his wife while he was away.Mona, Samir and I had fallen into a nice little routine, she would put her baby to bed and then the three of us would sit in the living room and watch movies and TV shows late into the night, I had taken some time off work to spend with the guests and as my wife had booked time off for when I had to go back to work, this normally meant that she would amble up bed at a relatively decent hour leaving us to our shows.With Samir out of town however I had my opportunity to make his wife mine, while my wife slumbered upstairs in our bed. The entire drive home, I was hard and imagining the things I would soon be doing to sweet innocent Mona. As I arrived home, I was disappointed to see that everyone was already in bed asleep. No matter, time was on my side, and the fun was just beginning.Before I go any further into my tale, I think its times I took a minute to give you some pertinent information. My name is Amar and I am 34 years old. I am tall at 6″2′ and have big muscular build. Now to be fair, I’m a solid average in the pants and have a respectable 6′ cock, cut and shaven. You may not know this, but Islam requires followers to shave all pubic hair, so its been common for Muslim women to have juicy wet shaven pussies for much longer than modern fashion has mandated for the western world.Saba, as I described earlier is around 5″5′ tall and has retained her slender figure even through the birth of out k**s and is still drop dead gorgeous, her tits, a perfect 34b and her arse as perfectly formed as a ripe peach. Both of us being Pakistani have a very light brown skin colouring.Now little miss Mona, taller than Saba, maybe touching 5″8′ in height, slim, but with an overall athletic quality. Her breasts at a guess would probably have been a lovely 36dd and as I mentioned full of that sweet delicious milk. Now don’t get me wrong, before our own k**s had been born, I had no real fascination with milky tits, but there was one occasion that sealed me into the milky tit fan club, a memory of my wife sitting on my cock cumming hard and as she did her full milky tits started spraying hot, sweet milk all over my face and chest. I suckled and suckled and fell in love with the sexuality of milky tits there and then.And finally, her hips, wide and shapely, with a delicious curve to her bottom that had been driving me crazy since she’d landed. The last thing I want to tell you about is a pakistani custom, older brothers and cousin brothers will always have the word “Bhai” attached to their names, Bhai, meaning Brother is used as sign of respect to ones elders and also to affirm a sibling type relationship.Older sisters are titled “Baji” or as in Saba’s case “Appa”. As such, Mona still referred to me as Amar Bhai, and so did Saba, when we were playing the pretence that I was her foreigner cousin who came to Pakistan and took advantage of the young innocent native girl with my wicked western sexual ways.And Mona referred to Saba as simply Appa. A favourite roleplay between us husband and wife. Anyway, for the purposes of this tale, I need you to understand how hot it made me to be called Amar bhai while fucking.And so I found myself the following night, laying on the couch as I listened to the ladies upstairs putting all our respective k**s to bed and chatting to each other as only sisters can about all manner of inane things. My mind was filled with doubts and ideas, fantasies and fears, would I really be able to pull it off???My excitement was palpable and my level of horniness was rising by the second. By the time I heard the sisters wish each other goodnight, it was close to midnight and I knew my darling wife would soon be dead to the world in her deep slumber. I lay there as I heard Mona coming down the stairs, she popped her head around the corner and asked if I wanted a cup of tea before she joined me for the next episode of our current TV show. Knowing I would need some time to let my wife fall heavily asleep I agreed and she disappeared into the kitchen.A few minutes later she walked back into the room and handed me a cup of tea as I moved over on the couch and made some room for her to sit with me and handed her one end of the blanket so she could keep warm. We sat through an episode of our show before I was satisfied that the wife would be asleep and that’s when I started to put my plan into action.Over the course of the show we’d been watching I’d moved closer to Mona, and surreptitiously had her within reaching distance.”I’m bored of this show. Want to watch something illegal bahis a bit more interesting?” I asked Mona with a cheeky smile.” Sure,” she answered, completely unaware of where that one tacit word would lead her. “what did you have in mind Amar bahi?””Oh, there’s a movie I’ve wanted to watch with you for while.” I said as I hit play on the DVD I had ready to go in the player.”What’s it about?” she asked as I shifted a little bit closer to her, at this point I could smell her sweet scent and my cock had hardened under the blanket.” You’ll see I said, as the screen brightened and the XXX rated porno I had queued came to life. Within a few minutes the sex scenes has begun and Mona made a move to get up, but I caught her around the waist as she tried to stand and pulled her back so she fell into my lap. She landed directly on my hard cock and her meek little gasp at the feel of it brought a smile to lips as I nuzzled at the back of her neck.”Wha…..What are you doing Amar bhai??” she whispered.”I’m doing what I’ve been wanting to do for weeks Mona,” I whispered back, “and you’re going to be a good little sister and just enjoy it, do you understand?””No, Amar bhai,” she whispered urgently as I used my grip on her to rub her firm backside up and down on my hard shaft, easing it into the crack of her luscious bum. “what about Appa? what about Samir? We can’t!””Oh sweety,” I whispered, “your Appa knows exactly what I want to do with you, and as for Samir, well, you’re wasted on him! I bet he has no idea how to make a sexy little girl like you moan with ecstasy, but I do, and I’m going to enjoy making you moan little sister.” my kisses to the back of her neck were having the desired effect and I could feel her pressing down on my lap even as she spoke.”No Amar bhai, we can’t, I…….” her words were cut off as I slipped my hand into her Shalwar, a baggy type of trouser worn with a long tunic called a Kameez. I’m sure you’ve seen asian women dressed in such garments. Anyway, my fingers finding her pussy through her panties stole the words from her lips, and as I slowly started to rub her slit through her panties her words ended and her gentle moaning began.Silently I slipped my fingertips under the gusset of her panties and onto her bare mound. And as I knew she would be, I found her slit moist and hot. The feel of her sex, making my cock surge against her bottom. I had her on my lap, leant back against my chest with one hand between her legs and the other wrapped around her waist, her twisting and wriggling was exerting sublime pleasure against the length of my shaft which was nestled between her bum cheeks.I slipped my fingertip into her dripping pussy and curled it up, rubbing on the sensitive flesh of her g-spot and making her groan like a wanton whore.”Ohhhh,” I whispered as I pushed harder on her insides, “you’re enjoying this are you? You like it when Amar bhai touches you here?” I asked as I slipped my other hand down and into her shalwar as well.My other hand quickly found her hard clit and began stroking a gently rhythm against it as I continued to curl my finger inside her. It was then I realised how big her clit was, it must have been the size of an almond and her moaning became louder as I felt her pussy walls start to squeeze against my invading fingers. I wanted her to cum, I needed her to cum, I was counting on the daze of post orgasmic bliss to be enough time to get her naked and under control.And so I worked her pussy harder and faster and within seconds, she was a wailing heap of flesh writhing atop me, biting down on her own hand as she shuddered and came on my hands. I worked ther through her orgasm and then quickly pushed her off me onto the couch to my side, she lay back panting as I worked quickly and pulled her shalwar off her lower body.”No Amar bhai,” she murmured as I lifted her sitting and began pulling her kameez up and off her torso. “we can’t, my sister, my husband, you’re my brother, it’s wrong…..” and throughout her words I kept at my task and soon had her lying back in her bra and panties.At that point she regained some semblance of her wits and scooted back into the corner of the couch, as far from me as she could get. It mattered little as I needed some space for my next move.”Shhhhh Mona, it’s ok,” I said as I reached out and took a gentle hold on one of her ankles, “you trust me dont you?””Yes, I do,” she whispered as I pulled her leg out and reached for her other ankle. “but what are you doing Amar bhai? This is so wrong….””I’m doing what I want to do, what I need to do.” I replied, “You want me to do it, I know you do, see how wet you are? If you didn’t want it would you be so wet?” my words gave me the cover I needed to fianlly be in position, and quickly I lunged forward before she could react and buried my face in her soaking wet cunt.I used my hands to rip her panties off and looked deep into her swollen glistening pussy, seeing her large clit and pink pussy lips before covering them with my mouth and sliding my tongue deep into her slick cunny.Whatever words she was about to say vanished as she moaned loudly and began to cum on my face over and over. Her pussy spasmed around my tongue and my face was awash with her copious pussy juices.I kept at it for a while, letting my tongue slide as deep as i could into her silken tunnel. Before moving up and covering her huge clit with my mouth and lavishing it with long hard strokes of my tongue and sucking on it.The whole time she kept cumming and cumming until at last she just went quiet and still. I moved back and wiped the wetness off my face with the back of my hand, looking down at her prone body, those magnificent tits rising and falling as she lay there.Almost forgotten on the TV the porno was still playing, and I absent mindedly switched it off as I rose off the couch to stand over her. I had to see those tits! So while she lay there I reached down and popped the clasp on her bra, luckily it was a front opening one, probably more because of her breast feeding then my needs, but what the hell, made it easy to uncover those wonderous tits.Full and firm, they sat atop her chest like they had been carved from living marble. Her nipples a soft shade of brown with a hint of pink to them, my aching cock swelled just looking down at her.I reached down and dropped my pants before reaching up and pulling off my top. My hand wandered down and began stroking my shaft as I looked down at her lying back with her legs splayed and her tits heaving.And thats the sight that greeted her as her eyes fluttered open. She looked up at me as I slowly wanked my cock over her body. There was fear in her eyes as she made to speak, but as her lips parted to undoubtedly tell me how wrong this was, I leant forward and slipped my fat helmet into her mouth. She looked shocked.Saba had told me about this, how wives in Pakistan did not do blow jobs, how husbands did not expect it and would get their dicks sucked by their mistresses and felt their wives were above that kind of nastiness.But even so I wanted to feel her mouth on my cock and with one hand on the back of her head I eased my fat head between her soft lips.She looked up me shocked with her soft brown eyes as I groaned out loud and thrust my shaft to the back of her throat. She gagged softly, tears welling in her eyes as I smiled down and said “that’s it little sister, suck it, let me feel your tongue against it.”I felt her tongue start to slide along the base of my shaft, and the soft suckling of a virgin mouth slowly sucking harder as a deep moan escaped my lips. I looked down at her, one hand buried in her long flowing dark hair and began to fuck her sweet mouth.Thrusting into her mouth and entering her throat making her gag gently. The speed of my thrusts growing in tempo as I reached down with my free hand and cupped her firm tit. “Oh Mona,”I sighed as I squeezed her firm tit flesh, pinching her hard nipple and feeling her milk ooze from the hardened nub. Her spit was beginning to dribble down her chin as my balls began slapping her face. “you’re such a dirty little slut, just like your big sister.”She moaned as she heard me and a pained look spread across her face, but at the same time I watched as she clenched her thighs together and her hand drifted towards her slutty cunt. I laughed out loud, “I saw that, dirty girl!” I teased, “does your pussy need some cock sweety?”I stepped back and looked down at her, her beautiful face tear streaked and with thick drool dripping onto her ripe tits. She closed her eyes and turned away from me as I moved over to my side of the couch and sat back.I reached down to my slobbery cock and pushed it out from my stomach.”Mona, baby,” I cooed, “it’s right here sweety, what you need is right here. All you have to do is climb on little sister.” She looked over and her eyes fixed on my fat cock sticking up. She almost looked hypnotised as she moved closer.”It’s wrong,” illegal bahis siteleri she mumbled as she swung a leg over my lap. “so wrong,” As she felt me notch the head of my cock between her swollen cunt flaps.”That’s right sweety, all you have to do is sit down, and show me that I’m right, that you really are a cock whore like your sister.”She sobbed out loud as she heard me and then sank down fully on the fat shaft being offered. Her eyes popped open and I could feel her molten pussy squeezing around me. I laughed out out and she sobbed again.My hands went down her body and cupped her full arse and I began to guide her up and down the length of my cock. Leaning forward I captured a nipple in my mouth and sucked on it hard.Her warm sweet milk flooded my mouth and she wailed in sweet ecstasy and began fucking onto me harder. I sucked on her tit and drank my fill before moving to her other teat and biting down on it roughly, I felt her pussy clamp down on me and my balls were soaked in a gush of her warm pussy juices as she came on my cock for the first time. She fell limp onto me, breathing hard and covered in a sheen of sweat.”I didn’t know it could be like this,” she whispered. “I’ve never felt like that before……””I’m just getting started with you.” I whispered, as I reached down, behind her back, to where my cock was sunken deeply into her pussy.I gathered the copious wetness there onto my fingers and moved them slowly up to her tight little arse hole. “There’s so much I am going to do with you.” I whispered as I spread the slickness of her cunt over her last virginity. I began rubbing on her arse hole as I ground my hips up into her. She gasped and her body shuddered and she realised what I meant.”No, Amar Bhai,” she begged. “it’s dirty.” she whined, “I…..I can’t do that.” she implored.”You are going to do it,” I soothed her gently as I lifted her off my still raging cock. “your sister said the same thing, the first time I took her arse.” I told her softly as I lay her back on the couch with her legs pushed back over her body.”You’re going to love it, just like your sister does…..” I sighed as I mounted her and sank back into her tight pussy. ” just need to take some of the wetness from here,” I mumbled, as she lay back, legs wide open and exposed to my eyes. “and then I can put it in here.” I finished as I notched myself against her puckered little arse hole. She clenched her eyes shut, and looked away.”Mona,” I said sternly, “look at me.” Her eyes fluttered open and locked with mine as I slowly but evenly pushed myself into her virgin arse.A loud moan escaped me as she sucked in a sharp breath, but I didn’t ease the pressure until I had most of my fat cock inside her. And then I stopped. And held it there.Her breathing evened off after a minute or so and she looked up at me. When her eyes caught with mine, I deliberately let a long dribble of my spit slip from my lips and fall onto her swollen and abused pussy.The trickles of spit rolled down her lips and oozed over and around my shaft and as they did I began to move in her arse. Hooking my arms under her knees, I pulled her legs open and made her watch as I began to fuck her arse for the very first time.Slowly, I felt her insides relax and I began to move faster, working more and more of my cock into her as she lay back and looked up at me with amazement. The sight of her lying there her beautiful tits rocking back and forth on her chest as the speed of my cock in her arse grew faster.The sound of my balls slapping against her flesh and then the moans that she couldn’t hold in, had my balls boiling. I could feel my cum burning, wanting to find heaven inside her dirty arse.The perversity of it and the fantasies of what I could do with these two sisters flooding my mind. I reached down and grabbed her tits, squeezing them hard and using them to pull her back and forth on my cock the pressure making them weep with clean white rivulets of milk as my hands pinched on both nipples hard.Her pussy exploded, she was laying back and cumming harder than anyone I’d ever seen and the feel of her squirting juice splashing against my body sent me into oblivion, and I released all my hot cum deep into her bowels, filling her and she felt it. The warmth of it her eyes popped wide open as she realised what I had just done and what she had done.The tremors of orgasm passed and I collapsed on top of her, bearing my weight down on her as my softening cock slipped from her bum followed by a torrent of my cum. And then we heard the footsteps from upstairs……….As my wife’s footsteps sounded overhead, I slumped back on the couch breathing hard. Mona jumped up and started scrabbling around on the floor, trying to pick up her discarded clothing as I sat back smiling at her.The footsteps sounded on the stairs and then the door to the living room burst open and Saba walked in to the sight of her naked sister holding her tattered clothing over her naked body and her husband sitting naked on the couch with a satisfied smile on his face.”What the fuck is going on?!” screamed Saba, looking at the scene before her.”Appa,” began Mona, “he wouldn’t stop, he wouldn’t listen…” she tried desperately to explain as her sister glared at her. “I tried to stop him, but…””But I took what I wanted!” I finished for her. “I fucked her! Her mouth, her pussy and her arse!””You did what??” Asked Saba incredulously.”Look at her baby,” I crooned to my wife. “She’s fucking gorgeous, and I told you what I wanted to do to her. And you know what…? The dirty little slut loved it! She creamed all over my cock so many times, she even came when I fucked her tight little arse, squirted all over me! I guess she’s just like her big sister.” I finished.Hearing my words and feeling the shame of her action, Mona broke down into pitiful sobs again, her bundle of clothes held against her naked body dropped to the floor and exposed her naked flesh for my wife to see.I casually reached down and used her Kameez to wipe the juices off my soaked cock and balls before standing up and taking Mona by her arm and pushing her back onto the couch.”Don’t cry, sweet sister,” I said as I stood over her. ” Your sister isn’t angry, are you baby? I asked as I walked over to my beautiful wife. She stood there shocked and bewildered as I pulled her into my naked arms.”You see,” I continued, “your Appa here knows how good I can make her feel. And she knows how long I’ve wanted you… in fact I bet her sweet little pussy is soaking wet just thinking about what I’ve been doing to her sweet, innocent little sister.””No Amar, Don’t,” whispered Saba as I turned her in my arms so she was facing her shocked little sister as she cowered on the sofa looking up. Saba closed her eyes and turned her head away from her sisters sight.”If I know my wife,” I mused softly, “her sweet little pussy is going to be so wet right now…” and as I spoke I slipped my hand into Saba’s pyjamas and between her legs.”Amar!” she wailed as I slipped two finger deep into her soaking wet cunt. Mona looked up her sister being m*****ed in such a shameful way with a shocked and amazed look on her face. Subconsciously her thighs constricted betraying her arousal and I grinned and I kissed gently at the nape of Saba’s neck.”Mmmmmm, She’s so wet Mona,” I said as my hand began to work my fingers faster and deeper between my wife’s legs. Her knees buckled slightly as the pleasure my fingers were giving her grew. “But don’t think I forgot about you baby,” I whispered to my wife, “Mona and I saved a treat for you…”Saba, still with eyes shut let out a sweet little whimper, as I looked down at her confused little sister. Mona was obviously trying to figure out what this treat was. I smiled to myself as it occurred to me that she had no idea of the depravity that I was capable of. Saba knew though…”Do you want your treat baby?” I asked my wife as I slipped my fingers out of her pussy and began to run my wet digits over her clit in hard circles.She moaned deeply as her head nodded slightly.”Say it!” I demanded in a harsh voice pinching her clit at the same time. Her eyes popped open at the feeling and she turned to me and kissed me deeply on the mouth. Her tongue grappling with mine as she tilted her head back and up to find my lips.I knew right there that all my fantasies would come true. That kiss sealed my wife’s fate, had confirmed her as my willing accomplice in the depravity I had planned for both these delicious sisters.”Yes!” she gasped as our kiss ended, “I want my treat Amar Bahi!” she finished slipping into her role as my cousin and not my wife. She looked down at her shocked sister, still sitting naked on the couch before us looking up at such a wanton display of sexuality as she had never imagined.I reached down and pulled Saba’s top off her slender body, baring her beautiful apple sized tits and perfect hard nipples.”Well Mona,” I said smiling at the canlı bahis siteleri naked, freshly fucked girl on the couch, “give her her treat…”Mona looked up at me confused, she had no idea what treat I was talking about. So stepped out from behind her sister and moved closer to her on the couch. Wordlessly I pulled her up for her sitting position and turned her around. I pushed her back onto the couch on her knees and used my hand on the small of her back to push her face into the cushion. As she bent over, her firm round arse cheeks opened and the sight of her ravaged hole opened to her sisters gaze.Saba moaned aloud as she connected the dots and realised what her treat would be. But sweet little Mona still had no clue.”What are you doing Amar Bahi?” She asked nervously as I held her down on all fours. I reached out for my wife and she stepped forward towards me. Wrapping my hand in her hair, I pulled her face down and into her little sisters arse crack.”Appa!” Mona cried out, trying desperately to get away. But I held her firm as Saba began to slide her tongue over her sister’s puckered hole. Slowly letting her tongue press into her sisters dirty back door. I held her face there looking down at her licking her sister’s bum.My cock was steadily thickening as I watched my wife cover her sisters arsehole and begin to suck at it. Knowing that I had emptied my balls in that forbidden place.”Oh GOD!” wailed Mona as the sensations of her sisters tongue in her arse rippled through her body and I saw a dollop of my cum slip from her arse and onto Saba’s tongue.”They’re my good girls,” I crooned as I used my grip on the back of Saba’s head to push her face lower and into the dripping folds of hers sisters sweet pussy. “That’s it Appa, lick your sweet little sister’s pussy. She tastes so good doesn’t she?” I asked as I looked down at the spectacle I was directing. By now my cock had fully hardened, well, wouldn’t yours?!?!”Mmmhmm,” Saba replied as she began driving her tongue deeply into her sisters snatch. I moved back and took a moment to pull Saba’s pyjama bottoms down, uncovering her sweet little arse she remained bent over with her face buried in her sisters cunt.Stroking my hand slowly up and down on my engorged shaft I mounted my wife from behind and rammed my cock deep into her with a single, forceful thrust.”Ohhhhhhhh!” she moaned into the dripping folds of her sisters pussy. “Yes Amar Bhai!” she wailed, “Fuck me, fuck fuck me hard!”Never one to deny a lady, I took hold of her slender hips and began a punishing rhythm. Fucking deep into her molten cunt, my balls slapping against her clit as I bottomed out on each stroke.Her sweet twat was dripping and oozing her pussy juice all over my cock and balls as I rammed in again and again.I looked over Saba’s bent form and saw Mona looking out from under her swinging tits, watching me giving it to her sister as that very same sister was licking and sucking at her pussy. Every thrust of my cock into Saba was ramming her face harder into her own dripping fuck hole. She saw me watching her and averted her eyes in shame.I smiled at her again as she peeked out to see if I was still watching her as I felt my wifes pussy clamp down on my cock. Saba moaned into Mona’s cunt deeply as her orgasm ripped through her body. I then withdrew from my dripping cock from her tight pussy.Stepping out from behind Saba, I saw Mona looking at my fat, turgid shaft as I stepped towards her, My erection bobbing hypnotically as I walked over and sat down on the couch in front of Mona’s head. She dropped her head as I sat and the long, dark hair effectively hid her beautiful face from view.I reached out and lifted her chin so she was looking up at me. And as our eyes met her body shuddered and shook and she exploded all over her older sister’s face.Saba’s head popped up in surprise as her sister’s cum blasted into her face. Mona groaned loudly as I pulled her face down onto my waiting and impatient shaft.”Taste her pussy Mona,” I said. “taste how sweet your sister’s dirty cunt is. Lick and suck her juice of my fat cock sweetie.”She gagged as I pushed her face all the way down on my cock, revelling in the feel of her tongue against my shaft, I motioned for Saba to come over to me.She looked briefly at her sisters head bobbing up and down in my lap as she shucked off her pj bottoms and walked over to stand before me gloriously naked. I pulled her down onto the armrest next to me and kissed her deeply. Tasting Mona’s pussy on her tongue.”Doesn’t your sister look beautiful with my cock in her mouth?” I asked as our deep kiss broke. Mona was still kneeling on all fours with her beautiful arse up in the air as she sucked my cock like a seasoned pro. It was hard to believe that she was new to the world of cocksucking.”Why don’t you go down there and teach her how a real cocksucker does it baby,” I urged Saba as I gently pushed her off the couch onto the floor between my splayed legs. Mona was still gagging as I used my hand to force her face down my shaft. Using that same hand, I pulled her face off my cock and pulled her up onto her knees and closer to me.I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her succulent tits to my face. As I did so, I felt Saba’s tongue slowly sliding up the underside of my shaft.As I wrapped my hand around Mona’s closest tit, I groaned out loud as my darling wife took my fat cock head into her mouth. She sucked deeply and then slipped her mouth down my shaft with practised ease, taking me deep into her throat.”Look at you sister,” I whispered to Mona as I flicked my tongue over her pert nipple, slurpling at in lewdly. “She’s such a good cocksucker for her Amar Bhai, I’ve been teaching her for years. And now I’m going to teach you too! You’re going to be my dirty little fuck slut too. Just like your Appa is…”I looked up into Mona’s eyes as she looked down at her sister throating me. Her eyes were fixed on the sight as I sucked on her tit. My mouth flooding with more of her sweet milk.”Wow Appa,” she said as she watched her sister effortlessly take my cock deep. Saba lifted her face off me and smiled up at her sister before moving her face down and lavishing my fat, heavy balls with her tongue.I slid down the couch and spread my legs further. My horny wife knew what I wanted and gave me a wicked little grin as she cupped my balls. Slowly she lifted them licking and sucking on them before she lowered her face further.Mona looked one with what can only be described as wonder as her sister mounted my balls on her forehead and went to work licking my arsehole.”Oh Yessssss!” I hissed as I felt her tongue flicking and pressing against my arse. I leant back and let the delicious sensations wash over me.”That’s so dirty,” Mona whispered softly as she watched with rapt attention.”Mmmmmm, yes it is,” I replied, “I can’t wait to feel your tongue down there, little sister.”She gasped and her cheeks flushed with embarrassment at the idea of doing such a nasty thing for her cousin/brother in law. I smiled up at her as she averted her eyes and let the arm around her waist slip down and begin to gently cup and caress her taut buttocks. Soon my fingers were exploring her sodden folds from behind and below.My cock however was lonely and it was time for me to enjoy a fantasy I’d been harbouring for years. I slipped my hand back into Mona’s hair and pulled her face down again onto my cock. Again, a loud moan slipped from my mouth as I was treated to the dual sensation of my wife rimming me and her little sister eagerly sucking on my cock.With my grip on Mona’s hair I began to roughly fuck her sweet mouth. The sound of her gagging was spurring me on, my cock grew harder in her mouth and throat as I felt myself approaching another massive orgasm.Saba moved her face up and took one of my balls into her mouth and began to softly suck on it as she swirled her tongue over it. I pushed Mona’s head all the way down and lodged it in her throat as I felt the cum rushing up my shaft.It erupted deep in her throat and I could feel her throat muscles constricting as she struggled to swallow my salty load. Inevitably some of my spunk dribbled from her mouth and my darling wife was ready and waiting with her skilled tongue to clean up after her nasty little sister.It was all I could do to sit back and watch, gasping as both girls lifted their faces from my crotch. I was then treated to the amazing sight of my wife taking hold of her sister’s face and pulling her in for a deep kiss. Mona hesitated for a second before her resistance to such a i****tuous kiss evaporated and she began to kiss her sister back with a gusto.I sat back and smiled as I watched them snowballing the last remnants of my spunk. I was spent and the girls were both covered in a sheen of cum, sweat and pussy juice. As their kiss broke I took them both by the hand and led them up to my marital bed.We were all exhausted, and poor Saba had work in the morning. For Mona and I though, there would be more fun with the new day. As I snuggled between the sisters surrounded by their soft flesh and warm bodies, reeked in the smell of our orgasms, I smiled softly to myself and drifted off to a deep sleep.

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