Sister Forgot Her Key

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Claire was 18 with dark blonde hair, super cute but chubby and juicy c cups. living at home and treated as a child under her mom and dad’s roof. They had given her a curfew of 9pm. In her parents eyes she was an angel baby. poppa wouldnt even let her get a job due to worrying she would get hurt or worse.

she loved her parents dearly and wanted to stay perfect in their eyes but wished she could have more freedom like her older brother.

Her dad worked long hours as a factory supervisor to support his family and her mother was a stay at home mom that cooked and cleaned. They loved and cherished their daughter and only wanted the best for her.

In her opinion they were nosey, overbearing and smothering. but she knew they loved her.

Her brother Mac was 19 and ignored by his parents as the rebel in the family who could get away with murder as far as Claire was concerned, she was a little jealous of him but didnt show it. Mac had jet black hair that was always perfect with out any effort. He was 5″8′ and slim although he never worked out. she loved her brother very much and sometimes wished he wasnt her brother so that she could be closer with him.

shes had a crush on him ever since they were young and he stood up for her when she got bullied. He too absolutely loved his sister and would do anything for her, occasionally he would check her out when he knew he wouldnt get cought looking.

Macs girlfriend Sue always snuck into his house at night by climbing the Latisse on the side of the house that led up to his bedroom window. Sue was 5″1′ bleach blonde and also chubby like Claire but slightly thicker. She had D cups and a bad attitude but enjoyed having sex.

Unlike her brother, Claire was a Virgin.

She wasn’t a prude, just too shy. after school was her time to enjoy herself. She had purchased a hairbrush long ago specifically to pleasure herself with. She had found one with a nice handle perfectly shaped for cheap and never used it on her hair.

Sometimes after curfew she would pretend to goto sleep but sneak out the back door to hang out with her friends but would always make sure to be back before midnight. She never ran into Sue when sneaking back home because Sue usually didn’t come over until closer to 12:30. She did however know about climbing the Latisse because her brother never failed to forget his key and make it inside anyway.

On one dark summer Bolu Escort night, she had snuck out to have a couple drinks with her friends. When she arrived back to her house buzzed she immediately realized she had forgotten her house key earlier. Now she was frightened and panicking. Her brother hadn’t any clue that his sister ever snuck out and the only way back in her house was to do the climb of shame and be told off by her brother for leaving after dark. Not to mention he might tell on her.

If caught, everything she had earned as far as trust with her parents would be forgotten and she’d be in so much trouble.The only other option was to knock on the door and be in for a world of punishment just the same.

She now gained the courage to climb up to approach her brothers window.

‘Maybe if it’s unlocked he’ll be asleep and won’t notice me if I’m really quiet…hmm. this might actually work’ she thought hopeful. Claire started to climb with a smug smirk on her face.

Arriving at the window felt great as she seen he was asleep and the window was already open she only had to lift the screen and climb in.

Slowly Claire pushed the screen up and placed her first leg through the opening. She glanced back over to make sure her brother wasn’t looking over at her. She noticed as she entered it was extra dark in his room. And she could barely make out the door and the outline of Macs almost glow in the dark pale skin tone.

As she moved slowly toward the door she tripped over what felt like a shoe in the middle of the floor and her brother jolted upward.


Confused but ready to confess Claire started to speak up “ummm-“

“I thought you weren’t coming over tonight? you must of missed me” in that moment her heart sank and had a loss of words. “Well don’t just stand there, if you missed my dick so much why don’t you come play.”

he pulled his cock out. In an instant she became extremely horny. Still buzzed she decided it might be alright after all, she wanted to learn with someone she loved but never thought it would be her brother. She then approached Mac and crawled onto the bed, as she got close her nerves were shot and she was scared yet hornier than ever. but reality set in and she didn’t know if she could pull it off with out being caught.

She had never touched a penis, only in her fantasy. ‘What if I do it wrong’ she thought but he Bolu Escort Bayan was aggressive so before she could make a wrong move he sat up and kissed her. She was in shock, he then grabbed her head and shoved it down toward his hardened cock. She kissed his tip and didn’t know what to do so she kissed it twice more. Nervously she then licked it and swirled her tongue around it. He groaned then pushed her head down on it forcing it to bottom out and she held it in place until she choked and came up for air, he started to thrusting “yeah take my 9inches” she got the message, learning what to do. She had always dreamt of something like this but didn’t know the basics.

“Oh,fuhh,mmmm yes ssss good” he stumbled his words like he couldn’t describe what he felt. She knew it must have been that good. “I’m gonna cuuu”

He couldn’t get the words out fully before he erupted like a volcano. She swallowed it and was surprised at the taste, she wasn’t sure what to expect but it was a taste that she liked. “wow” then cut herself off thinking she was now caught sucking out a load of her brothers delicious cum. Immediately he apologized and said “I’m sorry Sue, I didn’t mean to cum in your mouth but it felt so unbelievable.ill make it up, take your pants off and I’ll make sure you get yours.”

She took them off and was worried he’d notice the difference between her and Sue. Sue was also chubby but her legs were thicker than Claire’s. Claire’s breast size was smaller but not by much. Before starting he pulled her shirt off and pinched one nip while squeezing the other boob. He then kissed her lips and slid down and gave both nipples attention. He slowly made his way down to her slit kissing and licking all the way there massaging her clit. She never felt this way before. She had always been shy around guys and they didn’t bother with her due to the baggy clothes she wore.

As soon as his tongue reached its destination she couldn’t hold back “uugh, errr, FUUUUCK”. He continued to use his finger on her precious slit while going wild on her nub with his tongue. Within no more than 2 minutes she was Cumming on his tongue. He slurped it viciously while she lay in ecstasy. He then made his way back up to her mouth she let him kiss her passionately. “You’ve been amazing tonight and I’m gonna give you what I know you really came here for”.

She wondered what he meant as he told her how Escort Bolu much he loved her,

He grabbed his dick that was now raging like a lunatic and rubbed her vag up and down. “you feel so great, im glad you came here” A thousand thoughts raced through her mind, scared again. “I just want to show you how I feel” he confessed. At that moment he lovingly pushed through into her love box. “Your so tight, this is amazing” As he started to build up speed. She moaned louder but suppressed it quickly.

“I fucking love you”she blurted out, now completely enchanted by her brother. his balls slapping her ass echoed through the room as he told her he was close, she told him to put it in her mouth.

He came up quick and went for her face she took it by hand and jerked it quickly with his head resting in her mouth he sent 3 spurts in her mouth and she took every bit of it still loving the taste. She grabbed his soft penis and kissed it goodnight, then went to his face and kissed his lips. “I love you claire, I always have and always will. Thank you soo much.” Stunned she quickly got dressed and ran out.

On her way back to her room she noticed a small of light and peeked into the office where her dad kept his paper work and his laptop. He was sitting there focused on his laptop. She was so proud to have a dad that worked around the clock, she stood there out of site for several moments then noticed odd movement.

As she looked closer she had realized he was no longer working but stroking himself. She now felt like a whore due to her wetness n all the previous events of that night. She ignored that thought and put her hand in her pants. It was too heated she then pulled down her pants and was getting to business in the middle of the hallway. What she didn’t realize there was a mirror off to the side of his office that gave him a perfect view of the hallway. He seen something move in the corner of his eye and realized his daughter was rubbing herself while watching him.

He felt odd but loved the excitement so continued while watching the mirror and when he was about to cum he gave her the standing solute by splattering his semen across the room toward her. He then got up and went to bed, ignoring her beside the doorway. She then went exploring this office to find the location of his seed. Sad but excited she found a few drops on his desk where he had stood up. She looked back up to make sure no one was watching her and she then swiped it with her fingers and licked them clean. She wanted more cum.

After that night she stopped sneaking out for a few weeks while making plans to play with her loving older brother.

to be continued-

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