Sister In Law

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Jason was laying on the couch, watching TV, when his wife broke the news to him. Jessica, her sister, was getting divorced, had been kicked out in fact, and needed a place to stay. His wife informed him that she had already invited Jessica to come stay with them, and that she might be around for a while.

On the outside, Jason tried to appear as supportive as possible without letting the disappointment within him show. For the past few months he had been working third shift at the truck plant, so his private time was precious to him. Having another person around the house would mean less privacy and more times he would be woken up during the daytime, which is the only time he had to sleep. He knew how much Jessica meant to Katie, his wife, so he did not voice his objections.

His sister-in-law arrived the next day with 2 suitcases and her eyes looking as if she had not stopped crying since her husband had kicked her out. They got her set up in the guest bedroom and then tried to give her as much space as possible so she could come to terms with what had happened to her.

Jessica had lived in Colorado for the past five years, Jason had not seen her since she had graduated high school and moved away. He remembered her as being a bright, but ordinary young girl with a talent for music. The woman that showed up on his doorstep was nothing like the young girl from years ago. Jessica had learned how to take better care of her hair and skin, and she had developed an impeccable sense of style. Her blond hair curled tightly around her face, and the clothes that she wore always showed off her incredible figure, particularly her hips and butt, which were just large enough to make you want to grab them.

She settled into their routine quite nicely, and there were fewer problems than Jason had expected. She was highly respectful of the need for sleep, so during the day she padded around the house in her socks and never made a noise above a whisper so as not to wake Jason up. Though he never expressed it, Jason was highly appreciative of her efforts.

Jessica had no control over the neighbors though, and one Thursday afternoon the man next door stayed home from work and mowed his lawn. The roar of the mower engine made it impossible for Jason to sleep, so he decided to get his shower out of the way and try to catch a nap a little later after the mowing was done.

After his shower, he went back into the bedroom to get dressed. He heard footsteps in the hall and then Jessica called out softly to him.

“Jason, you awake?”

“Yes,” he said. “Just getting my pants on I’ll be out in a minute.”

“Okay. I hope I didn’t wake you?” She sounded concerned.

“No,” He said as he stepped out into the hallway with her, “The guy next door is mowing his lawn, and it was keeping me awake.”

Jessica looked relieved and offered to make him lunch. When she turned and walked away, Jason’s eyes fell to her butt almost involuntarily. She was wearing a short robe and her legs and feet were bare. The robe came down to just below her buttocks and was cut so that it showed off her shape quite nicely. He felt a burning in his blood as he stared at her long slender legs and cute feet, then she turned the corner and disappeared from view.

“Woah boy, get a hold of yourself,” He thought as he took a moment to clear the lustful thoughts of his head. She was practically his sister for pete’s sake.

The shared a light meal together and had a pleasant conversation. Pleasant, but shallows as all of Jason’s efforts were spent on keeping his mind off of his sister-in-laws body. But every time she got up to refill their coffee or fetch something Yalova Escort from the fridge, he got another look at those incredible legs or that perfectly round ass.

The mowing finally stopped and Jason fled to the bedroom for his nap, trying to force the image of Jessica out of his mind.

The next afternoon he was laying wide-awake in his bed, listening to the sound of running water as Jessica took a shower across the hall. His heart was pounding as he imagined her naked, with the water running down between her breasts and across that wonderful ass of hers. He could not control himself, and he took his cock in his hands and began to masturbate slowly, listening to her hum to herself. He closed his eyes and imagined himself going into the bathroom and joining her in the shower, and all the things he would do to her if he got his hands on her.

He did not hear the light knock on the door until it was too late, and his eyes snapped open and saw Jessica’s head peeking in the door.

“Jason, you want some lunch….” her words trailed off as she noticed what Jason was doing. She turned beet red and backed out of the room and shut the door. “I’m so sorry,” she said and then he heard her hurry down the hall.

“Shit,” he thought to himself as his cock went limp. How in the hell was he ever going to be able to be around her again? His own face was still burning from the blush, and he turned over and lay awake until it was time for him to go to work. When his wife came in from her day job, he waited for Jessica to say something to Katie about what happened, but apparently she knew how to keep secrets.

The weekend passed without incident. Jessica acted as if nothing had happened, but Jason stayed clear of her anyway, ashamed at what she had seen.

Apparently, Jessica felt as bad as he did. On Monday when she heard him get up for his shower, she met him in the hallway to apologize.

“Look, I don’t want you avoiding me, I’m sorry I walked in like that,” she said with her head low, not meeting his gaze.

“Hey, its okay. I’m the one that should apologize for doing stuff like that with you around.”

“No, it’s your house, you should be able to do that if you want. I’m sorry, so sorry,” she said and to his surprise burst into tears.

Instinctively he reached out to her, “Hey it definitely wasn’t that bad.”

She collapsed into his arms, sobbing. “I’m so sorry, but when Todd started doing that, I knew that our marriage was over. He never touched me, not for over 3 years.”

She started sobbing and Jason held her tight, imagining how in the hell Todd could have been such an idiot.

Unfortunately, Jessica was wearing the short robe again. The bare skin of her legs rubbed against his own, and the sensation was starting to get to him. He felt his cock beginning to stir, but she was still crying so hard that to push her away would be a crime. He tried to get himself under control, but she was moving against him and the smooth flesh of her legs was just too incredible and his cock grew to full size despite all of his efforts.

Jessica shifted a bit and he knew that she was starting to realize what was happening. He braced himself for the inevitable fit that would soon follow. Once she realized that he had a full hard on pressing into her belly, she would never allow herself to be in the same room with him.

Her crying slowly subsided, but she did not pull away. Eventually she stopped crying altogether, but did not move away. Her breath was becoming deeper and was hot on his neck.

“Did, did I do that to you?” She asked, her voice still quivering.

His brain shouted out warnings Yalova Escort Bayan and sounded alarm bells, but he could not lie, “Yes, I’m sorry, it just happened, your legs…”

“My legs? You like my legs?” She sounded surprised.

“Of course, who wouldn’t? They’re beautiful.”

She gasped, “You really think so?”

“Yes, yes I do.”

“No one has ever said that to me before. No one has ever even noticed them before.”

She held him tighter and he could feel her breath on his neck, causing his skin to raise in goose pimples. She began to rub her legs slowly and deliberately against his own, knowing that he enjoyed it. His own breathing quickened and his cock was somehow growing even harder that it had been.

She kissed him lightly on his neck, her soft lips setting his skin on fire. He moaned, knowing that what he was doing was wrong, but torn between what he wanted so desperately to do, and what he knew was the right thing to do. When her tongue darted out quickly and touched his neck, his resistance caved and his hands roamed down her back and finally, he grasped that wonderful ass in his hands.

He squeezed her soft ass cheeks tightly and pulled her against him. Her butt was so perfect he could get lost in the sensation of just touching it. Her lips traced a trail up his neck and across his chin and then their lips met. One, then two tender kisses and then they locked their mouths together, their tongues driving at each other wildly as they both succumbed completely to the passion that was exploding in them.

He pulled the back of her robe up so he could touch her bare skin, it was so smooth and soft, he loved every inch of it as he kneaded her ass cheeks with his hands. Her hands moved up to his chest and pushed open his own robe. Her mouth moved to his chest and she began to lick and suck on his nipple. He groaned and his head rolled back as she pulled him tight against her and took his nipple into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it.

She pulled her mouth off and he took her hand and led her into the bedroom. She shrugged and her robe fell to the floor, exposing her naked body to him once and for all. Any chance that he had of backing out died when he saw the gorgeous shape of her breasts, the puffiness of her nipples, and the shapely curve as her stomach widened to form her hips and then slimmed again to form her perfect legs.

She pushed him back on the bed and ripped his robe open.

“God it’s been so long since I have been with someone,” She said as she resumed kissing his chest. She kissed down to his stomach, then lifted her head up and let her hair dangle across his cock. She looked him in the eye as he stared lustfully at his sister in law perched over his throbbing dick.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I am going to suck your cock,” She said with a wicked grin then plunged her mouth onto him. He gasped as his cock disappeared into her mouth and felt her tongue rolling all around it, warm and soft and wet. She looked up and met his eyes again, and he nearly lost his load then. She was beautiful, especially with a fat cock in her mouth. He wanted to fuck her so hard that she would hurt, he wanted to shove himself into every part of her body, claim every inch of her for his own, give her what she had been missing for the past 3 years.

Her tongue was working magic on his cock. She licked slowly along the bottom of his shaft, then would swirl her tongue around the head, and then glide back down one side and then repeat the whole process. She didn’t suck, she just licked, and it was all he could stand. Her hand reached up and cupped his balls firmly, Escort Yalova massaging them. His breath was wild and every time her tongue would reach the tip of his cock he would thrust forward, wanting to fill a hole, any hole.

The sensations were just too great, her tongue, her breath, her hands on his balls, her eyes looking deep into him. He could not hold back, and on the next upward lick he came. Jets of cum erupted out of his cock, spraying her face and tongue. Spurt after spurt drenched her face and her lips. She used her tongue to slowly lick it all up, not showing the least bit of concern about how much there was. She cleaned his cock with her mouth, then sucked it off of his balls and what had dripped onto his legs, then she licked it off her hands. Seeing her enjoy eating the cum kept his dick rock hard. He felt so guilty, but there was no turning back now.

She stood up slowly, displaying her nakedness before him again. Her breasts were so perfect; he wanted to fuck them too. He wanted to fuck all of her, no matter the cost. He just had to be inside of her.

Her hands came up and slid up her stomach until she was grasping her own tits. She never let her gaze fall from his as she began to sway her hips and pinch and rub on her own nipples. Then she let her right hand drop down and began to thrust her cunt against it. He could smell her sex oozing out of her. He wanted to grab her and take her, but was intrigued by what she was doing and still a bit weak from the massive orgasm he had just had.

She turned around and bent over, thrusting that perfect ass at him, and he could see her hand rubbing against her sopping wet pussy. She rubbed it hard and continued to sway her hips back and forth in time to some unheard rhythm.

Jason sat up and began to kiss her ass. She groaned as he nibbled and sucked on her fleshy globes, the soft scent and taste of soap still lingering on them from her shower. He was in heaven with her ass in his mouth. He never wanted it to end. His tongue found it’s way into her crack and across the opening of her anus. She squealed in delight as his tongue crossed down into her pussy. He made slow motions back and forth, moving his tongue from her pussy to her anus and then back to her pussy. It was delicious and she loved it. She was rubbing her clit furiously and when he pushed his tongue just the tiniest bit into her pussy, she exploded, grinding ass against his face while she came. He pushed his tongue deep into her pussy, could feel it contracting, then lapped at her asshole while she recovered and started to calm.

Now was the time. He stood up and grabbed her and threw her down on the bed. She was too weak to object and he jumped on top of her and in one swift motion plunged deep into her. She squealed and wrapped those perfect legs around him, pulling him into her. His tongue found her puffy nipples and began to lick them like there was no tomorrow. They were so soft compared to the firmness of her tits.

She was bucking wildly under him and she was biting his shoulders and digging her nails into his back. He pounded hard into her, wanting to fuck all the way into her, he wanted to be as deep in her as anyone ever had before, and deeper. She began to cry out with each thrust and he felt her beginning to shake beneath him, she was cumming. He pounded harder, not relenting as she came against him, her legs locked around him like a vice.

He felt his own cum boiling up in him again, and he quickly pulled out and sprayed his milky white fluid all over her chest and her stomach. The site of his cum on her belly only made him cum harder, and he thought it would never end. She rubbed every jet into her skin, her eyes once more locked on his.

Finally spent, he collapsed on top of her, enjoying the feel of her body beneath him. For nearly an hour they lay like that, then wordlessly she left the room, leaving him to wonder what, if anything, would happen next.

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