Sisterly Love Ch. 16

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Stephanie kept her word the following day, waiting until our mother went off to work and then spending a delightful hour or more massaging me until I came. I have masturbated at least a thousand times since then and never come close to the sheer unadulterated pleasure she brought me during those tantric massages.

But all good things come to an end, and Saturday evening Stephie boarded the train back to the city, leaving me in the sole care of my mother, Mrs. Rachel Crowder. (I refused to use my mother’s maiden name until the divorce became final in hopes that they would have reconciliation. They never did.)

I was no longer bed-ridden, but walking around, even venturing outside for short walks (encouraged by my doctors) in the park, wearing a sweater even on the warmest spring days.

There were visitors too. Becky stopped by at least once a week. When left alone by my mother, we kissed a little and I fingered her to a fairly rapid orgasm. There were sultry promises of much more from her when I was deemed capable of it, and it took great self-control not to mount her then and there. But I forced myself to follow the doctor’s orders. No, he didn’t tell me not to get laid, he told me not to exert myself in any way—period!

Regina and Sydnie-Ann came by about a week after I was hospitalized. I was home by then and sitting up when Reggie confessed that while she still loved me, she was going out with someone else. Becky had already told me so I didn’t take it too badly. And then Sydnie-Ann told me that she was seeing her old boyfriend … exclusively; which meant we were through with each other.

I refrained from calling them cunts and other sordid names, and thanked them for coming to see me. I was so nice that both were crying before they took their leave. I would see them both many times after returning to school. Of course Regina broke up with her boyfriend and came sniffing around to see if I was interested in fucking her again. “We were soooo good together,” she said.

To which I replied, “Were we?” and walked away. I already had a harem of four other girls from school—all right, none of them could match Reggie in the tit department, but none of them were as flighty as she was either.

Sydnie-Ann came round too, but I just told her to take a walk without bothering to explain myself further. Moreover, I did it in front of several other classmates, none of whom was very fond of her. My reputation grew even more.

I should mention the other visitor to my bedside. Creepy Duane Masterson, he of the rumored ten-inch cock. Creepy Duane was the first visitor I had other than my sister. (In all fairness, I should mention that my father was in Portland, Oregon on a business assignment and couldn’t make it back to Yonkers. He called frequently, and as I hadn’t heard from him in a while before the Mono, I was brought to tears by his first two calls. He loved me after all.)

But Creepy Duane had something he wanted to tell me and did, once my mother left us alone.

“You know I’m considered a weirdo, right, Howard?”

“Um, I wouldn’t say that …”

“It don’t matter anyway. What I’m here for is to ask if you … when you get better I mean … what I’m trying to say is … I got a little side business and if you’re interested you and me can make some serious money.”

“I’m interested in making money, especially serious money, Duane. Tell me more.”

“Yeah, well you may have heard rumors about the size of my dick.”

I glanced at his crotch and nodded.

“I got me a ten-inch dick and the women are crazy for it.”

“What women?” I said, conceding the rumor about his manhood to be true.

“Not the ones at school for Christ’sakes. I mean the neighborhood housewives. You know bored housewives, divorcees and the like. There are so many horny women out there its mind boggling.”

“And you know this how?” I said.

“This one woman … she uh, had me over to a toy party she threw for her women friends. Um, I was like the prize, you know, after they’d had a few too many drinks and bought a bunch of dildo and vibrators, things like that.

So, I come prancing out wearing nothing but a smile and sporting an erection. The women all wanted a taste and five or six of them did suck on me for a while. Then the hostess got daring and put everyone’s name in a hat and drew a winner. I fucked her in front of the others.

“She came so hard and so often the others all wanted me. That’s when the hostess told them they could have me—for a price.”

“How did that go?” I asked with a smile.

“It was real quiet at first, and then the one I’d fucked yelled “$200, I’ll pay you $200 for another time alone with you!”

“After that the hostess had to grab a pad and pencil to jot down the bids and the names of the bidders. I remember there was six women put in bids. Two offered $400. They went to the top of the list. It hasn’t stopped since. Word of mouth mostly; but I do work the occasional toy party just to spread the word.”

“Now you need a partner in this venture?”

“I do Howie, latin sex tapes porno and I figure with those girls fighting over you, you’ve got what it takes to satisfy older women as well. I realize you haven’t done that yet, but take it from me, it’s not that much different. In fact, the older broads know what they want and don’t hesitate to tell, or even show you what it is they want from you.”

“Um, you know I have mono, right?”

Duane laughed and said, “Sure I know it. But it won’t last forever. I’m talkin’ ’bout when you’re better, man. Just think about it. There’s no rush. Think about the money you can make and the things you can buy with that dough.”

I couldn’t do anything but thank Duane for the offer and say that I’d certainly give it plenty of thought.

“Yeah, man. You do that. You’ll be lying around for a couple more weeks is my guess. So take your time. No pressure man. You get better. I’ll see you in school, whenever, man.”

And off he went.

I thought about his offer for about thirty seconds and then smiled. Two to four hundred a pop. I was all in on it!


That evening my mother approached me with a glass of red wine in one hand and the bottle in the other. It was only an assumption on my part that she intended to stay with me for a while, if not the remainder of the evening.

“How are you feeling, Howard?”

“Okay, Mom,” I answered.

“I saw your friend leaving. I’ve never seen him before. Is he a new friend?’

“No, Duane’s a classmate. He wanted to pay his respects I guess.”

She laughed and took a sip of wine, and then said, “He’s the only boy that’s come to visit.”

“Yeah, well I guess it’s more a girl’s thing than a guy’s.”

“Oh, I disagree. Men are just as sensitive as women in most respects. It’s just that they don’t show it … you know, emotionally as women.”

“If you say so, Mom; I never thought about it.”

“He was quite sexy in a way. He’s not handsome; certainly not in your league in that regard. But …” She put a finger to her lips as if concentrating on what she would say next.

“He’s very confident around women. I did notice that. It’s unusual for a teen to have that sort of self-confidence. Boys especially are noted for their lack of it around women. But not your friend; in fact, he’s quite sexy.”

She was quiet after that and I managed to recall her having said Duane was quite sexy twice.

Obviously my mother had no idea Duane was packing ten-inches of male meat between his legs. And still she considered him sexy. I wondered if he gave off an odor or telegraphed something about his cock size from the way he carried himself. It was worth looking into, but not with my mother.

Suddenly she broke the silence. “Howie, what am I going to do?”

“What do you mean, Mom?”

“I want you and I can’t have you!” she whined.

“I know—I know and I’m sorry, but I can’t help it,” I said apologetically.

I watched as my mother finished off the wine in her glass and refilled it.

Putting both the glass and the wine bottle down on the nightstand beside my bed, she gave me a penetrating look and said, “Would you mind terribly if I …”

“If you what Mom?”

“If … err, I took care of myself.

Was I surprised? I guess I was, but I managed to blurt out, “sure, go ahead. Do what you think or feel you need to do.”

“Seriously?” she asked timidly.

Only then did it occur to me that she meant there and now, in front of me.

“Seriously,” I said as casually as I could.

“I mean … I’d do it with you in a minute, Howie, but in your condition … no, I wouldn’t even suggest such a thing. But I would like it very much if you were with me when I do it, you know?”

“It’s really okay, Mom. I don’t mind.”

“Don’t mess with me, Howie. I’ve had my share of wine and I’m horny enough to actually do it,” she warned.

“I’m not messing with you;” I patted the bed and said, “Make yourself comfy and go on and do your thing. I know you have needs. I know I’d be helping you with them if it weren’t for the damn Mono, so go on, maybe I’ll learn something.”

My mother half smiled and said, “Yeah, maybe you will. Okay then …”

She moaned softly and I watched her right hand slip under her hip; her elbow began to move in circles as she touched herself. She was soon panting into the pillow next to her and arching her ass up into my hand eager for my touch.

“Howie, would it be possible …?” She reached back with her free hand and steered my fingers into her crease. I slowly slid them up and down her crack and she let out a long slow breath. I caressed the delicate skin in the middle. I was already hard, but determined not to take an active part in her masturbation.

I began to toy with the roughened pucker hidden inside as she continued touching herself.

But it was too dry and I was fearful of destroying her mood by reaching into her pussy that looked for all the world like two pink tulip petals for the lezbiyen porno needed moisture.

“Hold on a sec, Mom,” I said and let some saliva drip from my mouth to my fingertips before touching her again.

My mother was panting by now and eager for more. She wriggled until my finger was centered on her rear entrance, “Howie? Could you go a little more?”

With one hand slowly jerking my prick I pressed gently, allowing the fingertip to slip just inside. She was rubbing fiercely at her clit and shuddered; I saw the muscles twitching up and down her back. She was clearly ready to cum. She was rushing, excited by the new sensations, her arm was moving frantically.

“Touch yourself slower, Mom,” I whispered.

“Can’t” she hissed.

“Slower,” I repeated gently.

“Wait a sec,” she said and rolled onto her back and grabbed the hand holding my dick, pried it off, and brought it under her leg. I went back to fingering her from this new and strange angle.

My mother saw the quizzical expression on my face and said by way of explanation: “Easier for me to touch myself like this.” Together, we tinkered between her legs until her face was flushed and her breath was ragged. Then her hand stopped.

She slid it downwards to meet mine. She took a slight detour along the way to wet her fingers at her opening, and then slickened my first finger with her juices. She dipped up and into her own wetness again before returning to nudge my hand out of the way and moistened her own backdoor.

“Better,” she sighed, her hand disappearing up again to touch herself. Her eyes were thin, hungry slits when her head rolled on the pillow to face me.

I pressed the slickened finger to her wet ring and felt it begin to give way. I watched as her lips puckered and she exhaled while my finger slowly slid into her ass to the first knuckle. She hunched up so eagerly that I corkscrewed it gently to the second knuckle.

We paused for a few moments. The only sounds were the clock ticking, an occasional car going by and our breathing, as my mother continued masturbating.

There was a quiet grunt and she groaned “More!” I sank the finger deeper into my mother’s rectum, struggling against its absurd tightness.

Her mouth fell open and she uttered several, “huh-huh-huh’s” as I worked all the way into her velvety tight hole while her own hands were busy with her cunt and clit.

When I drew my finger halfway out and sank it back in, she gasped and shook. “Again,” she pleaded softly. I did.

“Again,” she repeated her plea. I was giddy as I began to gently fingerfuck her miniature hole.

Maybe a minute went by this way before she caught my wrist. I assumed she’d had enough play at her inexperienced entrance. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Incredibly, my mother circled my second finger and pressed it to her tiny backdoor too. Her tongue flicked out and licked her upper lip as they both eased into her. Her big brown eyes locked on mine as her sphincter slowly yielded.

“So good, Howie. So fucking wrong. So fucking and nasty and yet good. I can see why people get into this,” Mother moaned.

A moment later she was biting her lower lip as I gently sank two fingers deep into her tight hole and began to gently saw them in and out of her ass.

“Talk—talk dirty to me?” she pleaded quietly between gasping and twitching.

I was at a loss at first, but got into it, saying: “You want me to talk about how my fingers are movin’ in and out of your ass?”


“And how I can feel you dripping down onto my fingers giving me the lube I need to do it?”


I was stretching her back hole with both fingers. I could feel her opening relaxing little by little.

” I’m on fire right now, Howie … Please … keep talking.”

“I think you’re gonna like it when I shove my dick in there, Mom. Maybe not the first time; I mean you’re kinda tight and well, I’m sorta thick, you know? Probably remind you of your first time. Remember that?”

“Yeah, that did kinda hurt,” she admitted while panting heavily. A moment later she started giggling. “Going to cum soon … big one … huge this time … you keep going just like this. Fuck that feels good.”

I went on fingering her ass. My mother’s body began to shake haphazardly. Her breathing was suddenly shallow and uneven and her cheeks were glowing a brilliant cherry red.

“Oh—oh, Howie?”

“Yes, Mom?”

“Kiss me!”

I didn’t argue. I brought my lips to hers. Her lips opened immediately and she sucked my tongue inside.

It was the finishing touch and opened the floodgates.

She moaned into my mouth as her hips shot up off the bed and she came with a dirty mishmash of syllables that amazed me, “Goddamn-motherfucking-ugh-fingers … Jesus Christ!” the string of expletives was impressive, and kept on, but there’s no sense in trying to replicate them all.

She looked back at me with a cute almost feral little snarl as the orgasm smashed into her.

Humping down into her own hand, she liseli porno grunted and rolled through a fabulous peak. I continued slipping my fingertip in and out of her asshole as she rode it out.

There was a long sigh and she went limp.

“Ohhhh, fuck that was soooo hot!” She murmured when she finally caught her breath.

“Thank you, Howie. You really helped me get off.”

“Do you need anything, and I mean anything?” Her eyes were on my erection.

“No Mom, I’m good.”

“But you seem to be ready for a little action there.”

“Well it might look that way … but my condition says otherwise.”

“Okay, so I’ll give you a rain check, all right?”

“Yeah, sure, Mom. That’d be great.”

“Well then, I’m wiped out,” she said. “I guess I’ll go to bed myself. Good night, darling. Sweet dreams …” She kissed me chastely on the lips and left me to wonder what the fuck I was doing with my family. Or was it vice versa?


We established a daily routine that lasted two and a half weeks in which she woke me each morning with a fantastic blow job and left me alone—sexually, that is—until 9 or 9:30 each night. At that time my mother would enter my bedroom and I would put aside whatever I was reading, or watching and eat her to two rousing orgasms. Then she would kiss me goodnight and leave me until the following morning.

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, that went on for two and a half weeks. It was then that my doctors cleared me for ‘normal’ activities. Both my mother and I agreed that included fucking, so we resumed that lovely endeavor. Once in the morning and once again at bedtime. There was no limit set on how often I could get her off orally, so there was that aspect as well.

The day before I was to return to school I held my mother tightly in my arms just before fucking her and told her I would be resuming things with Regina and Becky and possibly other girls.

“Well you can’t bring them here, Howie,” she said breaking our previous agreement.

“Why not? It was okay before the Mono.”

“I—I’ve thought about it. I’ve thought about it an awful lot. The fight at school opened my eyes to the dangers of allowing you to bring a classmate here to have sex. If something went wrong … um, think of the legal ramifications. We could lose the house, or worse, I might go to jail. I don’t know, Howie. I—I’d rather not tempt fate. It’s okay for you to be with whomever you want. Just—just find another place to have sex.”

So I did.


My first day back at school caused a major disruption in each classroom I walked into. Becky was sent to the principal’s office for refusing to stop dry humping me during Homeroom.

That triggered something among most of the other girls in my classes. They all wanted to touch me—some weren’t shy about where they touched either.

Even Regina and Sydnie-Ann managed to give me hugs that went beyond typical clinches. Their so-called boyfriends were stunned and probably grateful when I broke apart and turned away from each of them.

In my third class of the morning I met up with Duane Masterson.

“You ready for work?” He inquired as we sat down next to one another.

“Not full time, just yet. Light work I can manage.” I meant I could boff some lady once or twice but that was about it. I wasn’t capable of any all nighters.

“Got a party tomorrow night. Give your dick a rest tonight so you’re ready to rumble tomorrow, okay?”

“Where’s the party?” I asked.

“I get us there. I’ve got wheels now, man. Nice one’s too. Meet me after school and I’ll take you for a ride; introduce you to the lady hosting the party.”

And just like that I was back.


Duane had himself a used Corvette that was in very good shape, and we tooled around Yonkers for an hour or so, and then he said, “Wanna meet the hostess of Friday’s party?”

“Sure,” I said, and ten minutes later we got out of his Vett and rang the bell of a Brownstone that must have cost more than a million bucks even back then.

In fact every home on the street was big and beautiful and probably paid for by the doctors, lawyers and developers who lived in them. As young as I was I knew one other thing and that was that rich successful men attracted beautiful women; bored women, who spent their husband’s money on tennis lessons, clothing, jewelry, and spas.

“Listen, Howie,” Duane said, “Her name is Mrs. Inez Fountain. Got it? Inez Fountain.”

“I got it, Duane,” I said laconically.

He rang the bell and a sultry voice said, “Yes?”

“It’s Duane, Mrs. Fountain.”

“Ohhhh,” the feminine voice literally dripped sex, “I’ll be right there, Duane.”

The brunette that opened the door with a welcoming smile on her face was about forty. (Just remember that I was a teenager and didn’t have the ability to assess a person’s age with any degree of certainty. I would later learn that she was merely thirty-three and not forty something.)

Mrs. Fountain’s hair was worn up above her shoulders and she had an off the shoulder top that made her sexy shoulders stand out. Her black pants hugged her firm ass and her navel ring stood out on her flat belly. I thought she looked incredible.

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