Sister’s Revenge

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I’ve got a few ex girlfriends that I still talk with and like a lot of guys I’ve got more that I don’t. Janet was one from the “don’t” category. We’d dated for about 4 yrs and now I hadn’t spoken to her for almost 6 months. The last thing I’d heard her say was “the only way you could make me happy is to kill yourself”

Ok, I know it sounds a bit harsh but considering about 10 minutes before that she’d caught me fucking her younger sister Kim, I guess I deserved it. The two of them were very similar but still different. They were both about 34B, slim hips and firm cup-able asses but Janet had a sweeter, more innocent look where Kim made you think hot, dirty sex right away.

I’d tried telling Janet that it was a one-time thing, that her sister was the one that seduced me and my final statement that I’d do anything to make her happy was what prompted her last words to me. She’d previous told me more than once that her sister was a bitch and from as far back as she could remember they’d been very competitive. Of course none of that really crossed my mind when her sister popped in that night crying that her boyfriend had broken up with her. We had a few drinks, she calmed down and told me how much of an asshole he’d been, that he’d never been any good in bed, he didn’t think she was good looking enough to be seen with him and so on. Of course I fell for it hook line and sinker and when she looked at me and said that she needed to feel like she was sexually attractive and could show me how much I’d been missing by dating her sister instead of her, I ended up fucking her right there on the living room floor – which is where Janet found us. Needless to say Kim & I never went out again because now that she’d broken her sister and I up and proved to herself that she was the better of the two she moved on to new conquests.

I’d had a few more girlfriends since then but I still had strong feelings for Janet and was quite surprised when she called one Saturday night out of the blue. She told me she’d gone out with a few of her friends and her sister was at the same bar – totally drunk. Seems that she was drunk enough to brag to Janet that she had in fact seduced me that night and that it just proved that she was the sexier, better looking one. Janet still wasn’t impressed that I’d cheated but wanted ankara escort to let me know that she’d somewhat forgiven me. We started talking again and after a few conversations I told her I’d loved her before, still had strong feelings for her and if she was willing to give me another chance I’d like to date her again. It took some convincing but she finally agreed to go out with me the following Saturday night.

Thursday night, I got a call from her sister telling me that Janet was just fucking with my mind to get even and not to fall for her supposed change of heart. Kim went on to say that she was sorry that she’d dumped me and would I consider taking her back.

I pretty much knew I was being played but rather than tell her to fuck off, I told her I would definitely be interested in getting back together with her, I’d just have to call Janet and cancel the date we’d set up. That made her even happier – happy enough to promise me that she’d make it worth my while, basically saying she’d be my fuck toy for the night.

Saturday night Kim came over and we had a few drinks with the pizza I ordered. We were cleaning up after dinner when she grabbed me, pulled me against her and started kissing me. Wow could that girl kiss! My body reacted immediately and I know she could feel me getting hard against her belly. We quickly moved it into the bedroom and were soon enough undressed on the bed. She did have an amazing body – small aureola’s and tiny nipples but I remembered that as small as they were, they were incredibly sensitive. Throughout supper I’d hinted that there were a few things that Janet was too shy to try and she’d responded that she’d be more than willing to try anything I wanted.

We made out for a while until her bare pussy was pretty much running with her juices before I told her what I’d really like was to tie her up, tease her and eventually fuck her without her being able to touch me. She readily agreed and pretty soon she was securely tied to the bed, fully exposing her soaked pussy and hard nipples. “One last thing,” I said as I tied a blindfold over her eyes, “I want you to have to anticipate every touch without knowing where I’m going to touch you.”

Once she couldn’t see, I reached over to the dresser and flicked on the video camera that ankara escort bayan I’d set there earlier, knowing it was aimed right at her. Then I started touching her with my fingers, rubbing and pinching her nipples, teasing but never quite penetrating her pussy. When she started arching against my fingers I’d pull away and wait for her to lay still. After a while I grabbed a vibrator and repeated the process, never penetrating her nor leaving it on her long enough for her to orgasm. Just to kick it up one more notch, I asked her if she liked porn because Janet would never watch it with me. She replied she loved porn so I left her for a couple of minutes to put on a porn flick – even though she couldn’t see it, the sounds left no doubt as to what was happening and I returned to tease her some more with the vibrator and told her I was stroking myself at the same time.

With the volume up high enough, she also couldn’t hear Janet coming into the room. Oh ya, this was all planned out. When Kim had called to get me to take her out instead of Janet, my next call had been to Janet to tell her what was happening and ask if she wanted to get some revenge on her sister. Not only did she agree, she came over Friday night to work out the details and we’d ended up having some of the most incredible make-up sex I’d ever had. Saturday morning we went at it again for a couple of hours until she’d cum multiple times an I’d cum twice. In the afternoon we’d made love again and once more just before Kim came over – all told I think I put 7 or 8 loads of cum into Janet and after we finished each time she put a butt plug into her pussy to keep all the cum there.

Next I told Kim that I was ready to cum and wanted to cum in her mouth – just to make sure I got a ‘yes’ I started slowly pushing the vibrator into her pussy. As I’d figured that was enough of an incentive (not that she needed one) to say ‘yes’. With the video camera still running I asked, “do you want to taste my cum?” and she answered perfectly…”yes, I want to taste it, I want your cum in my mouth”.

That was Janet’s cue to move up onto the bed, straddle Kim’s face and remove the plug from her pussy. I didn’t know exactly how much cum was in 7 or 8 loads but Kim found out pretty quickly as it started to ooze from Janet’s escort ankara pussy. At first she seemed confused but when Janet lowered her pussy right onto her sisters face she figured it out pretty quickly. She tried turning her head away but Janet got a good grip in her hair and held her face right against her cummy slit. Kim really didn’t have much choice but didn’t start licking until I told her if she ate her sister I’d at least let her cum with the vibrator. With that she kind of accepted what was going to happen and started tentatively licking Janet’s pussy. Seeing as she was doing what she’d been told, I did what I said I’d do and fucked her with the dildo until she screamed in orgasm. That was enough to set Janet off and she came huge! Not only did she push out even more cum into Kim’s mouth, I could see several squirts of her own cum splash on Kim’s face.

When Janet finally got off her sisters face, Kim was totally pissed. She called us both every name she could think of and swore she’d get even with us. Before untying her I pointed out the video camera and told her not only did I have everything on tape, I told her the angle was such that it only showed her from the hips up which meant it was just her and Janet in the video and Janet’s face was well out of the picture. I also told her I was planning on editing the audio to take out my comments so it would look like she was having a lesbian bondage fling. If she said, did or arranged anything to get back at us, that video would find it’s way to a lot of peoples inbox as well as the internet.

The look on her face told me she knew not only did I know how to do it, I would follow through and send it out. After agreeing not to do anything stupid, we untied her, she grabbed her clothes and she stormed out. Once she was gone, Janet and I were horny enough that we went back to bed and made love again, this time knowing that we were truly a couple and no one would split us up again.

Apparently it was the sister part not the pussy part that had Kim so pissed off because over the next few months we heard rumors that Kim had gotten into sex with other women and occasionally even threesomes with other couples where she enjoyed cleaning up the woman after the guy had cum in her. Of course we always said how surprised we were to hear things like that and then would go home, watch the video we still had and fuck each other until we were both too tired to cum again. Janet’s hinted a couple of times that it felt really good to be eaten after being filled with cum, who knows maybe I’ll try it sometime.

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