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Subject: Skater Boys In The Shadows part 2 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ All characters are teens that are of age. acts, and places are fictional in this story; any resemblance to those living or dead is purely coincidental. All language, places and items used in this fiction is meant to give a sense of time and atmosphere, no offense is intended. If this type of story is illegal in your area or if you are not of legal age to read this type of story, then I politely ask you to leave this page. Thank You. Please support Nifty to keep these stories coming. http://donate./donate.html ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ So, I’ve finally decided to complete this tale of apocalyptic lust for a wrecking crew of skate punks. pleaseread this with a grain of salt – and know, the original draft was way dirtier 😉 Enjoy. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Skater Boys In The Shadows: The Second Coming Author: Austyn Layne **WARNING: This story is complete over the top SMUT! Read at your own risk!** A few days had passed since the encounter with the rowdy group of skater thugs. Devin was really craving their dicks since then; it was all he could really think about. So Devin decided he would hit Razor and the boys up, next time he saw them after his shift was over at Bennigans – for a more private encounter. As fate would have it, today would be his day. Devin was walking home to his small studio apartment, looking around for any sign of the delicious brutes. When he saw one of them smoking a cigarette by the abandoned car wash. It was Razor, the lanky Puerto Rican skater. Devin didn’t know if his advances would be welcomed again. In fact he was quite nervous. But, his hormones and desire got the best of him and he decided to think with his ‘second brain’ instead and chat up Razor. “Hey man, can I bumb a smoke off you dude? Razor right?” Devin asked trying to play it cool. Razor grins after blowing out a cloud of cheap off-brand cigarette smoke. He taps the pack to pop up a piece of his ‘square’ then points it over to Devin. “Don’t play bitch! You know who the fuck I am…quit playin’ stupid and ‘shits’ – wut up?” Devin takes the cigarette sticking up out of the pack, then lights it. He still trying to play it straight, but Razor calls him out before he can take the first drag. “You be wantin’ this dick again iyte? It’s fuckin’ daytime and shit, and you be wantin’ me to dick it down all in front these respectables like a you a thirsty thot or sumthin’! Get out of here spittin’ that foolishness ‘chucklez’!” Devin took a drag then explained his plan. “No – no it isn’t like that. Well, I was thinking that ummm.” Frustrated, Razor gets up in Devin’s face and says. “Hold up jit, why you all actin’ like you gotta stutterin’ problem. Just spit it yo!” “Well, I was thinking, maybe you and your crew could like come up to my place and give me the good.” Razor grins the shakes his head in amusement at Devin’s proposal. “So you want me and my boys to come up to your place and dick you down, like a cum-dump? That what you sayin’ hoe?” “Well, yeah, something like that. I live I in those apartments over there. That’s all I want, in then out. Let me give you my digits so we can set this shit up.” Devin replied, while taking his Samsung Galaxy out of his black server pants. “So you want some straight up dirty with us huh? Sure jit, give me the info. ” Razor chuckled. Devin and Razor exchanged numbers and set up the time. Razor told him he would give him a shout, when him and his boys were in the vicinity, so Devin could get ‘ready’ for them. Devin couldn’t wait for the night to begin, all he could think about was getting fucked by all those skater cocks. XXXXXX It was almost time Devin for the ‘wrecking crew’ to arrive he thought to himself, as he fucked his lubed hole with his Cloud-9 prostate stimulator, while watching ‘Florida Cracker’ get manhandled at the ‘Boys Halfway House’ on PornHub Gay. His spidey-senses made him feel impatient as he writhed in pleasure on his bed watching the anal beat-down before him. All he could picture in his mind was all those skater thugs giving him riding lessons on their long boards. Just then, the phone began to vibrate. His spidey-senses didn’t fail him after all. He shut the laptop then looked at his text. It said: they’d be up in 5 minutes, so get that ass ready. These boys need to bust a nut up inna bitch. Devin unlocked the door, went to his bed, and assumed the position. His heart was beating like a race horse as he heard the punks voices in the hallway. His dick was already dripping pre, and his hole was well prepped for them. Just then, he hears the door open; the first one in is Razor, followed by the others. “Yo bitch! You all ready for these dicks ain’t ya?” Razor says as he walks to the bed, then says. “Damn D-Volt, look at dat ass already popped out for us.” “Hell nah, you was right dawg! This bitch be wantin’ these dicks! He want to get DICKED-DOWN.” D-Volt laughs out while sticking his hands down his grey Nike Basketball Shorts, playing with himself. Devin starts to quiver, as he hears the sounds of the punks throwing there skateboards on the floor. “What’s wrong hoe? These dicks here. Yo puzzy ready buh?” Razor said as he starts to rub and tease Devin. “Fuck yeah dude! I wanna kocaeli escort tap it first bruh.” Beefstick shouts from across the room already dropping his boxers and board shorts. “Hell nah kid, I’m bustin’ up in this hoe first buh! I set this shit up, so I get in first. Cool ya shit Beef.” Razor says while sliding down Devin’s blue Hanes boxers. Devin quivers at the touch of Razor’s fingers. He can’t believe his cunt is about to be REKT by his sexy Latino cock, as he feels a slap on the side of his ass-cheek. Beefstick on the other hand is positioning himself on the bed in front of Devin’s face. Devin can smell the funk building in the room as the guys start undressing. Razor pulls off his baggy South Pole shirt, jeans and Gilban briefs, leaving only his dirty white socks on as he gets behind Devin and his twitching hole. He grabs some lube conveniently left on the bed by the laptop still playing smut. “Yo D-Volt! Take a look at this freaky-deaky shit this bitch got playin’ on his laptop bruh! Like gaped cunts and stuff!” D-Volt walks over with his shorts and boxers almost at his knees while jerking his hairy Puerto Rican cock. “Real shit bruh! That’s fucked up yo! This bitch a freak buh! Look at em’ already wantin’ this dick man, faggot’s gunna make me bust my nut before I get a chance to tap that shit bruh.” D-Volt says while pawing his fingers through Devin’s hair. Beefstick puts his crotch in Devin’s face and commands he lick his sweaty nuts clean. Devin does as he’s told as he feels his hole being lubed with two of Razor’s fingers. “Don’t make me nut bitch! Jus keep kissin’ these nuts till I get my turn on that shit boy!” Beefstick shouts out as Devin suckles the head already leaking pre from the slit. Razor slides his cock inside Devin then starts fucking wild. Devin bolts forward at the jolt from the invading dick. He can hear the guys in the background talking about this ‘chika’ from the Jalisco market and how they all ‘wanna dick her down’. The nature of their conversation turns Devin on even more as Razor’s hard cock slams his prostate repeatedly. “Yo Bruh! Watch this shit! (Beefstick puts his ass-hole in Devin’s face) Eat this shit bitch!” Devin starts licking the dirty shit-slit, moaning and grunting as he roots in deeper – his mind lost in thug funk. “Yuh hoe, take this big dick! You like this shit gettin’ up in yo guts? Answer me hoe!” Razor growls out as he fucks Devin at a rapid pace. His dark tanned cock pistoning in-and-out of Devin’s entrance. Devin screams a muffled YES! In between Beefstick’s fat sweaty ass-cheeks as Razor slams violently inside him. “Dammit bruh! I’m about to flood my nuts up in this hoe! Damn this pussy iz tight son!” Just then, Blaze the ginger of the crew, starts playing with the garbage disposal while filming a Snapchat of the dick-down going on. “Bitch! Leave that shit alone bruh! Don’t be live-chattin’me fuckin’ this fag! Put that phone on that tiny table over there yo! Quit actin’ stupid and shits!” Razor barks out as drives deeper into Devin’s cunt. Devin could feel his walls being streached by the assault on his ass. But he couldn’t breath because every time Razor thrust, his nose was buried deeper into Beefstick’s fart-hole. “Oh shit bruh! Fuck yeah gettin’ my nut all up in this hoe! RRRRRRUH! FUCK – MMMMPH! Nasty bitch faggot!” Razor howls out as he floods Devin with his swimmers. Devin screams into Beefstick’s dirty blonde hole as he feels the thug cum spurt against his walls. Beefstick just keeps grinding back onto Devin’s face enjoying the sensation and getting harder by the moment. Razor then pulls out of Devin and ask ‘who’s next?’ To which Beefstick replied ‘me mutha-fucka!’. Beefstick gets behind Devin then starts ramming his fat cock into his already sensitive burning hole. “I been waitin’ for this nut bruh!” Beefstick huffed out, while feeling the cum and lube coating his dick as he rammed. “Damn boy, you got this hoe all nasty, I be slammin’ all up against yo nut and shit Razor, fuckin’ this bitch!” Beefstick shouts while slamming balls-deep into Devin’s fuck-hole. Just then, Razor wipes his dirty glistening cock onto a sweaty sock. Devin can’t help but stare at his big dirty cock and hairy balls just inches from his flushed face…so close he can smell the fuck-funk wafting towards him. “Take it bitch! Take this big dick up that cunt!” Beefstick growls as he thrust deeper and deeper inside Devin; putting all his weight into it. Devin can’t help but scream as he feels his cunt being viciously fucked by the big boy. He looks over and sees Blaze coming towards him buck-naked and rock hard. Blaze gets up in front of Devin’s face then sits his sweaty ass on his pillow spreads his hairy thighs and demands a blow-job. Devin starts sucking the gingers hard long cock – gagging all the way as Blaze starts to fuck his throat. Slobber and spit going everywhere. Devin can’t get enough of the skater sweat and street funk accumulated throughout the day. To him, it was like a drug. “Don’t you wanna bust up in this cooch bruh?” Beefstick grunts, while riding Devin like a 5 dollar whore. “Nah son, I just want my dick sucked homie! I ain’t wantin’ to slide my junk up in that nasty bitch after yo dirty dick done gucked it up…hell nah!” Blaze groaned as he forced kocaeli escort bayan his dick all the way down Devin’s throat to the base. Devin’s nose now buried in Blaze’s ginger musky crotch. D-Volt stands close to the bed with one leg propped up while playing with his cock, taunting Devin. “Yeah bitch, this dick gunna be in that pussy real soon, as soon as fat-fuck gets dat nut yo! How’s that dick taste buh?” “Bitch don’t wanna say shit he’s to busy, suckin’ dis boy! Bruh! This bitch be losin’ oxygen waitin’ for this nut cuz!” D-Volt laughed out, while holding Devin’s head in place. “Fuck nah bruh! That shit be fucked up son – foe real.” D-Volt chuckled as he lit a Port. Just then, Blaze busted his nut in Devin’s mouth. The salty cum spurting in ropes down Devin’s hungry throat. “Fuck yeah bruh! Spittin’ them babies all down this bitch throat. They taste good hoe?! Suck them shits out my dick faggot!” Devin savors the taste of Blaze’s load. He feels the pulses of cum shoot out of his skater cock – all he can do is moan like a bitch in heat. “Alright bitch! Get up off my dick! Swallow them bitches!” Blaze barked as he slid his cock from Devin’s mouth. Beefstick continued fucking Devin, as Blaze positioned his ass-hole in front of Devin’s face, as he sat on the pillow. “Lick my ass-hole bitch! Put yo face all in it!” Devin goes in to devour Blaze’s ginger fart-hole, but before he could do it, Blaze opens it up and says ‘peek-a-boo!’ Then forces Devin to deep tongue it. “Yuh bruh, bitches don’t be likin’ this shit but these faggots be eatin’ it up. Yo, buh watch this.” Just then Blaze rips a huge fart into Devin’s mouth. Devin is a bit disgusted, but continues to devour Blaze’s ginger tangy funk-hole. “Here it comes bitch….uhhhhhhh! Urrrggg! Fuckin’ slut!” Beefstick groans out while busting his nut inside Devin’s wrecked ass. Beefstick continues to violently fuck his load into Devin, grunting and groaning with each thrust. Beefstick finally shoots his last rope into Devin falling onto him and pinning him down grinding his dirty cock into Devin’s butt-crack after he pulled out. Finally it was D-Volt’s turn, he pushes Beefstick off, and slams his hard, long, throbbing Latino cock into Devin’s cum drenched fuck-hole; when all of a sudden Razor acting like a train conductor says: All aboard! Whoo-whooooo! As D-Volt mounts him, his cinnamon muscular ass covered in black sharp hairs starts to hump wildly like beast, the first grunt and smack of his potent balls, sent a chill through the room. It let everyone know he was ‘in that bitch’. D-Volt seemed the horniest of them all. He was riding Devin’s ass like a champ. Devin could feel the jolts of pleasure and pain ripple through his thoroughly fuck body. The sounds of D-Volt’s big hanging hairy bull nuts slapping against his taint, was like obscene music to his ears. His body shook with pleasure as he felt the thugs thick shiny black bush of black pubes grind against his ass as D-Volt worked himself inside like a heat-seeking snake. “Damn partner! It’s like we at the urban rodeo yo! Ride em cowboy! Yaw! Yip Yip Yaw! Rawhide! Fuck along little doggy.” Razor said in a mocking manner, mimicking a Texas cowboy. Even going as far as two-stepping a jig – while naked, making it appear as if his bushy pubes were a big belt buckle. D-Volt was really ramming his cock up into Devin now, it was as if it was busting his guts. Devin was getting fuck so violently that he could hardly take a breath. Devin through blurred vision could see the wrecking crew around him naked sweaty and nasty. They were all tugging and flipping their soft dirty skater thug cocks and rubbing on their spent balls. The smell in the room was amazing, their scents combined to create an illicit incense of wild male lust. “Yo bruh, brake me off some of your square homie!” Razor said as Beefstick lit a ‘Port’. Beefstick grabbed a Bud Lite from Devin’s fridge, then gave Razor a cigarette. Just then, Devin lets out a howl as D-Volt slammed a particularly hard thrust into him. “Yo bitch! Shut the fuck up!” Razor growled, as he picked the dirty Hanes sock up off the bed. “Ah hell nah! You gunna stick that dirty shit in his mouth bruh?” Blaze asked. “Fuck yeah homie. I ain’t wantin’ to listen to that whiny ass shit!” Razor replied as he stuffed the dirty sock into Devin’s mouth. Devin loved the taste of Razor’s dick and skater sweat on his tongue. He drank in the foul essence, and savored it like a fine wine or saliva from a first kiss. Blaze then has a plan, he passes the beer around and tells them all to take a swig, then spit it onto Devin’s butt-crack so D-Volt can fuck it into him. “Fuck yeah son!” Razor and Blaze exclaimed, as they all passed the bottle of Bud Lite around. All the boys took turns spitting beer down Devin’s crack. Each time making him buck a bit. But it was just more motivation for D-Volt; D-Volt started riding him hard now – he liked the thought of all that beer, spit, lube, shit and cum mixing together like a dirty soup. “FUCKIN’ DIRTY SLUT! FAGGOT ASS HOE! YOU LIKE IT DIRTY DON’T YA BITCH!? UMMMPH! URRRGGG FUCK YEAH DIRTY CUNT FAGGOT BITCH!” D-Volt grunted as he slammed harder into Devin. Devin thought he couldn’t take no more. He bit down hard on the sock, with yahya kaptan escort tears of bliss in his eyes. Razor decided to get rimmed to while D-Volt viciously violated Devin’s fuck-hole; so he yanked the sweaty dick sock out of Devin’s mouth, then told him to lick his shit. Devin with tears in his eyes started to deep tongue Razor’s moist Latino hole; it was more delicious than Beefstick’s. Razor just sat back smoked his cigarette and enjoyed Devin’s lusty tongue. “Dirty ass bitch! Be lickin’ my shit-hole, ain’t fuckin’ right yo! But when in Rome dawgs – gotta do what you gotta do.” Just then D-Volt bust his nut deep into Devin’s guts. Devin could feel the long Puerto Rican prick swell inside him as it belched it’s cum. D-Volt started fucking the last of it in like a Jackrabbit grabbing Devin by the hair and yanking him back. “Floodin’ yo guts fucker! Nasty ass slut! Makin’ me nut up in yo nasty fag pussy! BITCH!” D-Volt barked in disgusted manner as he humped his final rope in. Even though he sounded disgusted, he sure looked like he enjoyed it. Wrapping his thighs around Devin’s buns and riding his boy-pussy with his eyes rolled in the back of his head. His hairy Latino ass rotating all around. “Fuck this hoe!” D-Volt grunted as he yanked his big Puerto Rican cock out of Devin – cum dripping out like a broken faucet from his twitching hole. Devin was winded and in ecstasy, still licking Razor’s hairy ass-hole, when D-Volt sticks his dirty cock in Devin’s face. It was covered in lube, cum and anal juices, still smelling of beer. Devin was almost hypnotized at the wagging cock before him. The large veins looked like a road map to heaven. It got him so horny that it made him probe Razor’s moist tangy hole deeper. D-Volt brings his cock closer then smacks him on the side of the face with it, leaving a trail of spunk on his cheek. “Clean this dick bitch, make this shit shine mutha-fucka!” D-Volt barks. Devin removes his mouth from Razor’s tangy ass-hole, then starts to suck D-Volt’s soft long length. The taste is beyond description; but Devin can’t get enough. He hogs down on the dirty appendage sucking the remaining sperm from the piss-slit. He then deep-throats the cock to the base, burying his nose in the fragrant Latino bush. D-Volt pulls out of Devin’s cock-hungry mouth, then commands him to roll over on his back. Devin had no idea what was going to happen next. His heart beat with anticipation. “Clean it all bitch!” D-Volt demands. D-Volt hovers over Devin’s face, making him lick clean his ass, cock and balls. Devin loved the sight of D-Volt’s hole and hairy crotch crushing down on his face almost smothering him. Devin licked him everywhere from the top of his crack on and around his hairy musky crotch. “Lick my pits boy!” D-Volt demands. Devin complies and licks up his treasure trail around his nips then over to his sweaty skater pits. He buries his face in the tufts of black hair, then cleans the salty sweat from each one. “Yeah this is the shit yo! You seein’ this shit?” D-Volt moans out as he holds Devin’s face in place. “Yuh bruh! Let me at some of that ‘good’.” Blaze growls. D-Volt removes himself, then lets Blaze have a turn. Blaze mounts his face and does as D-Volt just did. Blaze opens his ginger shit-hole then begins letting Devin lick it clean. Devin thinks to himself: gingers taste the best. “Eat these nuts bitch!” Blaze shouts out as he starts to tea-bag Devin. The taste and texture of Blaze’s sac elicit moans of forbidden pleasure. He pays attention to each ball in the wrinkled sac, he savors the taste of the gingers cock. He worships the fiery hair that leads up to the burning bushes of armpits. Devin savors the sacred salty sweat of wild virility. He inhales the funk of man. “Get on that floor bitch!” Razor shouts. Devin gets on the floor and awaits the next thing to come. The 4 skater thugs then surround him in a circle and trap him with their hairy crotches. Devin services all of them pits, bottom, and toes. Indulging in the cum milked from their skater thug nuts. He’s feels drunk off their essence. He suckles each unique penis, and feels their sacred energy, with each pulse. Each cock has a story he thinks to himself. The boys turn around and offer there holes once again, pressing against Devin’s head trapping him. He licks each twitching sphincter then kisses each hairy butt-cheek and gives them the gift of illicit pleasure a pleasure most ‘straight boys’ fear to understand. And after he’s done with each one, he licks clean their sweaty skater feet. Between each toe and the bottom of each sole. He licks each sacred scrape and scar. Tasting the story in each swipe of his tongue. He inhales the stories of their misguided youth into his being, lending his body to a temporary possession. Devin worships their bodies throughout the night till sunrise and gets off on the pleasures he gives. This was going to be a quick pump-and-dump Razor thought to himself when he first got to Devin’s apartment – but he was wrong. Tonight the 4 skater boys from the shadows would be worshipped like they’ve never been worshipped before. THE END ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I hope you’ve enjoyed this over the top tale of apocalyptic masturbatory lust. This story was originally way more filthy – but I decided to go with this version instead. Please, this story was not meant to offend any group – it was written as pure smut and lust. And as always, feedback is welcomed. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Please support Nifty to keep these stories fty/donate.html

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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