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I haven’t been everywhere in the world but I’ve been to enough ski resorts to believe that Mammoth Mountain, in California, is about as good a place to ski as any. A lot of money has been invested over the years so there are literally hundreds of possible runs, something around thirty different lifts (many of them high speed multi-person), all with some of the best snow possible. Unlike many other ski areas, Mammoth was not developed around an old western town. It was developed because of the snow and a sprawling community has grown around the base. It’s three hundred and some miles north of Los Angeles. The tens of thousands of Southern Californians that drive for hours to get there have supplied the money that helped develop the mountain and have also contributed to the urban sprawl type of development. There’s no “down town” as such. Oh, there are plenty of places to stay and plenty of restaurants and bars but like Southern California it’s spread out. It’s never developed as a chic resort like Aspen or Sun Valley or others. But it’s a great place to ski.

It’s sort of my home mountain in that I’m from L.A. I even dropped out of college for a year to work and ski at Mammoth. Now, seven years out of school, I’m doing very well with a fairly small but growing L.A. advertising agency. I plan my clients’ work so that every three weeks or so I can take off a few days, drive up to Mammoth, and ski. They all know it and seem to enjoy living my hedonist life by proxy, always asking me all about everything. I think it’s actually helped me in business.

So that’s where I am at the moment. It’s about three thirty in the afternoon. I’m sitting at a table on a sunny outdoor area that’s part of a restaurant/bar at the base of a lift, having a beer, wondering whether to go back to the top for a final run or call it quits to a terrific day. The upper lifts close at four, the lower at four thirty, so my skiing day has to be near its end.

About fifty feet in front of me are the racks where all of us at the bar put our skis. I can’t help notice a striking female stepping out of her skis and putting them in the rack. I’d seen her a couple times on the hill. She’s a very good skier. She’s in a one-piece, bright red, outfit. Looks like a very good body. I mean, the suit has to be insulated with some thickness yet she looks like she has a mode’s body. Sort of long and slim. You never know for sure about women — someone that skis as well as she does may turn out to be fifty or more. She pulls off her goggles and cap and lots of dark hair comes flying loose.

She’s beautiful! Women that gorgeous are what I’ve usually seen in the lodge or restaurant showing off, not skiing like mad on the mountain. She’s walking towards the patio area. I can’t help but stare. I don’t think she has any make-up on at all, she’s just naturally gorgeous. And young. I’m not great at ages but she’s no fifty year old. I’d guess early twenties or so. Dark eyes that almost seem to glisten. High cheek bones. Great chin. Small mouth. Well, maybe not small but not one of those wide slashes across the face that some slim, good looking women have.

She’s smiling. Looks like she’s smiling at me. I’ve never seen her before but I think she’s coming to my table. I must be imagining this, she’s probably headed to her boy friend somewhere back of me. No. She walks up, smiling and looking stunning, pulls out a metal chair next to me and sits down, giving one of those contented sighs that happen as you relax.

“Hi,” she says.

“Hi,” I answer back. “Great day.”

“Yes. Great snow. A perfect skiing day.”

I’ve got to say something but I’m so entranced by how lovely she is that I can hardly think. I feel stupid because the time is stretching and I can’t think of what to say or do.

“Buy me a drink,” she says, interrupting my dumbness, “and I’ll sleep with you.”

Oh fuck. Did I just hear what I think I heard? “Oh,”I finally manage to force out. “Sure, what do you want?”

“Whatever you’re having is fine,” she says, nodding at my beer bottle. I’m sure I stumbled as I pushed back my chair and hurried to the bar to get a beer. What is this? The most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen on the hill offers to sleep with me? How do I handle this. Why me? What’s behind all this? Back at the table, I hand her the beer and sit down. I realize that I handed her a bottle. I should have got a glass, too. I had been wondering if I heard right or what’s behind all this.

“I’m glad to get you a beer,” I finally manage to say. “It will raise my standing in the whole community to have the most beautiful girl on the mountain sitting with me.” I pause a moment, not sure about what to canlı bahis say next but since it had been on my mind, I had to mention sex. “But you don’t have to sleep with me for it.”

“Why?” she asks, “Don’t you like women?”

“Oh, I love women,” I blurt out. “That’s the problem. I want to continue loving women. And you scare me a little. I mean, a woman with what looks like a perfect body inside that outfit and an absolutely gorgeous face doesn’t go to bed with someone for a four dollar beer. I’ve never paid for sex so I’m not sure but I suspect you’re worth at least thousands, maybe millions. There must be something wrong about this. Some sort of disease or a jealous husband or boy friends that shows up and wants to kill me.”

She actually laughs. She’s even more beautiful laughing. “I didn’t expect you to be cautious. That’s interesting. But, there’s no disease, no jealous husband. There is a boy friend, who now is an ex and doesn’t know it yet, but he’s hundreds of miles away.”

She’s looking me right in the eye. Her hand is lightly around the beer bottle neck, sliding up and down as if she’s masturbating it. She hasn’t actually drank any yet. I guess I have a dirty mind because I stare at her lips as she’s talking, wondering how they’d fit around my cock. She’s just so sexy somehow. It’s probably all in my mind, can’t be true.

“My boy friend and I,” I hear her say, “had this vacation all planned. I arranged for the time off. All reservations made. Then he decides he can’t come. I had my mind set for months on great skiing and great sex. Now all I’ve got is great skiing. I slept alone last night. I decided I need to find someone. Fast. Now. And I see you. You’re a great skier. I’ve followed you a couple times. You’re good looking, have a good body. You’re a hunk. If you’re as good in bed as on the ski runs, you’ll be perfect.” She laughs again. “I didn’t expect to have to argue with you. I must be losing it.”

“You’re not losing it,” I say. “You’re the most beautiful, sexiest girl I’ve ever seen. It’s just that this kind of thing doesn’t happen in real life.”

“Why not?” she says. “A guy can make a pass at anyone he wants, why can’t a girl? “

“You win,” I say. “What’s the age old question — your place or mine?”

We get our skis. She slings hers up on her shoulder like an old hand at it. We walk to the shuttle into town, both doing that ski-boot strut that happens with inflexible feet. I learn that she’s Diane. She learns that I’m Jack. She’s staying at the Clarion. On the bus, she rests her hand on my thigh, moving it around a little, feeling me. I put my arm around her shoulders. She finds out about what I do. I learn that she’s a computer programmer for a startup company, used to solving problems. Smart as well as beautiful. Interesting that she, the female, is in the math and technical business while me, the male, is more into the artistic and emotional business. Probably different emotionally. We’re not really all that far apart though, in mileage, back in L.A. This thing can easily continue if either or both of us want it to.

In her room, we both find places to sit to unbuckle and get out of our boots. She unzips her skit suit and is down to panties and bra quickly. I have to get out of my jacket, my ski pants, my turtle neck, before I get to T-shirt and boxers. Neither of us helps or touches the other, we’re both in a hurry to be naked, I guess. Her bra comes off. Not huge DDs but really lovely breasts, full and firm looking, all up front, and definitely more than a handful each. She steps out of her panties. I can’t see all the way between her legs but her dark public h air appears to be shaved or trimmed into a small shape. She’s watching my body as much as I’m watching her. She’s smiling so I must meet her approval.

We’re in each others’ arms, holding one another and moving our hands and feeling around as we kiss. She kisses great. She has both hands on my butt, holding my half-erect cock against herself as we break the kiss. “Let’s shower first,” she says. So we do.

The shower is over a tub, with a shower curtain to draw closed. She bends over to get the water on and adjusted for temperature. Her lovely full butt is aimed right at me. I rub my now full erect cock against her, between her cheeks, down between her legs, trying to hit her vaginal lips. She wiggles her butt, then straightens up and starts backing up, me still against her. “When I put the shower on, it’s going to be cold,” she says. She then turns around to face me, puts her arms around me and turns us both so my back is to the shower. She bends to the side to reach around me and pulls up the knob on the faucet and my back bahis siteleri gets hit with what feels like ice cold water. I jump forward, against her. She laughs. We kiss, the water quickly turns warm.

“You’re evil,” I say with a smile.

“Oh, you don’t know how evil I can be,” she answers, then kisses me.

Using the soap and my bare hands I wash all her body, feeling her breasts and butt and legs. I get her to put one leg up so I can get at her pussy. I wash it, as well as I can, and even get my face in there so I can kiss it and take a lick. Not a good lick but an indication that I want to, once we’re ready for me to do so. I’ve h ad this happen before. She actually looks as if she’s sort of skinny when she’s dressed but naked, she has a lot of meat. Her butt is round and firm. Her thighs are full and strong. Her breasts are perfect, noticeable cleavage — enough for me to tit fuck if we ever get to that. She does the same to me, washing me all over. Then we each have a big towel, climb out onto a small matt and start drying each other. She ends up on her knees, doing one leg and then the other, my fully erect cock bouncing around her head and face. She dries my testicles and cock and then starts licking my cock. She drops the towel, holds my cock with one hand, grasps my balls with the other, then gets her mouth around the head.

I look down and see what I had imagined before, her lips around my cock, which is almost half way into her mouth. She sure acts as if she likes this because her mouth tongue and hands are really busy. After a short while, one hand moves from my balls to my butt. Then the other leaves my cock and to my butt. She’s got most of my cock in her mouth and his holding my butt, pulling me to her as she slides her lips back and forth on my cock. Her whole upper body is rocking back and forth as her head moves back and forth, slurping on my cock, working it, milking it. I can’t help myself. I enter into the motion and lightly fuck her mouth. I can feel it coming.

“I’m going to cum,” I tell her.

Her eyes flick up at me for a moment, Her lips grip me tighter, if that’s possible. She pulls her head back, keeping the head in her mouth. Loosens just a bit and moves her head forward, getting me almost all in her mouth, then grips me and slides back again. And again. And then I start erupting. Her head stays still through my first spurts. She either has a huge mouthful or has swallowed. Then she starts the milking action again. It must take a minute or more and then she slides her head back and lets my cock pop loose. She licks her lips and looks at my red, wilting cock and smiles. Then she looks up at me and smiles, then stands. We’re kissing and wrapped around one another again.

You have a delicious cock,” she says as we break the kiss. I can taste myself from having wiped my tongue around the inside of her mouth.

“I bet you’re even more delicious,” I say as I lead her back into the bedroom and onto the bed. I do everything I ever wanted to do with a perfect body, telling her what a lovely body she has all through it. I kiss everywhere. I lick and suck on her breasts, kiss across her abdomen, kiss up and down her legs. Then I literally eat her pussy. I lick inside. I try and suck it all into my mouth. I zero in on her clit and lick it, flick it with my tongue, suck it. I don’t know why but I love eating pussy. Using the female body, feeling the texture and shape, the tastes. And, of course, causing the woman to go a little crazy. Some women obviously love to suck cock. Diane did just before this. So I guess it’s no surprise that some guys love to eat pussy. I learn that her trimmed black pubic hair is shaped like an arrow or triangle, aiming down at her vaginal lips. And her lips are pink instead of the sort of wrinkled brown I’ve tasted before. I tell her how beautiful her pussy is. She cums and while she writhes and moans I keep eating her until she cums again.before I’m ready to get up over her and push my cock into her.

Even well lubricated from all the attention my mouth has given her, I have to slowly force my cock into her, her vagina pushing my foreskin back so much that I feel sure it’ll rip off. She is so very tight. I’m finally all the way in. I just leave it there for a moment and hump my back enough to get my lips to hers and kiss her. Then I start to slowly pull out, then in. As I start to move easier and easier I increase speed. I’m finally almost pounding into her as fast as I can piston my body. I’m ughing with each stroke. She’s loud enough that I hope we don’t scare any neighbors. She really screams a lot. As she approaches orgasm again her insides seem to grip me almost like bahis şirketleri a vise and as I keep moving inside her, she’s milking me the way her lips did earlier. So I erupt again, inside her, following her orgasm with mine.

I almost collapse atop her. We’re both breathing heavily, both covered with a light coat of perspiration. I’m partly holding myself off her with my arms. My cock’s still inside her, her legs are finally at the side rather than up around me. Her knees bent, her legs fall off to each side. I pull my cock out slowly. Fluid follows as she becomes unplugged. I can feel it oozing around my softening cock as it leaves her. I pull back, kiss her stomach, her abdomen, as I move off her. I lightly kiss her clit, or the area where her clit must be, before lifting off to the side. She lays on her back, her legs spread, her pussy leaking our juices. I lay on my side, next to her. I put my one hand on her, caressing a breast. Tweaking a nipple. Then moving to the other breast.

“That was amazing,” I say to her, quietly. “You’re some woman.” Even as I say it, I knew it’s inadequate but I guess it was accepted in the spirit it was given. She turns her head and looks at me and smiles. “You’re some man,” she says as she rolls to her side, putting one leg up over me and presses against me. We hold each other and kiss.

At my suggestion, we dress. I have to put on what I wore skiing. She dresses for going to dinner after spending a little time in the bathroom rinsing out her bottom. We then drive in her car to my Motel. My plan is to change clothes and put all my luggage and stuff into her car, and go out to eat dinner. But it gets delayed a little. As I start getting out of my ski gear, she strips too. She can get out of clothes fast. In no time, I’m on my back on the bed. Her pussy is sitting on my face. She’s leaning forward with a hand wrapped around whatever part of my cock isn’t in her mouth.

I lick and suck everything I can, she’s working the heck out my cock. She then lifts off me and almost jumps around to squat over my cock and start dropping onto it, taking it up inside her. “I love oral,” she says. “And you’re great at it, Jack. I hope we get a lot more of it. But I need you in me. I really need to fuck.”

Once she’s got me fully inside her she starts riding me. She leans forward a little and moves her hips back and forth. I get both hands to her breasts. I’d love to suck on them but we just don’t fit right for that. I’ve cum a couple times already so I know I’ll last. I don’t know whether her already having several orgasms will make her take longer to cum or cum faster. It’s faster. It’s impossible for me to measure time when a beautiful woman is fucking me but it seems to happen almost too soon. She sort of freezes, jerks a little and yells out things like “Fuck” and “Oh, Jack” and then I can feel her juices leaking around my cock. She leans down and rests her whole upper body on me. I’m looking at her hair.

“You’re still hard,” she then says after a moment, turning her head to look at me. She then pulls herself forward a little. I can feel and hear my cock pop out of her. She kisses me, quickly, then climbs off to the side and leans down onto her fore arms with her butt sticking up in the air. “Fuck me some more, Jack,” she says. I sit up, move around behind her, between her legs and get my cock aimed back into her pussy. She’s still tight but not as much so as at first. I have to push but relatively slide right in. I hold her hips and start pumping into her. Looking at that lovely back maks me realize I’m missing her terrific body so I lean over her and get my hands around her, to her breasts, as I continue to pump into her. She’s shoving her hips back, trying to fuck me as much as I’m fucking her. I move one hand down to get my fingers on her clit. I pull on one nipple as I diddle her clit and shove my cock into her. Then I can feel that I’m about to cum so I sit back up, hands on her hips and really pound into her. She screams loudly and cums just before I shove as far in as I can and start shooting into her.

We’re laying there, holding one another, enjoying the feeling of just having a really great fuck. She says, “That was a great appetizer. I’ve really worked up an appetite.” She cleans up some, we both dress and then go out to dinner. She does have a good appetite. I think she eats more than me. Later, we come by my Motel. I check out and follow her in my car back to the Clarion and we end up back in her room.

We have that night and two more plus two days of skiing together. I love the sex. And there is a lot of it. But I also like skiing with her. She’s good. I have to wait a little occasionally but we fit together almost as well on the hill as we did in bed. I get her number and she gets mine and we certainly plan on seeing each other back home. I think maybe I’m the new boy friend. I hope so.

# # #

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