Slave Of A Sith Chapter- 6

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Slave Of A Sith Chapter 6

It had been three months since the incident with Anakin sky walker. After much pleading and serving master had finally forgiven me for my mistake. And everything had gone back to normal in a new big house. We had been living in peace the last while. Master from time to time was sent away to take care of something. And lots of the time when she returned she would be very angry or upset. The anger would come out on barris and me. My Sith training continued and I was now very strong with the darkside. I had no intentions of training barris in the Sith ways. She was jut there to be a sex slave. My master has told me that one-day I will need to recruit a new slave to be my own apprentice. But that is still far away.

I woke up like any other day. The feeling of my slave already taking care of my morning needs. She had a finger up my ass and her tongue exploring my wet cunt. I had not emptied my bladder since last night. So I thought now would be a better time than any to treat my slave with a nice serving of piss. Surprising Barris streams of piss shot out all of her face. “You’re my dirty piss whore” I told her. “What are you? Tell me what you are you little bitch!” “I’m your dirty piss whore master. I will do whatever you tell me too” She replied after she had found the remaining piss on the ground and licked it up. She then went back to eating out my waiting pussy. “Mmmhmmmm” I moaned as I approached climax. “IM CUMMING IM FUCKING CUMMING AHHHHH” I yelled I let all my juices flow on to the waiting sluts mouth. She caught as much as she could in here mouth. And rubbed the rest all over her body.

I had rose out of bed and taken my slut with me to go shower. I had her clean all over my body until it was perfectly spotless. I was still feeling somewhat Şirinevler Escort horny after our first encounter for the day so I brought Barris in for a passionate kiss. I nudged her lips with my tongue and she let me in with no trouble. We began exploring each other’s mouths and tasting our saliva. I kept one free hand on her round ass and moved my other hand down to her clean-shaven used cunt. I started rubbing around her clit and teasing her hole while still kissing her. With her free hand she began massages my breast and tweaking my nipples. This caused me to moan loudly into her mouth. I had slipped to fingers into her hole and now fitting in my third. I could feel her pussy muscles grasping onto my hand as I moved it deeper into her pussy. We had moved back and now she was against the wall with me leaning into her. We broke the kiss and she went to work sucking on my nipples and tits. I could feel in her pussy that she was approaching an orgasm so I decided to take it a step further and started furiously finger fucking my little slut. “UHH YES JUST LIKE THAT MASTER. I GONNA CUM LET YOUR FILTHY SLAVE GIRL CUM ON YOUR HAND!!!!!!!” and with that her pussy juices ran down my arm and dripped to the ground. Barris collapsed on the ground and I just left her there.

The rest of the day had gone by normally. I ate, trained, and pleased my master. Until dinner everything was going normally. I usually am never shocked down to dinner but today I received a shock right around dinnertime. I made my way down to the dining hall. There was master and another man I had never seen before. “Slave this is Count Doku. He is my Sith master and he will be staying the night. Your job is to follow his orders and do whatever he says until his departure. Understand?” I nodded and approached Escort Bayan my new master for the night. I bowed to him “Good evening master. Is there anything I can do for you at this time?” I asked “Yes you may go under the table and suck me off please” he ordered. I received a sharp slap to the ass and climb under. I slid down Dokus pants and there was a 9-inch rod waiting for my attention. I fondled the now erect cock and his balls for a few minutes. Making sure it was ready for my mouth. I began down at his balls. I licked each one until I though each ball was properly lubricated. I moved to the tip of the cock and gave it a few flick of my tongue. I had not had very much practice at sucking cock so I was very nervous to take it in. Wanting to please him. I took the first four inches easily before the erect member hit the back of my mouth. I started bobbing my head back and forth on his member. Each time I came back on his cock I tried to shove it down deeper and deeper into my throat. With out warning my master’s hands shoved my head all the way down the cock and held my head there. I couldn’t breath and thought I was about to pass out. He then pulled my back off, gave me a few second break the shoved my head back deep down. I felt four strings hit the walls deep down in my throat. He then pulled out and left me lying under the table with spit running down my face. “That is all right now slut. Wait for me in my quarters. I will be in later,” He ordered.

I had been waiting in his room for a few hours. It was now late in the night when he entered the room holding rope and a few toys. “ We are going to have some fun tonight. Because it has been a while since I have had some” He said. He begand tying my hands behind my back and tying my feet together. He took out some whip istanbul Escort that looked like a lightsaber. “This is an electric whip. The pain is very immense and I’m sure you will like this” He came down with one hard crack on my stomach. “AHHHH” I screamed in pain and pleasure. I looked down at my stomach and there was a big red gash. Most of it was pain but there was a small amount of pleasure deep down. He came down again on my tit again releasing another powerful scream from my body. Leaving another gash on my boob. He continued whipping me until almost all my body was filled with red gashes. I was numb all over my body. He picked me up with the force and laid me down on the bed. I was lying down having my ass high up in the air. He took a vibrator and shoved it into my pussy and a dildo into my mouth. I was choking and having an orgasm at the same time. I felt a dick rubbing around my rosebud. He stuck the tip of his dick into my ass. I screamed in pain behind my dildo. He gave me a sharp slap on the ass. “Shut up you filthy cum slut. You know you like this and want to always be this slutty” he whispered in my ear. I was loving this. Being filled in all three of my holes. I just wish these were all real dicks. I thought. He was now fucking my tight asshole quickly. “TAKE MY CUM YOU BITCH. TAKE IT DEEP DOWN YOUR SLUTTY LITTLE USED ASSHOLE!!!” He shot loads of cum down my ass. Filling my ass up to the brim with hot, sticky cum. He took his now soft dick out of my ass and left me. With a vibrator up my pussy and a dildo stuck in my mouth.

I woke up in the morning with cum splattered all over the sheets. I was still tied up and the vibrator was still working. There was lots of spit on the sheets from the dildo. My master from yesterday was no longer here. I am not sure how long it will be until someone comes to help me. But had completed my orders.

This it the end of chapter 6. I need more ideas of what I should add in the next few chapters. Anything will help! Look for chapter 7 coming soon!

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