Slutty Sue Heats Up The Pool

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Big Tits

“Honey do you want to join me at my big bosses for a cookout and pool party Friday night?” Sue asked me as I worked on the lawn mower in the garage.

“Why would you want me to come?” I asked.

“Because this is the CEO’s house and I’m hoping to get a promotion out of this, and having you along won’t hurt.”

“Who all’s coming?”

“Not really sure. I’ll get more details tomorrow.”

I really didn’t want to go, but Sue has been killing herself to try and get ahead at work so I figured, why not.

“Ok I’m in,” I replied.

“Great! I’ll let his PA Julie know tomorrow.”

The next evening Sue came home from work and informed me that there would only be a handful of people going to the party. This was more less a meet and greet to see who has potential to move up in the company. What I didn’t know was we were the only ones invited because her boss Tim really thinks that she’s special and he wanted to see if she had upper management potential. Her companies CEO Tim Byers is a 30 something wonder boy who turned the company around. He was single but it was rumored that he and his personal assistant Julie Henderson were lovers.

Julie was a stunning red head with a nice rack and tight ass. I always enjoyed the company Christmas parties because Julie always wore tight revealing dresses that really showed off her curves.

“What are you wearing?” I asked Sue on Friday morning.

“I just picked up a new bikini yesterday, I’m sure that you’ll both like it.”

“What do you mean we’ll both like it?”

“Oh you’ll see tonight.”

I was convinced that Sue was going to fuck her way up the corporate ladder, but I’ll admit that I was curious to see this new bikini.

I got home from work after Sue did and as I walked up the stairs Sue shouted out, “Hold on a minute! I’m trying on the bikini and I want you to see it.”

I stood outside our closed bedroom door and when she opened it my jaw about hit the floor.

“What the fuck is that?” I cried out. “Your top looks like two Doritos held together by string. And its a thong? I don’t know about this,” I stated.

“Oh quit being a prude,” she replied. “I know Tim will like it.”

Her bikini was very revealing, tan and the tops did in fact look like Doritos as well as the bottoms were a triangular patch that only covered her pussy. She put a sundress over her bikini and we drove to the gated community where her boss Tim Byers lives. Even though we were in a new Yukon I kind of felt out of place as a four door Porsche was in front of us as we were let in by security.

“Holy shit! I bet the cheapest house here sells for 3 million,” I stated as we drove down the block towards his mansion.

“1057…pull in here,” Sue commanded Yozgat Escort as we arrived to a house that looks like a small castle.

We went to the front door and before we rang the doorbell the door opened and Julie welcomed us in.

“Hi Sue. Hi Ed, Welcome,” Julie stated.

“Thank you,” I replied.

“Miko show Sue and her husband around,” Julie commanded to a pretty petite Asian housekeeper.

“Good evening,” she said as she showed us around this huge home. “Mr Tim is outside by the pool. I’ll take you there,” she said as we walked thru a kitchen that was the size of our downstairs at our house to a pool the was simply put, amazing.

“Sue welcome. Hi Ed, nice to see you.”

Her boss Tim Byers was nothing that you might have expected. He was a 30 something man who had a receding hairline but definitely looks like he works out. He was in a Speedo and a Hawaiian shirt.

“Sit down relax. How do you like your steaks?”

“Medium rare for both of us,” Sue replied. “How can we help?”

“You are my guests so just relax. The pool is open so get in and relax. The steaks will be done shortly.”

“I’m not ready to get wet just yet,” Sue said as she took off her sundress and Tim’s eyes stared at her chest and ass.

“Nice,” he blurted out.

We sat down at the table and Julie returned with plates and baked potatoes. My jaw almost hit the floor because she was wearing a bikini almost as revealing as Sue’s.

“Dinnertime!” he stated and we all sat down for an amazing dinner.

“My compliments to the chef,” I stated. “That steak was amazing!”

“Yes that was great!” Sue stated. “I need to cool off then I’ll help you clean up,” Sue said as she jumped into the pool.

She took a lap of the pool and as she got out of the pool our eyes nearly bugged out. Her bikini became sheer when wet and her nipples and areolas as well as her clean shaved pussy was clearly visible.

“Damn!” I heard Tim say as she walked over towards him.

“How can I help?” Sue asked.

“Uh there’s a dishwasher out here so you can help me clean up and put the dishes in the dishwasher.”

“Ed why don’t you help me with the leftovers,” Julie asked.

I really didn’t want to leave Sue alone but I figured she’s an adult and so is her boss, so why not.

“I’m guessing Sue’s a bit of a flirt?” Julie stated.

“Yeah, she’s a free spirit,” I replied.

I helped Julie put the leftovers in a huge refrigerator and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her cleavage as she bent over. I was also wondering if she was a real redhead or it was a dye job. I thought to myself, I wonder if the carpet matches the drapes.

We got some beer our of the fridge and we both stopped in our tracks as Yozgat Escort Bayan we got to the kitchen door.

My wife was topless and her head was bobbing up and down as she sucked on her bosses cock. His hand was down her panties and he was fingering her pussy as she serviced him.

She was deep throating him and I was in shock because she rarely took all of a cock in her mouth whenever she gave blowjobs.

I was just standing there when I felt a hand going down the front of my swim trunks.

“Nice!” Julie stated as she stroked my now erect cock. “Much bigger than Tim’s,” she stated. “Anyone can take all of Tim’s in their mouth, but I may have issues with yours.”

I looked at her and our lips met. I rubbed her tits through her top and the untied her top releasing her 36Cs. I pulled her bikini bottoms off and stroked her wet pussy. I looked at her naked body and realized that her pubic hair was also red. She was in fact a true red head.

Julie pulled my trunks off and she got on her knees and took my rock hard cock in her mouth.

I looked over towards Sue and Tim and she was on top of him as they fucked. He was sucking on her tits as she rode him and watching them I felt myself getting closer to climax.

“I’m gonna cum!” I moaned as I exploded in Julie’s mouth. She swallowed my load and then she got up and took my hand and we went outside just as Tim came inside of Sue.

Julie and I jumped naked into the pool and were soon followed by Sue and Tim.

“I hope you don’t mind,” Sue whispered to me.

“No, Julie’s a real cutie,” I replied. “You get some and I’ll get some.”

Sue swam over to Tim and the two of them embraced. Julie rubbed her ass against my cock as I played with her nipples.

Just then Tim’s housekeeper Miko came out to the pool and asked if we needed anything.

“Why don’t you join the party,” Tim commanded.

Miko took off her clothing and she had a petite sexy body with small pert A cup tits and a hairy bush. Her nipples were long and dark, and her areolas were the size of a quarter. She jumped into the pool and went over to Sue and Tim and gave my wife a huge kiss on the lips.

That brought life back into my cock because as the two of them made out my cock was at attention again. Miko kissed my wife’s erect nipples and Julie led me by my cock to Miko.

“Fuck her Ed.”

I guided my hard cock into Miko’s pussy as Julie got in back of Sue and put her on her lap. She gave Sue a kiss on the lips as Sue put her legs over Miko’s shoulders. Miko buried her face in Sue’s shaved snatch and I was in shock seeing my wife having cunnilingus preformed on her as she made out with another woman.

“Wow! Fucking amazing!” Tim stated Escort Yozgat as he watched the goings on in his pool.

I looked over and he was taking photos with his cell phone and was struck by what Julie had said earlier. His cock was fully erect and only about 4-5 inches long. No wonder Sue could take all of him in her mouth.

“Sit up Julie,” he commanded.

He lowered her on his cock and he fucked Julie as she continued to kiss Sue and fondle her tits. This was all too much for me and I shot my load deep inside of this petite Asian goddess.

Sue was moaning and shaking as she climaxed and she sat up and kissed Miko on the lips.

“Get on your back. I want to clean your pussy,” Sue commanded.

Miko got on her back and I held onto her as Sue licked her swollen pussy and sucked my cum out of her cunt. I leaned over and kissed Miko’s nipples and she pulled my head tightly against her chest as Sue brought her to climax.

Tim screamed as he came inside of Julie and the five of us floated in the pool relaxing after our adventures.

“What a night!” Sue exclaimed. “The only one I haven’t fooled around with is you,” she said as she rubbed my semi-erect cock.

“Let’s get out of the pool,” I suggested so I got out and got on my back as Sue mounted me.

“Come here Julie. Sit on my face.”

Julie lowered her pussy on my mouth and I ate her snatch as Sue rode my cock.

You could hear water sloshing as Tim fucked his housekeeper doggy style in the shallow end of the pool.

My hands pulled on Julie’s nipples and I pinched them as she tensed up and climaxed in my face. Sue got off of me and she stroked my cock and she took it in her mouth until I came in her mouth. Julie got next to her and the two of them licked my cock like a lollipop as my cum continued to drain out of my cock.

We all collapsed on the pool deck and Tim and Miko joined us.

“Well Sue I think I have a position in mind for you. We need a new VP of marketing and with the great work you’ve been doing I think that you’re perfect for the position. You’ll report directly to Julie and I’ll be working very closely with you. You don’t have a problem with that do you Ed?”

“No not at all….as long as we can continue to have cookouts here.”

“Oh yes, no problem,” he replied.

Sue and I got dressed and as we drove home she took off her bikini and gave me road head. I came in her mouth as we sat waiting for a train at a railroad crossing and she sat up wiping cum off her face and the teenage boys in the car next to us cheered as they saw her tits. She shook her tits towards them as we drove away and we ended up fucking the rest of the night.

We didn’t get to sleep until about 5AM, and she woke me up about noon with the best way to start the day…a blowjob.

I’m looking forward to our next adventures at Tim’s house. Sue told me that she has a PA that I’d really enjoy. No details but we have another get together next week at Tim’s so I’m excited about it.

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