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Subject: Smoking A Bowl With Dad 1 My parents split when I was really young, it’s cool though, evidently they just “didn’t fit” anymore. I would spend Summers with Dad in his garage apartment that he rented from my uncle Stephen. I was 17, had just graduated high school & wanted to spend a final summer with Dad before I went off to college. People always said I looked exactly like my dad, I could see the resemblance but not to the extreme other people would comment on. We shared the same unruly black hair, thick eye brows, tan skin, bright grey eyes & stupid smile, & once I started football I got the broad shoulders, thick legs, & muscular arms. He was still taller than me and had the shadow of a beard even if he had just shaved. I got to his place fairly late in the evening, unlocked the door & found him passed out in his boxers on the futon he used as his bed. Not an unusual sight. My dad could drink all day & do drugs all night. He was probably a terrible dad, but he’s mine & I liked him just how he was. I tossed my bag in the corner, grabbed a drink, & sat in the recliner. There was an open wooden box on the table with his random paraphanalia strewn about. I grabbed the glass pipe & the torch & sat back blowing clouds. Dad finally got up “Damn dude, you just walk in and start smoking my shit?” He smiled and play slapped me on the side of the head. We sat there talking and joking passing the pipe, occasionally refilling the bowl, just catching up since last time we talked to eachother. So maybe he wasn’t a great dad. I got introduced to some stuff earlier than most kids, but he explained the importance of keeping clean for school and future jobs etc etc. He also never judged me, I was his kid. When I was 14 and told him I liked guys he istanbul travesti hugged me told me he loved me, gave me a beer to celebrate, and showed me how to put a condom on a beer bottle. We kept talking & laughing but the smoke always made me incredibly horny. I was scrolling through a hook up app on my phone, & kept getting the familiar tones of men hitting me up. “The hell is that?” Dad finally asked. “Ha it’s a hook up app for gay dudes, I need my dick sucked” I laughed. “Shit me too! We need one of those for women!” “You could always let one of these dudes blow you” I joked and spun the phone so he could see the grid of faces and torsos. “Don’t fuckin tempt me! You act like I’ve never let a dude suck my dick before.” I choked on the smoke laughing “bullshit” “No big deal” he said in a put on nonchalant voice “just sit back, smoke a bowl, stare at the ceiling and picture YOUR MOM” “Oh fuuuck you” tears now running down our faces from laughing. “I’ll show you old man, I’ll bring one over right now” “I dare you” he replied winking and refilling the bowl. After swapping some pics and making all the assurances that “yeah, of course Im 19” I talked a fit 27 yr old guy to come blow me. Of course I didn’t tell Dad, wanted it to be a big joke when the dude knocked on the door and make Dad panic. The knock came and my Dad panicked just like I knew he would, the wide eyes made it all worth it. Dad scrambled to put away his pipe. “Don’t worry about it, it’s just that buddy you told me to invite over” “What the fuck dude……” was the most he could get out of his mouth before I opened the door. Of course the guy didn’t look exactly like his pictures. He stepped inside the dark smoky garage apartment and once his eyes adjusted kadıköy travesti he saw my dad still sitting there in nothing but boxers. He looked feom me to my dad & back. “Are y’all brothers?” The only response from me and Dad wasa simultaneous “uuuuuuuuuuuh” “Because that’s hot” I glanced to dad and told the dude “No man, I’m just fucking with him, it’s just me” “Ah …….. ok” I could here the disappointment. I was gonna lead him to a more private spot then Dad piped up. “Hold up a minute ………… want to smoke a bowl first?” I sat next to Dad on the futon, ole dude sat in the chair & we lit the torch and passed the pipe. A couple hits in and the new arrival slid to his knees and crawled over to me. I went to stand up & Dad just said “nah”. I just looked into Dads face as the dude kneeling in front of my pulled down my basketball shorts revealing my soft thick dick and big sack. I awkwardly pulled my foot through the shorts, spread my legs, and watched my dad’s eyes drift down to the dude taking my dick in his mouth. Ha he was really going out of his way to call my bluff I guess. I lit the pipe and blew some clouds while this dude gave some very underwhelming head. Was very boring if I’m honest. Then the guy shifted over & went to pull down my dad’s boxers. There was hesitation from Dad at first, then he looked me in the eyes & let the cock sucker pull his boxers off. It struck me how similar we were here too. Dad’s dick was thick and darker than the rest of his body, blood already pumping put it between 7 and 8 inches just like mine, his big sack peeling feom his legs as he spread them. His body was barrier and he had a bigger bush, but we were built almost identical. I know what I’ll look like in several years if bakırköy travesti I get a few stupid tattoos and never trim my bush again. I watched this guy slurp on my dad’s dick, stroking my own and passing the pipe between us. He eventually tried to come back to mine but I was enjoying watching my old man get blown by a dude way more than I enjoyed his piss poor blow job. I may have only been 17 but I know bad head when I get it. Hard to believe I was this turned on by watching my dad get head, but watching him act like the guy wasn’t even there while he lit the bowl was getting me close. Dad looked over & blew a huge cloud of smoke directly at my dick. I almost came immediately & he noticed. “You about to nut?” “Yeah pretty close” “Ok let’s go” he pushed the mediocre cocksucker out of the way and started beating his dick hard & fast. I mirrored the movement and we watched eachother beat off while the dude just knelt in front of us. We stared hard at each other like staring in a mirror. He opened his mouth wide, grunted & his whole body spasmed in a jerk as he shot 3 roping arcs of fun up his body one hitting him just in the chin. It was too much, my own body convulsed as I sprayed my own belly and arms with my load. “Fuck!” Dad laughed “You got some on me!” The ignored guy on his knees went to take Dads deflating cock back in his mouth & Dad just pushed him away with a “Nah”. Dad stood up dick swinging, cum rolling down his abdomen, lit a cigarette & watched the guy turn his attention to me. I lit the bowl and looked at Dad while the other guy licked my load off my shrinking dick and body. I blew my cloud in the guys face and said “You can go now”. Thought Dad would have a coughing fit from laughing so hard. It was impossible not to stare at his naked body, cum dripping onto the floor from his dick and body. “Reload that bowl, im gonna wipe this shit off, beer?” “Yeah, thanks Dad” I made sure to say it loud enough so that the guy leaving would hear before closing the door ………

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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