Snatching A Cucumber

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“What do you want me to wear?”“Wear that orange dress you wore the day we met and a pair of come-fuck-me shoes,” I replied.“Anything else?”“Actually, yeah, put on a skimpy pair of thongs,” I said, “no bra.”“Ok, What about stockings? And do I need my purse?”“No, none of that this time. Go get ready. I’m leaving to come pick you up now,” I told her.“Ok, I’ll be ready,” she said, hanging up.I left and drove to Jessica’s house. No sooner than I pulled into her driveway, Jessica came out of the door and quickly walked to the passenger door. “Where are we going so late?” she asked, climbing on the seat and closing the door.“Late? You just turned nineteen, and this is late? I asked, trying not to laugh, “I’m almost thirty-nine, and I don’t think this is late.”“Yeah, well, ok, it’s not ‘late,’ but what are we gonna do? You told me not to bring a purse, so I don’t have my fake ID, so bars and clubs are out,” she said.“What do you think?” I asked, backing out of her driveway.“Fuck,” she said.“Good guess. Let’s go get some beer so we can get you drunk, then we’ll go to a hotel,” I said, handing her a joint, “Here, light this.”“That’s fine. That’s what I was hoping when you called anyway,” she said, lighting the joint. “My regular fuckbuddy is pissy with me and hasn’t called me back in almost two weeks, so I could really use a good release.”“How long has it been since you last got fucked?” I asked her.“By a guy?”“Or a girl,” I said.“I haven’t had a cock in almost two weeks, but I have a few girlfriends I can all to eat my cunt, but it isn’t the same. I really enjoy penetration, and I’m the kinda girl that needs a big, thick cock shoved up in her to really get off. I mean, oral orgasms are good too, and they take the edge off, but I need to be filled to get any real stress relief,” she said.“Well, hopefully, I can help with that,” I said, “now pass me the joint. We can’t take too long since they stop selling alcohol in less than an hour.”“Oh, sorry,” she said, handing me the joint, “don’t worry, you’ll help me a lot. You’re the second biggest cock I’m fucking right now. Well, maybe the biggest if my fuckbuddy never calls me back.”“Hmm… that’s a coincidence,” I said, puffing the joint, “you’re the second tightest, second cutest pussy I’m fucking right now.”After driving around a bit and smoking half the joint, I pulled into the parking lot of the closest grocery store and was able to park in the first spot. When we got out, I walked a little behind Jessica as we went into the store. I loved watching her ass when she walked. Her little orange dress didn’t leave much to the imagination. The very bottom of her ass cheeks was exposed, and it was strapless, leaving her shoulders bare as it strained to contain her firm, found tits. I grabbed a cart when I walked through the door, and Jessica waited for me so she could walk beside me. “How long are you keeping me?” she asked, looking up at me.“How long you got?”“I could probably disappear for a couple of days. If you want me that long. I didn’t bring any extra clothes or anything, though, so….”I had to laugh at her. “What?” she asked, slightly annoyed.“You sound like a hooker when you say it like that,” I told her, turning the corner to the beer aisle.Jessica didn’t respond. She just stood by the cart as I put a couple of cases of Corona in it. I turned and looked at the beer selection. “What do you want?” I asked after looking at the selection for a few seconds.“This will work for me,” I heard Jessica replying from a distance.I turned to look at her. She was walking toward me with a bottle of champagne in each hand. “Uh, that stuff isn’t cheap,” I told her as the label came into view.“Yeah, neither am I,” she said, putting the bottles in the cart, “you’re lucky I only got two. I’d like two or three more. I want some OJ too so I can have mimosas with breakfast.”“Earlier bursa escort when you said you didn’t bring extra clothes or anything else. While we’re here, let’s pick up some soap and shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrushes, so we can shower. As far as clothes go, we’re not leaving the hotel, and you won’t need to wear anything in the room, so what you’re wearing will be clean when we leave,” I said.“Ok, that sounds good. If we do that, I could maybe get away for a week. You know, if you want. I’d have to call mom, though,” she said.She turned and started walking up the aisle to the juices. I pushed the cart behind her, watching her sexy ass twitch as she walked in front of me. She went to the juices and picked out a couple of bottles. “What else do we need?” She asked.“I need to get some limes and maybe some lemons for my beer,” I said, pushing the cart off towards the produce section. “Then, we’ll go get shower stuff.”I was picking out some limes when I heard Jessica giggle. I looked up, and she was holding a cucumber. “I wish they made cocks this big,” she said, acting like she was jerking it off.She was very giggly, I could tell she was high, and I was glad the only other people in the store were the few employees. “What the hell do you think you’d do with that?” I asked, looking at the vegetable in her hands. It had to be at least eleven inches long and thicker than my wrist.“Uh, fuck it,” she replied.“As tight as you are? I doubt it. That thing would split you in half,” I said, putting the limes in the cart and moving to the lemons.“Bet me.”“What?” I asked.“You heard me. Bet me.”“Bet you what? I don’t want to buy a cucumber,” I told her, putting the lemons in the cart and looking over at her.“You don’t have to buy it. Bet me two more bottles of champagne,” she said.“And if I win?” I asked.“You can cum on my face as long as we’re in the hotel,” she said with a seductive smile.“You said you hate that, and it’s pretty much the only thing you refuse to let me do to you,” I reminded her.“Exactly. So how confident do you think I am?” she said, walking away, “c’mon.”“What if I do win? I don’t want to come back to get more champagne. So, wait, what do you mean I don’t have to buy it?” I asked.I followed Jessica as she went to the pharmacy section and grabbed a box of condoms. “What the hell are you doing?” I asked, getting a little irritated, “You know I don’t wear rubbers with you.”“I know, c’mon,” she said, turning and walking to the back of the store.I turned the cart around and followed Jessica again, still fixated on her young ass. When we got to the back of the store, she disappeared into the women’s room. I was starting to get a funny feeling as I waited for her to come out. After a moment, the door opened, and Jessica peeked out. “What are you waiting for?” she asked, waving me in, “C’mere.”I looked back over my shoulder to see if anyone was watching. Satisfied that no one was around, I went into the women’s room. The box of rubbers was on the sink, and Jessica was still holding the cucumber. “Here, hold this for a minute,” she said, shoving the cucumber at me.“What the hell?” I asked, taking it from her.Jessica turned around and grabbed the box of condoms. “I don’t know what’s on it, and I don’t want to shove pesticides or some shit up my cunt,” she said, ripping open the box and taking out a condom.She opened the wrapper and put the condom on the top of the cucumber. I moved my hands as she rolled it down the length of the vegetable. The condom stopped about two inches from the end. Jessica turned around. I looked over at her, looking her in the eyes in the mirror over her shoulder. She pulled her dress up around her hips, then hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her skimpy thongs and pushed them down to her knees. Her legs were spread wide enough to keep them up. She bent over and put bursa escort bayan her forearms on the sink, arching her back so her ass and pussy were exposed. “Ok, see if it fits,” she said, wiggling her ass.“What? Are you sure?”“Yeah, I can take it,” she said, looking at me in the mirror.I cupped her pussy with my free hand to see if she was wet enough, and I was surprised to see that she was practically dripping with anticipation. “I’m already wet. Slide it in me,” she said, straightening her back and pulling forward, away from my hand a little.When I took my hand away from her cunt, she arched her back again, pushing her slick, bald cunt lips out farther between her legs. I couldn’t believe what was happening. This young slut wanted me to shove a massive cucumber up her twat in the women’s room of a grocery store. I stood behind her, staring at her sexy, young cunt. My cock was getting hard, pressing against the front of my pants. “How about we forget the cucumber, and I just buy you the extra champagne, and since you’re horny, I just fuck you where you stand?” I suggested, rubbing my growing cock through the fabric of my pants with my free hand.“Hell no. A bet is a bet. Now do it. I want it inside me,” she said, starting to sound irritated.“Yeah, ok,” I said,I adjusted my grip on the cucumber, holding it below the rubber, and put the hand I had been rubbing my cock with on the small of Jessica’s back to help steady her. As soon as the latex-covered vegetable touched her dark pink, puffy cunt she started mewling. I had to slide it up and down her wet sex crack to get it lubed up a little more. The spermicidal lube on the condom wasn’t enough for the enormous cucumber. Jessica rocked her hips as I slid the vegetable between her swollen cunt lips and twirled it. Once it felt slick enough to enter her, I began to push. She let out a quiet gasp as it entered her tight fuck-hole, then grunted after about two inches of the cucumber had disappeared inside of her. Jessica got quiet and started pushing back onto the vegetable. It was sliding into her a lot easier than I thought it would. In no time at all, I had the cucumber buried in Jessica. All the way to the bottom of the condom. I loosened my grip a little, ensuring it would stay if I let go of it. When it didn’t move, I let go of it and took a step back. “Goddamn, girl,” I said, staring in amazement at her stretched-open pussy lips.Jessica’s breathing was ragged. She sounded like she had been sprinting. “Is it all in?” she asked, trying to catch her breath.Jessica put a hand between her legs. I saw her fingertips touch the end of the cucumber sticking out of her. “Why did you stop? I can take more,” she said, pushing it deeper.“I thought you said you didn’t want pesticide in you, and that’s where the condom stops,” I said.“Fuck it. I want it all in me,” Jessica said, her voice husky with pure lust.I continued to watch, amazed, as she pushed the cucumber deeper in her hungry cunt, letting out a throaty grunt as she did. Her bald cunt lips were closing around the end of the vegetable as Jessica pushed the whole fucking thing inside her. When she moved her fingers, only the very tip of it was visible between her dark pink cunt lips. “Oh, fuck, that really fills me up,” Jessica said, gyrating her hips in small circles.Before I could ask how she planned on getting it out since it was buried in her snatch and there was nothing to grab onto, she continued to amaze me, standing up straight. She bent back over enough to grab her panties and pulled them up as she turned to face me. “Ok, let’s go,” she said, pushing her dress back down around her thighs.She started for the door, her dress falling back into place like nothing had happened as she walked. She wasn’t walking normally, but if I didn’t know, I would never guess she had a giant cucumber shoved escort bursa up her twat. “What about the cucumber?” I asked as she was opening the door.“What cucumber?” she replied innocently, smiling as she looked over her shoulder at me, “Are you coming?”I followed her out of the restroom. I had forgotten about my hard cock and was walking awkwardly myself. By the time we got back to the aisle with the champagne, she was walking perfectly normal again. “So, how many bottles can I get?” she asked.“Get whatever you want. You earned it,” I told Jessica.Jessica giggled and put four more bottles into the cart. “Four?” I asked, “That makes six total. Are you going to drink all of that in two days?”“Not in two days, but I told you I might be able to stay longer. I just have to ask my mom. I can always take the leftovers home. I earned them, right? Or if you’re really lucky, I might call a friend to come help me,” she said, walking away.I stood there, watching as she twitched her ass. She stopped at the end of the aisle and turned around. “What are you waiting for?” she asked. I finally moved, and when I got closer, she said, “Let’s go grab a box of condoms and some soap and stuff.”“What? Why?” I asked, “I’m not using rubbers with you.”“Not for you, for my new toy,” she said with a wink before turning around. “Besides, if I do call a friend, I can’t say she’ll let you run in her cunt raw.”Jessica walked ahead of me, and I was entranced by the swishing of her ass cheeks. By the time I caught up with her on the condom aisle, she already had a couple of boxes in her hand and tossed them into the cart. “Let’s go get some soap and stuff real quick. How much time do we have?”“About twenty minutes,” I replied, following her to the hygiene aisle.Jessica started grabbing different body wash bottles, shampoo, conditioners, toothpaste, a couple of toothbrushes, a pink loofah, razors, and even makeup. I wondered if she used this expensive stuff all of the time, or if was she taking advantage of getting the good stuff while she could. “I got a toothbrush for you, but you need to pick out your own soaps and stuff,” she said, looking in the cart.“I was planning on just using what you got,” I told her as I leaned on the handle of the cart.“Oh, no. This is my stuff. You’re gonna pay for that whore comment, and this ass ain’t cheap baby,” Jessica said, then giggled and smacked herself on the ass playfully.I grabbed a few things I thought I’d need and put them in the cart. “Ok, I’m good,” I said.When we got to the checkout. Jessica stood beside me, hugging my arm like a smitten schoolgirl. I enjoyed the feeling of her firm tits on either side of my arm. The checkout girl looked up at us when she got to the condoms. After she rang the first box, I noticed two more boxes, and they were all eighteen count. “Are we going to need all of those?” I asked Jessica.“Every fucking one of them,” she said confidently.The checkout girl told me our total and started bagging our stuff. She was about Jessica’s age and seemed a little jealous of Jessica. I swiped my card and paid while Jessica put the bags in the cart. The checkout girl handed me my receipt, “Have a fun night,” she said.Jessica and I were flirting and laughing as we walked to the door.All of a sudden, a male voice came out of nowhere. “Excuse me, sir, ma’am, I’m going to have to ask you to come with me.”I stopped and turned around, not thinking anyone would be talking to us, but I knew no one else was around. I saw a man about my age standing behind us. He wore a pair of khaki pants, a white button-up shirt, a cheap tie, and a name tag that said “manager” more prominently than his name.“What the hell? Why do we need to go anywhere with you?” I asked, pissed off that he was interrupting my time with Jessica.“Please, sir, there’s no need to make a scene. We can sit your cart of groceries in the employee hallway over here. Everything will be safe while I talk to the two of you in my office. It will only take a minute,” he said, gesturing around like we knew where all of the places he was talking about were.

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