Snow Angels

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“Hmm-hmm,” the old man cleared his throat and leaned toward the microphone that was sitting on the arm of his chair. “My name is Marcus Helgelund. I am ninety-two years old, and I was born in Vienna, Austria. I moved to England in 1933 to attend medical school in London. After I graduated, I moved here to Lowestoft to practice and I’ve lived here ever since.

“I like it here, I like being near the sea. Anyway, this local historian chap from the library is collecting stories from all the old fogies in the town, which these days includes me even if I was almost Olympic standard at skiing in my younger days. He says he wants to publish a book of our stories, to let the town see what life was like when we were young. Well, I don’t know that my story will fit in such a book, but I only have the one story to tell and I’ve decided that now is the time to tell it.

“The one thing everyone in this town has always wanted to know about me is why I never married and that’s the story I’ll tell you. When I was nineteen I fell in love with an angel, and how could any woman match up to that?

“It was my last Christmas in Vienna before moving here to England. I was very excited about going, it was a great opportunity, and my parents were pleased that I would be leaving Austria. Since it was my last Christmas, I decided to go skiing on Christmas Eve. The weather was bad, but I was a good skier and I was determined to make the most of my last true winter.”

Marcus coughed slightly, and took a sip of water, he blushed as he remembered the story he was about to tell, “Ahh… forgive me in advance for some of my language, a doctor’s clinical distance isn’t going to work here and… well… I haven’t had cause to talk like this since that Christmas Eve…”

Marcus leant back in his chair, a far-away look in his eyes. “While I was skiing the back mountain passes, the weather took a turn for the worse. I started to make my way back down off the mountain and onto the main trail, which would be well lit and easy to navigate.

“Unfortunately, I lost my footing, my ski twisted sideways wrenching my ankle and I tumbled down the slope. The pine trees stopped my fall, but I was winded, when I got my breath back and tried to stand, I realised I had dislocated my right hip and broken my left arm. I could not stand, let alone climb back to the path. I was stranded.

“I tried calling for help, but I knew it would be futile – I hadn’t seen anyone on this part of the mountain all day. It was one of the reasons I liked skiing there; I liked the solitude. I lay back in the snow, exhausted and depressed. This was not how I planned to start my Christmas. I could think of nothing that would help me out of my predicament.

When I heard the voices calling my name, I thought I must have been hearing things. I called back, ‘here I am’. The voices came closer, they were women’s voices, two I had never heard before so it wasn’t anyone I knew, but they were music to my ears. As the voices got closer I took me a few seconds to process that they were coming from above me, from the sky. I looked up and saw the silhouettes of two large winged creatures hovering overhead.

As they came in to land I heard one of the voices say in a friendly tone, “Marcus, Marcus, Marcus, what a mess you have got yourself into. It’s a good thing we’re here to look after you.”

She knelt down beside me and I was finally able to see more than a silhouette. She was the most beautiful person I had ever seen.

I looked her up and down from head to toe and I was in love. Black hair curled loosely down to her shoulders, her skin had an olive tint to it, her eyes were a dark brown and her mouth full and red. She was completely naked, my eyes traced past her smooth shoulders down to her large breasts with pert pink nipples that I just want to reach out and stroke. She had a little tummy that looked like it would be soft to rest my head on, and wide hips. I could feel my cock getting hard as I wondered what her arse was like. Her bush was black like her hair, I longed to be able to sit up and bury my head in it, and see whether her sex was as pink as her nipples.

I heard her giggle, and realised that she could tell exactly what I was thinking. She rested her hand on my cheek, “All in good time Marcus, we need to get you warm first.”

She stretched up, and it was only then that I processed that this gorgeous naked woman had two large wings on her back, shining with white feathers.

“An angel,” I whispered.

“Yes şerifali escort Marcus, an angel,” she smiled, “Your snow angel.”

She looked over to the other angel, so I looked too. More perfection, but just not exactly my taste of perfection. I had found my perfect woman in the angel with black hair; nothing else would ever be good enough. The second angel was taller, with red hair and pale skin, her breasts were a little smaller, and her bush was curly and red. She was beautiful, but I felt my eyes being drawn back to the angel with dark hair. She giggled.

“Let’s get you warm first,” she said.

She and the redhead spread out their wings making a tent. Almost immediately I felt warmer. Even when they closed their wings again, I still felt the warmth. I began to feel better.

“What are your names?” I whispered.

The black-haired angel smiled, “I’m Madeline, she’s Amelia.”

“Madeline and Amelia” I repeated. “Are you going to get me to safety?”

Madeline giggled, “In a manner of speaking. We’re going to heal you so that you can get yourself to safety. But it will take a while, and we need to keep your blood flowing, and there’s one sure way of doing that,” her gaze drifted down towards the tent my cock was making in my ski-suit.

I could hardly breathe, “You want…” was all I could manage.

Madeline put a finger to my lips, “Hush, sweet Marcus.”

She leant down and started to unzip my ski suit. I was feeling no cold at all, even as she pulled off my suit and pulled up my t-shirt, carefully moving it over my broken arm. Amelia worked on me from the other end, removing my boots and the rest of my ski-suit. As she moved the leg with the dislocated hip, I felt a little pain but not much. She noticed my slight wince and smiled an apology. Then she reached up and pulled gently on my long johns. As my throbbing cock sprang out into the air, any thought of pain from my hip disappeared from my mind. Madeline grinned as she saw it, turned to face it and brought her mouth down to kiss it.

I gasped in surprise and pleasure as she slid her lips over the head of my cock and slowly took it all inside her mouth, flicking her tongue around the edge as she worked her way down. I moaned as her mouth sucked and moved rhythmically up and down.

I heard Amelia giggle and say, “Don’t be greedy Maddy.” Then I felt her tongue started to lick my balls, short flicks to tantalise me, and then Amelia put her mouth around one of my balls and sucked it into her mouth, the heat was amazing. I couldn’t stop myself and I felt the sperm come shooting out of the top of my cock. I groaned as my cock pulsed, Madeline’s sucking grew faster as I came; it felt like my head was going to explode. Amelia continued to lick my balls. My cock was pulsing so hard it was hurting. I reached my hand down to Madeline’s shoulder.

“Stop,” I gasped, “Ohh… you have to stop.”

Madeline slowly slid her mouth of my cock and let it fall back down. She looked over at me with a grin and licked her lips.

“Not bad for a first go,” she said.

I smiled back. “Let me return the favour,” I whispered.

Madeline grinned, “Ooh yes… you shouldn’t move yet though.”

I grinned widely, “Come sit on me then!”

Madeline laughed, “You don’t have to ask me twice!”

She moved up towards my shoulders and swung her leg over my head. Oh, the sight of her arse, so round and bouncy! It was everything I fantasized about in my perfect woman. I wriggled my good arm through her legs so that I could grab her arse-cheeks with it. Her skin was smooth and silky. Madeline giggled as she lowered herself to my mouth.

As soon as her clitoris was close enough, I reached out my tongue and gave it a flick; I was rewarded by a gasp and a groan of pleasure. Madeline leant down over my chest and brushed her nipples over my stomach. I could feel the blood begin rushing back to my cock. When Madeline saw life start to come back to it, she gave the head of my cock some gentle licks. I had to grab her thigh hard to be able to concentrate on what I was doing! But I was determined to give her a good time.

I lifted my chin to get my mouth closer to the lips of her sex; it was as prettily pink as her nipples, hiding shyly behind the thatch of black hair. Going as gently as I could, I stroked her lips with my tongue and then pushed inside her. I explored as deep as I could reach, getting faster as I got more excited. Madeline began silivri escort to moan loudly with the sensations, and she spread her thighs to push herself closer to my mouth to allow me to get my tongue further into her delicious sex. I needed no further hints and pushed and probed as deeply as I good. I pressed my face right up against her bush, and I used my hand to pull her cheeks apart to give me even more room. Madeline started bucking against me. She had to stop licking my cock because she could no longer hold herself still. She wriggled and squirmed, but I held on tight and continued to lick and suck for all I was worth. Suddenly I felt a vibration run right through her; she sat up and arched her back, crying out. I continued to lick, and as she came I sucked out all her juices. Madeline was going wild on top of me, clamping my face with her thighs and pushing her arse down as far as it would go so that I could get my tongue in deeply. When she was finally sated, she gave a long sigh and lay back down on my stomach, giving me the most gorgeous view of her arse and her swollen wet lips, her sex now open for me to see, I felt my cock go completely hard as I imagined sliding it in to that welcoming entrance.

For now, we both lay there, Madeline stretched out across my chest and stomach, arse in the air just above my face. Every few seconds she’d give a contented little sigh and nuzzle her face next to my cock. I felt her warmth suffuse through me and felt more content than I had in all my nineteen years.

Amelia giggled and began to massage my dislocated thigh, the warmth from her hands taking away all the pain. After a few minutes working on my thigh, she moved round to the other side of my body to work on my broken arm. Her touch was magical and I felt all the pain disappear. Not only that, when she finished massaging my arm, I gave it a tentative shake and found that the bone was completely healed. To test it further, I pushed my arm up through Madeline’s thighs, grasped both of her arse cheeks, pulled them apart as far as they would go and planted a kiss on her hole. Madeline laughed, wriggled off me and sat up.

“Well, it feels like you’re all fixed!” she said, looking down at me. “Try sitting up.”

I did this, and yes, both my arm and my hip were back to normal.

Amelia smiled over at Madeline, “Well it looks like our work here is done, we should get going.”

Madeline nodded and stood up. I scrambled up beside her, tongue-tied at the idea of losing my angel. “Don’t… don’t go” I managed.

Madeline smiled, “We have to, sweet Marcus, we cannot stay here.”

I remembered the welcoming pinkness of her sex and my own hardness, “Ah… before you go… could we at least… you know, now that I’m healed, could we…?”

How do you ask an angel to have sex? Luckily Madeline’s thoughts were running along the same lines, she looked down at my cock, standing erect and proud, and smiled.

She turned to Amelia, “I want to stay to say goodbye. You go on ahead, I promise to follow you.”

Amelia laughed, “I should have known you wouldn’t be able to resist! Okay, but don’t be too long. You have to get that boy home before his parents start to worry.”

With that, Amelia raised her wings and soared off into the air. I looked down at Madeline, “Is this okay, I mean, I don’t want to get you into trouble…” I trailed off.

Madeline smiled broadly, “This is more than okay!” She stroked the palm of her hand over my chest. “I want you too, Marcus. I’d be upset if we didn’t make love properly now that you’re healed.”

Not wanting to waste any time, and okay, I was also wanting to show off a little, I scooped Madeline up in my arms and laid her out on my ski-suit. Her wings spread out on either side of her. It was an jaw-dropping sight, a beautiful naked woman with white feathered wings, lying down on her back with her legs bent and spread, and her arms raised, inviting me in. I knelt over her, and bent down to kiss and suck her nipples, her breasts were soft and warm, and her nipples were hard points that I could flick with my tongue. When I nibbled them with my teeth, I felt Madeline’s chest rise sharply with each gasp.

She grabbed my hair and pulled me off, “No more playing, I want to feel you inside me,” she whispered.

I grinned, “Your wish is my command.”

My cock was so hard, I was concerned that I might hurt her, but I needn’t have worried, she was as excited as I şirinevler escort was and her sex was soaking to the touch. I ran my fingers up and down the entrance a couple of times, to tickle her and then I slid in my cock. I had to hold back or it would have just slid straight in full bore, but I wanted to take my time. I rubbed it gently in and out, pushing in a little further each time. Madeline was so turned on that her lips were swollen and sensitive so I knew this would drive her wild. Sure enough, she started thrashing and moaning and begging me to thrust my cock all the way into her. I just laughed and continued my slow progress. I had to concentrate though because watching her breasts bouncing wildly as she bucked under me was enough to make me come there and then, but I held it in. I wanted this to last forever.

Madeline took matters into her own hands though, or rather her own feet. She hooked her legs around my arse and used her feet to push me forwards, forcing my cock deep inside her. She moaned deep and loud as she felt my full length. The excitement was too much for me, and I began to pump my cock hard inside her, pulling it out most of its length each time and thrusting it as hard as I could back inside her. This drove her even more wild and she was screaming and thumping the floor with her fists, shouting ‘harder, harder’ with each thrust I made.

I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to go hard or fast enough for her in this position, so I pulled out and told her to get on her knees. She moaned with pleasure and quickly flipped herself over, presenting me with her arse, and her dripping sex, gaping from where I had been thrusting in. I wasted no time and pushed my cock back into her glorious entrance. I held her hips and thrust her backward and forward in time to my thrusts, pushing my cock in harder and further than I had managed before. Madeline was growling like an animal and shaking her head, she was helping me push my cock in further by pushing back with each thrust I made.

“Ohh…” she gasped, “Grab my arse like you did before. Pull the cheeks apart, that will get you in deeper.”

I did what she asked, taking a good handful of each cheek in either hand, I pulled them apart has far as I could. I thrust my cock in as fast and as hard as I could and she pushed back to meet me. Oh, the feeling was electric; I was able to push so deep inside her.

Madeline was beyond words, and so was I. We were lost in the moment, concentrating on keeping the rhythm of our movements together. I felt the crescendo of orgasm roll over me, and could see it hit Madeline too. Her back arched, and she threw her head back and howled. I gripped her cheeks hard and thrust myself in as deep as I could for one last time, and held it there as I felt my cock pulse with the sperm coming out of it. I couldn’t move for several moments, all my senses were with my cock inside her soft, wet, sex.

As the sensations began to calm a little, I leant over her back and massaged her breasts and nipples with my hands.

“Thank you, oh thank you, my sweet Marcus,” Madeline whispered, “that was the best I’ve ever had. I knew you were the one.”

I gently let my cock slip out of her and knelt back, her lips were so wet and swollen, they were irresistible and I bent down and kissed them gently. Madeline moaned softly, but pulled away when I tried to go further.

“You really will drive me crazy,” she laughed, “if you start that again!”

So I had to be content with what I had already had. Madeline stayed long enough to help me dress, she kissed me gently on the cheek and then she spread her wings and flew off into the sky. I watched her until she disappeared and then picked up my skis and walked down the mountain.

When I got home I tried to tell my parents and then my friends about what had happened (leaving out the more intimate details) but no-one believed me. They all said I must have knocked myself out and dreamt it all, so soon I stopped telling anyone.

I never forgot though. Madeline has been in my dreams nearly every night since then. I don’t know why they came to save me, maybe they figured the world needed as many doctors as it can get so they decided it would be foolish to lose one to a stupid accident.

But now that I’m an old man, with not long left in this life, I wonder if I’ll meet Madeline again.


Notice to appear in the deaths listings of the Lowestoft Journal: Dr Marcus Helgelund died peacefully in his sleep last night, at his home, aged 92. He never married, but there is not a family in this town that did not consider him an honorary grandfather. In accordance with his own wishes we request that donations be made to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.


Marcus… Marcus… We have missed you… You are young again dear sweet Marcus and we have eternity to play…

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