Snow White and the Seven Wharfs – A Lush Christmas Special

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In a land, not so far away, there lived a blonde-haired girl, who had skin as light as pearl. She was named Daniela or Danny, but all her friends called her Snow White on account of her amazingly fair complexion. On reaching her eighteenth birthday, she prepared to be presented at the debutantes’ ball, where it was presumed she would find a suitor. Whispers spread across the land that someone bewilderingly radiant was about to burst on the scene. It was said that she was so hot, even birds would sing, just from the sight of her angelic features. It was this same intelligence that reached the ears of the Dark Elf Queen who resided in the forest. She was herself possessed of a voluptuous body, big blue eyes and was jealous of her attributes. For years she had the proclivity to seek reassurance of her beauty and had summoned the goblins to make her a mirror. However, it was no ordinary looking glass, but was charmed and would speak the truth to whomsoever would ask of it. “Mirror Mirror, sayer of all truths, who is the fairest in the kingdom?” “Why it is your Majesty,” saith the Mirror. And so the Queen would smile, her vanity placated by the magical mirror. But one day, she had brushed her sleek black hair until it shone like the wing of the raven. Picking up her mirror, she delivered her usual question. “Mirror Mirror, sayer of all truths, who is the fairest in the kingdom?” There was a pause, before the mirror gave its response. “Your Majesty,” said the mirror. “The fairest is Snow White.” “WHAT?!!” “I said…” “I know what you said!!!” The Queen was incandescent with rage and tossed the mirror on to the floor, where it broke into a thousand pieces. “Nooooooo! It cannot be!” As she looked down, each of the shards of glass twinkled in the sunlight, as if they were laughing at her. Suddenly, the pieces came together and formed themselves back into a single oval of polished metal and glass. “Noooooo! It will not be!” “Shall not!” Said the mirror. “What?” “It’s ‘It shall not!’ It’s the imperative mood,” Added the mirror. “Since you broke me, I no longer speak the truth, but am a pedant of grammar.” “Noooo!”  The Queen stormed out of her bedroom, in floods of tears and went in search of her book of spells. Meanwhile, Danny was preparing for her debutantes’ ball; looking through Vogue for some nice ideas for her dress and searching the John Lewis website for any perfume deals. She would only be a debutante once and she wanted everything to be perfect. As she was leafing through her glossy magazine, her Mum came through with a plate of cookies and a steaming cup of coffee. “Danny, you should take a break from all this planning and have a little holiday,” suggested her Mum. “I’m good thanks, but it’s a nice idea.” “I know, but your skin is so fair, you would benefit from a bit of vitamin D.” “Hmmm… I guess. Maybe a few days by the coast would do me good,” said Danny. “I’ll go pack.” Not one for the hurley burley of a big sea side resort, Danny wondered where to go; she didn’t go in for slot machines and all that nonsense. Just then a White Dove landed on her window sill with a little envelope in its beak. Danny took the envelope and unsealed the end. Inside was an all-expenses paid trip to Lush-by-the-Sea. “Wow! That’s a spot of luck!” exclaimed Danny and with that, the dove flew off, until she was but a tiny dot in the sky. Danny Googled Lush-by-the-Sea and found that it was a lovely fishing village and she began to fantasizes about all the hunky sailors, Göztepe escort bayan tanned and toned in their little boats. A shiver of excitement went down her back and her nipples were instantly hard as she became lost in her day dream. …She was relaxing on the hull of a boat, a fisherman, his hair all tussled and his figure lean and bronzed was steering a course. The warm sea air wafted against her fair skin and she waited… waited for him to take her up the foc’sl. .. “Danny!” “Danny?! Dinner!” “Oh ummm…. Yes Mum!” Back in the forest the Dark Elven Queen was planning how she could regain her title of Most Beautiful in the Land, after being usurped by the young upstart . She called a meeting between herself and the upper council of the Dark Elves. The Master Goblin was summoned to offer his opinion of what spells were suitable. The goblins though had since raised their prices on spells in response to the Queen’s predicament, hoping to profit from her woes. After some chaffering, a fee was agreed upon and the goblins set about their cunning plan. A day later one of the goblin wizards appeared and gave the Queen a basket of apples, along with a disguise. The plan was for the Queen to dress up as an old travelling green grocer and trick Danny into buying one of the apples, which were laced with Botox. “Are you sure this will work?” asked the Queen. “Of course, it cannot fail!” said the goblin. “Very well! I shall go in search of ‘Snow White’ and reclaim what is rightfully mine!” “Yes! Hee hee! Sniggered the goblin. “And she will be all blubbery and puffed up!” A week later, Danny was on the Unicorn Express bound for Lush-by-the-Sea. She was full of anticipation for a week packed with adventure. The beautiful white Palominos dropped her by the large natural harbour, where sea gulls were squabbling over the bits of fish left by the local seafarers. The sun was high in the sky and Danny put down her little bag and took a deep breath of the fresh sea air. She glanced over to her left where a headland came down to the sea and she noticed a number of large ocean-going yachts were moored by a large quay. She made her way round the bay and found the yachts all were tethered to their own little jetty. In all, there were seven yachts in seven wharfs. The first had the name Doll on the side. She walked along the edge of the quay and looked along the line. Each yacht was a little different to the others, painted in a particular way. And each one had a name on the side. Apart from Doll there was Dani, Liz, Sprite, Gav, Coco and Buz. The last one being the biggest and bedecked with every type of accoutrement the Chandlery could provide. As she was looking at the boats, a guy emerged from the end one and saw Danny. He was ripped and had lovely, shoulder-length brown hair, which waffled in the breeze. Danny looked up and licked her lips. “Ahoy there gorgeous! What brings you to Lush-by-the-Sea?” asked the guy. Danny gazed at his tight body, which was rippling under his torn T shirt and frayed denim shorts. “I’m taking a holiday, before I have my debutante’s ball.” “Wow! A debutante eh! Well you sure will turn some heads on the night!” Buz couldn’t help notice how the sun was shining through Danny’s thin white dress, highlighting her perfect, sexy body. “Ah thanks. Whose are all these boats?” asked Danny. “Well see that big one moored to the steps on the end, that’s Nic’s, she’s the Harbour Master. She calls the shots round here. Escort Caddebostan The others belong to the local yacht crew.” “Oh yeah?” “Yeah, cos there’s seven of us and we all own a part of the harbour, we call this bit the Seven Wharfs.” “Ha ha! I see what you did there!” said Danny, with amusement. “Well, I don’t think it really works to be honest, but someone said it as a joke and it kinda stuck.” The tall, handsome seafarer climbed down from his boat and offered his hand to Danny. It was firm and muscular and Danny gave a little shudder. “Pleased to meet you. I’m Daniela, but everyone calls me Danny.” “It’s a beautiful name. We should have a glass of wine or something,” said Buz. “Yes! Just say when. Can you show me the coral? I’ve heard it’s beautiful here.” “I’d love to. My boat has a glass bottom. I’d be happy to show you…” Danny felt herself blush and she batted her eye lashes, going gooey, as Buz spoke. Suddenly, there was a girl’s voice from the line of boats. “Aye aye skip!” “Hey Lizzy! How you doing? We have a visitor. Come and say hi!” The girl waved and jumped onto the quay, in order to meet the new girl. Liz was a startlingly beautiful redhead. She was a slim, but shapely young woman with pert boobs and a lovely bubble ass, which wiggled as she walked. She was wearing a tight powder blue dress and she constantly wriggled and adjusted the hem, in order to retain some degree of modesty. ‘Hmmm… gorgeous!’ said Danny to herself, as Liz approached. “This is Danny,” said Buz. “She’s staying here for a few days.” “Hey girl! Welcome to our little bay!” said Liz, giving Danny’s hand a shake and giggling provocatively. Danny couldn’t help notice how Liz was looking at her, her eyes roving over her curves, as if she was taking in every inch of her sexy young body. “Would you like to come down to my galley? asked Liz, I have a bottle of Chardonnay on ice and you can tell me what you think to my new lingerie.” “Hmmm… sounds just great. If that’s OK?” she said, pointing to Buz. “Yeah you go down with Liz, I’ve got stuff to do here. I’m preparing my tea, it’s Brill,” said Buz. “Ah modest and a good cook eh?” remarked Danny. “No, it’s a type of… oh never mind.” “So, it’s just you and me,” said Liz. “I’ll show you around my yacht and then we can compare panties.” “Okey dokey!” said Danny and followed Liz across the gangway onto the yacht, trying not to become too mesmerised by her amazing bum. Once on the boat, Liz uncorked the wine and poured measures into tall wine glasses. “So, did you bring plenty of undies with you?” asked Liz, enthusiastically. “Yes, I tend to pack a good selection and a swimming costume.” “OK, let’s have a look!” said Liz, eagerly. Danny undid her bag and pulled out a number of skimpy panties. “These are my favourites, the ones with the cut-out heart-shape at the front,” said Danny, holding up the lemon-coloured knickers. “Hmmm… I have pink ones on today,” do you want to see?” said Liz. “Hmmm…if you’re sure?” said the blonde girl, bashfully. Lizzy pulled up her skirt and showed Danny her little pink panties. They were made of satin with a frilly, white lace edge and barely covered her cute triangle of love. “Wow! They’re lovely! I don’t suppose… I could have a little feel?” said Danny, holding a finger to her lips, nervously. “Oh do! Please!” said Liz, her face glowing and her gorgeous hazel eyes sparkling as Danny held out a finger. She looked into Liz’s eyes as she stroked the front of her panties, Bağdat Caddesi escort her fingers tracing the outline of her sexy bump. They edged closer as the blonde girl began to make a circular movement, her finger gradually sliding down, lower and lower. Liz gulped, and closed her eyes, pursing her lips as she sensed Danny was about to move in. However, the moment was interrupted as a voice broke the silence. “Hellooo! Anyone home?!” “Shizzles! It’s Sprite. I said I’d ummm…’do her hair’ for her,” said Liz, rearranging herself, hurriedly. “Down here!” said Liz in her silky sweet voice. Sprite was an attractive woman of about 25 with brown hair and pink highlights. She had a mischievous look about her, Danny thought. She was wearing denim dungarees, which were covered in fresh red and blue paint. Danny thought she looked nice though, and was sexy in a way she couldn’t quite explain. “You’ve not forgotten our appointment, have you, you naughty girl?” said Sprite. “Ha no, of course not!” Liz lied. “Who’s your new friend?” “This is Danny. She’s new in the village.” “Ah hello! I’d shake your hand,” said Sprite, “But I’ve just been giving my yacht a lick of paint.” “That’s OK, I’ll let you get your hair done.“ “My hair? Oh….ummm, yes of course!” Danny turned to Liz and smiled, bashfully. “I’ll catch you later then!” “Yeah! We’ll all be in the Bosun’s Buffer from eight,” said Liz, cheerfully. Back in the forest, the Queen of the Dark Elves was preparing herself for her journey. Just then a messenger appeared with a roll of parchment. He had a floppy red hat and slightly comical beak-like nose and the Queen stifled a titter when he appeared. “I bring news!” said the messenger. “Well…?” “Eh? Oh, well Snow White has gone to Lush-by-the-Sea, she is hiding among the wharves!” “It’s wharfs!” said the mirror. “Wharfs! Wharves! What does it matter?!” Said the Queen, with obvious irritation. The Queen draped an old hessian scarf over her head and took her basket of apples. “Right. I’m off to sort out this young pretender. Don’t wait up!” At the sea side, Danny was walking along the quay. Dolphins were splashing among the surf a little way out. She gazed at the beautiful creatures. She had always wanted to see dolphins and here she was watching them at first hand. As she watched the shiny cetaceans playing, she noticed a girl in her twenties enter Buz’s boat via the gang plank. Danny was agog with her sheer sexiness. She had long blonde hair with a tight white T shirt and tiny blue shorts, that barely covered her bum cheeks. On her sexy, shapely legs she wore knee high white socks. When she had gone in through the cabin door, Danny waited and then followed, tip-toeing onto the yacht. She looked through a crack in the door, which the girl had left slightly ajar. What she witnessed inside made her go gooey. The girl was beautiful with lovely boobs and now Danny could see that she had ‘Doll’ written across her T shirt. That was until she began to peel it off. Buz was sitting on a sort of couch, naked with his cock in his hand and was stroking himself as the girl began to undress. The sexy blonde Doll wriggled her shorts down over her hips and Danny gave a little gasp when she saw her cute, pert ass. Danny’s heart skipped a beat, fearing she would be heard but Buz was too transfixed by Doll’s strip tease too notice. Doll herself was intent on watching Buz’s magnificent hard-on, which appeared to be getting harder by the second. For a few minutes Doll played with her teensy thong, teasing Buz with her gorgeous booty. Then she pulled it into a V, which had the effect of pushing the fabric into her juicy camel toe. Doll turned again, one hand squeezing her boobs as she slipped her thong over her hips. Buz was licking his lips as he masturbated, his eyes roving over Doll’s deliciously tight body.

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