Sojourn: A Journey of Sexual Discovery * Part 1 –

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Sojourn: A Journey of Sexual Discovery * Part 1 -I couldn’t believe that I was doing this, going to meet a woman with whom I had only exchanged a few messages on an adult site. But it had been several years since my divorce and more than six months since my girlfriend moved back to be with her family in Rio. I had found found the lady I was about to meet by sending her a friend request on the website after I had repeatedly seen her comments on many of the same porn videos I watched and liked. She apparently was in a similar situation, relationship-wise, and, since we did seem to have like interests, she suggested that we get together for a cup of coffee. See what’s what on neutral ground, so to speak. She lived in a neighboring town and was one of the few people on the site with what she claimed was an actual picture of herself posted. The photo was of poor quality and blurred, but it suggested a very nice set of assets. One never knows with the online dating sort of thing though.Now, I’ve just started my second half century, so I know I’m not the most sought after steak in the butcher’s case, though I have kept myself in pretty good shape, mostly by keeping my small fruit orchard going, bicycling whenever possible, skiing in the winter and swimming in the ocean and kyaking in the summer. I’m blessed living in Southern California. One can almost always be outside. Since I was a bit anxious over this meet and, by mutual agreement it was definately not going to lead to anything today, I decided to ride my bike into town for the occasion. Though early spring, the weather was glorious and the ride made me feel strong and confident. I got into town and rode the remaining four or five miles to the recently renovated downtown area and zeroed in on the Starbucks accross from the movie theater. After locking my bike to a wrought iron railing, I started into the coffee shop then, after a beat turned into the neighboring Jamba Juice. I could use a smoothee after the vigorous ride. I was just on time. I got my drink and started to look around the outdoor tables for the woman. It was a bit crowded, this being a Saturday afternoon and the movies and surrounding shops were doing a brisk business. As I headed for the coffee shop door, a voice to my left said, “Are you looking for me?”I turned to see a striking redhead in a sun dress and hat sitting at the small round table. She took off her designer sunglasses revealing bright emerald eyes. “Won’t you please join me? You are Eric, aren’t you?””Yes, yes of course,” I fairly stammered, “I’m sorry I kept you waiting.”She appraised me briefly then slipped her sunglasses back on, slightly lowering her head. She looked up again and smiled, “I’m Elena. No matter. It is a beautiful day for a ride.”So that was how it was going to be. Let the games begin.I sat down and began to appologize for my mode of dress but she quickly waved it off. “Don’t start appologizing for everything. It’s tedious. Let’s just chat and enjoy the afternoon.”And talk we did. For almost an hour we discussed our personal histories, jobs and general philosophies. She had finished her chai tea and I offered to get her another. When I returned with drinks for her and myself, she took a sip, removed her sunglasses and leaned forward, fixing me with those magnificent green eyes. “So, Eric, tell me: what do you like? What turns you on?” She read the surprise on my face and laughed. “Too forward?””Not at all. Just a little taken aback by the lack of a segue.””Okay, fair enough. I know we are interested in some of the same things by reading your comments on the site. But I’d like to get a better idea of what you’re all about.””Well, without going into detail, I have rather ecclectic tastes and I’m open to new experiences.””That’s good. The reason my marriage ended is because my husband and I weren’t sexually compatable. He’s a good man, just too conservative.”I nodded my assent. “Mine too. My wife had too many hangups and refused to try anything. The deal breaker was her adamant ban on oral sex.””Hmmm. Some women don’t like to do that. Personally, I love sucking a man’s cock.””Oh, she would do that occasionally, but she would never let me go down on her and, well, that is one of the things I especially enjoy.”She thought she’d made me uncomfortable with her brazen comment, but my statement made her shift her position in her chair. “Yes. Well that’s a very good start.”I smiled, “I think it usually is. …Sometimes it’s a good ending too.”She laughed musically, “Well that is a very different attitude from what I’ve experienced.”Her expression turned more thoughtful. “But again, what really turns you on?”I sat back and thought a bit myself then leaned forward and my eyes locked with hers. They seemed to be darker now, jade green. “What really turns me on is when my partner is really turned on.”She was clearly not satisfied with that answer, a slight frown formed on her face and her shoulders dropped a bit. “That’s a cop out.””No. Really. That’s what does it for me. I want to make my lover crazy hot, take her to the edge over and over until her eyes roll back, her toes curl and she nearly passes out with her orgasm. And I’ll do anything to make that happen. I want to make my lover,s fantasies come true.””Anything?” She searched my eyes, hers somehow brighter again.”Well, pretty much anything.””So there are limitations.””Everyone has their limitations. The fun is finding out where the line is.””So what are your limitations?” “I definately don’t do s**t and nothing with a****ls, but pretty much anything else is open to negotiation.””Negotiation. That sort of takes the spontenaity out of it.” She looked dubious.I smiled. “The negotiation doesn’t necessarily have to be pro forma.”She was intrigued, “What do you mean?””I’ve always been a proponent of the safety word. You know, both partners agree on a secret word that absolutely means don’t or stop since sometimes you don’t want don’t or stop to really mean don’t or stop. You can agree to a general plan in advance and explore as much as you want. If something seems to go a bit too far or whatever, then you say the safety word and maybe reconsider at that time.”Elena nodded. “Of course, I’m familiar with the concept.” Then after a bit of thought. “I like it. That could definately work. Do you always have a safety word?””Yes. Especially with a new partner or if we’re going to explore new territory.” I shrugged. “It protects all parties. Sometimes one may not be ready for something or may take a little bit to get used to the idea of it.”A sly smile crossed her lips, “And how many times have you used your safety word?””So far?” I asked.She nodded and raised her perfectly arched eyebrows in a question.I looked up, counted to myself, then looked back to her and smiled, “Never.”Elena laughed. I loved that laugh. “So. Eric. Would you like to make my fantasies come true?”I surveyed her approvingly. “Absolutely.”Elena sat back and gently bit the end of the earpiece of her sunglasses between her perfect white teeth. “How do you feel about role playing?”I shrugged, “Part of the territory.”She sat back and looked at me for what seemed a long time then seemed to come to a decision, sat forward, took a card out of her purse and jotted a note on the back. She slipped the card accross the table. I noted her hands were elegant: slender fingers and perfectly manicured nails, not too long, lacquered in a red that complemented her hair. “Tonight then, say, eight o’clock?” She nodded toward the card.I glanced down and saw this was her personal card, complete with address and phone numbers. “Eight is good. Shall I bring anything?””No,” she smiled slyly, “Just yourself, …but be ready for anything.”Elena stood, “Thanks for the tea. See you at eight.”Watching as she walked away, I took in her figure: trim for a woman of, what, 37 or so?, prominant butt and shapely legs. “Yes,” I said to myself, “I’d definately like to make your dreams come true.”As she disappeared from view around the corner I looked again at the card. Turning the card over, I saw she had written ‘Espresso.’****Eight came not a minute too soon and I found myself on Elena’s doorstep. Nice house. Big. Nice neighborhood. She’d done well in her divorce apparently and was a successful professional in her own right. An attorney sekabet yeni giriş negotiating contracts and such for large companies. After returning home, I’d spent the rest of the afternoon getting ready. She’d said be ready for anything and so I was. My last girlfriend was something of an anal fetishist and, I have to admit, so am I. So I made sure every part of me was clean. I’d seen the videos she’d watched, so I expected she had leanings in that direction too. I was casually dressed, like I might have gone to dinner at the golf club. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when She opened the door I was stunned. Elena was wearing a simple but elegant short dress, a teal color that made her eyes seem even more green, that flattered her figure. It wasn’t flashy, but cut just low enough to give a bit of cleavage. She obviously was wearing a push-bra to present her 36C breasts. Shoes were simple slippers in the same teal color and, though flats, her legs still looked spectacular. “Do I look okay?” She asked.”You look fabulous.” I smiled. “Good enought to eat.”She chuckled, “That’s what I was going for. Come in.” “I have to say,” I confided, “I feel underdressed.””It doesn’t matter. You look great. You got the message?””The message? What message?” I was afraid I’d missed something important.She giggled, “The word. On my card. I thought it was appropriate since we met at a coffee shop.”Noticably relieved, I said, “Ah. Of course. Yes. Espresso. That’s perfect, easy to remember.”Elena came forward, slid her arms up around my neck and pulled close. “And I hope that’s the last time I hear it.” Her pouting ruby lips met mine and we kissed. Slowly, gently at first, then more urgently. Mouths opened and her tongue slipped into mine, searching then retreating, my tongue following then probing her mouth. Her breathing deepened. Then she pulled away, took a breath and smoothed her dress. “Can I offer you a drink?” She waved over to the bar which separated the kitchen from the living area where a number of bottles and glasses stood.I sighed, “No, thanks. Actually, I don’t drink.””Then maybe you can fix me something.”I walked over to the bar and scanned the selection of bottles. “What would you like?””Oh, I don’t know. Surprise me. Something stronger than wine, though. Whiskey makes me sleepy, Vodka makes me talkative and Tequila makes me crazy.”I made a selection poured two glasses, put everything on a small tray and brought it to her where she had seated herself on the sofa. She eyed the two small filled glasses, salt shaker and cut limes and said, “I thought you don’t drink?””I don’t,” I replied with a smirk, “those are both for you.”Elena laughed, “I told you tequila makes me crazy.” “I heard,” I said smiling, “that’s why I poured you two.”She drank one of the shots then pulled close and we kissed again. I could taste the sweet agave nectar, lime and salt on her lips and tongue. My hand found her breast and squeezed gently; she moaned quietly. I squeezed more then pinched her hardening nipple and she moaned again, more loudly. Finally, she pulled away. Her chest was heaving slightly and she was flushed. She bit her lower lip a bit and looked at me. “So will you really do anything to make my fantasy come true?””Sure.” I agreed eagerly. She was beautiful and I wanted her. I was excited by not knowing exactly what the evening held; a little anxious, but I knew it would be good. Here was a sensual woman, eager to explore her sexuality and I knew that whatever happened, it was going to be a great ride.”Okay.” She said. She put her tongue inside her cheek and cocked her head a little. “And you promise to do everything I say?””Of course.””Just one thing, though.” She looked a bit thoughtful. “Remember this afternoon when you said that sometimes you don’t want ‘no’ and ‘stop’ to mean ‘no’ and ‘stop’?””Yes.” I said with a little trepidation.”Well, …it’s just that, …for the purposes of my fantasy …well, …I don’t want you to be too eager.”I nodded. “Okay. Got it.”She picked up the second shot of tequila and tossed it back. “Good.”She stood up, leaned down and kissed me hard on the lips. “Come with me.”Walking away, she paused only briefly at a hallway to make sure I was following. I did, ejoying the sight of her butt and full hips swinging as she walked ahead of me. She led me into a large master bedroom suite. There was a king-sized bed, the usual dresser, chest of drawers, etc. and a sitting area with a couch, chair and an occasional table. She turned and kissed me again, harder this time. Our tongues wrestled. She pulled away and said forcefully, “Unzip me.” It was an order. I complied.She shrugged out of the dress which fell around her ankles. She easily stepped out of it and her shoes at the same time. Her panties and bra were white lace. The vision took my breath away. She stepped back and looked at me. “Take your clothes off.” Another order. I could see how this was going. I methodically undressed and dropped my clothes to the floor: shirt, shoes, socks and trousers.”Those too,” she said as I stood before her in my drawers. My cock was already bulging against the material and despirately wanted to be released. “It looks promising so far, but let’s see what you’ve got.”As I slipped my thumbs into the waistband to lower my boxer/briefs, she said, “Wait. First turn around.” I did so. “Now. Slowly. …That’s right, bend over.”I did exactly as she directed, slowly bending all the way down as I slid my underwear down to my ankles. I paused, giving her a good look at my ass then slowly stood up and stepped out of them. “Mmm…,” she said. “Very nice. Turn around again.” I did, my seven inch cock now fully erect. “Very, very nice.” She stepped forward and gave my cock a pull. “I think I can do something with this…,” she did a little walk around, looking me up and down. She slapped my butt as she went. “And I can definately do something with this.”As she now stood in front of me, she unhooked her bra and it fell to the floor exposing her lovely full breasts tipped with erect rose red nipples. “You like these?” I nodded, my mouth had gone dry. “Then give them a littl attention.”I moved to her, bent down and kissed her breasts all over, licking her nipples as I moved over them, then finally began to suck on one nipple, gently at first, then harder, then on the other one. She moaned a little and pushed herself into me.She ran her fingers through my hair then gently stared pushing my head lower. I got the message and starting kissing my way down her belly, flicking my tongue in and out of her delicately shaped navel. I lowered myself to my knees when I reached the top of her panties. I kissed my way down the front as far as I could go, pressing my lips into her hidden treasure. She rocked her hips slightly. Making my way back to the top of the panties, I looked up into her eyes and took them in my teeth and started to pull them down, helping them along ever so gently with my hands over her butt. When they reached her lower thigh, they fell to the floor and she picked up one foot and stepped out, spreading her legs as she did. Her smell was intoxicating. I again kissed my way over her mound, her prefectly trimmed mat of curly red hair made it a beautiful exclamation point. Each time I got to her pussy, I lifted my lips slightly and blew my hot breath on her, teasing her. She became impatient, grabbed my head and pulled it into her hot womanhood. I began to lick hugrily. I could taste her wetness. I slid my tongue up and found her clit, I fluttered my tongue and sucked it into my mouth, sucking and licking at the same time. Elena moaned and rocked her body back and forth, humping my face as I pleasured her with my mouth. Her breathing got faster and her legs started to tremble. She suddenly pulled away, panting.She stepped back and looked at me kneeling in front of her, my cock as hard as it has ever been. She smiled. “You are good at that. Now, stay right there. I’ll be right back.”She walked to the door to what I assumed was the bathroom, paused, looked back coyly, “And I mean stay just like that.”It was only a couple of minutes when she came out, now wearing a short satin dressing gown. “Now,” she said “you did say you’d do anything for me, right?”I nodded.”Good,” she said as she let the sekabet giriş robe slip over her shoulders. “This is going to be fun.” The robe continued to slide down and opened as it did. Underneath, she had put on black leather harness which held a lifelike dildo, nine inches or more of flesh colored cock. “At least for me.””No!” I balked. “Not that!”She quickly stepped forward and grabbed a handful of hair. “It’s too late.” She slowly swung her hips back and forth slapping the dong gently accross my face. “You’re mine now.”She drew in a breath, “Now open up.”I tried to turn my head away. She pulled on my hair. “Open your mouth!”Then more gently she said, “Don’t worry, it won’t be so bad.”I exhaled, resigned, “But it’s so … so wrong.””Exactly.” Then she patted my cheek, “now open.”I slowly opened my mouth and she guided her thick cock into my mouth. “Mmm… that’s it. Show me how you like to have your cock sucked.”So I did. I began to take as much of it into my mouth as I could. I started to reach up to hold it but she slapped my hands away. “Keep your hands on your own cock!”I stroked my dick as I sucked on hers. I looked up into her eyes, and she looked down at me biting her lower lip as she smiled. “That’s it. You see? Not that bad. You’re even starting to get good at it.”She closed her eyes and started thrusting her hips forward, the rubber cock pushing more urgently into the back of my throat. I grunted and gagged but she kept at it. She gave a long slow push and moaned as I gagged and tried to swallow her cock as far as I could. She pulled out of my mouth and had me lick the thick spit off her member. “Yes. That’s good,” she said as she looked into my tearing eyes. “And you’re still hard, so I know it wasn’t that bad for you either.””Now come here,” she said as she stepped over to the bed. “I’m going to fuck your ass.””No. Please.” I pleaded as I moved slowly toward her.She reached out, gripped my cock hard and pulled me to her. “Get up on the bed. Your ass is mine.””No. Please. It’s so wrong.” She pulled harder. “Don’t make this harder than it has to be. You promised to do what I want and this is what I want. I’m going to **** your ass until you learn to like it! Now get up there!”She pushed me back onto the bed and stood over me, learing. “Now turn over.”I turned over, face in the pillow, but continued to plead with her. “No. Don’t do this! Please!”She climbed up, roughly pushing my legs aside and positioning herself between them. She lay down on top of me, holding herself up with her arms. I could feel her big thick cock rubbing up and down between my cheeks, slowly pushing them apart and making its way up against my ass. Her breath was hot in my ear. “I’ve always wanted to do this. Fuck a man. I like it that you don’t want it, but I’m going to fuck you anyway.”I let out a little whimper as she pushed herself against my ass. She’d found where the tip of her cock was starting to catch a bit as it pushed against my asshole. “Please don’t,” I pleaded.She raised up and, holding her dong with one hand and pulling my butt cheek aside with the other, rubbed the head of her dildo around my bunghole pushing it in ever so slightly. She teased like this for a while then again lay down on top of me. I again felt her hot breath in my ear as she reached over to the bedside stand. “I suppose I’ll be nice and use some lube.”Again she raised up and I felt her cock pressing against my event horizon, then the trickle of cold lube.I could feel her rubbing the lube onto her dildo then toss the bottle aside. “That should do.””Now. Where was I?” She wriggled her hips and again started to push her cock against my ass.”No. Please. No.” I pled and tried to clench my butt.”Relax, you’ll only make it worse.” She slapped my butt hard, “now take a deep breath and hold it.” I did. “Now relax.”I exhaled slowly and, as I did so, she pushed her cock harder against, then into my ass.”Ahhh!” I screamed into the pillow as she entered me. “No! Please! Stop!””Now, now, it’s going to be alright,” her voice soothing.”No! It’s too big!””Mmmmm… I know. But I’m going to stuff it in your ass anyway.”She leaned forward and slowly worked the big cock back and forth, slowly working it deeper and deeper into me.”No. Please. No.” I kept repeating as she worked it in.”See there?” she said, “It’s all the way in now!”I groaned as she started to slowly slide her big rubber cock in and out of my ass, pleading for her to stop whenever I could catch my breath.As my ass became accustomed to her big cock, she picked up her pace. She took a while to get going, enjoying my protests, but before long she was fucking me with long, hard strokes, faster and faster. Occasionally pounding it in hard as far as it would go, hitting bottom and making me scream into the pillow. She kept saying, “Ooo, I love this! I love fucking your ass!”All the while I was saying, “No. Please.” But she then just fucked may ass harder.She fucked me and fucked me, until finally her body shuddered. She lay on top of me, both of us panting, I still saying, “No…. Please.”Elena slid slowly out of my ass and lay there. I kept saying, “No…. Please.”She giggled a little and said, “Why are you still saying that? I took it out. Please what?””Please,” I said between breaths, “put it back.””What? Put it back? Put what back””Your cock.”She warmed to the game. “Put my cock where?””In my ass.”She leaned down and kissed my ear. “I told you I’d fuck you til you learned to like it.””Mmm.” I responded.”So what do you want?””Your cock.””Where?””In my ass.””Really?””Please.””I’m not sure. Convince me.””Please put your big cock in my ass again. I want more.””Well okay,” she pressed it against my ass. “There it is, come and get it.”I tried to push back onto her dildo, but she backed up, giggling, as I did until I was up on my hands and knees, pushing as far back as I could. Suddenly she thrust it all the way in, burying it ball deep in my ass and making me let out a yelp of surprise. “Now what?” she asked, as she held it buried inside me.”Fuck me.””What?””Fuck me!””I’m not sure I understand,” she said coyly, “you’ll have to spell it out.””Please fuck my ass!” I begged, “Fuck my ass deep and hard and as long as you can!”She laughed as she started pumping the big cock in and out. She fucked my ass slowly, then harder, she took it out and popped it in again and again. “I really think you like this,” she said, “you take it in the ass so well.”I moaned my agreement. I was in oblivion. I’d done strapon with my previous girlfriend and she was good, but this woman fucked me like a dervish. My legs turned to rubber and I had to lay down. Elena kept fucking my ass. “You like it now, don’t you?” “Oh yeah. You’re fucking me so good.””You’re my ass whore now, aren’t you?””Yes.””What?””Yes!””Yes, what?””I’m your ass whore.””And?””I love the way you fuck my ass!” She pounded me harder, “Yesss! Tell me how much you love it!” “I love it! Please don’t stop fucking me! I want you to fuck my ass all night long!””You’ll do whatever I want?””Yes! Just please keep fucking my ass with your big cock!”Elena fucked me harder and harder until we collapsed into a sweating, panting mass. We lay that way for time until she finally pulled her cock out of my ass with a slurping noise and rolled off to the side.”That was really good,” she finally said, “just what I wanted … and you played your part very well.” She slid close and gave me a long kiss. “Thank you.””My pleasure. Really.””You were right, you know,” she said looking thoughtful.”About what?” I asked.A big smile broke out on her face, “My toes really did curl.””I’m glad.” I said as I rolled over and watched her unbuckle and take off her harness.She looked at me, reached over and started to stroke my cock. “Now we have to take care of you.”I was leaking a large amount of pre cum from having my prostate worked over so well. She collected the sticky fluid on her finger and started to bring it to her mouth then, after a second thought reached up and put it to my lips. I locked eyes with her and licked it off then held her hand, put her finger in my mouth and sucked on it. “MmHmm..” she said. “I like that.”She pulled her hand away then slid down and took my member into her mouth while she stroked it with one hand. She took me deeper and deeper into sekabet güvenilirmi her mouth, sucking hungrily until she was swallowing it, lips almost to the base. Her hand slipped down and played with my balls then probed further back until she found my still-wet, well fucked ass and slipped one, then two fingers in. I moaned loudly as she repositioned herself, twisting her fingers inside my ass and she released my cock from her mouth long enough to look at my face and smile as she added a third then a fourth finger to my hole. She bit her lower lip and smiled the way I’d seen before as she worked her hand into my ass, twisting and thrusting.”Mmm…,” she said quietly, “I really love playing with your ass. I love the way it makes you moan and squirm. I can really tell you like it.””I do,” I said between gasps, “…and you’re very good at it.”Elena laughed that musical laugh then went back to my dick as though she wanted to suck my very being out through it.She brought me close to cumming several times, releasing my cock just before I could reach climax. Each time she pulled back I reveled in the sight of the thick rope of spit connecting my manhood to her face.Finally she leaned back and slowly pulled her hand out of my butt, wiping her hands on a small towel she had at the ready. (I couldn’t help thinking that I admired her planning.) “I really need your cock inside me now,” she said as she lay back. I was more than ready. So was she. Her pussy was so wet I slipped easily into her even though she wasn’t that large. I started slowly, but picked up the pace quickly. I could barely control myself. I fucked her pussy hard and was rewarded with satisfying moans and screams. She pulled her legs higher and higher to take me as deeply as she could.”God, you fuck so good!” she crooned.I pushed one leg down and put her on her side with one leg over my shoulder and pumped her hard. “That’s so good,” she moaned.I finally dropped her leg and fucked her from behind. She raise up on her hands and knees so she could take it hard doggy style.I fucked her until my legs started to weaken. She sensed this and pulled forward, disengaging my swollen cock from her dripping wet pussy. “Lie down,” she directed.I lay on my back and she started to mount me then, as some thought occured to her, she leaned down and kissed me on the lips. “I’ll be right back. Hold that thought.”She jumped up and disappeared once again through the door. I heard a drawer open and close and she was back. This time she carried a fairly large red rubber butt plug. “I think we’ll both enjoy this.”I looked dubious. Although my ass had been well worked, this looked a bit too much. “I don’t know… it’s pretty big.”She giggled again, “I know. But I’m going to stuff it in your ass anyway.” She quoted herself. “Now turn on uour side.”I turned and brought one leg up. She squirted a bit of lube on the plug and began to work it into my backdoor. The first half went in easily, but the flange was too big. “Just relax,” she said as she pushed and twisted. “Just like before. Deep breath… hold it…. Relax.” I exhaled and she pushed it home. I groaned because it was so huge.She held the plug in place, though I don’t think it would be possible for it to slip out with my sphincter clenched around it’s neck, and rolled me onto my back. She stroked my cock which had flagged a little in the process then took me into her mouth and sucked me deep. I was hard again in an instant. “Mmm… that’s what I’m talking about.”Elena stroked me with one hand as she slid the other between my legs. I felt her fiddling with the plug then it suddenly sprang to life with a powerful vibrator. “Ohh!” I exclaimed in surprise.She smiled her mischevious smile then mounted me. She bit her lip and moaned as she slid her hungry cunt onto my cock. Taking me all the way inside her, she pressed down and ground her hips. “Oh! I can feel the vibrator when I hit bottom!”And I could feel it too. Whenever she pushed herself down hard, the plug seemed to expand and go deeper in my ass and the vibration went throughout my body.She rocked back and forth with her eyes closed, grinding herself on my cock, then riding me hard, up and down, pounding herself onto my cock, feeling the vibrator in my ass. She moaned, I moaned. She fucked herself on me like a crazy woman. She was screaming. I was screaming.”I’m going to cum!” she screamed, “I want you to come too! I want you to cum inside me! Fill me with your cum!”She was shrieking. It was so hot. She was pounding herself on me and my ass was being pounded at the same time.”Oh god! I’m going to cum!” I yelled, “I’m going to fill your pussy! I… I… AhhhhhH!”I came harder and longer than had ever in my life. Elena went rigid and began to shake and shudder. Her eyes rolled back, she gasped and stopped breathing as she shook uncontrollably. After what seemed an eternity she started gasping again. I was gasping too and shudders wracked us both intermittently, finally subsiding. Elena smiled down at me and laughed a little as she slowly pulled herself up off of my quickly wilting cock. I could feel her squeeze her pussy as she did. I felt like her pussy was trying to suck the last drops of cum out of me. She dismounted then laughed again as she quickly turned and stradled my chest, pinning my arms with her knees. She leaned back and waved her pussy above my face.”Now, open up again!” she giggled, “Last time I made you suck my cock. Now I’m going to make you eat the cum!””No! Not that!” I shook my head from side to side, but she brought her feet together, effectively holding my head.”Open up,” she repeated, “It’s not that bad. You’d want me to swallow your cum. It’s time you found out what it’s like.”I opened my mouth just as she began to bear down. I could see her working her cunt. She placed one hand on each side of her pussy and looked down, watching as the sticky, white fluid made its appearance in her velvet hole. Her hole spread open as she relaxed and a thick, long glob of cum oozed our of her and hung closer to my waiting mouth. “Mmm..” she moaned, “that is so hot!” She flinched and the gob of cum fell into my mouth. “Mmm…” she said again. “I love that! I love seeing you eat your own cum!” A stream of my cum and her clear quim ran out of her. I could hardly swallow fast enough. Her fingers had moved to her clit and she was rubbing frantically and moaning. She started to orgasm again. Her body shuddered as cum and pussy juice gushed into my waiting mouth. I craned my neck up to try to lick her pussy as the flow slowed. She relaxed, unpinned my arms and lowered herself onto my face. As I pushed my tongue into her, another smaller flood, then and trickle flowed into my mouth. I licked her greedily, cleaning every drop from her hot cunt. Elena bent down and took my revived member in her hand. “I see by this that you actually enjoyed that. You can’t fool me!” She took me in her mouth again. She rubbed her pussy on my face as I licked her and she sucked me. She inched forward a little with each thrust and soon I found her ass above my mouth. I tongued her pink pucker and she moaned deeply as she sucked me down to the scrote.I gave her a first-class rim as she sucked me like a maniac, occasionaly making my tongue hard, I pushed it just into her bung hole. She made a low rumbling moan and sucked even harder.As I tongue fucked her ass, she seemed to lose all control. Seeing her so hot pushed me over the edge and I came into her mouth. She gagged a little at first because it was so deep in her throat, but she pulled back and sucked hungrily on the head as she squeezed my balls and milked the whole load out of me. Elena fell off to the side onto her back and we both lay there catching our breaths.After a few minutes she said, “My god, that was good!””Yes it was.” I agreed matter of factly.”Your cum tastes so good,” she said dreamily.”Yes it does,” I again agreed, “so does yours.”She propped herself up on one elbow and smiled at me. “Yes. That was exactly what I wanted.”Elena rose up and turned around like a cat changing position and lay down next to me. She kissed me full on the lips. Slowly, gently at first, then more urgently. Mouths opened. Her tongue slipped into mine, searching then retreating, my tongue following then probing her mouth. Her breathing deepened. Then she pulled away, took a breath.”You taste like cum.” I said.”Well you taste pussy, cum and ass,” she retorted.We both smiled.”So,” I said, “your fantasy worked out like you wanted?”Mmm…. Better than I dreamed of. My toes curled a few times.”

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