Sole Climatic Awakening Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

They hadn’t stopped making out in pure carnal bliss until the last minute available. Their lips locked in a longing embrace, their hands dexterously gliding over one another’s bodies, a long-time lust and wish being fulfilled. Leo and Zoe were almost late for their next lesson, an elective philosophy class, taken to fill out some prerequisites for their degrees. They scurried hurriedly out the door of the vacant old computer lab, their impromptu make-out spot, and into the brick hallways heading toward the stairwell.

Running together in a hurry they both crossed the verdant grassy field with mirthful smiles plastered on one another’s faces and eyes only for each other. Their laughter and cheerful mood was infectious to their classmates as they arrived a few minutes later chortling together in relief and exhilaration that they made it on time. Their bodies sat next to one another during the lesson yet their eyes seemed to swim in one another’s, oblivious to any others who might be noticing them. Both of their studious natures compelled them to try and pay attention for good grades but their thoughts were on one another and not a force in the cosmos would dare change their soft warmth and lingering need for each other.

An eon passed, the lecture ended, Leo and Zoe crammed the myriad of writing implements and text books into their packs and scurried for the door. No one and nothing existed besides the two, even Amelia’s hails went unheeded by Zoe as the two rushed out the door. The ensuing conversation was haphazard as both tripped over each other’s sentences and their own words trying to ask for one another’s phone number and to spend time with the other. Leo would have back down and never asked her if not for the memory of her luscious lips hungrily draining the cum out of the tip of his cock a couple hours earlier. It had all happened so fast but it inspired him with confident certainty that she wanted him and thus, he set a date up at the end of the week.

Their first date to a summer fair was wistful and fun. The indomitable lingering evening light let the couple stay out late into the twilight enjoying the funhouses, carnival rewards, blue ribbon prize squealing hogs, and their one another. Talking about themselves, their likes, dislikes, and passions as the burnt sienna skies illuminated their figures with flattering formed shadows. Not a word was uttered about their first ‘passionate meeting’, nor did it need to be. They both agreed to see one another again. The abrupt jarring start of their intimate relationship was countered by a slow courtship. Leo thought of Zoe multiple times per day, every day, between his schooling and studying he was constantly aroused to such an extend his throbbing member would strain to escape his pants. He often had to try and hide his embarrassing bulge that was not inadequate in any conceivable way. It was a week before their busy college schedules aligned again.

When they finally met again it was a movie that was the next on the agenda of ways to spend time with the other. The movie was about a killer clown and was pretty good in Leo’s opinion, but the whole time he was nervous around Zoe and it took him well over an hour before he worked up the courage to hold her hand, it was cold and clammy. Not how Leo imagined it but she was nervous too and anxiety effects people in peculiar ways. A bit later he moved in for their first ‘real’ kiss, one not dripping with his own passionate ejaculate this time.

On the drive back their appetite for one another emerged in the form of holding hands, this time their hands were warm soft, desirable. Hand holding escalated into kissing. Kissing escalated to an entire make out session parked in front of Zoe’s house. They were feeling, tasting, enjoying one another’s carnal kisses. However, this time it was not out of mindless lust but out of desire for the other, to make the other their sole mate. The night ended with both Zoe and Leo flush, hot, and giddy. Zoe waving good night and skipping into her home without a care in the world.

It was another 5 days before two would see each other again in college, it wasn’t an ideal wait for Leo but he had no choice, he couldn’t rush things. The wait for Zoe must be just as bad as for him he figured as Zoe rushed up to him, nearly wrapping her body around his. The two embraced in the brick walled hallway, the scuffed linoleum floors squeaking under their feet. The location was an equidistant spot, a neutral building between the two separate classes they attended. When their classes dismissed about the canlı bahis same time they eagerly ventured forth from the tutelage entrapment and sought freedom in each other’s arms.

“I thought we were keeping things a bit discreet?” Leo coyly murmured with a smirk curling up the side of his mouth as he gripped Zoe by the shoulders and pulled her body a bit back from himself so he could get a good look up and down. Her shorts showed off a lot of thigh and her legs appeared smooth and delicate, he yearned to caress her yielding flesh. Her shorts hugged her feminine hips gorgeously and her shirt’s neckline was low cut showing off a non-modest amount of cleavage. Her beautiful face held a true smile for Leo, one that caused him to reciprocate the grin. Her hair was slightly curled and hung to her shoulders, nothing more attractive and irresistible had Leo ever known than Zoe right here, right now.

“Perhaps we should get out of this hallway then.” The words dripped like sugary syrup from her mouth. She looked him up and down. While he wasn’t built with briming muscles he was fit, alluringly so. Taller than her and adorned by casual loose shorts and a baggy black t-shirt he looked secretly very tempting. His short hair and fairly handsome face was easy on her eyes.

“It’s okay Zoe, I checked the notes on the door, the classes in this building’s hallway don’t dismiss for at least another 15 minutes.” The truth Leo spoke garnered a tightlipped expression and a squinting glance from his gorgeous paramour in his arms. Her body’s language spoke louder than anything her voice could have conjured. “Oh… I suppose we could leave too.” Though he was hesitant to disengage their embrace for any reason, the exhilaration was immense.

It wasn’t the only thing becoming immense either, their bodies pressed together and the emotional deluge peaked his arousal. His erection was straining against his pants and pressing into her. Leo hoped she wouldn’t notice. She looked down, then back up, the smile wider.

“Let’s go.” Zoe huskily exhaled, barely audible. “I know a place.” The couple were off, Leo’s sneakers squeaking on the floor, not a moment was spared as the two took a hallway’s corner quickly and then another. Neither noticed Amelia and some other students exiting a nearby class at the end of a hall. The five and a half foot woman, long haired and fair complexioned, only saw the two for a second before they disappeared around the corner in an unseen rush. Amelia crossed her arms in a huff, an act that pushed her breasts up higher in her cropped halter top. Her suggestive short school girl skirt rounding out the look.

“Was that Zoe?” The light-haired young woman pondered aloud. “And what was she doing with Leo? Hmmmm…” Amelia stood there for a moment tapping her foot in thought before deciding to act.

Zoe had led her adamant admirer through the halls to a stair well and onto the second story. In her haste and passion addled mind she missed the correct turn and took a minute looking around before doubling back and finding the room she desired. Leo didn’t care, he clasped her hand tight as he followed. He was amazed at how the shorts hugged her round posterior. Each cheek was lifted and suspended in a gravity defying manner, moving with a mysterious enthralling motion that giggled through one side of the butt to the other.

At the end of a hallway, with no other doorway nearby, Zoe drug the willing Leo into an already opened door. The lights were off but the windows let in a supple and scintillating amount of light. Leo closed the door behind them, the latch clicking as the door closed and he depressed the lock button on the handle. The inside of the room was long with a blackboard at one end and a projector hanging from the ceiling. There were chairs all around fastened islands countertops, waist high workstations for various projects no doubt. Leo pressed Zoe’s gorgeous ass against the workstation tabletop and pulled her close for passionate kissing.

“I can feel that. Your need pressing against me.” Zoe breathlessly gasped between kisses. Leo suddenly became aware his raging erection was firmly planted against her inner thigh.

“I… err…” Leo stammered; his passion ignited caused the inability to articulate coherent though.

“It’s okay. I brought you in her so I could feel it and taste it. I need to taste it again.” With her barely audible words escaping her mouth Leo found the audacity to grab her by the ass. His fingers sinking into the desirable flesh. He was so turned on right then he could feel a slight wet spot bahis siteleri of precum in his shorts. He hoisted her precious bum onto the counter top. Their lips locked and tongues battling she reached down and caressed hard rod ramming itself into her leg.

Leo’s legs almost buckled as he felt her fingertips on his iron hard shaft. Even through the fabric of the pants it was an angelic experience. Their entwined kisses escalated as her legs wrapped around the waste of Leo and drew him in. She was sitting on the edge and he pressed her between her legs. They started grinding their sensitive pelvic parts together, slowly at first and then more hastily. Both quickly became oblivious and unabashed to their surroundings.

The friction was starting to build as much as the passion. Zoe’s shorts quickly became damp and warm, as she pushed Leo away, he also noticed they had a wet spot on them. Leo was confused as to what the ramifications of that meant. A woman’s body was still new to him. She slipped her shorts off with a quick motion and set them on the counter motioning for him to do the same. Leo’s shorts hit the floor in record time.

Their inner legs pressed together, each other’s flesh warm, he was entranced by the firmness of her toned thighs yet enthralled by their soft squeezable flesh. Leo didn’t take much time to marvel at the raven-colored lace panties, he craved her too much. Their hands ran over each other as their panty and boxer clad privates humped against one another. In a few minutes times Zoe softly spoke.

“I feel something wet on my thigh.” The smile adorning her face let Leo know she craved more of what she was feeling. Her fingers slithered their way into his elastic waistband and started tugging downward. As he helped her slip them to his feet allowing his ridged dick to spring free slapping her thigh and leaving a string of precum dangling from his cock to her leg. As it dripped, she moved a finger down to the juices and gathered it on her fingertip only to then bring the viscous fluid to her mouth. The second it touched her tongue her eyes rolled back and she let out a relieved yet hungry exhalation. A smirk crept on to his face.

Zoe started getting off the counter tabletop, her mouth opening and aiming to lower itself on Leo’s prick. His firm hands gripped her shoulders, stopping her. They made eye contact and he slowly shook his head back and forth; he wasn’t ready for that yet. Though disappointed that her lips wouldn’t be wrapping around the cock of her dreams and her tastebuds lapping up his flavor, she was a bit relieved. She wasn’t sure if she was ready either. The earlier fellatio from weeks before was committed out of pure animalistic instinct, what they had now was building to be something more meaningful, but it was not yet time for more.

“Not yet.” Her soft and trembling words came out. Leo was tugging on the sides of her panties. She was surprised he stopped her oral advances seconds before, yet even more perplexed when he seemingly wanted to go all the way. The confusion clearly on her alluring face for Leo to see.

“Don’t worry.” Leo’s gruff voice sounded. “I just want to have us pressed together.” Zoe allowed her frilly panties to ripped free of her body in haste and tossed to the side with their pants, nary a thought given to the possibility of their illicit public act being discovered. As she set herself back down onto the counter top Leo’s breath caught in his throat, her thighs and ass erotically displayed on the hard flat surface and leaving her sensual soft vagina on full display. It was small and compact, nothing like the vulgar porn star’s protruding privets he had seen in videos. No, her pussy was soft looking, a neat line running between her legs with a bit of glistening liquid present and all very enticing. The entire vision was too much and he pulled his body up against hers, kissing and pressing.

Zoe’s soft breasts bulged as they were squeezed against his chest. He struggled to breath against the crushing power of excitement. His penis grazed the soft mound of her pussy. They both shivered and moaned together as her hand reached down and pressed on his throbbing prick, grinding it into her little clit. Electric pleasure ran through her body with each thrust of his uncontrollable hips. Her legs wrapped around his waist, and while he wasn’t inside of her, he was thrusting and grinding on her as though he deep in her. Her pussy lips wrapped around the underside of his cock, soft and sensual, smooth and silky, wet and hot. The slid up and down the length of his shaft.

Leo bahis şirketleri was losing it, passionate thrust after thrust of his cock sending waves of undeniable and yet hitherto unexperienced pleasure. Her wet desire dribbled down the length of his shaft and over his testicles, he was utterly soaked in her desire. Her head was tilted back at this point and her moans were sultry and full of the sounds of a long-sought desire being fulfilled. His lust and need for her unfathomable, Leo didn’t know he needed her soft nethers pressed against him as much as he did. Thrust after thrust, Zoe’s thighs and breasts bouncing with each bit of force put into the passion he felt. Leo’s Eyes opened wide, Zoe felt the change and looked to him. Leo started cuming.

The first spurt caused his cock to engorge and pulsate firing a rope of semen high in the air over Zoe’s shoulder, the second and third followed. A small amount of cum was building up on the table top, the rest of the half dozen strings coated Zoe’s stomach and tits as she leaned back and allowed herself to become plastered with passion. They both were breathing heavily, the jizz running over her smooth skin slowly. Zoe’s eyes were filled with hunger still.

“More.” She demanded. “Play with me.” She told her lover as she guided one of his hands to her vaginal opening. She helped place his hand where she needed it, palm on her clit, finger probing into her pussy. Leo was surprised at the feel, the heat, how her dripping passion let his finger slip in. He started slowly circling his finger inside before pumping it in and out with a wet smacking sound. Zoe’s passion was building, her inhibitions disappearing as quickly as her orgasm was approaching. Sliding her hand down her stomach she collected a sticky glob of cum and brought it to her parting lips. Her tongue darting out and tasting it, she quickly gulped it down.

“Oh, that’s good.” Her voice quivered. “So good, but…” she whispered as she remembered. The look of passion was in her eyes again. Leo was locked in her leg’s grip he couldn’t do escape as her hands locked behind his head and brought him down to her stomach. Leo wanted to resist but he saw the unrestrained lust in Zoe’s deep beautiful eyes, he stuck out his tongue and she pulled his head up her body. The taste of his own cum mixed with the sensation of licking her was tremendous for him, and the sight must have been amazing for her judging by how her pussy gripped his finger.

The look of pure control Zoe had, languidly lying on the table as though she led an epicurean lifestyle and was expected to lavished with grapes and other luxuries, it was all too much for Leo. He decided to feed her something else instead, he locked lips with his woman. Her tongue darked into his mouth, tasting the cum, she sucked on his tongue and licked up all the jizz she could as her eyes rolled back and she started writhing on the table. Zoe’s back arched and thighs quivered.

In a quick thought Leo began lapping up his own cum from her stomach and sucking it off her tits then kissing it into her mouth. With every introduction of ‘Leo flavored jizz’ into her mouth Zoe quivered again, her pussy leaking so much it was practically forming a pool of girly cum in Leo’s hand as he fingered her. This went on for almost two minutes straight as he kept giving her more and more until it started running out. With a gigantic exhale she pushed him away a little, relaxed her legs gripping him, and smiled, cum on her lips as well as his. She pulled him in for one more sticking cum kiss as her orgasm finally subsided.

“That was amazing.” Murmured Zoe, a look of pleasant exhaustion on her face. She squirmed off the counter and stood up, both embracing one another for long moments. “Maybe we should get dressed you never know when someone will… cum!” Zoe said realizing her own choice of words at the last moment and being amused by them. The couple started deeply laughing together in pure bliss and happiness, a daydream come true and it was all they had hoped for it to be. A clatter and noise from somewhere nearby brought the two lovebirds back down to perch upon Earth, they were naked in an obscure classroom covered in trace amounts of cum.

“Quickly.” Leo breathlessly whispered. “Get dressed.” He said as pulling on his boxers and nearly tripping as he yanked on his pants. Zoe pulled her panties up between her legs and it practically disappeared between her large butt cheeks, they giggled pleasantly as she struggled to get into her shorts. The couple quickly dressed, took one another’s hands and ran to the door, peeking out. Seeing no one they quick dashed down the hallway and out of sight, giggling together. The only evidence the couple had ever been in the room was the puddles of cum on the counter.

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