Some Light Office Work

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I am in your office placing files and papers that need signing on your desk. I notice the picture of you and your gorgeous wife and sigh. The good ones are always married, I think to myself. Let alone my boss.

I am startled and almost drop the photo. I place it back on the table and swirl around in time to see you strolling into the office. Your face is slightly annoyed at the sight of me. “I’m sorry, sir. I was just dropping off some paper work for you. How was the meeting?”

“Fine,” you respond with a short tone. You walk around your desk, and I pivot around to stay looking in your direction. “Was there something else you wanted?”

“Um, no, sir. Sorry, I’ll leave you.” I turn to go as the phone rings. I hear you clear your voice, and I know you have no intentions on answering it.

Knowing I won’t make it back to my desk in time to answer the call, I grab the phone off your desk. The caller is asking for you and I put them on hold. “Sir, would you like to take this call?”

You shake your head no and continue to gaze at me. Your eyes make me a bit uncomfortable as I tug at my skirt and the opening of my buttoned shirt. I pick the phone back up and ask if I can take a message. The caller starts to babble a long message. While responding with minimal sounds to the phone, I scoot around behind your desk with an apologetic face. You push back from your desk in your chair to allow me to open your desk drawer for a pen and pad of paper. My hand comes close to your lap when I do this. I steal a look at your face to see if you are as nervous as I am. Of course you’re not. You’re happily married and this is all in my head. I shut the drawer and turn my back to you to write down the phone caller’s detailed message. I hear you adjust in your seat and slide your chair closer to your desk. I can feel your knee graze my leg as you move. I shudder a bit then freeze when your hand grips my inner thigh.

“I should be getting back to my desk…” I begin to say as I hang up the phone. I am still frozen and unsure if I should move, if I want to move. How often I had thought of your attention being thrown my way.

“You’re fine where you are,” you say and squeeze my leg a bit higher. “Why don’t you read that message you just wrote to me? I am sure it must be important.”

Shocked by the causal tone in your voice, I stutter as I begin to read my writing. You other hand finds my top button and releases it. I catch my breath as I feel your fingernail scrape my skin for a moment. Your fingers find the next set of buttons.

“Is fethiye escort something wrong?” You pop open the third set of buttons. One of your fingers dances along the lace trim of my bra before sliding underneath the material in search of my nipple. You graze your nail and rough fingertip back and forth until my nipple gets hard.

“… Sir… I should get back… I shouldn’t be distracting you. All of those papers need to be dealt with before the end of the day.” I straighten up, pull my shirt together, and try to turn to face you and distance myself. When I turn around, you slide directly in front of me and put your hands on your desk by my sides. My right hand still hovering over my loose shirt, I lean back on my left.

“You are no distraction at all. To the contrary, with you here, I am sure that everything will be taken care of in no time. What’s the first thing in the pile?”

I carefully grab the first file, trying not to get any closer, worried and anxious about your motive. I begin to explain its contents when you untuck my shirt and stand up embarrassingly close. You brush aside my hair off my neck and place your lips at the corner of my jaw. You unbutton the rest of my shirt and push it aside. I stop reading and gasp at your teeth nipping my collarbone.

“Please continue,” you take a pause to say. When I begin to read again, you swiftly lift me up by my ass and place me on the edge of your desk. Your hands slide up to my shoulders to push off my shirt. You lift my wrists to remove the shirt completely, taking a small bit upon each; my voice catches each time. One hand finds comfort resting on my exposed thigh while the other plays with the lace rim of my bra. I drop a hand to my leg to hold yours in place. I toil to concentrate on both what I’m reading aloud and where you fingers and lips are. I see a grin flash across your face and disappear before I even have time to process its meaning. There is a quick snap and a chill runs up and down my back as your fingers graze me and slide my bra away. Lips and teeth encircle my nipple already hard in the cool air. A moan escapes me, and my protecting hand on my leg grips your fingers. I hear you suppress a chuckle and loosen my grip to inch your hand closer.

“…Oh, wow… wait… oh” I sigh and arch my back closer to your lips. I try to tell myself to stop this now, come up with multiple reasons why this was such an idiotic idea. But I close my eyes and bite my lip instead.

“Now, how can I get my work done when you close your eyes and stop reading? I need you to continue so I can continue.”

Your voice snaps my eyes back open. The challenge in your eyes makes me blush with a bit of shame for my next decision: I open the folder again and continue reading. I see you grin and nod before sitting down in your chair. You slide both hands to my skirt and push it up to expose my stockings and panties. Your thumb strokes gently across the already moist material. You trail kisses and bites from my knee to your thumb. I can feel you breathe in my scent before your thumb begins to rub a bit harder.

Your other hand reaches around me and retrieves the scissors. My eyes widen and voice staggers as I watch you bring the scissors right up close to my vulnerable pussy. You pause, glance up at me with a warning, a warning of stopping. I continue to read as my pulse races. You pull the stockings away from my body and swiftly slice them open with the scissors. The cold metal briefly touches my thigh and makes me jump. I look at your face, blush and grin while I keep reading. You push aside my damp panties to find the source. I close my eyes at the touch of your rough fingertip upon my sensitive skin. Your thumb finds my clit again, this time it’s so much more intense.

My voice gets breathier and slow. My breathing is heavy. You slide your chair closer to the desk, forcing my legs to spread and skirt to gather around my waist. One hand cups my ass firmly while the other continues to tease my pussy perfectly. I feel your lips get close to my pussy and instinctively spread my legs wider to allow you more access and lean back upon my arm. Your tongue touches my wet pussy for the first time and I cry out loud. I hear you make a sound of approval before plunging your tongue deep into me. Your fingers replace your tongue in my pussy and you suck and nip at my clit. My hips move suddenly forward towards your face, pleading for more. Your hand on my ass gropes with more energy and need. I feel your fingers pushing through the fabric of my panties and the stockings still intact. I moan again forgetting about the file. I drop it on the desk then grip onto your shoulder for balance. Your fingers, teeth and tongue force me into orgasm. I drive my fingers through your hair and pull as you push me over the edge.

Your fingers relax, and you sit up. I flutter my eyes open to see a hungry look still upon your face. The phone rings. Flustered, I glance at the phone and back at you. You just smile and ask, “Aren’t you going to answer the phone?”

The phone rings again. I slowly move a hand to the phone and try to gain my voice back when I say hello. I see you unbuckle your belt and unzip your pants before standing. Without bothering to remove any more of my clothing or yours, you grab my free hand and force it upon your hard cock. I stroke up and down while you guide the head to my dripping pussy. Your cock feels hard and warm against my wet skin. A small moan escapes my lips into the phone. I apologize and confirm to the caller that I am listening. Your cock continues to gently rub and just barely push into my pussy.

You finally thrust your hard cock in deeply as I hang up the phone. Just in time too because there is no way I can control my ecstatic scream. My legs rise and rest on the arms of your chair as I grind my hips closer. One arm flies around your shoulder while the other grabs a hold of your tie. You grope my ass and bouncing breasts as you slam your rock hard cock into me. My moans get louder and louder. Our breathing gets heavy. You bite down upon my neck before whispering a harsh warning of being a bit quieter. I bit my lip and try to be quiet. It works for a while, but then you change the tempo of your thrusting.

“Oh, god…. sir, wow….” I moan before I feel your hand leave my nipple to clamp down on my mouth. You drive your thumb in between my lips and have me suck it like I would your cock. Harder and harder you drive your cock deep into me. You ease your hand away from my mouth down to my neck. You get a decent grip and lower me to your desk. You take your tie I’d loosened off and give to me. I take it and bite down hard as I feel a wave of a scream coming. Your hands circle my ankles as you straighten my legs along your chest and lift my hips.

I hear you moan, and it drives me wild. I swivel my hips and ass against you. You kiss my leg with a moan. I come again, crying, moaning and screaming into your tie. My eyes roll back into my head as I feel you swiftly take your cock out of me to come all over my naked breasts. It takes you a moment or two to completely unload all of your come onto my naked skin. I lay back with my eyes closed, panting for breath, and shudder when your fingertips drag down my side. I barely have a moment before I feel your hands pulling my body upright.

“Now, if you’ll please stand up and turn around, you can finish helping me with these files. I don’t have all evening now,” you say with a suggestive tone. I comply without realizing. I grab the next file and turn my back to you. I hear you sit down and feel your hands rip my stockings more. Then you lower me to your still rock hard cock. “Please continue.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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