Something about Donna Ch. 04

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Something about Donna, 4.

“That sounds great, baby!” Donna said warmly, nodding along to David, once again describing his apartment-to-be.

She was in the passenger seat, Dan did the driving, and her son sat behind his father. David was fidgeting nervously, as the car made the final turn, closing in on its destination.

Donna understood his discomfort. They were on their way to the house of his best friend and parents for a talk that promised to be anything but comfortable. Donna couldn’t help feeling excited, though. Sure, they were supposed to have a serious conversation over dinner concerning the recent ‘developments’ between the two families. But, they had tried that yesterday, with the results being further ‘developments’, instead.

Donna’s loins still burned at the memory, and she struggled not to show her secret wish for even more ‘stuff’ to happen at this evening’s gathering. She had spent an unreasonable amount of time in the shower earlier, ‘getting ready’. 

At first, she had thought about how the serious discussion might actually go. Her thoughts had pretty soon wandered to what could happen that evening. She had quickly found herself with her hand between her legs, with several naughty images flashing in her mind. The last, and naughtiest, was an image of David lying on his bed and stroking his hard member.

It was the same image she’d conjured up yesterday, after having pointed out to her son that he probably should be doing just that. The fact that Donna had actually snuck up later to listen outside his room, was an angst-ridden secret she would carry to the grave. Not that she’d heard anything, though, but still.

These thoughts and dirty visions had given her a small orgasm in the shower. That woke her to the realisation that she was supposed to be getting ready, and so she had left the shower and hurried to get done.

Now there she was, half-an-hour later, sitting in the car with her loving family, her panties already sticking with wetness.

Since it was Tuesday afternoon, the family had met at home after the working day and gotten in the car. Now, just a few minutes later, they were creeping up the driveway to the residence of Richard, Rachel and Ricky.

“Dunno about this…” David groaned, as they walked up to the house.

“I’m sure it will be fine,” his father assured him, not sounding nearly convinced enough.

“Don’t worry, baby,” Donna hummed, and put a hand on David’s arm. “We’re all adults here,” she added, and squeezed the arm a little bit, giving her nether regions a shameful, but vibrant, tingle.

She let go, more unwillingly than she’d dare to admit, as they reached the front door and rang the bell. It was promptly answered by Ricky.

“Hello,” the young man greeted them, with an embarrassed smile.

David actually went inside first, the two best friends both friendly and awkwardly bumping shoulders, as he passed.

“Hi there, Ricky,” Dan coughed, opting for a dubious handshake. “Your parents inside?”

“Yeah, in the living room. Dinner’s done already,” Ricky announced, with a polite shrug.

Donna faced him, gave a sly smile and cooed, “Hey, stud,” accompanied by a most suggestive wink.

Ricky basically giggled at that. His cheeks flushed. Still, he seemed to grow with ‘man-pride’.

Donna chuckled, well remembering the young man’s cock vigorously pumping in her just a few days prior. The front door closed behind her. Donna took her coat off, making sure her voluptuous cleavage didn’t go unnoticed.

Poor Ricky couldn’t tear his eyes away from the billowing bosom.

Donna giggled heartily at the embarrassed young man, patted him gently on the arm, before making her way towards the living room.

Everyone was standing around, making awkward small talk, waiting for Richard to finish setting the table.

“Well…” the burly man huffed. “Let’s sit down and get this all sorted out.”

Donna quickly sat down next to the host. She knew that if she wanted to get something naughty started, the easiest way was to stroke Richard’s ego. The key was to get him onboard. The rest would fall like dominoes.

She knew Rachel wouldn’t resist another dance with Dan, and the remaining men would probably quickly follow suit. Donna felt confident that she would win Richard over by the end of the meal, her womanly charm and luscious behind, likely to be very helpful in that regard.

“I appreciate that you invited us,” Donna started politely, smiling at Richard and her best friend.

Rachel was quite timid in her demeanor, but Donna noticed the gleaming excitement in her eyes. Her eyes darting between Dan and David, whilst sipping on a glass of wine, Rachel seemed to just expectantly let this all play out.

“Yes, well…” Richard grunted, as an answer to Donna. “We needed to discuss things…again.” He shot a sour glare at Ricky and David.

David looked away, picking with his fork at the overcooked Eryaman Escort salmon on his plate.

Ricky winced a bit. “Dad, I’ve already–” he started. 

But his father held up a hand. “Yeah, I know. No need to hear all that again,” Richard grumbled.

Dan coughed slightly. “Maybe…” he started, “…we could all agree that we’ve all, eh, got a bit carried away, again.” He poked at his fish. “Let’s just decide to not do any more ‘things’ and get back to normal. You know, just leave it at that?”

Richard nodded. “Yup, that would probably be for the best,” he agreed.

“Absolutely,” nodded David, seemingly relieved at the rather quick resolution.

“Sure, sure,” nodded Ricky, in much the same manner as his best friend.

Rachel emptied her glass. “Sure, I guess,” she muttered, and gave an unimpressed half-shrug.

Donna let out a humming tweet. She gently put her hand on Richard’s leg. “Well…” she purred, “I don’t know about the rest of you, but I still have a lingering, um, longing for a certain someone’s ‘big’ talents.” She squeezed at the sturdy leg and gave Richard a long, seductive gaze.

Richard met her eyes and grunted, flustered, “Well…” he chuckled. His blushing cheeks told Donna she was close to success.

“I, ahem, guess I can confess to some, eh, longing of my own.” He sent Donna a taut smile, and looked away.

“I mean… Maybe we shouldn’t start this again?” Dan protested, hurriedly.

Donna signed divorce papers in her head, but Rachel quickly got the situation back in the ‘right’ direction, though.

“Unless…” the blonde bombshell purred, scratching Dan by the arm, “…we’d just do it one last time. It might be for the best, you know.” She leaned in and kissed Dan’s cheek. “Just to get it out of our system.”

Dan’s face flushed. He looked around the table, Donna and Richard already touching each other and purring small moans; the boys sitting frozen like uncomfortable statues.

Dan coughed and slowly got to his feet. “You guys have some video game or something, right?” he shakingly asked his son.

“Yep. Sure,” David mumbled, not facing his dad’s look.

Ricky gave David an annoyed look and slapped him on the arm.

Without warning Rachel lost her cool. She shot to her feet and clasped Dan tightly round the arm. “Well let’s go then!” she squealed, with frantic urgency.

Richard, watching his wife drag Dan towards the master bedroom, stood.

Donna smiled wide as she noticed the protruding bulge in his pants.

Richard huffed, “So, should we go and, um, get it out of our system then?”

Donna, arising almost at the same time as the younger men, winked at him. “More like getting that fat cock of yours in me, huh?” she hissed, sultrily.

“Mom?! Jesus Christ!” David cried out, in shock.

“Oops! Sorry, baby!” Donna giggled, making it seem like she’d forgotten her son’s presence for a moment. Which was very much not the case.

Richard slowly inched himself towards the bedroom.

Donna glanced at David, stricken and confused, and at Ricky, visibly hard by her dirty comment. Ricky’s bulge made Donna squirm with sinful glee. She felt a strong, sudden urge to convince the sons to participate. She needed it.

Richard was stepping towards the bedroom and Donna was about to follow him. She threw a quick glance back at the boys. “Wanna tag along?” she cooed, and raised an eyebrow.

There came a surprised, “What?” from Richard, but Donna winked at David and Ricky.

“Might be you’ll get to be part of the show this time, huh?” she smiled.

She saw Ricky’s eyes light up like a Christmas tree. David, however, seemed to take it as a joke.

“Yeah, as if!” he laughed, strained and unnatural, likely trying to relieve the tense situation.

Donna stopped in her tracks, then changed direction. With a decisive pace, she walked right up to David and took him by the hand.

“Mom!?” David cried.

“Come on now, baby! I know you want to!” Donna giggled, and started leading David after his father and best friend’s mother. “Think about Rachel,” Donna added, to mask her true intention a bit.

Her heart skipped and her panties drenched when she felt David give in and started walking along with her.

“Donna? Really?” Richard gruffed, as they passed.

“Think of my dirty little pussy, Richard,” Donna gigglingly snapped at him.

“Mom…” groaned David.

“Oh, shit!” moaned Ricky, and dashed after his best friend.

Father and son truddled side by side after Donna.

“All right, don’t look at me and don’t touch me. Got it?” Richard sternly gruffed at his boy.

“Obviously,” Ricky scoffed.

Donna was just a few feet from the bedroom door, Rachel’s bristling giggle flowing out.

David’s hand held tight in her own, the feel of his skin making her pussy drip.

“I don’t know about this!” David whined, and tried to pull back a bit.

“Don’t worry, baby,” Donna cooed comfortingly. “We’re all adults here!” she moaned, as Eryaman Escort Bayan she pushed the door open and dragged herself and David into the room.

Richard and Ricky stumbled after them, just a heartbeat later.

“Woah, mom’s already naked!” moaned Ricky, plainly rubbing at his groin.

It was a very astute observation, though. In the middle of the room stood Rachel, completely nude. Next to her, Dan stood, T-shirt on his back, boxers pulled down to his knees and a hard dick in his hand.

The dick started slackening, though, as the room filled with people and Dan stared dumbfounded at the doorway.

“Hold on?” he sputtered. “Why areyou here?” he demanded of David and Ricky.

“Dad–” David started, but mommy dearest came to the rescue.

“Relax, honey,” she cooed, walking slowly towards Rachel. “I wanted Ricky as well as his ‘big daddy’ over here–” she let her dress fall to the floor, exposing her carefully chosen underwear, “–and I didn’t want David to feel left out.”

She reached Rachel, with a glistening smile and burning eyes, and gently put a hand on her arm. “Besides, I know Rachel really won’t mind.” With that, she leaned in and gave her best friend a kiss on the lips, accompanied by a chorus of male gasps.

Donna spun and regarded the men. Dan was watching intently, his dick slowly twitching itself harder again. Ricky had already lost composure. His shirt was on the floor and his throbbing member was out. Richard was a bit more deliberate. He was undressing though, soon to be standing in just his boxers. David panted and wriggled uncomfortably. His eyes definitely avoiding his mother’s, but often resting on her bra-clad breasts and, of course, Rachel’s naked, firm tits.

“So weird…” David groaned. He looked at his father. “Should we really do this, dad?” he asked, concerned.

“Nope…” sighed Dan. He looked down at his, now rock hard, dick and sighed again. “But…” he shrugged.

“Hey!” Donna cooed warmly. Her bra fell to the floor and her swollen boobs grabbed everyone’s attention. “Don’t think so much, boys, okay. Just enjoy yourselves.”

“Yeah. ‘Last time’ and all,” Rachel chimed in.

David sighed, took off his shirt, unbuttoned his pants and carefully let his dick out.

Donna stifled a moan, when she saw that her son was just about as hard as the others.

Her panties dropped to the floor instantly.

“Can’t believe this! So goddamn crazy!” Rachel giggled, in excited disbelief.

“Yeah. I know, right?” Donna moaned, looking around at four naked, awkward and hard men.

They stood in a semicircle, four throbbing cocks all pointed at the women. Rachel and Donna took the sight in with deepening breaths. They were standing at the foot of the bed.

Donna felt that raw surge of horniness sweep over her. “Oh God, honey!” she growled, and threw herself at her husband.

Dan was surprised, but quickly got into the rhythm of Donna’s naked embrace. They kissed, increasingly more passionately, and their hands wandered over each other’s naked body.

Donna moaned and turned her head towards Ricky. “Wanna join us, stud?” she purred, and beckoned him over with her finger.

Ricky gasped and dashed over. At first he was apprehensive, likely mindful of Dan’s presence.

Donna giggled, grabbed Ricky’s wrist and decisively pulled his hand up and slapped it on her breast.

She leaned over to kiss the young man, and as her tongue met his, his hand squeezed her swollen tit.

Donna moaned as Dan grabbed her other boob. She kissed her husband and let her fingers close around his shaft. Once again, she turned to kiss Ricky and simultaneously clasped her other hand around that hard, young cock.

Donna moaned louder, feeling right at home with two men on either side. One hand each kneading her breasts, and one cock each being eagerly stroked by her own hands. Both Dan and Ricky puffed and moaned as they, in turns, kissed Donna’s lips and neck, played with her titties, and let their dicks be jerked.

Donna first then noticed that Rachel had gotten herself similar treatment.

A few feet away, the blonde stood making out with her husband, who was gruntingly playing with her firm tits. Standing closely to them, stood David with one hand cupping Rachel’s tight butt.

Donna purred in exquisite arousal, when she saw David’s throbbing cock being fervently stroked by Rachel. David’s moans filled Donna’s ears, her pussy screaming for attention. 

“Wanna fuck me?” she gasped, out in the air.

“W-what’s that, honey?” Dan asked, panting.

Donna groaned, pushed the men from her and threw herself on the bed. On all fours, she made her juicy cheeks jiggle invitingly. “I said…” she purred, looking over her shoulder at Dan and Ricky, “…do you want to fuck me?”

“Oh, hell yeah!” Ricky gasped, and lunged at the big ass in front of him.

“Hey, kid! That’s my wife, remember?” Dan growled.

He made to grab Ricky, but to no avail, as the horny young man Escort Eryaman avoided the husband’s grasp and reached the wife’s wide behind. Eagerly, he aimed his dick and pushed himself inside.

“Oh God, yes!” Donna shouted, as the hard cock thrust up her wet hole. Her waist was grabbed tightly and Ricky got to pumping.

There came a sort of chuckle from Dan, closer behind Donna now. “Fine! Give it to her, then!”

Donna looked at her husband and gave him a sweaty smile. He smiled back, the previous discomfort seemingly washed away. Donna knew he enjoyed this. If nothing else, his mighty hard-on and feverishly jacking off was good evidence.

Ricky was banging her harder, Donna groaning heavily by the pleasure. “That’s it, Ricky! Yes! Aah!”

From the floor, Rachel moaned incessantly. “God, I need some of that, too!” With a horny snarl, she pushed her husband down on the bed, walked up to him, turned around and sat down.

Donna watched intently, as Richard’s bulging boner inched its way up Rachel’s tight slit.

“Oh, fuck yeah…” Rachel hissed, starting to bounce that shapely butt of hers on her husband.

“Oh shit! Oh yeah!” Richard grumbled.

Donna giggled and stretched out to give the burly man a kiss, well aware of the fact that his son was going to town inside her at the same time.

Rachel was riding faster. Her moaning and shouting soon overpowered Donna’s own sounds.

“G-get over here!” Rachel growled at David.

Donna watched her son, dick swaying, step up to Rachel.

The riding woman moaned hungrily and grabbed the dick in front of her, greedily leaning forward to shove it into her mouth.

“Oh shit…” David sighed pleasurably, as Rachel started sucking.

Donna felt a jolt of sinful excitement, staring at her son’s hard dick in Rachel’s mouth. It was only a few feet away.

She couldn’t look away. The sensation of Ricky’s wild pumping and the sight of David’s cock being sucked almost sent her over the edge. Her moans turned to vicious growls.

From behind her, Dan let out a strained grunt. “Shit, kid. Stop hogging my wife,” he groaned.

Urgently, he pushed Ricky out of the way.

Donna whimpered when the young cock slid out of her, but soon moaned loudly, as Dan rammed his own hard rod up her pussy.

He railed her, if possible, even harder and faster than Ricky.

“Yes, honey! Ooh! Fuck me, fuck me!” Donna cried.

She looked back and caught a glimpse of Ricky. He stood, fervently jerking, and watched Dan plow the pussy he’d just been in.

Donna even thought she noticed Ricky’s gaze wander to land on his cocksucking mother, which seemed to make his dick twitch.

Donna didn’t mind looking that way herself.

Rachel was bouncing on her husband with intense speed, all the while sloppily sucking David.

David seemed a lot more relaxed and turned on. “Shit, that feels good…” he sighed, pumping his dick between Rachel’s hungry lips.

“Hah! You like that, huh?” Rachel hissed at him. “You like me sucking that cock?”

“Yeah, I do…” David groaned, although Donna was pretty sure she’d heard the moans of two young men.

Dan was happily humping away. His stiff dick pleasurably parting Donna’s lips and filling her hole just right. She eagerly slammed her butt back to match his thrusts, making her soft, big buttocks slap lovely against him.

“Hey, kid?” chuckled Dan sweatily, after a few more moments of banging. “You wanna go again?”

He didn’t wait for a response, but simply stepped aside to let Ricky once again nail his wife. Something he willingly accepted.

“Oh God, Ricky!” grunted Donna, as her son’s best friend started fucking her a second time.

“That’s it! Give it to her!” Dan laughed, and gave Donna a sharp spank on her ass.

That almost gave her a climax. “Oh, boys! Oh, yeah! Fuuuck!” she gasped.

Dan spanked her again and her pussy tightened up.

“Oh shit!” croaked Ricky. He upped the tempo and turned to David. “Dude, your mom feels so fucking good!” he moaned, grinning wide at his best friend.

“Shit…” puffed David.

Donna felt a sinful rush of naughtiness. She started cumming and screamed at Ricky “Fuck me like your daddy did yesterday! Aahh! Yesss!”

“By God! Shit!” grunted the burly man. He puffed heavily and started heaving Rachel off him.

His father’s sudden move seemed to make Ricky nervous, as he abruptly backed out of Donna.

She wouldn’t have it, though. Teasing the father and son felt extremely exciting to her.

She got quickly to her feet, grabbed Ricky’s shoulders and heaved him down on the bed. Then she climbed up on all fours and grabbed the swaying boner.

“Rich!” she growled. “Come fuck me, while I suck your son’s cock!”

She barked a mean laugh at the look on Richard’s face. Then she grabbed Ricky’s shaft and decisively stuck him in her mouth.

“Oh shit,” Ricky croaked. He looked at his father. “You should do it, dad…” he panted. “F-fuck her…”

“Don’t talk to meee…” Richard gurgled, urgently. Still, he hurled himself off the bed, narrowly avoiding a collision with Dan, and got up behind Donna’s awaiting sweet ass.

As Richard’s sturdy cock shoved its way up Donna’s soaked twat, she screamed in pleasure around his son’s shaft.

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