Son Controls Indian Parents Ch. 03

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I woke up two hours later. Mom was lying with her arm around me, sleeping peacefully. Her boobs were tightly pressed against my chest and my right arm and leg were on top of her, pulling her closer to me. My dick was conveniently placed near her vagina.

I watched her as she slept. My innocent mom had become my personal whore now. I gave a kiss on her forehead. She opened her eyes, yawning and smiled.

i was still curious about few things. So, I thought. Answer truthfully to anything I ask.

Seeing no change in mom’s expression, I asked “Do you often have sex with dad?”

“We used to before, but now we only do occasionally” Mom replied. That explains her tight pussy. I smiled when I thought how amazing it felt when I entered my mom’s pussy for the first time.

I started rubbing her clit. “Do you masturbate?” I asked again.

“Sometimes, while I shower, I rub myself for some pleasure” She said without any hesitation.

“Have you ever thought of me in a sexual manner before?” I asked.

“No” she said. Even though I was expecting that answer, my pride was hurt a little.

“What’s your favorite sex position?” I asked again, increasing my speed, rubbing her clit with more passion now.

“Doggy” she said while her breathing increased and face expressions now starting to show the arousal she felt.

She gripped me tighter, her fingernails going deep into my skin.

“Does dad ever go down on you?”

“No, he doesn’t” she replied,, almost screaming.

I smiled as I stopped fingering her. Then I crawled down and spread her legs wide.

Her pussy in all its glory was wide open towards me. I took a sniff of her cunt. The smell of her cunt in real was much more satisfying than what I imagined. I had stolen her panties to jerk off a few times during my teenage years, but never thought I would be taking a whiff of her pussy scent, direct from its source.

I started Denizli Escort to lick her cunt, which was now wet from all the fingering I had done and tasted her cunt juice. It was like I had a mission now, to make mom regret not thinking about me sexually.

And the way mom moaned, panted and whimpered while I was giving her oral, made me lick even more enthusiastically. After few moments, she gripped my hair tight, went still and I realized she had just experienced an orgasm, because of me. I was elated and did not stop licking, slurping up her cunt juice. I finally stopped, took a breath and raised my head up to mom’s face and kissed her on the lips.Our tongues twirled with each other and I knew mom would be tasting her own cunt juice now.

I would have fucked her once more then, but I had to catch up on my classes I missed, during my absence. I was also keeping mom from finishing her household chores.

“Go and finish your housework, but wear only your undergarments while working.” I thought.

Mom got up and started putting on her bra and panty. It was surprisingly arousing seeing her dressing up, almost giving me the satisfying feeling when she took them off earlier.

After wearing just her undergarments, she went back to kitchen to finish her household works. And I went to my room, imagining all the things I would do to her later.

The remaining day went by quickly. I did not have the stamina to fuck her again any time soon. But,even so, I went by multiple times and did whatever I felt at that moment. Sometimes I would make out with her, or kept dry humping her while she worked, sometimes caressing and feeling her whole body, or simply hugging her and staying like that for some time.

When both of us had finished our tasks, I took her to the living room. I switched on the TV, and sat on the couch.

“Come sit on my lap” I thought and she obliged. I could Denizli Escort Bayan see sweat drops on her body and took a strong whiff of her scent from her armpit. I was aroused again and asked mom to give me a hand job. My mom took my dick out started giving me a mind-blowing hand job, similar to the one she gave me that morning.Meanwhile, I pulled down her bra on one-side and started sucking on her nipple.

Then suddenly out of nowhere, the door opened and my dad was standing in the living room. He had just returned back from the office. I froze, but mom had no change and kept on pumping my dick.

My dad was looking at his wife, her boob out, giving a hand job to their son.


I regained my composure and thought “Be calm. This is normal. From now on, you will see mom as my wife. You won’t find any problem even if we are doing anything sexual in front of you.”

Dad calmed down, and without even glancing at us, sat next to us on couch and started watching TV.

Just to be on the safe side, I sent another thought to both of them.” This is only normal when it’s the three of us in the house. You won’t mention about this to anyone else. And once you leave the house, you won’t remember any of the things I made both of you do.”

I rested comfortably then. I looked at Dad watching some news on TV, not even bothered his wife was jerking me off next to him, like this happened daily in our house. I felt little guilty making mom do this in front of him, but the devilish thoughts inside me rationalized my actions. Looking at my mom’s figure sitting on my lap, I was kind of jealous at dad, for selfishly enjoying this beauty for almost 24 years, since their marriage.

“Get on your knees and bend down” I thought to mom.

She stood up and got down on all fours, on the floor. I looked at my mom wearing bra and panty, in doggy Escort Denizli position, looking like a goddess, but dad taking no notice of her. The initial guilt I felt was now gone, and somehow the taboo act of cuckolding Dad with his wife aroused me even more.

I went and got on my knees, behind mom. My dick stood at full length, facing her ass. I pulled down her panties.

“Stop watching TV and keep looking at us. You won’t find it abnormal watching us have sex” I thought to Dad.

And with dad staring straight at us, I entered mom’s pussy for the second time that day. This time I was little more rough at fucking her. I pulled her hair, making her head tilt back, and kept on fucking her tight cunt at a pace that even surprised me. In between I even slapped her ass few times.

“Talk dirty to me” I thought to mom.

“Oh,Oh keep fucking my cunt like that with your big dick, honey. Make me your slut. My pussy has never felt pleasure like this before.” Mom said, still believing me to be her husband.

I looked at Dad, He was still watching us, almost expressionless. But I could see he had a hard-on watching us. I smiled and increased my pace. Both mom and me were sweating profusely now. Her pussy walls kept tightening around my dick and I realized mom was also enjoying this experience.

I was close to cumming. I knew mom had her tubes tied after she had me, and was not scared of her getting pregnant.Mom had now started to willingly thrust her body back for more pleasure. Few times noises like “Aaah” and “Oooh” escaped her lips.

Reaching forward, I grabbed both her boobs, and squeezing them as hard as I can, squirted my semen once again into my mom’s vagina. Judging by the sounds she made and her eventual collapse on the floor, exhausted, I realized my mom had also had an orgasm, along with me.

I looked up and smiled triumphantly at dad. “Continue watching your TV news” I thought to dad. With mom’s panty, I wiped the cum that had begun draining out from her pussy.

And leaving my exhausted naked mom, almost passed out from her orgasm, lying on floor, sprawled widely, in front of dad, I got up and went to my room to take some well earned rest.

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