Sophia Pt. 11

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A slight tweak in categories, folks, means I’ll be posting this chapter and subsequent ones in ‘Erotic Couplings’ rather than ‘Loving Wives.’ My stories contain a lot of sex – often involving married people (not always with each other!) – and that has proved a bit much for some people over there. What I write is both fiction and fantasy (no elves or orcs, I’m afraid – there’s an idea for the sequel, though!) and intended to arouse and amuse. For the impact of extramarital sexual relations on society in the postmodern capitalistic space, I’m afraid you will have to look elsewhere. My aim is to write sexy stories in a literary way, AKA .

If you are likely to become indignant at the thought of any of my invented characters getting it on and having it off with other invented characters, please stop reading now. If you are frankly appalled at the notion of impossibly beautiful people having casual relations with people they haven’t got to know particularly well or who they might never meet again (but who knows who will be back in Sophia II?), then again it’s probably best if you bunk out now.

However, if you want a bit of well-written nooky, this is definitely the place for you. Buckle up and enjoy the ride! It will beat wading through Spare, I promise you…

Sophia showered in the en-suite bathroom. When she came back to the bedroom, a change of clothes was waiting for on the bed: a blue T-shirt, a white knee length skirt, even a fresh pair of panties. They had also thought of her comfort by providing a pair of sandals that fitted her pretty well. Her other clothes and her shoes had been packed in a small, retro airline-style carrier bag. She went downstairs and popped into the room where the show had taken place. Sukhorn was at the bar talking to another woman, quite a bit younger than Sukhorn – perhaps her own age, Sophia thought. Sukhorn introduced them and the other woman, who was called Achara, kissed Sophia lightly on the cheek. She was much darker than Kamlai – darker too than Sukhorn – and, if Sukhorn looked like Joan Chen, Achara was a ringer for Golden Age of Hollwood actress, Gene Tierney. In short, she was a real beauty.

Sophia felt a frisson of excitement when Sukhorn invited Achara to join them on the boat trip, and an even greater one when Achara accepted. She said she was originally from Chiang Rai in the north of Thailand near the Myanmar and Laos borders. Sophia couldn’t wait to find out more about her. The taxi Achara had ordered had arrived, so she went off, leaving the other women together. Sukhorn asked Sophia about her ‘surprise’ and Sophia told her that it had been in many ways a bizarre evening, but that everything had come out in the wash, in spite of the language problem.

‘Language problem?’ asked Sukhorn, feigning astonishment. ‘Whatever do you mean?’

‘Well, language problem, as in she hardly speaks a word of English.’

‘Whatever gave you that impression, I wonder. She’s on the front desk for a reason. She graduated last year with a degree in English and communications.’

‘The little bitch! Though perhaps she was acting under your instructions, no?’

Sukhorn merely smiled in response.

‘So she understood all that I was saying?’

‘Well, not everything. She said you used some vocabulary she wasn’t familiar with, but she thought she got your drift.’

‘And the whole “I don’t know what I’m doing round a woman’s body” thing? Another act, I suppose.’

‘Not all Thai women are sex workers, you know. She’s only had a couple of boyfriends and I don’t think she’s let either of them go all the way. It was only when she made such a fuss about you when we arrived that I had the idea of putting the two of you together. She told me she had no experience with a woman so I gave her a few tips. That was all.’

‘And the whole dance thing with the silly headdress?’

‘Well, that was her idea when I mentioned a striptease, as she was part of a traditional dance troupe when she was at university. Did she put on a good show for you?’

‘It was very professional. I was amazed she was able to keep that thing on her head.’

‘It takes years of practice. By the way, her father is a lawyer. He knows next to nothing about farming according to Kamlai.’

‘Did I really talk about her father? Ah, yes, I see what you mean. I did get a little carried away at one point.’

‘At one point?! She says you spent most of the evening abusing her, calling her all sorts of names. She says she wished she’d taped you.’

‘Well, it seems like I made myself an enemy.’

‘You know that isn’t true. She said you gave her pleasure like no one had ever done before.’

‘Well, that’s not difficult, is it, given the fact that the only competition is a couple of frat boys?’

‘I think it is time to get you to bed. I believe you have an early start tomorrow.’

‘Ten o’clock, so not too bad. I don’t suppose Ananda’s still about?’

‘But of course he is. It is his job to cater to your every whim.’

‘Oh, Ataşehir Escort is it? Well, tonight I’m too tired for any of that. Goodnight, my dear Sukhorn.’

Sophia kissed her on the cheek and received a peck of her own in return. With next to no traffic on the roads, she was tucked up in bed and fast asleep within 20 minutes.

The following morning she woke not exactly refreshed, but at least ready for the rigours of the day ahead. Not that the agenda was especially onerous. She needed to give a presentation to the ‘syndicate’, as she had dubbed them, at eleven, but it was the kind of thing she’d done several times before and it held no terrors for her. After lunch, she would be meeting the different interest groups separately, to receive a more detailed idea of the amount of funding they required and the kind of collateral they could provide. These sessions took rather longer than Sophia was expecting, but this was as much a function of a more indirect style of negotiation than that she was used to with Europeans and Americans. Still, it was what she had become used to when dealing with her Japanese staff, as well as with her bosses, and she was flexible enough to adapt to it.

It was getting on for half past six when Sophia got out of the final meeting. She called Ananda and got him to take her back to the hotel, so she could shower and change. This evening, she had decided, she would eat in at the hotel in the Italian restaurant at around eight and then, well, she hadn’t decided yet. Maybe she would go to bed early. Or maybe she would walk around a bit. Bangkok was a safe city, especially in that area at that time of the evening. She would pop on a T-shirt and a pair of jeans and maybe check out a bar or two. Nothing flashy, like Sukhorn’s club; just something local, catering for locals as well as tourists. It should be fun. She hadn’t had a mojito in ages and she could kill a couple tonight.

Before she went to dinner, she decided to call Peter, since it would be around 1 o’clock in England and he should be free to talk with her. It was good to hear his voice again and they talked about the children and their work for a while before Peter asked her out of the blue how she was enjoying being shown the sights by Sukhorn.

‘How did you know that name?’ Sophia asked with obvious irritation in hr voice.

‘I think it was Veronique mentioned her to us,’ Peter replied, casual as you like.

‘”Us”, huh? So you and the two little Central European pixies have been living it up while I’ve been slaving away over here?’

‘We did meet up the other day. Here as it happens. Piri does a wonderful goulash and Veronique made some simply wonderful profiteroles.’

‘All no doubt washed down by some Hungarian wine!’

‘Actually, this time I cracked open a couple of bottles of Rioja Crianza. Really complements the earthy flavour of the goulash. So tell me, have you tasted the delights of Thailand yet?’

‘If you mean the food, Peter, yes, it’s very good. As it happened, Sukhorn took me to a local place, which was very good, and then we went on to her club, where a jazz band was playing. Very good they were too.’

‘And have you tasted Sukhorn yet? Veronique says she is very skilful in the amatory arts.’

‘For God’s sake, Peter, what’s with the ludicrous language? And, since you ask, no, we have not taken our relationship to the lewd level to which you allude. Everything’s about sex with you these days, Peter. I think you should consider getting some professional help.’

‘Darling, no need to get on your high horse. Veronique has been explaining to me a little more about your, shall we say, little problem. It’s been such a blessing to have an outsider’s perspective on things.’

‘Look, Peter, your pillow talk with Veronique doesn’t interest me in the slightest. If you want to spread it around a bit, to make the nanny jealous or whatever your purpose is, then that’s your own business. But please don’t go all Sigmund Freud on me. It really doesn’t become you at all.’

‘Look, darling, she wouldn’t go throwing herself at other people if the one she really cared for (and that’s you – you can forget about Piri, Myška and me) would show her a bit of attention and basic TLC.’

‘So you have been fucking her, Peter! And there was I thinking the little French cunt was off men for good.’

‘Darling, you must realise that we all have our needs. It’s not only you who need sexual satisfaction. I just hope you’re getting your share of cock too. We’re all a bit worried this lesbian phase is going to crash and burn one of these days.’

‘Well, please be sure to pass on to the whole support group my sincerest gratitude for all the concern that’s being shown to me. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it. Anyway, look, I need to get some dinner. It’s been a long day and I’m still suffering from jetlag.’

And so they concluded their call – Peter pleased to know that Sophia was in such good hands Acıbadem Escort (‘jazz band!’ – he loved that one) and Sophia pissed off beyond words that whatever she got up to always seemed to be reported back to her fucking husband. And Veronique! To think that she had been so unfaithful to her as to sleep with that – well, yes, that was exactly what he was – that fucking husband of hers.

So it was not in the best of moods that Sophia headed down to dinner. She ate alone, turning down an offer to join a drunken Australian at his table. She was close to deciding to swear off men for life. And what about women too, she thought, as she considered the behaviour of Veronique – with her ‘little desire to sleep with men; oh it makes life so much easier!’ talk? Maybe celibacy was the way for her, after all. She would prove it by going to one of those stupid girly bars after dinner and rebuffing all approaches from men and women alike.

She walked into the first dive she came to and was immediately approached by a scantily clad bargirl with dark skin and crooked teeth. She walked straight out. The evening air was pleasantly cool after the heat and humidity of the day and a breeze blew from the river. She passed a couple of dingy looking places, then a sports bar and was about to turn and head for the hotel when she saw across the road a somewhat more salubrious establishment with a well-dressed woman standing outside handing out what looked like coupons to prospective patrons. Sophia crossed the road and was told it ‘Ladies night’, which basically meant you got to get your first drink for free. Sophia wasn’t repelled by the atmosphere of this place as much as she had been by the first place she visited, so she decided to give it a go.

She was shown to a table near the corner of the room, from which she got a decent view of the stage. Unlike other establishments of this ilk, Hidden Ecstasy, as the bar called itself, had no poles for the ‘dancers’ to hold onto in various states of undress and ennui but rather a couple of stages – a larger one that dominated the centre of the room and a smaller one tucked in behind the bar. When Sophia entered, the large stage was empty, but the smaller one featured a girl wearing tassels on her meagre breasts and the compulsory g-string. She was doing her best to keep the attention of a dozen or so male tourists, who seemed more interested in proposing toasts. They must be Germans, Sophia thought, when she caught ‘Prost!’ over the bar’s music system, which thankfully was not on at anything like full blast. One of the men caught Sophia’s eye and was about to come over and try his luck when she was saved by a smartly dressed woman of around her own age, who sat down on the other chair.

‘I thought you might prefer to be without male company,’ she said, coming straight to the point.

Her name was Pechaya and she looked more Chinese than Thai. Putting two and two together, Sophia assumed she must be Thai Chinese. What she couldn’t work out is what she was doing in a place like this. This soon became clear, as Pechaya told her that her family owned the bar, which was as well known for its food as for its entertainment. Sophia was more than happy to share a bottle of champagne with her new friend. Initially she turned down the spring rolls, but they looked so good that she shared those too. Pechaya was great fun to talk to – not the kind of anxious, driven, distracted Chinese women that she had run across in the business world so often. She listened intently when Sophia was speaking, sometimes finishing her sentences for her with a laugh. Sophia was very happy that she had not turned in early.

After the champagne was finished, Pechaya ordered two Tom Yum Siams – a cocktail inspired by the signature Thai soup, made from vodka, lime juice, syrup, red chillies and lemongrass, topped off by lemon wedges.

‘Takes me back to my student days,’ said Sophia, already rather light-headed after the champagne.

‘Oh, the vodka, you mean,’ said Pechaya. ‘I used to keep a bottle in the cupboard beside my bed at boarding school.’

‘Wild child!’ said Sophia, attempting to clip the woman on the back of the head but missing and slapping her face.

‘Oh my God! I’m so sorry,’ she said, reeling somewhat under the effect of the alcohol.

For a response, Pechaya moved her hand onto Sophia’s and smiled beatifically at her. Sophia wanted to eat her there and then. The Thai woman’s hand stayed where it was, while with her other she drew Sophia towards her and kissed her firmly on the lips. Sophia was on the point of responding when the kiss was broken and the hand removed.

‘I must leave now,’ Pechaya said in that upbeat way of hers that could make even the worst news seems acceptable. ‘I need to get home. Family duties to attend to. You know the kind of thing.’

Sophia didn’t but didn’t say so. Instead, she asked Pechaya how much she owed and on being told that the pleasure had been all hers and that she İstanbul Escort shouldn’t even be asking, she watched as the woman departed through a door in the back of the room.

‘Why am I always landed with these fucking teases?’ she asked herself. ‘”Pleasure all hers”. She’s too fucking right there. Where am I going to find mine tonight?’

A German got up and began to make his way unsteadily towards Sophia. She took that as her cue, gathered her things and walked – with a slight totter of her own, it must be said – to the door and out into the relative warmth of the street.


As she approached her hotel, she had a funny feeling that she was being followed. There seemed to be a pair of shoes that were deliberately walking in sync with her own, and when she lengthened her stride she could hear the footfalls striking the pavement a fraction of a second before her. At the entrance to the hotel, she turned around and caught a glimpse of Ananda before he dived into the shadows.

‘Come on out where I can see you,’ she said, not in the mood to tolerate any nonsense after the evening she had had.

Ananda appeared before her full of apologies. He said that he had followed her all evening to make sure that she was safe. When Sophia asked him if Sukhorn had asked him to do this, he said no, he was acting on his own initiative.

‘Haven’t you got a family to go home to?’ said Sophia.

‘I am not married, Miss,’ he replied simply.

‘Well, I’m very touched by your concern for me, but it really isn’t necessary. Okay?’

He nodded his understanding. When he did so, Sophia really looked at him – perhaps for the first time – and what she saw pleased her a lot. Perhaps the evening would have a happy ending after all.

‘Would you like to come up to my room?’ she said.

‘I wish to serve you in whatever way I can,’ he replied.

They took the elevator together, Sophia doing a little planning. By the time they got to her room, she had decided on her modus operandi. First, they would shower – separately or together, she would wait and see how things panned out. Then she would blow him and he would fuck her. Quick and neat – just as Sophia liked it; or liked to think she did.

When they got into the room, she lit it so only the bedside lights were on and those she dimmed. She told the driver to take a shower and use the towel in the bathroom. While he was under the water, she went to the door, which he had left open and looked though the glass of the shower door. That he was rinsing the shampoo from his hair was incidental. Sophia’s attention was drawn to his splendid shaft, which appeared to be fully erect. She felt she had made the right move in asking him up. She went back to the bedroom, slipped out of her T-shirt and jeans and put on the robe provided by the hotel. She checked her phone for messages and answered a couple. Still, the sound of the shower came from the bathroom.

Curious as to what he might be doing, she went back to the bathroom door and looked in. He was rubbing his cock with urgent, rapid motions and seemed on the brink of coming. This wasn’t in Sophia’s plans at all. Letting her robe fall to the floor, she opened the shower door and stood on the threshold. He immediately stopped his masturbating and, as if she had answered his fantasy wish, used his arms to draw her in.

‘My God! Is he going to fuck me right now?’ wondered Sophia.

To be honest, the thought had gone through Ananda’s mind but he wanted this evening to be special and for that to happen he knew he had to give her pleasure. So he positioned her head under the jet, got her hair nice and wet and then moving her so that she faced away from him and his rampant cock, began to massage the shampoo into her scalp. In her excitement, Sophia didn’t even care that he was using the hotel’s stuff and not the expensive brand she always used. As he worked it into her long tresses, she could feel his penis banging against her butt. She wanted him up the ass before the night was over, she decided. Turning her around so that she was facing him, he rinsed the suds from her hair and, taking the shower head in his hand, aimed it at her pubic area. Sophia winced under the driving sensation of the water and waited for something else to replace it. She had to be content with a dollop of shampoo, which he applied to her silky hair. He massaged it in and rinsed it off but at no point did his hands stray to her cleft, which was greedily awaiting his fingers.

‘Another fucking tease!’ she thought. ‘Well, two can play at that game.’

The shower continued with her back, her arms, her legs and her front, but even here he rubbed her breasts as if they were just another part of her body. He then told Sophia that she could go to the bed and that he would join her in a minute. She hopped out of the shower and brushed her teeth. As before, the minute became two and then five. God knows what he was doing in there – brushing your teeth can’t take that long – but Sophia wasn’t bothering herself about that. She had slipped into a sexy pink negligee and was lying spreadeagled on the bed. He came towards her naked as the day he was born in the now familiar pose of toned body preceded by rampant erection.

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