Sophie’s Chronicals Pt. 04

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Hi, my name is Sophie and I’m in my late 20’s. I own a small detached house which i am lucky enough not to have a mortgage for, my car (Audi A7) is also bought outright. All this I owe to an inheritance from my grandparents. However to make ends meet i have a few part time jobs, but confess i don’t have the same worries as some of my friends.

I am naturally slim, my hair is mousey blonde and to my shoulders and I’m 5’6″ in height. I have been told I’m attractive and have a ‘classy’ look to me, though quite never sure what that means but i assume it complementary. I am not a shy person and I’m happy when in company and able to hold conversation in any situation.

I thought I would share with you some of the aspects of my life so I have started a series of chronicles for you all.


(P.S. I’m not the best at writing so please bear with the grammar and bad spelling).


4. Night Clubbing.

It’s not often I go clubbing these days, all seems a bit strained for me, however I was talked into going with my friend and so I found myself in a more ‘grown up’ club in town. I had chosen a black vest top and a PVC skirt with boots.

Sara arrived looking gorgeous as ever and we had our little customary catch up chat. I feel I ought to tell you a little something about Sara, she has been my friend for about 8 years and is 35 years old but doesn’t look it. She is married and was when I first met her, overall she is happy with her lot but often I sense that something is missing, perhaps married to soon? Either way we get in very well and. It’s always good to spend time with her.

James her hubby is a nice guy and is a bit of a petrol head and has a Porsche Cayenne in the garage along with a Lamborghini, personally I can’t stand the ‘Lambo’ but Sara seems to think it’s cool and often drives it. When she drives it to meet me I often giggle as clearly she or I haven’t got the knack for getting in or out, though getting in is simpler! Mind you when we pull up at a bar or similar, all the girls take interest then look bemused as two women get out. Are we really that obvious to the lure of apparent money?

She was staying with me tonight so a taxi was booked and 60 minutes later we were in the night club! I was enjoying myself and danced for about 90 minutes non stop, in most cases outlasting any would be suitors, on returning to our table I found many drinks purchased for us and Sara in deep conversation with a few guys. I smiled adana escort and tried to take a tiny sip out of each glass of drink that I thought was for me, I didn’t want to seem ungrateful or favour one guy by only drinking his purchase. I’m not a drinker either, so two full glasses of anything would have rendered me knelt over a toilet lol.

Much conversation was had, everyone laughing and joking, cheesy chat up lines flowed but alas lost on Sara and myself. Though there was one guy she seemed very excited to talk with and she was almost hanging on every word, hmm she likes this one I thought. Sara whispered to me “we have been invited to a little drink at someone’s house shall we go?” She pointed out the ‘host’ and no surprise it was him; I could see she was keen I said yes.

So about an hour later we found ourselves sat in a modest house with one other lady and 2 guys of which I didn’t know any of them. Sara said she work with one Andy who’s house we were in; all would be fine.

It was now so obvious to me of Sara’s fondness towards Andy, she made it her job to be as near to him as she could, he was quite dishy actually. I found myself talking to the others, TV was on in the background and everyone seated mostly on the carpet as Sara had sat on the sofa next to Andy. This was nice to see; it was evident that it would progress further.

The 3 seater sofa they were sat on had Sara occupying the middle area with Andy sat to her right. I could see that Sara was now kissing Andy, things were starting to happen, I wasn’t the only person to notice as the others stood up and went home. Oh dear I’m a gooseberry I thought.

Sara’s top was almost open and their kissing more passionate. Time to make a coffee for one I thought, and slipped into the kitchen. They were obviously getting on as lots of noises and movement was heard. I felt a tad left out but happy Sara was enjoying herself.

There was a TV in kitchen and I found myself watching some on bizarre late night program.

A few more coffees and the odd biscuit I was joined by Sara, wrapped in a robe which was far to big for her, she asked if I wanted to return to the lounge, my assumption was that their passion had been fore filled and things was winding down.

On entering the lounge Andy was on the sofa also in a robe, he stood as I entered and allowed me to sit on sofa, he was going to get a drink “anyone like one?” I was fine, “water said ankara escort Sara. Returning with drinks Andy went to sit on sofa “oh do I sit in middle or one end?” One end was Sara’s reply and again that meant she would be next to him, Awwww I thought.

The ill fitting robe on Sara meant it either covered her or left gaps as the weight of the cloth pulled it in certain ways. Looking across I could see Sara’s hand on Andy’s leg, I also saw the telltale sign of an erection under the cloth. Mmm she had been a lucky girl I thought. They kissed again and I started to think ‘gooseberry’ again, however I now felt Sara’s hand on my leg, gently stroking the outside of my thigh.

Both her and Andy’s robes were undone and slightly open, oh my god what a cock he has! I could see glimpses of Sara’s body, she still has a great figure and knew men liked what they saw. Andy turned to Sara and they kissed passionately as he turned the robe was fully open and I could see his toned physique. Their kissing was passionate and her hand was squeezing my thigh, he looked at me during during a kiss with her, phew I was getting aroused.

I saw Sara slowly move her hand onto his cock, fingers wrapping around it, oh god I so wanted to do the same. She turned to me and she kissed me, I and reached into the robe and massaged a breast. Andy was looking at me while Sara gently rubbed his cock, “2 of us are nearly naked,” he said looking at me, so I pulled my vest top over my head exposing my upper body. “More was Andy’s response” I stood and released the clip and rear zip of my skirt, as I went to move the skirt off my hips I made sure my thumbs were inside my thong, I pushed down and both skirt and thong dropped to the floor, I stepped out of them leaving me only in boots.

Standing there almost in front of Sara, nipples very pert, she stood up and we kissed and fondled each other, after watching for a while Andy stood up and moved towards us. His cock stood proud, he came to me for a kiss and as he did I could feel his cock on my stomach. Sara had moved behind me and had both hands on my breasts, I reached down and my fingers managed to slide over the top of his cock. “mmm Sophie that’s good” it felt wet which was nice, one of Sara’s hands was dropping off my breast onto my stomach and slowly going lower.

I could feel her hand brush over my trim vaginal hair and then a finger drop into my now moist slit, leaning back into her chest antalya escort I could feel her finger working in me. We all moved and I sat on the edge of the sofa legs wide open, Sara knelt between them and started to tongue my moist vagina. “oh god Sara, nice so nice,” Andy had moved and still stood his cock was now near my face, I took it in my mouth and the taste was glorious confirming to me that he and Sara had fucked. I started to quickly move my head up and down his cock, while I felt Sara licking me with real conviction.

Several minutes was spent like this then Andy said “shall we go upstairs” yes was Sara and I response. Sara was first upstairs and almost jumped onto the bed, I was next and saw her laying on her back so I went on my stomach and open her legs and ran my tongue over her mound while I insert a finger into her. “oh Sophie oh Sophie” was all she could say. My finger was wet I pulled it out and replaced it with my tongue, so wet, so warm, and a mixture of her and Andy was the taste in my mouth. I was aware of Andy behind me, his hands under my hips lifting me, I went to a kneeling position and felt his cock open my lips and slide in.

“Fuck him Sophie,” Sara said in between moans as I continued to lick as deep into her as I could. I could feel Andy really fucking me hard, he was nearly lifting me of the bed with every push, his grunting made it only more erotic for me. “Let me see him behind you,” Sara said “so I can see in my mind how he fucked me,” I stopped licking and slid my whole body up and to the right of Sara, still kneeling but able to kiss her. I put my index finger in her and found her clit, Andy was again fucking be as hard as he could, “look at him Sara this is how you looked earlier,” her eyes rolling as my finger kept moving around in her.

“argh Sophie I’m coming,” shouted Andy, “fuck me, fuck me Andy, let me feel that warm cum in me,” I could feel the hot semen in me “Christ that’s so fucking good” he pulled his cock out and moved to Sara’s mouth, she opened it and more cum came from its tip and Sara let it drop in her mouth. He moved away and I turned and and placed myself for a 69 with her. I felt her tongue in me immediately and I buried my tongue in her, she too was about to taste Andy after he had come in someone. I started to shudder and could feel her doing similar, “nice girls nice,” said Andy, I exploded over her tongue and felt Sara do similar she moans, I shout. Either way we both came together.

We all rested though occasionally there was kisses between us all, sadly it was now getting light and with Sara in mind a taxi was called to take us back to my house and sleep for a few hours. We climbed into my bed and relaxed in each others arms, was such a nice end to a fabulous night.

Sophie xx

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