Sorority Ch. 05

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Chapter 5

Toga Toga Toga

Exams; one of the most stressful times for a college student. It was the last week of exams for the first semester, before Jameson University would be sending its students off home for Christmas break.

Inside the Sigma Delta sorority house, the quiet sounds of studying filled the tense air. Dawson was lying down on the living room floor with her books spread out in front of her. Above her on the couch, Alison sat with her back against the arm and her books resting on her bent knees as she chewed on her pencil and poured over her notes.

Beside the fireplace, Anne was tapping her pen against the side of her text book as she sat against the wall. Across her, in the kitchen, Eileen and Faith were both sitting on stools with their books spread out on the kitchen table. No one was saying a word.

Up the stairs onto the next floor, hidden away in her pink and blue bedroom, Lana lay on her bed with her legs in the air and papers scattered all over the sheets. Further down the hall, the buxom Nikki sat at her desk, running her hands frustratedly through her thick, dark red hair. The house was still silent except for a slight rocking noise from above.

One flight up on the third floor, Raven sat on Kate’s bed as Kate was sitting at her desk, each studying the same subject. But both were engrossed in their own concentration and not talking to the other. Penetrating the silence was a noise coming from down the hall, a low moaning and creaking of a bed.

Behind the closed door of the head girls’ bedroom, Brandi was dealing with the stress of exams in a different way.

Bare naked, the petite Brandi was riding the well-built guy beneath her like there was no tomorrow. She had one hand on the headboard, and the other steadying her on his chest as she gyrated back and forth on his dick. The sheets on the bed were crumpled up by their feet.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!” she cried grunting and moaning.

She started riding him harder and harder, his dick getting slammed inside her pussy as her face contorted. Her eyes were closed and her mouth wide open as she groaned with pleasure. Her black, shoulder-length hair fell down around her face as sweat dripped off of her skinny, hard-working body.

“Come on fuck me,” the guy grunted underneath her.

“Yes, yes!” she cried out reaching her climax and swiveling her hips hard against his shaft, “Fuck yes! Yes! YES! YES! YES!”

Then she started panting like crazy and slowing down, taking her hand off of the headboard and using it to push back her sweat-soaked hair. She smiled as she looked down at the guy underneath her. This was what studying was all about.

* * *

Dawson stared blankly at the last question she had left to answer when she heard the Prof say, “Times up.”

“Damn it,” she muttered under her breath as one of the assistants came around to collect her paper. Dawson pushed her silky brown hair back behind her ears and gathered up her things in frustration.

Anne met her outside the hall.

“So how did you do?” Dawson asked her blonde, spacey pledge sister.

“Okay I think,” she shrugged, “I barely finished though.”

“You did better than me,” Dawson grumbled.

As they came outside into the brisk December air, they saw Raven waving them over.

“How’d it go girls?” the dark, sexy third-year asked, getting only shrugs for answers.

“Yeah, mine wasn’t so great either, but hey, at least that was the last one.”

“That’s true,” Dawson agreed.

“Well, that’s okay, we’ve got that big party tonight. You heard about it yet?”

“What party?” Dawson wondered.

“Every year after first term exams, the Alpha fraternity throws a giant party before everyone goes home for Christmas,” Raven explained, “This year is a toga party. So your supposed to come over to the sorority house around eight, we’ve got your togas for you. Oh, and tell Alison too.”

“Alright,” Dawson nodded, “See you then.”

* * *

“I can’t wait for you to come home,” Dawson’s boyfriend Chris told her on the phone in her dorm room, “It feels like forever since I’ve seen you.”

“I know, months,” she said, “But I’m almost home. Don’t worry.”

Yet strangely, as she hung up the phone, Dawson didn’t feel like she missed him as much as she once did.

“Shower?” Alison asked as Dawson got off the phone,


The two roommates left their dorm with their towels and walked down the hall to the co-ed shower room. They both eyed up one of their hot neighbors who was just getting out of the shower with his towel wrapped around his waist and his ripped chest glistening. They winked at each other and silently giggled as they went inside, taking side-by-side shower stalls so that they could talk.

“So, going home this weekend, hey?” Alison said as she slid off her pants and stepped into the shower, “You must be dying to have sex with Chris again.”

“It’s been too long,” Dawson said pensively as she dipped her brown hair under the showerhead, letting the warm water run down her curvy, smooth karşıyaka escort body, “Think you’re gonna hook up with anyone tonight?”

“Who knows?” Alison said as she rubbed body wash over her light-skinned, hourglass body, thinking about the only person she secretly wanted to hook up with, “Who knows.”

“Well, from the way the other girls talk about this party, sounds like it should be crazy,” Dawson concluded.

“I hope so,” Alison said as they both giggled together through the shower walls.

* * *

After Dawson and Alison were showered and ready, they left their dorm to meet the other girls at the Sigma house. They girls were already in party mode as a few of them were even in their togas. Kate and Raven had broken out the wine already.

“Dawson! Alison!” Raven called them over, almost tipping the wine out of her glass, “You two ready to par-tay!”

“Um, yeah,” Dawson smiled, giving Alison a look and a smile.

“Hey girls, you’re finally here,” Brandi called out to them as she raced up to the lobby, taking Dawson by the hand, “I’ve got some girls for you to meet.

She pulled them both into the kitchen where there were two older girls Dawson didn’t know drinking wine with Nikki, Faith and Eileen. They were both blonde, tall and skinny. The one had a sort of flattened nose, deep, dark eyes with smooth, straight hair down to her elbows, and a set of large, round tits. The other girls’ hair was slightly wavier and down to her shoulders, with bright blue eyes, a cuter face, but smaller breasts.

“Dawson, Alison, meet two more sisters of Sigma,” Brandi introduced them, “They graduated last year. Allie here was head girl last year,” Brandi indicated to the big-boobed girl with the flat nose, “And Elise was her pledge sister,” indicating the cuter-faced girl.

“Hey babes, good to meet the new recruits,” Allie said with a wicked smile, “Here have some wine.”

“Usually for the Alpha’s annual End of Term party, some of our alumni will come to party with the sorority again,” Brandi explained to them as Allie poured them each a glass of wine, “And it’s great to have these girls back again!”

“I knew it wouldn’t take you long to miss us,” Allie winked as she leaned over to Brandi and locked lips wither her, ramming their tongues down each others throats, them breaking off suddenly as Allie handed the wine glasses to the girls.

“So you girls ready to party tonight?” Elise asked them as she looked over to Allie with a knowing look, “I know we are!”

“Alison! Dawson! Woohoo!” they suddenly heard Nikki called them from behind. She was already dressed in her toga which showed more than enough of her bursting cleavage. She was holding up two more togas which Dawson knew was meant to be theirs.

“Time to get ready!” she tossed the white robes towards them.

“Alright,” Dawson said as she was about to walk off to a room to change.

“Hey hey, where you going? No reason you can’t change right here,” the newcomer Allie caught her, “Come on, we’re all sisters!”

So Alison and Dawson shrugged and undressed right there in the kitchen.

“Ooh, nice!” Allie complimented them on their beautiful, stacked naked bodies, “And they look real too!”

“I think yours are the only fakes in this room Allie,” Brandi said, causing the other girls to laugh.

“Hey, I got no problems with that! As long as they get me some hot, young action tonight!”

Dawson slipped on the white robe and fastened a golden, roman-style belt around his waist which emphasized her curvy figure. Alison did them same, but she also threw a roman wreath in her golden hair, adding to the spirit.

* * *

“Do you think any of the Lambda girls will be there tonight?” Dawson asked Raven as the girls walked to the Alpha Beta house in the crisp night air.

“No, not after we won the contest,” Raven shook her head, “They won’t show their faces.”

The twelve girls were now all dressed in their toga garb and the sounds of the party reached their ears even before the house came into view. The Alpha frat house was a large, three story house with a full balcony on the third floor. Two drunk guys in their own togas called down to the girls as they approached.

“Hey hey, Sigma babes, ready to party??!”

“You know it!” Nikki called back up to them.

Inside the house, the party was already in full swing, with guys and girls from a number of different fraternities and sororities there, every one of them wearing white robes. The Sigma girls pushed their way through the crowd into the kitchen where the booze was all set out. There were many open bottles of wine and hard liquor and a keg of beer on the counter.

“Hey girls, glad you could make it!” the heavy-set head of Alpha Beta, Fred, welcomed them, “Help yourselves to anything here!”

“Will do Freddie!” Brandi answered him with a smile.

“Alright girls, lets get drunk!” Raven pepped them all up as she reached for the nearest bottle of vodka.

“Well, I’m already there, but I’ll sure get drunker!” Allie replied as she grabbed a cup, holding it out for Raven to pour into.

“This is crazy!” Alison said loudly to Dawson, talking over the crowd noise.

“Very! Let’s go check things out, hey?”

“Sure!” Alison said, “Wanna come Faith, Lana?”

“Where are we going?” asked Faith, whose massive tits were barely being contained by the thin white sheet.

“Touring!” C’mon!”

* * *

The only one there who didn’t seem excited to be there was Anne, who looked lost and lonely. Her thick, blonde hair was worn up and her toga was wrapped tightly around her skinny yet curvy body, looking very much like a Roman noblewoman, if her face did not betray it.

“Anne, come here a second,” Eileen pulled her over to a remotely quieter hallway, her straight blonde hair falling over her loose-fitting robe.

“Listen, I don’t want to pressure you or anything, but you have been depressed for a long time now. I haven’t seen you have fun for the last couple months,” Eileen said with a hard yet caring tone, “I know that you were taken advantage of, but you need to hop back on the horse.”

Anne just shook her head. “I don’t think I can.”

“I have a guy for you,” Eileen told her, “One of Jeff’s friends. He promised he will be very gentle with you. You should meet him. He’s very nice. You just need to get past this, and I think you’ll feel a little better about yourself.”

“Well, I don’t know…” Anne hesitated.

“At least meet him?”

“Well, alright. I’ll meet him.”

“Good,” Eileen smiled, turning to call over her boyfriend who had just walked into the party, “Hey babe, over here! Is Kyle coming tonight?”

“Yeah, he’s here already I think.”

“Kay good,” Eileen gave Anne a quick little grin.

* * *

Dawson, Alison, Lana and Faith wandered their way through the party, weaving through all kinds of clusters of people standing around talking and drinking. They went upstairs and found that there were people hanging out in most of the rooms, playing games like sociables or truth and dare. They found the room with the cutest guys and walked in.

“Mind if we join you?” Faith asked, sticking her chest out as she did.

“Not at all, girls, not at all,” one of the guys said, making room for her to sit on the bed beside him.

* * *

Back downstairs, the older girls of the sorority were drinking hard, with groups of toga-clad college boys standing around cheering them on as they did shots. The small, black-haired Brandi, the busty Nikki, the sultry, dark-skinned Raven and the smooth, sexy brunette Kate all threw their heads back as they pounded down the shots, slamming the shooter glasses on the table and shaking their heads with the impact of the alcohol.

“Whoo!” Raven called out.

“One more!” Allie cried as the two tall, blonde alums joined in this time.

“Shots, shots, shots,” the lookers-on chanted as all six of them threw back another one, followed by cheering.

* * *

“Anne this is Kyle,” Eileen introduced Anne to a very good-looking, sweet faced guy.

“Hey Anne,” he smiled at her with big white teeth.

“Hey,” she shyly answered back, almost melting her with his smile. Maybe I can do this, she thought to herself, Maybe I should do this.

* * *

Inside the bedroom, the group of co-eds talked and laughed as they all got to know each other. The guys were obviously trying to get Dawson and the girls drunk, and for the most part it was working.

“So, so you Sigma girls actually, like, walk around naked all the time, and have big sex parties together?” one of the guys actually had the nerve to ask, causing a small, awkward silence followed by all four girls almost snorting out their beer with laughter.

“Oh yeah,” Alison rolled her eyes sarcastically, “That’s exactly what it’s like.”

“So we shouldn’t believe all we hear then?” the guy, whose name was David, asked, looking slightly disappointed, “None of those things we hear of, like the naked movie nights and such?”

“Well….” Faith admitted shyly, “Those we actually do have.”

This caused a big reaction from the guys in the room as they raised their glasses together to toast.

* * *

Back downstairs, the older girls threw back one more shot. This time they had been joined by a number of toga-clad frat boys as well. After throwing back the last Jack Daniel’s, Brandi slammed her shot glass down on the counter, shook her head, and said, “Alright, time for some sex.”

The petite vixen with shoulder-length black hair wandered out of the kitchen to a group of tall guys from the Omega Nu fraternity. The Sigma Delta head girl walked straight in between them, looked around, and grabbed hand of the one on her left, pulling him away from the others.

“You’ll do,” she nodded with approval.

* * *

Back upstairs, the quietest guy in the room with the four girls was a guy named Bobby. He was quite subtly handsome, his hair black and thick with curls but kept short. He sat on the bed near the headboard beside Faith.

“I really like your accent,” he said quietly while the other guys were trying to get Dawson, Alison and Lana to drink more of their whiskey they had in a flask, “When did you move from England?”

“Just before first year,” Faith answered, turning her head to look him in the eyes.

“That’s cool. I was in England the summer after twelfth grade to travel a bit. I loved it.”

“Yeah, it is nice,” Faith smiled, “I miss it. But I’m actually going back there for Christmas break.”

“Oh that must be nice.”

“Yeah, but I wont be gone long,” she said with a little wink, “I’ll be back for the next term.”

Faith and Bobby kept on talking together, leaving themselves completely out of the conversation going on with the other people in the room around them. And the whole time Faith could only think that something was happening just then. This guy seemed genuinely sweet and perhaps he wasn’t just after her enormous boobs like most guys. He was interested in everything she said. She tried to maintain calm on the outside, but inside she was bursting with joy.

* * *

“Ugh, no more shots,” Nikki waved away the bottle of tequila that the Alpha leader Fred just brought to the table.

“Yeah, I agree with that,” Raven said, “But you guys go for it.”

The remaining girls stepped off to the side to talk, while the guys continued to do shots behind them.

“C’mon Kate,” Raven, who was getting very drunk by this point, slung her arm around her tall, brunette friend, “We need to get you laid. It’s been too long since you’ve had a guy.”

“Yeah, it has been pretty long, what’s up with that Kate?” Nikki asked.

“Nothings ‘up’ with it Nikki,” Kate stared her down, “I’m just sick of these immature dipshits at this college.”

“You’re gonna regret that after you graduate Kate,” Elise said from experience, “Trust us, get your action in now.”

“Yeah, come on Katie Kate,” Raven pulled her over to the large living room where a big crowd of people were dancing to the blaring techno music, “Let’s go find you a good fuck toy.”

“Alright, I need to find a bathroom,” Nikki stumbled off.

“Well,” Allie looked over at her friend Elise, “More shots?”

“More shots!” Elise called as they turned back to the group of big, toga-wearing party animals behind them.

* * *

“Hey, Colin!” Raven called out drunkenly as she saw Nikki’s friend-with-benefits standing alone in the corner, “You seen Nikki yet?”

“No,” he sullenly shook his head, “I just… I don’t know what I’m gonna do with her.”

“You mean, you actually want to date her right?” Raven said as he stumbled from Kate’s shoulder over onto his.

“Something like that.”

“Then you have to just tell her that, and be strong about it. I’ve known Nikki for a long time, and she’s a girl like the rest of us, ready to melt whenever we see fire.”

“What does that mean?” he looked at her strangely.

Raven hicced. “I don’t know! I’m pretty wasted! C’mon Kate! Where are we going again?”

* * *

Meanwhile on the third floor of the big frat house, behind the closed door of one of the bedrooms, the sounds of the party below were kept o a minimum. Anne was lying down on the bed nervously. She had slipped the shoulder strap of her toga down to reveal her plump, juicy tits underneath and showed them to Kyle, which she actually found very hard to do. But he was very gentle with them.

Now, Kyle was kneeling at the end of the bed, pulling the skirt part of her toga up past her waist. He pulled off her white panties and then leaned his face in towards her pussy. Anne held her breath, part of her wanting to scream and push him away, the other part just anxious to get it over with.

But once he eased his mouth against her vagina, she suddenly felt at ease and much more relaxed. He slowly slid his soft tongue between her pussy lips, twisting it around ever so slightly. Anne smiled and leaned her head back. All of her anxiety began to melt away.

His lips caressed her vagina as her tongue moved in and out of her hole. Then he licked his way up to her clit where he began circling the tip of his tongue around. Anne moaned with pleasure, grabbing and squeezing her own tits with her small, soft hands.

He kept working on her for a long time, and she loved every minute of it. She remembered how some guys could be trusting and tender. She knew then that she would be relatively okay.

“I want you inside me,” she whispered to him softly.

He lifted his head up from between her knees and nodded. He crawled up onto the bed on top of her and slowly eased his penis inside her, gently sliding it in and out. Anne closed her eyes and turned to the side with a giant smile on her cute, thin face. This was what she liked.

* * *

Nikki found a bathroom up on the second floor. She wove her way through the people who crowded the hallway and made her way in. But after she had closed the door, she heard something behind her. When she turned, the shower curtain was drawn across the bathtub, and she realized that there were people having sex in there, judging from the moaning and grunting. Nikki paused for a second, but then shrugged it off and decided to just ignore them.

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