Spanking Kenny’s Wife Ch. 04

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Continued from part 3…..

Authors Note: I want to thank my new friend, Barb, for her excellent suggestions and help with grammar and punctuation. She’s made this a better chapter.


Up to now, I had spent the entire evening creating an atmosphere of suspense, excitement, mystery and sexual tension for Jan. I wanted her to know what was going to happen, but have enough surprises in store for her so that she could never tell what was going to happen next.

During our time in her bedroom, I was methodical in trying to embarrass her, but in a way that gave her an excuse – a way to say she wasn’t in control and therefore, couldn’t change the events that occurred. I played up to her fantasy of being exposed and touched. I did a lot of things to expose her and to touch her in a way that was completely new, and it excited her so much to do these things with the full knowledge and permission of her husband.

When we moved downstairs where Kenny was waiting for us, I continued the same approach. Slowly building the tension, getting closer and closer to the point where she knew things were going to happen. I enjoyed building her anticipation of the inevitable that was to come. My goal was to raise her sexual arousal and get her to say and do things she wouldn’t normally say. And if I don’t mind saying so myself, I had brought her to the edge of her level of comfort and held her there all night.

It was time, though. All the preliminaries had been completed, she had been prepared and dressed. Her frame of mind was where it needed to be and she was ready – ready for the real thing. I still wasn’t sure if it was the spanking she was interested in, or just the sexually charged situation the spanking would create. It didn’t matter, we were here and it was time for Jan to be spanked.

Everything we talked about was about to start. Even though I had tried to prepare her for what was to follow, I was sure that the events of the next hour were going to hold a plethora of feelings for her. The excitement, the embarrassment, the humiliation, the things I was going to make her say and the things I was going to do, up to now, had been a fantasy. This was going to be real. She was going to lay over my lap and I was going to touch her cute little ass just the way she wanted me to. She had already cum twice in the last 30 minutes, and unless I was wrong, she would cum several more times before I left. All of this would happen with her husband watching.

I sat on the spanking seat and looked up at her saying “Get down on your knees and lay across my lap.” She moved as I instructed and I adjusted her knees apart so that I could have complete access to her panty covered bottom and the treasure between her legs. I propped her up a bit, telling her I needed to be able to have access to her nipples. I told Kenny he could either stay sitting in the chair and stroke his cock, or move to a better position, but he needed to move now if he was going to move. As I was talking to him, I dropped my right hand to her bottom and began to move it under her short skirt and then to the silky treasure between her legs.

Kenny stood and shoved his pants to the floor and stepped out of them leaving him naked from the waist down, dressed only in a t-shirt and sox. His cock, small and hard, pointed straight out as he walked toward us and lay on the carpet right next to her. From his vantage point he would have an excellent view of anything I did to her and if he decided to take pictures, he would be close enough to capture the intimate details and the intricate folds of her beautiful pussy.

“I hope you didn’t think I was going to let you remain dressed during all of this,” I said to Jan, “The clothes were just for fun. Before we are done you will be naked, you can count on that. For now, maybe we’ll just pull your skirt up.” I let the anticipation sink in as I neatly lifted and folded her skirt up onto her back. She looked so cute lying there with her little skirt pulled all the way up and her silky pantied ass fully on display for us. I started out by lightly rubbing my hand slowly over her ass cheeks – ever so softly, barely touching her until I finally dipped my hand between her legs. The crotch of her panties was wet, almost drenched. Oh, how I love to touch a woman that has wet panties. The wetness gives a certain texture to the material there and tells you that she’s soft and moist, ready to be penetrated.

My fingers worked up and down her crack, pressing against the outside of her panties and feeling her from her anus down to her vagina. I lingered back there, letting Kenny watch as I lightly stroked her up and down, making a crease in her panties as my fingers repeatedly ran up and down her crack. I pressed my finger against her anus. When I touched it, she tightened up. I knew this was a reflex action but I needed her to know now that her sacred little bottom was going to be invaded. I knew she was afraid of being hurt there, and I wanted to use Maltepe Escort the anticipation of her anal invasion to create a heightened apprehension so I just let my finger press against her backdoor and tapped it lightly as I said “Don’t tighten your cute ass like that again, my sweet. I will be gentle with you as long as you don’t deny me. If you try to resist, I can make it quite uncomfortable. When I touch you there, relax your butt hole and push back against my finger. Let’s try it again.”

I pressed my finger against her hole again and her resistance gave way. Her ass opened up to me and I lightly pressed into her to test her resolve to follow my instructions. I was delighted with her response and wanted to acknowledge her trust so I didn’t push into her very far at all, instead, I just applied light steady pressure to her entry. The longer I left my finger there, the more she relaxed she became. “Do you let your husband fuck you there?” I asked, wiggling my finger a bit. I waited at least 10 seconds for her answer and when she didn’t say anything, I slapped her ass hard. She jumped when I smacked her and I held her down over my lap as she tried to move. I hadn’t intended to slap her butt that hard. I knew I couldn’t spank her for the next hour with the same force, she simply couldn’t endure that. “Jan, let that be a reminder for you,” I said, soothing her stinging bottom with the hand which just spanked her, “unless you want to be spanked like that all night, I suggest you answer more quickly next time.”

“Let’s try that again.” I said as my finger moved back to her anus and applied pressure to it. Again I felt her relax and open so I kept it there and didn’t try to push into her. I repeatedly tapped lightly on her hole and asked “Now tell me, do you let your husband fuck you there?” This time, her answer came quickly. “No, I’ve never had any thing in there.”

“Oh,” I replied, “that’s just shameful. Why not?”

“I had a girl friend in college who let her boyfriend do that. She bled for a week and she was in a lot of pain. It really scared her.”

“Well,” I said, “I guess I’ll just have to show you guys the right way to treat a lady’s ass. If you use enough lube and go slow, you’ll really enjoy it. We’ll try some fingers later to see how that feels. I’ll be very gentle and you’ll see how nice it is. But to deny your husband something this cute and this beautiful, that’s just wrong.”

I lifted her chest up a little so I could slip my hand to her chest easily. I felt I hadn’t paid enough attention to her petite little breasts and I wanted rectify that. I cupped one of her petite breasts in my hand and pinched the tiny nipple lightly. I began stroking her pantied covered ass again, caressing the silky cheeks of her bottom as I spoke to her saying “I think we’ll begin now. I want you to lie still while you get the first of your swats. After these are over, we’ll help you get a little more undressed and then we’ll have some more swats.”

I left my hand where it was, holding her tit and lightly pinching and pulling her nipple. As a signal to Kenny that I was starting, I raised my right hand – held it there and then began her spanking. The first swat fell on her right butt cheek. It sounded like she got a good swat, but, I could tell by the absence of movement under me that it hadn’t hurt her at all. My finger returned to the furrow between her legs and I rubbed her, trying to judge the wetness inside her panties. With her husband watching, I slipped my fingers under the crotch of her panties and rubbed her labia, making sure Kenny saw where I was touching. Bent over like she was, I could smell the unmistakable aroma of her pussy filling my nostrils and not able to resist it any longer, I deliberately slipped two fingers into her vagina and didn’t stop until they were all the way in. I moved my fingers around inside her, wanting her to feel how much access I had to the inner reaches of her vagina. Pushing deeper, I briefly touched her cervix and she let out a moan.

After pushing into her as deeply as I dared, I removed my hand from inside her panties and gave her another swat on the other cheek. As I did, I noticed a glob of thick looking girl juice on my finger and slipped it into my mouth, I made a sucking sound to intentionally bring focus to the fact that I was licking the fingers that had touched inside her body – inside her soul and inside her sex. Looking down at Kenny lying beside her, I made an exaggerated face saying “She’s finger licking good, my friend. One of us is going to need to lick her pussy tonight. We can’t let that go to waste – that’s one tasty pussy.”

“Jan,” I said, “Turn your head toward your husband so you can see what this is doing to him.” She turned to look at Kenny as he laid all the way back and held his cock out for her to see and stopping his stroke for a few seconds. He squeezed his cock and a dribble of precum rose to the top and rolled down onto his fingers. While she Kartal Escort watched him, I gave her ten more swats, alternating cheeks each time as I increased the pinching pressure on her nipples. By the time I reached the tenth, I finally gave her one last pinch, this time of considerable force. None of the swats were hard enough to cause her any real pain, but, when I stopped, I noticed her legs were shaking a tiny bit. Thinking this might be hurting her more than I thought it was, I decided to momentarily suspend her swats and give her some pleasure. I slipped my hand down inside the back of her panties toward her vagina.

Knowing the workout her clit received in the bedroom and what I had planned for her yet this evening, I knew I couldn’t keep manhandling the tiny bud over and over. Instead, I slipped my thumb into her pussy, searching the anterior wall for her g-spot. After a few seconds of searching, her moaning told me I had found it. I pressed against the pea sized gland and gently rubbed it. She was able to stand only a minute of this before she started to wiggle her ass as if to give me more access.

She built up to it quickly. Her breathing quickened and she started moaning “Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh”. The shaking of her legs became worse and her butt was moving in time with my thumb pressure inside her. When her orgasm took hold of her, her midsection went completely rigid on me and I felt her pussy clamp down on my thumb. She held her breath for an instant and then went limp, resting her body on my lap. I withdrew my thumb and started running small circles around her inner lips, but still not touching her little clit. I looked at Kenny to see him raise his eyebrows and smile.

I had the sensation that my hand was completely soaked. It didn’t feel like the normal female lubricating secretions, but, instead it felt like my hand was holding back a flood of hot warm liquid. As I moved my hand around inside her panties, there was no mistaking it. She had gushed on me. Keeping my fingers together, I carefully pulled my hand out of her panties and looked at it. Contained in the palm of my hand was a small pool of sinuous clear looking fluid. Fuck, she actually ejaculated on me. If there had been any contact at all with my own cock at this exact instant, I would have cum, myself. I don’t know who was more turned on, me, Kenny, or her, but, I had to make a big deal of this unexpected turn of events.

“Jan, please stand up.” I requested.

Slowly, she rose up off of me to stand next to Kenny, who was still lying on the floor stroking his cock. I held my hand out for to her to see saying “I know I don’t need to ask you if you had a good cum. Does this (pushing my hand out toward her) happen a lot?”

I looked up into her eyes to get her answer and immediately saw tears starting to swell. At that instant, my heart melted as I realized she was more embarrassed than she had been all evening. This really hit her at the core of her being. A tear fell down her cheek on one side, and then the other. She breathed in a choppy breath, just like a small child who was trying to talk while crying. “Once,” she said. “It happened once before.”

“I’m sorry if I spanked you too hard” I said. Tears were streaming down her face now and I started to apologize again, but, she stopped me. In between the sniffling and the crying she said “No, no, it’s okay, you didn’t hurt me. This is just so embarrassing. No one has ever seen me do this. It’s something you did to me… in there. I couldn’t control myself. All of a sudden there was this huge feeling like I had to pee, and then after that, it felt like something exploded in me. I really can’t explain it, but, I thought I peed on you.” She started to laugh. “Remember,” she said, “I told you I can cry really easily.”

I looked at my hand, still holding the small pool of wet cum fluid, then back at her. “Do you know what they call this?” I asked. She nodded her head, looked at my hand and replied “Female Ejaculation.”

“Take your shirt off, please” I asked. “It’s not fair for you to have this much fun alone.” She pulled the shirt off and I was amazed at the flush across her chest between her jiggling tiny tits. I very deliberately wiped her juice all over one tit and then the other, coating both of them with the wetness. I looked at Kenny and said “I’m afraid her tits need cleaning, licking and sucking. If you don’t, I will.”

I’m not sure if he thought I was kidding or if I was serious. He stopped his stroking, but, he didn’t move to get up. So, I turned to her and put both my hands around one of the darling little a-cups and started to gently squeeze, suck and lick. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him get up and make his way over to us. I stopped and moved over to make room for him. He moved up next to me and started to do exactly what I was doing, but to her other tit. I paused for a moment and looked up at Jan, who was standing there with her eyes closed and her head thrown back. Kurtköy Escort When she noticed I had stopped my sucking, she opened her eyes and looked back at me. “Jan, you should repay his kindness.” I told her.

She reached down and took hold of her husband’s cock as he sucked her nipple and licked all over her tit. When she grabbed him, he never stopped, but let out a long groan in response to her handling of his cock. Whatever shame or embarrassment Kenny had over the small stature of his manhood had melted away. Even thought it was small, it was very hard, and as Jan stroked and squeezed him, he seemed to enjoy it tremendously. He was devouring the juice covered breasts like a madman and she was getting into it, too.

Just then, it hit me that this would be a good time to have her touch my cock. “Hey,” I said, “this isn’t fair at all. If you’re going to reward him, shouldn’t you do the same for me?” Without receiving an answer, I undid my jeans and pulled my cock out of my underwear. Once my cock was freed Jan’s hand immediately took hold of it and began to stroke me, too. I put my hands back up to her breast began to tweak her nipple. Thinking back on some of the things she told me, I knew she had to be enjoying this attention. I decided I needed to find out for sure, and there was only one way to do that. I dropped one of my hands to feel her between the legs on the outside of her panties. She moved her legs further apart to allow my touch. Her panties were understandably soaked now. They were saturated from the front all the way to the back. I didn’t pull her panties down yet because I didn’t want Kenny to see her shaved pussy, so instead I pressed my finger into her slit and rubbed her up and down.

Jan was doing the best she could to jack both of us at the same time. Kenny was getting the worst of it, though, since Jan is right handed and had her right hand on my cock. Seeing his dilemma, I simply backed away, pulling my cock from her grasp and told her “Concentrate on him, but, be careful not to make him cum in case you want to ride that pony tonight.”

I pulled my pants up, sat down and watched while she tormented him by stroking him fast, then slow and then fast again. One thing became clear, she knew exactly how to handle his cock.

I didn’t let this go on too long and finally put an end to it telling her “Go up and get the Astroglide lube we left in your bedroom. Also, bring me a pair of silky thong panties and a plastic baggie. Hurry back so we can get on with this. You’ve had much too long of a rest.”

Jan gave me a puzzled look and turned to go back up the stairs to her bedroom. I looked at Kenny saying “Listen, during the next session, she’s going to be completely stripped and I’m going to make her say some things that might shock you. These are things she wants you to hear but isn’t brave enough to say on her own, so, make sure you pay attention. We’ll be done in about 30 minutes, so pace yourself, dude.”

Jan came down the stairs with the Astroglide lube. Dangling from her hand I could also see she was bringing me a pair of pink thong panties. Little did she know what I had planned for them. She and Kenny were going to get a lesson in panty stuffing. My cock gave a twitch as I thought about stuffing that tiny garment into her pussy, leaving just an inch or two hanging out of her pussy while she was spanked. Then I had a better idea, deciding to have Kenny help me put them into her. Having us both touch her at the same time would bring her to a fever pitch and treat her to the experience of having her both of us touching her most private parts at the same time.

Once she returned, I took the lube and the thong from her. I sat them down on the spanking seat, took her by the hand and led her back to where Kenny was sitting. I positioned her right in front of Kenny, maybe no more than 2 feet away while I stood behind her. As before, I told her to repeat after me.

“Kenny, sometimes I want to act very nasty. Actually, it’s more than that. Sometimes I want to act like a slut, but, I’m afraid of what you might think about me if I do. I don’t want to get into any real trouble and I don’t want to be attacked or gang banged, or anything like that. I’ve never told you this, but, I’ve always fantasized about being naked in front of people and letting them see my pussy. To show you how serious I am, I shaved my pussy so anyone looking at it would be able to see everything – all of me down there.”

I told Jan to remove the skirt and lower her panties to her knees. Her hands went to the sides of the skirt to unwrap it. I took the skirt from her and told her to continue. She took a breath, hooked her fingers into the waist band of the panties and slipped them down. The look on Kenny’s face was priceless. Having seen her shaved pussy myself, I knew exactly what he was looking at. My cock was throbbing and it took all my will power to keep from taking it, or her, into my own hands.

Without my prompting, she asked “Well, what do you think?”

Still standing behind her, I held my finger up to my lips as if to shush him.

“Jan,” I said, “take your panties all the way off and hand them to me. Then, spread your legs and let your husband examine your new look.”

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