Spark from Long Ago Pt. 02: Burns

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I woke slowly, covered with a soft sheet and blanket – warm and comfortable, realizing from the light that I had slept in longer than usual. I lifted my head and found that Jenn was not there, and I wondered if I had dreamt the night before. As I moved and stretched slightly I realized I was naked rather than wearing the t-shirt and boxers I normally slept in. I sat up, then stood, hearing some noise from the kitchen. As I pulled on my undershorts I noted my pubic hair was stiff with dried cum, giving an odd sensation as the also slightly stiff cloth of the underwear brushed against it. I pulled on my undershirt, then made my way out of the bedroom.

Jenn came out of the kitchen and smiled at me, a cup of coffee in hand which she passed to me. She was already dressed but her hair still looked damp, from a shower I assumed. I sat at the table in the dining area and sipped the excellent coffee, and looked down at the morning paper. She sat opposite, and when I looked up at her each time she was looking directly at me. After a couple of minutes she stood and walked over behind me, putting her hands on my shoulders and massaging them.

“We’re going to go out for breakfast” she said, telling me not asking. Sniffing she said “You should probably shower. I left a towel out for you, let me know if you need anything else.”

She rubbed my shoulders for a couple of more minutes, not saying anything more. As I finished the coffee I stood up, and turned toward her, and moved to kiss her. She smiled but then turned away quickly saying “Go get in the shower, I’m starving.”

I washed quickly and dried off, then went into the bedroom to dress realizing then that I had no clean clothes to change into. Rather than putting on the crusty undershorts I went commando, and wore the shirt with no t-shirt underneath. Returning to the living room I pulled on my sandals, then turned to Jenn saying “OK, ready to go.”

We went down to the lobby where she took my hand and guided me left down the street. “There’s a good place in the next block” she offered, “it shouldn’t be too busy yet.” When we arrived at the cafe she was greeted by name, and we took a small table in a corner, each sitting against the wall.

Jenn gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, then studied the menu. “The crepes are really good, but the omelettes too if you don’t want sweet.” The waitress came quickly with coffee, took our orders, whisked away the menus then disappeared. Jenn seemed very reserved relative to the previous night, and I hoped I hadn’t done anything to upset her. As I looked over at her she was looking down, then raised her head and looked at me, our eyes locking. She moved her hand over onto mine, and still looking at me said very softly “We need to talk.”

She sounded so serious I really worried that something was wrong. “OK” I said, but with some hesitation in my voice. I had spent the previous night in heaven, and as we had walked to the cafe I had realized how much I hoped that this was just the start of something. It felt to me as much more than lust that had driven our actions, but there had been lust too. Had she felt that something more too? Did she already have someone else? Although she seemed to have welcomed my actions did I go too far somehow?

“We need to talk about us.” she said, then stopped and went on “No, I guess it’s really mostly about me.” She took a deep breath and looked up at me again. Her eyes were damp as though she might cry, but she smiled a little.

“Last night” she started, then paused as if trying to decide what to say.

“Was incredible” I finished.

She smiled again, “I’m glad you thought so too.” She looked down, fiddling with the napkin in her lap.

“OK” she began, “a couple of years ago I started dating a guy, Dan, who I had known for awhile, and things progressed, soooo after a few dates we ended up in his bed, and it was really quite good. Soon we were only seeing each other, and we seemed to be developing a pretty serious relationship. We would usually go out Friday night, I would stay over at his place… you know, it was nice, but everything became kind of routine … not bad but bornova escort always the same, same time, same place, same foreplay… I tried to get him to do something new, like offering to suck him off in a dark corner of a restaurant – but he told me not to be slutty. That was actually his response to a few suggestions at different times. Then one evening we were meeting some of his friends at a rooftop bar after dinner, I had a couple drinks with dinner and was also particularly horny that night. As we went up in the elevator we were in the back with a couple of other people in front of us, all facing the door as usual. I reached around from behind him and started to rub him through his pants. He grabbed my hands hard and stopped me, and after the others left the elevator he whispered ‘You really are a slut aren’t you.’ And pushed my hands away and walked off, seemingly quite angry with me.”

Jenn looked up at me as if she was trying to read my response, then looked down again and continued. “I just stood there, kind of shocked. The elevator doors closed and it went down with me alone in it. As I went down I thought about what he said. I decided that if that was his definition of a slut, and being a slut like that was bad, then there was no future for us and I never saw him again.”

She looked up at me again. The smile wasn’t there anymore, and she looked worried. She took a deep breath, and looking right into my eyes said “Being with you seemed so right, I think I have loved you for a long time without admitting it. This morning when I woke up I kind of panicked because I saw how easy it would be for you to think I am a slut after last night and I couldn’t bear that.”

She looked down again, then back at me “I need to be completely open with you, now, before things go any farther. I really like sex. A lot. And what we did in the gallery was really exciting to me, and I like doing things like that. And if you asked me I would slide under the table and suck you off right now and I would do it and probably enjoy it as much as you. So if that makes me a slut and you don’t like it then tell me now and we can part friends who had a great night together because that is who I am.”

Tears welled up in her eyes again as I sat and looked at her. I admit I was surprised at several levels, not the least of which was that we were in a cafe talking about this. I think I had a kind of blank look on my face but then it shifted to a big smile.

“I cannot imagine how Dan could have said and done that, but I am glad he did because otherwise last night might not have happened. I have to tell you, honestly, last night was the best night of my life – sexually but in any other way as well – I don’t care what you call it.” I paused, then went on “And I think I am in love with you.” We just looked at each other for a minute, then I added “And if you aren’t careful you’ll get your knees dirty under the table.” It took a second before she realized what I meant, but she reached over and slid her hand up my thigh into my crotch, feeling the bulge that was developing.

“Are you really sure?” she asked. “How can I know if we are really compatible, that you won’t be shocked or grossed out by something I do or say and then leave?”

“Ask me whatever you want, about whatever is important to you, now. Like – do I remember to put down the toilet seat after I pee? Yes, always!” I laughed.

Jenn laughed too, but then we were interrupted by waitress bringing our plates, and we both dug in hungrily. As we finished over a second cup of coffee, Jenn looked at me again. “That’s not such a bad idea about asking questions you know. Were you serious? I can ask anything?”

“Absolutely” I replied immediately.

“You would have to answer completely honestly, and not hold anything back. I will be able to tell if you don’t tell the truth.”

“That’s the only way it could work” I said “but you know complete honesty can bring out things you might not like.”

“And I suppose I would have to do the same for you. No secrets, answer every question honestly. That’s actually a little scary.”

I wondered if we would continue the conversation there in the cafe, but Jenn got up, paid for breakfast, then took my hand and led me out and in the direction back to her place. Nothing more was said until we got inside. She pointed at a chair and said “OK, you’re in the hot seat.”

She looked at me for a little while, and the smile I like so much came back to her face. “So we’re really going to do this?” she asked.

Nodding, I said quietly “If it’s what you want.”

“I do want” she quickly replied. “After last night I feel like we have a bond, but then I realize I know nothing about your life now, about what you like and don’t like, the nitty gritty.”

I was actually a little nervous, not knowing that very personal questions might be coming. I knew I loved her, and wanted her no matter what, but what she didn’t like my answers? I took a deep breath, and said “Fire away.”

“OK, I was trying to think of questions as we walked back, I might need some little followups. Let’s jump right in. How often do you masturbate and where do you do it?”

“That is jumping right in … well, over the last year probably 3 or 4 times a week – sometimes less sometimes more. Before Amy got sick it was more like a couple of times a week usually. Now most often I do it in my office at home, but also in bed or in the shower, or once in awhile in the restroom at work.”

“Your office at home, huh? Do you watch porn on your computer while you do it?”

“Well, yes, often – but maybe you should define what you mean by porn” I said, then adding “but sometimes I read or look at pictures instead.”

“Porn, dirty movies, people doing sexual things on camera. Do you really need a definition?” Jenn asked, seeming to be somewhere between curious and annoyed.

“I know the general definition, but I really dislike essentially all commercial porn – it looks completely fake and doesn’t excite me. What I watch is ‘erotica’, only the amateur or homemade variety, and most of that isn’t so good either. But there are some sexy things if you look for them.”

There was a pause, so I continued “My turn. What always turns you on sexually?”

Jenn thought for a minute, then answered “Hearing or seeing other people having sex. Like being in a hotel room with the neighbors moaning and thumping the bed against the wall, or discovering a couple at a party surreptitiously fucking in a bedroom. Catching somebody masturbating can also be fun but not as good as real sex.”

“And what do you do if that happens?”

“If I am with somebody I’ll usually jump his bones as soon as I can find someplace to do it. If I’m alone in a hotel room I’ll masturbate every time. If I am really horny I will try to moan loud enough to be sure that they hear me and know that I am getting off because of them. What can I say? I told you I like sex a lot.”

She looked over at me again. “Did you ever cheat on your wife?”

“No” I said quietly. “I wish I could say I was a saint and was never tempted, but that’s not true. I knew how much it would hurt her though if I did it and she found out, and I was never good at lying to her. So I just had to resist temptation.”

“Give me an example of temptation” Jenn added.

“Well, you were maybe the first – but not only did I not want to hurt Amy, I didn’t want to risk my job on a student sexual harassment charge. I told you I did have to go relieve my tensions due to you and you can bet I thought about what I would really like to have done. Another time was a woman I knew that I saw at a summer conference. There was a lake nearby and one afternoon we skipped the talks to go swimming. I really did think it was just for swimming. There was a little island that we swam out to, she led the way around to the far side of it. We got out and sat on the beach. We talked a bit and somehow it came up that she was a ‘very sexual person’ – in her words – and she made quite clear that she would like to have sex right then and there. She looked very sexy in the swim suit, and I thought about it – but I said I thought that wasn’t such a good idea, and we swam back to the main shore. Fortunately she didn’t seem upset by my rejection, but it was very tempting, no one but us would have known. There have been a few other opportunities.”

“You are a saint” Jenn laughed.

“My turn. Do you have any sex toys in your bedroom?”

She laughed again. “Yes. Several. And yes, I do use them, sometimes. Rather than describe them I think I will have to show you at some point, maybe demonstrate how they can be used.”

Wearing loose pants commando meant that when I sat down my penis was pointing down one leg of my trousers. The idea of a demonstration was exciting and made it begin to swell. I looked down and realized that although I had not really gotten hard before, the discussion of sex had made me start leaking pre-cum and there was a good size wet spot on my pants.

“Have you ever had an encounter with another man?” Jenn queried.

I hesitated, wondering if I should reveal something I had never told anyone about. I had stressed honesty in our responses though. I swallowed, then said “Yes. It was at the end of high school, with a good friend. We were both virgins but horny, and we had been reading stories about blowjobs. I decided to find out what giving a blowjob was about, and so I did it. I only did him twice, and he jacked me off but never sucked me. It was educational.”

“Did he cum in your mouth? Did you swallow?”

“Yes and yes. It really doesn’t seem like a big deal to me, cum is a little slimy but not too much taste. I know some women hate it.”

“Some love it though. I always swallow but I only give a blow job to someone I really like – it excites me to watch an orgasm hit and feel the cock pulsing in my mouth. I can see the pleasure I am giving him and that excites me.”

My own cock throbbed and produced another squirt of pre-cum, the wet spot was now large and my penis fully erect.

Jenn had pulled her feet up under her on the couch, and parted her knees revealing the dark patch of pubic hair between her legs. “Just one more question” she said. “Will you please take me to the bedroom and make love to me?” She stood, and walked over to me, reaching down to touch the wet spot in my pants and run her hand up and down my shaft. She leaned over and kissed me. “I hope you want it as much as I do.”

She pulled me up and we hugged, pressing our bodies together. Another long, wet kiss, then we separated and pulled my hand toward the bedroom. We undressed each other and fell naked onto the bed. We kissed and sucked and touched all over, moving from one body part to another. Finally I couldn’t wait and more and rolled Jenn onto her back and quickly thrust up into her. She gasped, then returned my thrusts making our bodies slap together. It wasn’t long before Jenn moaned “Oh god…” which I was beginning to recognize as the hallmark of an orgasm coming, and then repeated loud ‘Unhhh’s as it hit. Hearing her orgasm set me off, spurting up deep inside her again and again.

When I finally stopped, with my cock still as deeply inside her as I could get it, she put her hands on the sides of my head and pulled it down to kiss me again. “I do love you” she said.

I finally lifted myself slowly, and as I did felt my softened cock slip out of her. She shivered as this happened, and stuck out her lower lip as if disappointed. She was lying on her back, and I was on my side next to her. My hands wandered over her body, touching her nipples then slipping down to feel the very wet patch between her legs. As I lay my head down against her I was looking toward the foot of the bed, and realized beyond it was the window with no curtain or shade, which I had not given any thought to when we had entered the bedroom. I lifted my head, nodding it that direction, commenting “I wonder if we put on a show for somebody?”

“It’s New York” Jenn answered, “most people don’t close their shades, and yes many people have binoculars or a telescope. You said you like voyeur movies didn’t you, maybe you’re in one.”

We made love twice more that afternoon, taking much longer those times. I think we tried every sexual position I had ever heard of and several I am sure I hadn’t. The shades stayed open, and I kept wondering in the back of my mind if we really were giving a performance. Not the last time I would wonder this …

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