Spicing Up the Routine

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I walk into the room to find you sitting on the couch, watching an infomercial. “Is this what we’re doing tonight?” I ask you, eyebrows raised. You look up at me and just nod before looking back to the TV. “So, you don’t want to go to dinner?” I ask hopefully. You sigh, but don’t look back up at me.

Saying nothing, I approach the couch then straddle you, kissing your neck.

“That’s…not…gonna…work” You tell me breathlessly, unconvincingly. I keep kissing your neck slowly grinding into you, hoping your imagination is running wild. I move my hand down to your chest feeling your heart beat’s quicken.

“Oh, that’s not fair,” you narrow your eyes at me. I just giggle, biting my bottom lips. I put my hands around your neck, our faces only inches apart.

“You are an evil woman.” I shake my head at you before closing the gap between us, pressing my lips to yours. Working your stubborn mouth open gently with my tongue, tracing the outline of your lips. Finally you part your lips and our tongues meet, I spell my name in your mouth. Our bodies pressed together, I feel you give in to me. Your hands find my ass and you give it a good squeeze. I react to your touch, grinding into you. A small moan escapes my mouth into yours.

I feel your cock growing hard, pressing into me. You can feel me smiling as we continue to kiss. Your face starts turning red. I nibble your bottom lip, kiss up your cheek to your ear. My tongue traces your lobe, my teeth follow grazing your skin. Whispering in your ear “you turn me on so much..”

I kiss you again, this time a little roughly. I lean back watching your eyes get big, I’m not always this forward. I pull my shirt over my head, watching your eyes explore my body before reaching back and unhooking my bra. You place your hands on me, feeling the weight of them in your palms. I drop my bra to the floor watching your face as you feel my nipples get hard against your touch. Your eyes go from mine to my nipples as you slowly kastamonu escort start to pinch and pull at them, watching me react. When you start getting rough with them you feel me grind into you, my breath quickening. My heads thrown back and I don’t see as you lean down taking one in your mouth. I gasp as you suck on it, then gently nip, your fingers pinching the other one at the same time.

“Ooooh god, David..” hearing me moan your name you can’t hold back anymore, pushing me down onto the couch. You reach for my zipper and pull down my jeans. you kiss my calves, up to my thighs, teasing me worse than I did you. Youre fingers explore the edge of my panty line making my hips jerk. You kiss me thru my panties, feeling how wet I am for you. Smiling up at me as you trace my panty line with your tongue next. “Daaaavid,” I groan your name, already anxious for you to taste me. You just keep smiling at me wickedly. You pull my panties to the side, gently blowly your cool breath on my hot lips making me squirm. Your fingers inch toward my waistband and I lift my ass off the couch so you can pull them down. Thank god, you do.

You kiss my thighs, getting closer to my sweet spot with each circle your lips make. Suddenly you lick from my asshole to my clit, one quick suck on my clit. I groan, scootching my hips away from you, but you pin me down with one of your strong arms. You take your middle finger, making the same pass up my slit, but circle my clit for a little while longer. You watch me squirm. You tease me hole with your fingers, but don’t penetrate me. Your lips kissing right above my clit, so soft on my skin. I fight against the pressure from your arm, trying to urge you into me – you’re stronger though.

Your ice blue eyes staring up from between my legs, never breaking eye contact as I feel one of your long thick fingers slide into me. You gasp a bit, feeling how hot and wet I am inside. You smile big at me and then kayseri escort disappear between my legs, your lips finally closing over my swelling clit, sucking gently. I squirm underneath you, ready to cum after being teased for so long. You shove another thick finger inside me, curling them up inside me to massage my gspot. Your tongue licks my aching clit side to side making me buck my hips against you. You finger fuck me a little rougher, sucking my clit again and I feel the pressure building inside of me – my stomach jumping, muscles stiffening.

You remove your mouth, licking my folds leaving my clit unattended, but the second your tongue returns I’m pushed over the edge. My fingers digging into the couch as I scream for you, the most intense orgasm I’ve had in a while. You keep licking me as the aftershocks rush through me, making my legs shake. Finally, I reach down pushing your head away. My chest heaving, you rest your head on my thigh smiling up at me.

I look down as you’re licking your lips, fingers lazily trailing up and down my leg. “Oh, we’re not done yet.” I inform you. You raise your eyebrows. “It’s your turn now.” Smile wickedly ready to please you, “take off your clothes.” You happily obey sitting up, taking off your shirt. Then standing to remove your jeans and boxers.

I stand right in front of you, then gently push you onto the couch. I get on my knees for you, grasping your cock feeling it grow harder in my hand. I lick it all over, not missing any spot. I stroke it while I suck on your balls, taking them in my mouth. You groan as I take your head between my lips, inching you into my mouth. I keep pushing you in until I gag on you. Gagging on you until I choke. Only releasing my lips when I can’t breathe. Then I stoke you again with my little hand while my mouth kisses your balls, licking and sucking them.

You’re breathing hard, chest heaving, cock pulsating. Moving my mouth back to your thick kıbrıs escort cock, my big green eyes staring up at you as I choke myself again on you. I’m craving the sound of your moans, you screaming my name. Choking myself on you until spit drips down my chin. I leave it, letting it drip onto my naked tits. You see all this and groan, your hand going to the back of head.

“Fuck I love you,” you stroke my hair while I’m massaging your balls still, my tongue working your shaft. Your hands move down to my cheeks and grab my face, looking deep into my eyes. You hold my head still and slowly pump in and out of my throat. Watching my eyes water, you moan loudly, keeping your pace slow.

Suddenly you pull back, only the head still in my mouth. Your hands still cradling my face, you smile down at me. “Come here baby…” You hold your hand out to help me up and lead me back to the couch, to straddle you. You kiss my neck, lifting me up and slowly lowering me back down, sliding yourself inside me. I nuzzle my face into your neck moaning as you fill me. Our hips move in sync, your cock slipping deeper somehow with every thrust. You reach for my chin, pulling me to face you. “Don’t close your eyes, look at me..” I obey, staring into yours, feeling exposed. I’m reaching toward climax already, you can feel my muscles gripping you in waves.

You stare back into mine, pushing yourself inside me past the grips of my spasms. Craving to please you; you make me feel like the most important girl on the planet at this moment. Keeping our eyes locked with yours, my jaw drops as I cry out for you. My chest pressing into yours, losing all control as I cum for you.

The spasms inside me feeling like it’s milking your cock, the pure lust and pleasure in my eyes pushes you over the limit and you cum deep inside me. I feel you explode, watching me as you let go – experiencing the same pleasure as me. I kiss you deeply as we’re both still cumming fiercely.

You intertwine your fingers with mine, then wrap your arms around pinning my arms behind my back. My chest is pushed out and your take one of my nipples in your mouth, biting it before kissing my neck again. You whisper in my ear, “that was amazing..” You can still feel my muscles twitching against you. I sigh deeply, a big smile on my face.

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