Spirited Away

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Our eyes meet as we wait in our separate checkout lines. Two people waiting patiently, but bored, separated by two rows of tabloids and Altoids. I noticed you in the frozen food aisle. Your high heels, shapely calves, and your round buttocks first caught my eye. Then you turned more toward me and I saw your perfectly round breasts. The cool air preserving the vegetables and TV dinners had caught the attention of your sensitive nipples, and they in turn had captured mine.

You pretended not to notice me staring at you; after all, men do it all the time. But you noticed me too. In the cereal aisle I noticed you looking at me as I turned. You saw my tight ass in my favorite jeans, and the tattoo surrounding my tanned bicep. You liked what you saw, but you turned away when I noticed.

Now, with nothing to do but wait, our eyes meet. Your warm brown eyes connect with my blues and suddenly we are alone together in another world. We are surrounded by white light as the sights and sounds of the market fade from our awareness.

You walk slowly toward me, tossing your blonde hair casually, trying to pretend you are not nervous. Your hungry eyes never leave mine as you approach. When you are close enough, I reach for you and pull you to me. My hands hold your face gently as I kiss you – tentatively at first, then more insistently as the heat of our passion grows.

Your tongue slips between my lips and I hear a sound come from my throat, a low moan, guttural and involuntary, almost a growl. My tongue finds yours and they dance, as my hands start to explore your softly yielding curves – the swell of your hips, the small of your back, the firm rise of your breast. I feel your nipple swell to attention under the warmth of the palm of my hand.

I break from your panting lips and kiss down the side of your face to your neck. I feel a shudder go through your body as I lick behind your ear and your head falls back as you gasp. Your hands are exploring my body now as well, feeling my chest, pulling at my shirt, gripping my ass and pulling me to you, grinding my hard cock against your pubic gaziemir escort mound through our clothes.

Then suddenly, you pull away from me. You are breathing heavily, each breath thrusting your breasts toward me, inviting me to caress them, so I reach for you again. You kiss me deeply and passionately as my quivering hands slowly unbutton your blouse. As I am removing your shirt from your fevered body, your hands find the front clasp of your bra and you release your beautiful breasts from their confinement.

You moan softly as I kiss my way down your neck toward your sensitive nipples, and you gasp as I gently take each hard nub into my mouth and tease it with my tongue. I can hear you giggle as I eagerly suck on your breasts. You hands wander down toward my crotch and suddenly, you push me away from your bosom and you drop to your knees.

My legs are already shaking as you rub my stiff cock through the fabric of my jeans. You look into my eyes with a wicked smile as you slowly unzip my fly and release my swollen member from its cotton prison. You make a sound in the back of your throat, not quite a growl, not quite a moan when you see my cock spring free. Your finger traces its length gingerly as if you do not quite believe what you are seeing.

Then your hand grips my shaft and your lips taste the tip. A shudder runs through me as your warm, wet mouth engulfs my manhood. I moan with pleasure as your tongue dances around my cock. You’re toying with me – we both know it. You are completely in control of my pleasure and you enjoy just teasing me. My throbbing penis pleads with you for its sweet release and you insist on drawing out my pleasure, my agonizing crescendo.

I hear myself talking to you, begging for you to take me deep in your mouth, groaning with the pleasures of your attention, and gasping as you tongue works it’s magic on my body. Then, without a word, you relent and suck my cock deep into your throat, your lips just touching the base of my shaft before you pull back. Your hand now caresses my aching balls as your lips work up and down my shaft.

Now your sucking becomes more urgent. Your hand begins pumping my cock, urging me toward the finish line. Your tongue pulls at the sensitive underside of my cock, and the sensation pushes me over the edge. My balls contract and my body convulses with pleasure as I spurt my warm, sweet and salty cum into your eager mouth. Through the haze of my ecstasy, I hear you slurp as you pull every last drop from me, and moan in disappointment when my balls finally stop spasming.

I can no longer support my own weight and my knees buckle; I am once again face-to-face with you. There is a wild look in your eyes and your face is shiny with the juices of my passion. You look very pleased with yourself as I try to gather my scattered wits about me. You laugh at my distress, but now it is my turn to pleasure you.

I kick off my pants and encourage you to lie back. Your short skirt rises as you lay back to reveal that you are naked underneath, you naughty girl! Your shaven pussy is already moist and I catch a whiff of your musk as I approach. I kiss the inside of your knee and you moan as I slowly lick small circles up your inner thigh. I kneel now between your legs and pull your skirt out of the way. You squirm in anticipation.

I slide my hands beneath your perfect ass, and grip your buttocks tightly. Without any further warning, I dive into your glorious cunt, face-first. I lift your ass and lick your from the bottom of your pussy right up to your clit. Your gasp of surprise becomes a long low moan as my tongue lingers around your sensitive nub, exploring every fold and wrinkle of your hood. I slide down and lick your swollen lips, tasting your slippery juices and replacing them with my own saliva.

My tongue darts into your slit and you lift you hips to me, urging me further. But I resist, this time, and return to teasing your clit with slow circles just on the tip of my tongue. You moan louder and your body strains to reach me, but I will not allow it yet. I stiffen my tongue and slide down from your clit and inside you, and your whole body shudders.

I move my tongue’s attention back to your swollen clit and I slowly insert my index finger into your dripping pussy. Gradually I increase the tempo as I rub your g-spot with the tip of my finger and continue licking and sucking your clit. You grab my head with both hands and grind your pussy into my face as you cum, moaning and gasping in your pleasure.

But I’m not finished. As your body starts to relax, I slide in a second finger and start vigorously finger-fucking your tight hole. Caught by surprise, you scream in ecstasy as another orgasm blasts through you.

This time as you relax, I slowly withdraw my fingers and gently and playfully lick your juices from your swollen pussy lips. You moan and purr with pleasure as I clean you up.

But then you are on the prowl again. You are not satisfied with just my tongue. You sit you and force me onto my back. My cock is at full attention again, and you impale yourself on its full length. Your pussy is hot, and wet from your previous orgasms, and grips my shaft tightly. I lift my ass to penetrate you even further, and I can feel your cervix against the head of my dick.

Your eyes are closed as I look up at you, and your head is tilted back as you take all of me inside of you. You start to rock, not letting any of my cock out of you, instead rubbing me against the deepest parts of you. Your smooth pussy lips grind against my balls and you moan as yet another climax approaches. I reach up and tease your hard nipples as I watch wave after wave of orgasm shakes your body.

Your nails scratch my chest as you ride me. Finally, I can hold out no longer, and my balls explode, filling you with my juices. I nearly pass out from the intense pleasure. You finally collapse onto my chest in a sweaty heap. Your blonde hair falls across my face, and I close my eyes.

The white light fades; the sights and sounds of the supermarket again surround us. You felt it too; I can see it in your eyes. How much time has passed? Did anyone notice? We shuffle through our lines. I watch as you leave the store, casting a last, wicked glance over your shoulder and I smile.

Who are you?

Will you be waiting for me outside?

Will I ever see you again?

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