Spring semester college life 19

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Spring semester college life 19*******************Friday, my classes were over and done with in a hurry. The sad part washaving to see Hayden after my first class nearly break down since he wasn’tallowed to go with us. I really felt for him and promised I have Scottbring him something special along with keeping an eye on him. He laughedand wished me luck on the last part since he knew Scott far too well.Finally about noon, the twelve of us gathered together. We were veryexcited to get going and see what the week held. It was so boring drivingalone over the next two and half hours before we reached Colt’s home. Oncewe arrived at his house, there was plenty of room for eight cars since hedid live on over three acres in the middle of nowhere. His parents werewaiting on him when he arrived. We got to meet them and couldn’t determinewho he looked like until his younger sixteen year old brother came out thedoor. He was a thinner younger Colt with even a more country way ofspeaking. You could see in his eyes and his actions he was very envious ofhis older brother. We were on our best behavior in front of them whiletrying to contain the excitement about the trip and week ahead.After we transferred our suitcases into the four remaining vehicles andgrabbed a snack Colt’s mom had made, we were off on what was said to be anine hour journey to Noah’s beach house on the Gulf. I was with Scott andCorey in Scott’s nasty car as previously determined. The other paired offas well as previously determined to begin the long road trip.The first hour went by fairly fast in our caravan with constant chatterwith Scott going over his game plan for the week. He started to sound likethe biggest cock whore I had ever been around with all the talk of gettinglaid by anyone with even a mention of a threeway involving a girl if hecould find the right people. He always spoke of being well supplied in theform of plenty of smoke. That fact made me extremely nervous if wehappened to get pulled over driving. After the first stop four hours intoour journey, I took over driving with Scott in the back seat. It wasn’tlong before Scott was snoring away while I did my best to keep up with theothers.With Scott asleep, Corey and I easily held a conversation. We reminiscedabout all that had happened so far between us. We agreed we wouldn’tchange one thing that had occurred between since we met in September. Wehad shared a lot of laughs and love together. The next stop was threehours down the road with nightfall well upon on us. Corey took the wheelafter refueling the tank and our stomachs.It was well after one in the morning when we pulled up to Noah’s house. Itwas a very welcome sight for twelve college guys after being confined to acar for so long. Noah did the honors and opened the vacant home that wouldbe our headquarters for the next week. It wasn’t as fancy as I hadimagined it would be but it was absolutely perfect for us. Once in thedoor, there was one huge family room with plenty of seating. Behind it sata very average kitchen and small dining table. One bedroom was downstairsas was as large bath. Up some stairs, there was a sizable bedroom and evenlarger bath in a loft setting.”Noah, you naturally have first choice of bedrooms for you and Kendall,”Kris stated.”We’ll take downstairs to be closer to the kitchen,” Noah stated.”Now what about that other bedroom?” Jess asked.”Well, let’s see,” Kris said. “We can rotate that among the six of us…””What about when we fuck?” Bryson asked bluntly.”I’m not sleeping with his ass ever,” Alex laughed as we all did.”You know exactly what I meant… you know… when we get lucky…” Brysonsaid.”Then that room will be the fucking room. Whoever is gonna get pussy hasfirst call on it. Everyone agree?” Colt asked.”Sounds good to me,” Jess said.”Noah, you better have a bunch of air mattresses like you said but it lookslike there’ll be plenty of room for them,” Scott stated.”I think we have four double air mattresses,” Noah said. “Now if I canfind them.” Noah and Kendall went on a search.”Dudes, this is really fucking tight as hell,” Alex stated.”You know I was expecting something grander like Kendall’s cabin but thisis really perfect for us,” Kris stated. “Just imagine what it will looklike this time next week.”Noah and Kendall came back bringing the air mattresses. One by one theywere blown up and laid out. The space didn’t seem so big once themattresses were in place for us. We sat around talking for a little whileuntil we began yawning and heading off to claim our spot. It wasinteresting to see what everyone wore. Some slept in almost everythingwhile others like myself and Corey got down to our undies. I began towonder if Kris would sleep in the nude like he always did now. Corey and Iended up on a mattress in the floor together with a sheet thrown over usand two throw pillows. Corey grabbed me while we snuggled together. Weshared a short goodnight kiss and fell off to sleep with an array ofsnoring going on around us.My eyes opened the next morning, Saturday. It took a minute to get mybearings in a strange environment. I lay quietly until hearing someone inthe kitchen. Looking over, I saw Noah in the kitchen pulling out a coffeepot and starting coffee. After a few more minutes, I stumbled off thefloor.”Hey Matt,” Noah said quietly.”Hey,” I said and walked closer. “Before we start, I can’t thank you andyour family enough for letting us come here this week.””Thanks, I appreciate that. I hope nothing tragic happens this week.””Me either. It may get a little wild at times but I think we know webetter not mess up or else we’ll never be asked back…””We did okay at the cabin but there wasn’t this many.””Once we get that room, it may be easier. There will be a lot more spaceand less guys,” I said and headed off to the bathroom. “I warn you thatKris is a pig.”Once back, there was a steaming cup of coffee waiting for me. “When Coreygets up, do you mind going to grab donuts? There’s a shop about two blocksfrom here,” Noah requested.”No problem,” I said. “I’ll wake him up if I have to.””You know Matt, this is could be just crazy enough to be fun…””No doubt. It’ll be like the ski trip and kayseri rus escort something I know I’ll alwaysremember. You know Corey has never been to the beach before and I haven’tbeen in maybe six years…””Wow, I didn’t know that. I knew just by what y’all say his home lifeain’t much and he has to work. Coming to college has made me realize justhow lucky I am. It’s made Kendall think the same thing. Now, I wish I wasas smart as you. One day with your brain, you’ll have all the good thingsin life.”I smiled, “I have one of them already.””We can all talk about getting laid here but we know without a doubt who isgetting laid the most,” Noah laughed.I laughed, “It is one of the privileges of having a boyfriend.””Matt, was it hard growing up and being gay?” he asked.I shrugged, “Actually I coasted through thanks to Kris and a few otherfriends. Internally, it’s really hard to admit that you are…””I can imagine it is. The fear… the doubt… the worry,” Noah said.”All of those knowing you are different and will be looked upon asdifferent. I guess that’s what makes this so great. Sure we get k**dedabout being gay but no one really excludes us. I feel as much a part ofthings here. Take this trip for instance. You never wavered one secondwhen Corey and I said we were coming…””You’ve never given me a reason to say no, Matt. So you don’t mind beingover at the hotel?””Nah, we know the reason and it probably should be like that. For one, noone wants to see or hear us having sex just like we don’t wanna hear anyone or see anyone having sex with a girl,” I laughed and spotted Alexgetting up in his boxers.Noah smiled, “True.””I guess I’ll wake Corey up and run grab some donuts,” I said and finishedthe coffee. “Two or three dozen?””Make it three. If any are left, they’ll be gobbled up later,” Noahreplied.”Yeah, I forgot for a minute I was talking about a dozen college guys.I’ll grab an extra dozen to make four while I’m there. They won’t go towaste no matter how health conscience they are around here.”I walked over and shook Corey to wake up. He opened his eyes and saw meperched above him. I told why I had gotten him up. He stood and stretchedhis muscular body.After we dressed casually, Corey and I were out the door with Noah’sinstructions. We went down the stairs to see our four cars crammed intothe front of the house. We took a right and walked next to the street.”Matt, this is so sweet. Everywhere I look there is sand,” Corey said.”Yeah, there is and will probably in our clothes for the next two weeks,” Ijoked.”No doubt about that,” Corey laughed. “It’s just so beautiful here. Justhow I had imagined it would be.””It is nice I must say.”He grabbed my hand while we walked down the street and passing all thehomes and apartments. We found the main street Noah had mentioned and camedown the night before. We took a right and looked at the various shopsthat lined the main street. Half a block later, we found the donut shop inthe strip center just as Noah said we would. Opening the door, the smellflooded our nostrils and led us to the counter to stand behind two bikinitop clad girls. They ordered and moved aside while giving Corey and me theonce over. We ordered our donuts with Corey pulling out his wallet filledwith cash. We moved aside and saw the two girls looking our direction.They grabbed their order and headed out the door. Our order was next.We exited the shop and were whistled at by the girls waiting in the car.They waved and drove off.”Man, I’m glad we’re at the motel if all the girls are anything like thosetwo,” Corey stated.”Tell me about it,” I said. We window shopped with Corey grabbing a donutfor us. I could see the excitement in his eyes and body language while hewas taking all of this in.”Matt, just tell if you want anything…””Corey, I saw all that money…””I brought enough so we could have fun and do whatever we wanted,” Coreystated.”I know I’m your boyfriend and really appreciate the gesture but I didn’tcome down here and expect you to pay my way. Mom gave a card and plenty ofcash.””I know but I’d rather spend on you than anyone I know,” he said andstarted chewing his donut. “These are fire. We should have grabbed somemilk to go with these.””There’s a little market on the corner. Good thinking,” I said.At the corner market, we grabbed some milk and cups since we knew therewasn’t anything at Noah’s. Once out of the store, we came out of ourshirts to start to get a little sun on our white bodies. We made it backto the house and opened the door to see most were awake and stirring.”Our heroes right there,” Colt said.”They are killer too,” Corey stated while setting down the four dozen.”Bitch, let’s have at em,” Jess said.I looked around and didn’t see Kris among the group. “I take Kris is stillin bed,” I commented.With that, Colt bolted off up the ladder. Kris emerged in his boxer briefsas did Brennan in his boxers after they were awakened by Colt yelling inthe door.Once down the ladder, Brennan stated, “Remind me never to sleep with Krisever again.””Oh was he that bad in bed?” Alex joked.”Fuck you, bitch. No, he snored like a freight train and was all over me,”Brennan replied.”He doesn’t snore that bad every night,” I stated.”Who the fuck cares?” Kris laughed while digging into the donuts. “Thatmay be the only sleep I get all week here.””I know that shit’s right,” Colt stated.”Noah, how far is it to the beach?” Corey asked. “I’m ready as ever now.””Not too far,” Noah said.”It’s pretty sweet but I bet it’ll be crowded as hell,” Kendall said. “Onegood thing about this place is there are miles of beaches here.””Will they let us drink on the beach?” Colt asked.”Nope and are pretty strict here especially this time of year…” Noahsaid.”Fuck!” Kris groaned loudly.”First, we gotta find some brews,” Bryson said.”We got that shit in the bag,” Kris said. “With everyone here, if I can’tbuy, surely some cool dude will buy for us…””Yeah but for all of us?” Jess asked.”It shouldn’t be a problem,” Corey said. “Even this early, there were abunch already out.””Early my ass,” Kendall stated. “I wouldn’t call eleven o’clock early.”We ate the donuts and drank the milk and coffee. Noah was making a list offood that was needed and be bought later in the day. Finished with oureats, we began digging around in our suitcases to find our shorts for thebeach. Modesty wasn’t to be had around here for most of us with bare hotasses since at every turn. For me, it was a gorgeous sight I had theprivilege of seeing many times before but it never grew old. Beforeheading out, I packed a small bag with what I thought was needed. With ourshades on, towels over our shoulders, we were out the door. Once outsidethe excitement and realization began to hit all of us. Even Noah soundedexcited to be hosting us. We walked a short distance opposite of whereCorey and I had gone earlier. We crossed the road to a row of hotels,motels and condos. Brennan pointed out our accommodations. For theoutside, it looked nice but nothing fancy like some of the other places.Once beachside, we began seeing more and more people with a vast majoritybeing in our age range. We walked down a little ways and decided to throwdown our things.”Are you excited?” I asked Corey.”Are you k**ding? This is awesome. I can smell that water right now,” hereplied.”Smells just like it always has,” Bryson stated.”It’s Corey’s first time to a beach,” Noah said.”Are you shitting me, dude?” Colt asked.”No, really it is,” Corey replied. “I can’t wait to hit that water!””Seriously, Corey?” Garrett asked.”I’m not lying here. Hell, I barely can remember going on a vacationgrowing up,” Corey stated and turned to me. “Come on, let’s get in thewater!””Alright,” I said and wasn’t really sure about this. Corey led the waywith me and Kris trailing behind. I deemed it appropriate that the threeof us be the first three to step in the water. With the sand squishingbetween our toes, Corey stuck a foot in the salty Gulf. The next thing Iknew Kris was grabbing me and pulling me in the water. No sense fightinghim but the salty water was cool. Chills ran through my body with mynipples getting rock hard from the cool water. They did go a little farand dunked my head underneath. Thankfully they gave fair warning before myhead submerged. Shaking off the water, I got to witness Kris and Coreywrestling in the water. It was strength on strength. With muscles bulgingall over, Kris’s feet slipped and sent him into the cool water.Kris came up laughing, “Bitch, you’re dead!”Corey ran and dove head first into a small wave. I turned to see Scott,Alex and Bryson braving the water and getting a closer look. Corey emergedand shook his head.By this point, my body was adjusting to the water whereas the three newones were cold. Kris made a mad dash before the three escaped back to ourspot on the beach.Corey, Kris and I played in the water for a little while longer since wewere adjusted. We walked back and dodged two cute girls.Kris turned to us, “Fucking jail bait right there.”Corey and I laughed before we found our towel to dry.”You three are fucking nuts!” Colt said.”It ain’t so bad once you get used to it,” Kris said.”Dude, you have seen the women here?” Alex asked. “Why do I have to have agirlfriend?””Remember what we said. What happens on spring break stays on springbreak,” Jess said.”Hell yeah, then. I know about eleven guys that better not say a word thenif I get lucky,” Alex said.”Same here,” Scott said, raising his hand. “For me, this is like a fuckingbuffet.”Corey and I were mostly dry by the time we took a seat in the sand on ourtowels. Behind my shades, my eyes surveyed the surroundings and compared.The twelve of us, me included, had nothing to be ashamed of. Not a one ofus was fat or even close to being fat. Kris’s three weeks of hard work wasshowing its full benefits. Kris, Bryson, Alex, Colt and Jess and Coreywere absolutely fucking shredded in my book. Watching the parade ofpeople, I wasn’t the only person that noticed our group. A few did morethan look including some guys. Soon, it was obvious it didn’t matter whatyou had on as far as swimwear. Girls were in their skimpiest attire with afew bold guys donning skimpy swim suits.After thirty minutes of non activity, Kris led away a vast majority of thegroup to scope things out. Corey, Scott, Garrett, Noah and I were left towatch our things.”Noah, is it like this during the summer?” Corey asked.”It is not so crowded you might say but more families with k**s runningeverywhere you look,” Noah replied.”Tomorrow I don’t give a fuck what anyone says, I’m wearing my Speedo,”Scott stated.”I did notice a few out here,” Garrett commented.”Garrett, did you bring one?” Noah asked, jokingly.”Are you k**ding me, Noah? I don’t own one of those things,” Garrettreplied.”I do, thanks to Matt here,” Corey said.”Corey, will you wear it tomorrow and relief the pressure off me?” Scottasked.”I don’t know but I will one day. I promised Matt I would.”I glanced up and saw two very attractive girls throw their things down inclose proximity to us. We looked at each other and smiled.”How’s it going?” Noah asked.”Not too bad,” one blonde said.”Laura, he’s cute,” the brunette said.”I know. All of his friends are really cute,” the blondstated. “Especially that hunk over there.” We knew she was talking aboutCorey.”Are y’all here for college spring break?” Garrett asked.”You bet. High school for you boys?” the brunette said.”We’re all freshmen,” Scott replied.”Oh even better,” the blond said. “We’re juniors. So all of you are hereon spring break?””Actually there are twelve of us here and staying at his house,” Scott saidand pointed to Noah.”Frat boys then,” the blond said.”Nope, we live on the same floor,” I said. I introduced each one of usbefore we found their names, Laura and Melissa. We sat around talking withthem until two more cute girls came, Allison and Ferrah, to join them.I saw our group in the distance and walking our way. We continued to talkuntil the others came back. The look on their face was priceless when theysaw who were talking to.”What is this, the hot jock boy club?” Laura the blond asked. “Girls, I betwe’re barking up the wrong trees. You know what they say these days, allthe cute guys are gay.””Fuck no!” Colt said. “Three of them are though.” He pointed out Corey,Scott and me.”I’m bi,” Scott interjected very quickly.Allison laughed, “The three cutest ones are gay.””Thanks a lot,” Kris said.”Boy, you are cute and so built. Do you live in the gym at school?”Allison said.”Kris does. You should see him strut his stuff,” Jess stated.”For good reason, too. Bet he’s got a girlfriend back at college,” Laurasaid.”Used to,” Kris replied.”She’s an idiot is all I have to say,” Melissa, the brunette, said.With the girls talking with us, it lit a fire under the rest after the icewas broken. Kris was soon in his element and began to show he never met astranger. If anyone barely spoke to us, Kris was pulling them in. I wasconstantly rolling my eyes and shaking my head at my best friend. Coreyand I had seen enough and headed out to take a walk.”Amazing, Matt,” Corey commented and snickered.”There was no way we were going to show him up,” I said.”This is right up Kris’s alley,” Corey stated walking. “Matt, have younoticed guys holding hands and girls too like it was nothing?””I have,” I replied.”You wanna try?”I looked at Corey and grabbed his hand. We walked hand-in-hand behind thebeach crowd. It was something to see with people everywhere we looked.All were having a great time in the sun just like we were. We grabbed adrink and turned around to head back. We got a few passing glances butnothing was said to us while we walked holding hands.We returned to find our spot. Brennan walked up to us and asked if we wereready to check in our room. Corey and I agreed and headed out with him.We didn’t have any trouble checking in since Brennan’s aunt was goodfriends with the manager of the hotel. We unpacked our things into ourroom. The room was nice but not near as nice as our Valentine’s Day room.”Matt, have you had enough sun today?” Corey asked.”Actually I have,” I replied.”Great then. Why don’t you and I hang here? I’ll be honest with you I’mtired,” Corey said. “I didn’t sleep so great last night.””We can stay here,” I said.First, a call to my mom was necessary. We talked for a few minutes beforeshe wanted to speak to Corey. As usual, he was very polite to here. Hehanded my phone back to me so we could say goodbye. We got on the bed andwere asleep in our board shorts when Garrett came hauling his things intothe room.”That’s enough for me today,” Garrett stated. “I wondered where you twoheaded off to.””We’re exhausted,” Corey said, rubbing his eyes.”Garrett, we told Scott on the ride down not to touch you. If he does, beup front and honest with him. If you send the message right off the bat,he won’t bother you,” I stated.”I’ll be fine,” Garrett said.”How do you like it so far?” Corey asked him.”It’s really cool you know. That Kris is something else, Matt. Do youknow what he’s doing now?””Whatever you say will not surprise me at all,” I replied.”Getting people lined up to buy alcohol,” Garrett said. “Sorry guys butthese shorts have to come off.” He stood and dropped them.”Man, you got some sun, Garrett,” Corey said.Garrett moved to the mirror naked and looked. “I guess I did. We all didprobably.” He found his things and dressed in his shorts.”Not modest there are you?” I said.”Oh, I’m sorry, Matt. My fault, dude. It was a natural reaction. Itwon’t happen again,” Garrett stated.”Garrett, be yourself,” Corey said. “God, I hated seeing your big dick.”Garrett laughed, “At least you don’t make fun of it like Bryson does…””He’s jealous,” Corey said. “Hell, I am and Matt is hung too.””I think I made the right choice here. You two are so chill,” Garrettsaid.Scott came in the door after knocking loudly. “Bitches, this is thefucking bomb here!” Scott exclaimed, shirtless and displaying his sunripened swimmer frame. “Was that a blast or what?””Yeah and it’s just day one,” I said.”I’m changing and getting out of here. The guys told me to tell you theyare meeting at Noah’s. I think we got a shit load of brews coming thanksto Kris and his over friendly ass. Now I sort of hate that I’m stayinghere,” Scott stated.”There’s plenty of room at Noah’s place. You don’t have to crash here ifyou don’t wanna,” Corey said.”True,” Scott said. “I’m hitting the shower and heading over. You guyscoming with me or what?””I am,” Garrett replied.”We will. We’re resting a little first,” I said.”Resting my ass. You’ll be tearing that ass up, Matt, once we’re gone,”Scott stated.”Maybe,” I smiled.Scott was first to shower followed by Garrett. They left together in theirshorts, tee and flip-flops. Corey turned and smiled at me. He grabbed andbegan kissing me with his hand rubbing my crotch. The fabric wasuncomfortable rubbing against my cock so I ditched them after a fewseconds.”Just how I like you,” Corey said, taking off his board shorts. “Wannaswap head or fuck?””Let’s swap head,” I replied.”Fine with me,” Corey said with a long kiss. He kissed down my warm bodyuntil finding my cock, hard and ready. He licked the head before taking itin his mouth. I moved around and wanted his thick cock in my mouth. Welay side by side to enjoy sucking each other off. Corey was pumping hismouth hard to start then tired but had me about to burst. I started takinghis cock deep until feeling his warm load released down my throat. Feelinghim shot, my cock spasmed and busted on his tongue and face.I got the thrill of licking my warm load from his face. Finished with alittle extra reserved, we snowballed. Corey held me tight against his warmbody that had lots of sun. We untangled our bodies with Corey leading meto the shower. The shower was quick but nice since we could scrub eachother’s sun drenched bodies.We dried and dressed to make the walk to Noah’s place. I donned a tee,shorts, flip flops, Corey’s gift necklace and another necklace while Coreydressed in a sleeveless tee to accent his guns, shorts and sandals. He hadthe necklace I had given him around his neck. We squirted on a littlecologne before exiting the room.The walk was nice just with the sun low on the horizon. We could see themany spring breakers like ourselves while we walked down the street.Arriving at Noah’s, we entered with our crew along with a few otherssitting all over the place and talking with beer in everyone’s hand or adrink of some sort. It was easy to see this was going to be one longadventuresome night and just our first night here.TO BE CONTINUED…

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