Squeaky Clean

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Stephanie stepped carefully into the deep tub, bubbles gently popping as she sank into the steaming water. The fragrances of the bubble bath and lit candles mixed gently, soothing and comforting in the spacious area. No need for any lights, Stephanie sank deeper into the water, letting it rise over the curve of her full breasts, closing her eyes and letting the warmth soak the tension from her body. Ten minutes, she thought, maybe 15 … she nodded off into a light sleep, grateful for the bath pillow that would keep her face above water.

Chad pulled into the garage and carefully took his boots off, leaving the filthy pair on the outdoor mat. He noticed the house was quiet – he knew Stephanie was home, but normally she would be throwing together a dinner and the kitchen was dark. He carefully shed his clothes and left them in the laundry area – no sense tracking mud all over the house – and climbed the stairs to the master suite. A hot shower to get the rest of the day off him; was his primary thought.

As he approached the master bathroom, he could see the flickering candle light around the partially open door. The scents of vanilla and sandalwood assaulted his nose, and he inhaled deeply as he gently pushed the door open. The warm air gently caressed his naked body and his gaze rested on the beautiful woman dozing off in the filled tub.

Stephanie opened her eyes when the cool air entered via the open door. She was not surprised to see Chad standing there, streaks of mud on his arms and legs, and – nothing on the rest of him. Even the dim candlelight could not hide the twitching of his cock, as if it were trying to decide to get hard or not.

Stephanie lazily stretched her arms above her head, allowing her breasts to just peek above the diminishing bubbles, and smiled at Chad. Silently, she extended one hand in an invitation, and Chad found himself moving forward until he was seated at the edge of the tub. He briefly straddled the cool marble, then slid in, opposite Stephanie, who barely needed to move to make room for him.

Immediately, the warm water began its soothing work on Chad’s tired muscles. He groaned softly as the water washed over him. Stephanie smiled in appreciation as she admired his lean body, strong and hard from the work he did all day. She moved slightly to the side so he could stretch his legs out completely, his toes coming to rest near her hips. Chad closed his eyes and sank into the water. No wonder she falls asleep in here, he thought as he drifted off …

Stephanie let him sleep for about 20 minutes, grateful for the custom features on the tub that allowed the water temperature to stay warm. Silently, she took a soft bath sponge from the side rack of the tub and dunked it into the water. Squirting a small amount of soap into it, she started at Chad’s feet, massaging even as she washed them, cautiously running a tentative finger in between his toes. She knew that was a turn on for him, and his eyes flew open at the sensation of her slim finger sliding in between.

Instinctively, he jerked back, but Stephanie held firm, and gently moved in the water so Chad’s feet now rested in her lap. His eyes narrowed a little as she began moving the soapy sponge up his body. First one leg, then the other, gently caressing every inch with a soft touch, rinsing the dirt off as she went. She used the sponge all over his body, until she was satisfied he was clean from head to toe.

Stephanie eased her body between Chad’s legs, and carefully cupped his tight balls in one hand. She gently massaged them, causing a reaction in the formerly alsancak escort soft dick that until then, rested peacefully between his legs. It began to grow in both length and girth, a response to Stephanie’s expert touch and gentle but firm massage. Chad used one foot to connect to Stephanie’s pussy, and he used his big toe to seek out her clit, still hidden deep inside its folded hood.

Chad leaned forward and, keeping the ball of his foot on Stephanie’s beginning-to-throb pussy, began to massage her full breasts. The nipples peaked instantly and he tugged on them gently. A sharp intake of breath indicated to him that he was doing the right thing, and he arched his foot to brush against her clit, which had emerged from its hiding place and almost demanded attention. Stephanie kept massaging and then used her other hand to begin stroking the length of Chad’s erection, which was still growing and hardening.

Chad reached under Stephanie’s arms and pulled her up against the length of his body. The water sloshed a little, easing the friction of their rubbing bodies, even as he claimed her lips with his for a deep, tongue-teasing kiss. Her pelvis rested on top of his erection, and they both squirmed a little in the water, teasing each other towards orgasm. Chad reached down and slipped a wet finger between Stephanie’s pussy folds, finding it even wetter than the water, and hot as well.

His strength was no match for her teasing, and he roughly moved her up a few more inches. Slowly, he directed his cock to the tight cavern he knew was ready for him, and firmly planted his dick at the entrance. He grabbed her hips with his strong hands and slowly pushed his rock hard cock into her velvety wetness, not stopping until he was embedded deep inside her. He held her there for a few moments, feeling her stretch to accommodate his size, then bucked his hips against her swollen clit.

The friction of him, both inside and outside her body, started a small orgasm that rolled over Stephanie like the water they were in. She felt her body spasm gently, and wrapped her legs around Chad’s, keeping him deep inside her. The sensation passed and her legs floated freely again, as Chad started a slow, deep stroke in and out of her sensitive pussy.

Loving the sensations he was awakening in her body, Stephanie wrapped her arms around Chad’s back, and began gently nipping his earlobes and neck with her teeth. The tingling caused Chad to momentarily lose his concentration and rhythm. He paused with his cock half in and half out, and decided what to do next.

Carefully, he pulled completely out of Stephanie and reached over to one of the baskets on the side of the tub. He stood up then, and grabbed the tube of lubricant he knew she kept handy there. Stephanie, confused at first when he withdrew from her, laid back in the water and smiled at the sight of him – dripping wet, and rock hard. When his thick, strong fingers seemed to be having trouble opening the lid, she took it from him. She popped it open and squirted a generous amount in her mouth, then approached Chad through the water. Tossing the lube back to the basket, she opened her mouth and took the full length of his hardness deep inside her mouth, swirling her tongue to spread the gel-like substance all around him. He allowed her to suckle and play for a few minutes, enjoying the feel of his cock head hitting the back of her throat. As desperately as he wanted to fuck her mouth until he came, he wanted her to have more pleasure as well, and reluctantly, pulled out of her mouth.

Turning Stephanie so her back was to him, he sank them both into the water, and stretched out under her so she was full up against the length of him. Slowly, he repeated the motion he had earlier, grasping her hips and embedding his cock deep inside her. He grabbed her thighs in his strong hands and began nibbling her earlobe, bracing his feet against the sides of the tub for traction. Feeling her thighs pulled up and apart, opening her pelvis to his slow thrusts, Stephanie sighed with pleasure and began using her hands to play with her nipples, tugging on them slightly, and massaging her own breasts.

Chad tortured her deliberately, keeping the pace very slow and methodical, nibbling on her earlobes, neck and collarbone. He could feel Stephanie getting wetter inside and pulled his cock halfway out, deliberately finding her G-spot, and rubbing harshly against it for a few strokes. Her breathing quickened and he knew she was close to another orgasm, so he forcefully sank back inside her, stopping the pressure on the spot that would send her over the edge.

Stephanie was furious. She tried to move her body to gain the pleasure she craved, yet Chad held her firmly still. He grabbed her hands in his and placed them under her thighs and suddenly, she understood what he wanted her to do. His hands replaced hers on her full, tingling breasts, and she pulled her own legs back, opening herself to him once more.

Chad began plucking Stephanie’s nipples with one hand, alternating between them, as he resumed the slow, deliberate thrusts. He used his other hand to find her throbbing clit, and brushed carefully over the sensitive nub, as he increased his rhythm. Stephanie felt completely open and vulnerable, yet also safe in Chad’s sexual embrace of power. He rolled her clit between his fingers, pinched one of her nipples and sank his teeth gently into her collarbone, as he pistoned in and out of her. It sent her over the edge and he thrust deeply inside her, enjoying the feel of the tight muscles massaging his dick, as Stephanie lost control completely and sank back against Chad, allowing the full feelings to roll completely over her body.

Her orgasm lasted for what seemed an eternity, and Stephanie was very relaxed. Chad knew her sensitive pussy would need time to recover, and started to pull out of her. Stephanie realized he was still rock hard – he had not come. Slowly, she moved to a doggie style position in the tub, pulling Chad up against her, and wiggling her tight, round ass against his throbbing hard-on.

Chad could hardly believe what she was doing. Stephanie was not a big fan of anal, so for her to offer it to him was like a small lottery win. He sat back with his legs folded under him, and directed his well-lubricated cock towards her tight rose hole. He slowly pushed just the head in, feeling her muscles tighten around him, and he stopped to allow her to relax against the pressure. Slowly, she sank back against him, allowing the full length of him to slowly slide into her back passage, and stopped when he was balls deep inside this tight cavern.

They rested like that for a few moments, then Chad flexed his pelvic muscles, an inquiry to start thrusting. Stephanie pulled slightly away, then pushed back, encouraging a deliberately slow pace. Soon, Chad was repeating what he had done to her pussy, thrusting in and out slowly, withdrawing until only the head was still inside, then slowly pushing back in. Stephanie’s breathing quickened and she began movements to increase Chad’s tempo. She had never had an orgasm during anal but the sensations emanating from her ass through her body indicated this would be her first one. She braced her hands against the side of the tub and wiggled her very full ass against Chad, encouraging him to thrust faster.

Chad’s breathing was erratic. He had been close to orgasm himself but the sound of Stephanie’s breathing and her movements made all thoughts of his own pleasure fly out the window. Suddenly, he wanted her to orgasm from his thrusting into her ass, and he was helpless to do anything other than she wanted. He was soon driving his long, hard cock in and out of her ass with a quick, smooth rhythm, enjoying the feel of his balls slapping against her smooth skin, the still-warm water gently sloshing around them.

Suddenly, Stephanie arched her back and Chad felt her muscles clenching around his cock, squeezing and rippling and massaging the length of him. She gasped audibly and he buried his cock deep in her ass; then pulled out, intensifying her first ever anal orgasm. He stroked a few times until she almost collapsed from the sensations riding through her system; then eased completely back into her back passage, letting her ride it out. He held her hips securely until her spasms had ceased, softly kissing the back of her neck and stroking his hands down the top of her still-trembling thighs.

Stephanie opened her eyes, half expecting to see the world around her spinning out of control. She sighed with pleasure as Chad eased himself out of her, still caressing her body. She felt a slight popping sensation when he withdrew completely, and realized – he was still rock hard. She had been so wrapped up in her own satisfaction she had completely ignored that Chad had not come. Feeling slightly guilty, then realizing she was still aroused, she turned around and faced Chad in the water.

She took his trembling cock in one hand, and reached for a different lubricant with her other, stroking him gently to clean him off. Using his cock to guide him, she had him stand, and carefully applied the new lube to his dripping member. He had closed his eyes to enjoy her ministrations, when he realized he was getting hot – Stephanie had used a warming lube and had replaced her hands with her mouth.

She was very gentle, using her tongue to swirl gently around the head, then slowly lick up and down the length of him before pausing to take just the head into her mouth. She grazed him slightly with her teeth, not enough to cause true pain, but the sensation made his dick bob up and down in agreement. She repeated this motion several times, each time taking a little more of him further into her mouth. It was hot and wet and warm and tight all at the same time, and Chad knew he couldn’t take it much longer.

Stephanie sensed he was ready and mimicked their earlier sex with her mouth – long, slow strokes that brought him closer and closer to the edge. Making sure her teeth did not cause any pain, she increased the tempo and slid him in and out of her mouth at a surprising speed, taking him all the way back in and pushing him back out just as fast. Her hands had reached around to grab his firm butt cheeks and they massaged him even as she began sucking on him on the intake.

Chad could take no more and with a long groan, deep throated himself inside Stephanie’s warm, wet mouth. She had long ago learned to control her gag reflex, and had him comfortably lodged deep in her throat as she swallowed every drop he spurted into her. She kept sucking on him and refused to let him withdraw until she was certain he was completely empty, and that she had licked him clean. Only when she was satisfied and he had started to soften, did she relent and allow him to slide out of her mouth and sink back into the water …

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