SSBBW Encounter – part 3, her view

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SSBBW Encounter – part 3, her viewI could feel his hot come as it dripped from my face onto my cool skin. I watched him as he collapsed back onto the bed. I hoped that he still had the stamina that he claimed when he first responded to my ad. Oh he definitely had a talent with his tongue and fingers, and I had already come several times but, like the old saying, ‘there’s nothing so willing as a woman who’s just been had!” I was still so worked up and I watched his semi hard cock for a clue. Was this it? The smell of our sex filled the bedroom, washing over me like an aphrodisiac mist. I loved that smell. My own wet pussy and the acrid smell of his spunk. I licked my lips and caught a taste as it dried on my face. I felt a tug on my arm, “Come ‘ere” he said, and I crawled up from between his legs to his side. I felt him guide me into that spot which all men seem to like, right into the crock of his arm. He kicked up the sheet with his free leg, then pulled it half over us. All I could think was, “no, no, no, I don’t want to stop!” but I snuggled in beside him, enjoying the press of our naked bodies. I felt his hand reach out to my breast and pull it across his chest like a soft fleshy blanket. His eyes were still closed and I was getting disgusted. I didn’t want to sleep. I didn’t want to rest. I just wanted to be fucked. As my mind raced along, I became aware of his hand, softly kneading at my breast. No nipple play, just pushing and squeezing as much as his hand would hold. “God, I love your huge tits,” he said as his hand pulled and squeezed. “Mmmmm, I want those beautiful tits in my face. Kneel over me like this,” he said as he pulled on my tit to guide me up on top of his body. I place my hands on either side of his head and let my huge breasts rest on his face. Both of his hands were working on them now, pulling at them and pressing them into his face. His mouth opened and he began to suck in mounds of my tits. I gave an involuntary groan and I heard him say, “you like that, don’t you?” I answered him with a barely audible “Uh-huh” I loved feeling him suck and pull on my tits and my eyes closed, feeling him milk me for all he was worth when, BAM! He shoved me away, hard. It was so quick that I fell to the side and was on my back in an instant. Before I could recover, he was up and in between my thighs. I felt him kick my legs apart with his as I heard him growl, “Spread your legs.” I raised my head and looked down to see his cock, adiosbet yeni giriş rock hard, , and pointed straight at my dripping pussy. I leaned back and spread my legs up and out as far as I could and murmured, “Fuck me!” He grinned but didn’t move but coyly asked, “What? What did you say?” I answered softly, “fuck me.” He knelt back on his heels and I could just see him slowly stroking his rigid cock. “What? I didn’t hear you. What do you want me to do?”I answered, hoping I sounded more convincing, “Please fuck me” He started rubbing the head of his cock up and down my wet slit. “You want me to fuck you? You want this cock in your big fat pussy?” he teased. “Please,” I moaned, and thrust my hips up to meet him. “Not so fast, my slut,” he said. I felt the head of his cock pressing on my swollen clit, rubbing back and forth then down to tease my achingly empty hole. “Please, what?” he said, as he continued the torture. “Please fuck me,” I whimpered. “Fuck you? Fuck you, where?” he demanded. “Where ever you want, just fuck me, please,” He looked at me with a devilish grin, “Anywhere? What if I fuck your big fat thighs? I felt him withdraw slightly and I moaned, “No, please…just fuck me.” I could feel my pussy juices dripping down my ass. “Where?” he demanded, “Tell me where you want me to fuck you with this cock.” I looked down to see his cock, so hard, the veins bulging and the head shining with my own juices. “In my pussy. Please fuck my pussy!” He laughed, “There now, was that so hard to say? You want me to fuck your pussy?” I felt the head of his cock poised at my hole. “Fuck my pussy! Yea, I want you to fuck my hot wet fat pussy!” The words came out easily now. “Slide your cock inside of me and fuck me.” I felt his hands grab my ankles and he spread them out and over his head. His cock slowly pressing into my pussy deeper and deeper. I could feel my pussy involuntarily clamp down to pull his cock inside. I just wanted him so deep inside of me. I heard him encourage me, “Relax your pussy, easy now. Don’t push me out. I want your sloppy pussy nice and relaxed” As I relaxed I felt him slowly grind into my hole up to the hilt. He let go of my ankles and leaned forward, grabbing a handful of each tit and squeezing to keep his balance as he began a rhythmic grind back and forth in my soaking wet pussy. I could feel him filling and stretching my hole as he pumped back and forth in an ever increasing pace. Oh God adiosbet giriş it felt so good, I couldn’t stop whimpering as he drove his hard cock home, impaling me on his prick, feeling his balls slapping my ass with every stroke, his pelvis grinding home against my clit, his hands squeezing my huge tits so hard. I didn’t think I could even breathe, his strokes getting harder and faster when he plunged in as far as he could and stopped. He sat up and with his massive cock buried deep in my pussy, he grabbed my huge flopping tit in one hand and squeezed it, the puffy nipple jutting up, capping the mound of flesh. His other hand swung across my tit, slapping it hard. I jumped and screamed. He just fell on top of me, pressed to the bed, his mouth covering mine and he pumped inside my swollen pussy even harder. I wanted to be offended, but my dripping pussy spasms gave me away. He hissed in my ear, “you liked that, didn’t you, you dirty slut” “No,” I exclaimed. “Liar,” he said, “I can feel your pussy shake.” He sat up again and as he kept up his relentless pounding on my pussy, slamming his cock into me over and over he started slapping my huge tits, back and forth, flopping across my chest under the continued assault with his hands, stopping only to pull at my nipples. I could feel myself building to a monstrous orgasm and just when I thought I would reach the brink, he twisted a nipple hard and said, “Ah, ah, ah….not just yet!” “Please,” I begged him for release. His response was to slowly pull out. I hated that. “ Noooooooo!!!”I whined, “Please don’t stop!” I just wanted to feel his cock in me, his body on mine, our flesh touching as much as possible. “Turn over,” I couldn’t get to my hands and knees fast enough. I felt him position himself behind me. His hand now softly rubbing down my spine and over my huge ass. His other hand slowly rubbing up and down my slit. I moaned as his fingers danced in my slick wet pussy, making circles around the shaft of my swollen clit. Then, I felt the head of his cock at my hole and with one massive thrust, he slammed into me up to the hilt. I couldn’t help but scream as he fucked me like a madman, harder and harder. I could hear the wet slapping noise as he pummeled my pussy like a dog fucking his bitch in heat. As I started to once again build to a climax, I felt him slow his pace to a steady rhythmic fuck. I felt like I was in a trance, feeling him slide in and out. I loved feeling adiosbet güvenilirmi his cock stretch my pussy and as I concentrated on that wonderful stuffed fucked feeling, I became aware of a soft touch, rimming my asshole. I gasped as I took in this whole new feeling, his finger slowly circling and pressing into my dark pucker. Then I felt him slowly pull out of my pussy, and felt the wet skin of his cock, slide across my asshole. I heard him softly say, “I want your ass.” With no protest from me, I felt him reach across the bed to the table where there was a bottle of lube. I felt the cool lubricant hit my hot, excited flesh. I gave a gasp at the feel of it which quickly turned into moans of pleasure as he spread the lubricant around my backdoor. As his finger took the first plunge to spread the lube, I started to groan. Then I felt a different sensation as his placed the head of his cock against my quivering ass and started to slowly push his way in my ass. He gave murmuring soft words of encouragement as he pressed harder into my tight brown star. I could feel the pressure building and just when I thought that I would not be able to take it any longer, his enormous cock head slid into my waiting ass. I cried out, but he carefully let me adjust to his girth before beginning to push in further. Gently stroking my back, he pressed his huge cock in more and more until I didn’t think that I could take any more, then he began to pull out as slowly as he had before. As I realized that he would not hurt me, I relaxed more and more and his pace in and out of my ass increased until he was slamming his huge cock into my ass, sinking to the hilt every time. The pressure was incredible and it felt so good as I quickly began to build up to a climax again. My breathing was matching his strokes deep into my ass when I felt him drill deep into me, then push me over onto my side, his arms wrapped around me and his cock buried in my ass. He continued his relentless assault on my ass as his hands worked overtime, one roughly grasping my breasts and the other digging at my clit. The sensations were too overwhelming and I began to come. It was incredible! My pussy juices sprayed into his hand as I experienced my first orgasm with anal sex. I kept coming in wave after wave as I felt him pound my ass, my screams of “Fuck me!” stifled only by a well placed hand over my mouth. I heard him saying over and over, “yea baby, come for me,” and I kept coming, over and over, not wanting to ever come down. And just as I didn’t think I could last one more minute, I felt his body shudder and shake as we finished together, filling my bowels with his cum, the last of his lubricant deep inside of my ass, our bodies locked together.

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