St Valentine’s Day Rub-Out

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As your key enters the lock I move into place. You open the door and I step into your path. Gently covering your eyes with my fingertips. The scent of wisteria fills your senses. Soft sounds of jazz guitar dance through the air.

Leaning close to your ear I whisper, “Trust me,” turning you around I slip the silk scarf around your head, covering your eyes.

“Just follow my lead and relax, Happy Valentines Day. This is my gift to you.”

After the knot at the back of your head is finished, I encircle you with my arms, squeezing tight; light kisses on the back of your neck. I turn you back around and take your hands.

“Walk with me,” I say, moving into the room and closing the door, stopping at the soft furry throw in front of the fireplace.

I unbutton your blouse and slip it off your shoulders. Laying it across a close chair, another zip and the skirt you were wearing is in my hands. Placing it in the chair with your blouse. You stand in front of me, in your lacy bra and silky panties.

Returning to you, I remove the soft undergarments leaving you standing in all your beauty. A silk blindfold and a smile your only attire. Taking your hands again, my voice rising from the spot I had taken, on my knees, at the side of the rug.

“Lay down here and relax,” I tell you, slightly pulling your arms to start your movement toward the soft rug under your feet.

You stretch out beside me, arms at your sides. I lean over and kiss your cheek and the side of your lips. Moving your hair from your shoulders, I reach for bahis firmaları a small glass pitcher of scented oil, slightly heated by a candle flame.

Whispering in your ear, “Take yourself to a special place, a beach, or mountains, or a tropical island, anywhere you would like to be, where your mind could be free, your soul could dance and sing out loud.”

I fill my palms with the oil and begin the smooth strokes along your shoulders and down your arms. Massaging deeply as I return to your arms and shoulders, kneading and rubbing your shoulders and the back of your neck, feeling your tension lifted. Tracing the curve of your shoulders down your back. As needed, I replace the oil that is making your skin glisten in the candlelight. You are a vision and I have to repeatedly stop to admire Gods handy work and marvel at the effort that must have been required to create such perfection. A soft sigh slips from your lips as the muscles begin to respond to my touch.

Still sitting at your side, I work my way down to the delicate bow of your lower back, just before it joins with the smooth round globes of your lovely ass. Here I start to pay special attention. As I stroke the smooth skin and squeezing your tight buns into my palms, ever so gently, firmly. Slightly spreading the cheeks of your ass, I abandon the oil and begin to use my tongue to slip along the line between your sweet cheeks. Teasing the skin between your ass and pussy. Slipping inside your ass with ease. You are so relaxed. A deep moan begins in your chest and slips kaçak iddaa past your lips as my tongue finds its mark.

But alas, this is not the goal of this valentine rub and my hands continue the journey down your legs. Massaging and rubbing the back of your thighs, again with the oil, as you like it.

I tickle the back of your knees and you jump slightly. Further down to your calves, here I find a challenge, so tight, so stiff. I begin to rub softly and slowly deepening the massage. Kneading and squeezing, rubbing and stroking, I can feel them begin to give in and loosen the grip they had on your comfort. You ankles, feet, and toes fall next. I whisper for you to roll onto your back and again to let yourself relax. Reaching behind you I remove the silk band that was blocking your vision, but in turn warn you, “Please, do not move, let me finish.”

You can see around the room that there are candles surrounding you and filling almost ever spot imaginable. Almost every horizontal surface has candles. Short, tall, fat, skinny, and all shapes were represented. The sounds of the guitar in the background continue to drift in and out of your ears, the sweet smell of the small white flowers of the wisteria filling the air.

I again begin my roaming across your warm skin. The tops of your feet and calves, up to your thighs, as you encircle my neck. Even as relaxed as you have become the muscles in your thighs are still very tense. It again takes an extra effort to get them to surrender, but this they do. Now, in a location that kaçak bahis is too hard for me to pass up. Teasing the soft tuft of hair above the meeting place of your thighs. Running my fingers through the hair and blowing softly, my thumbs slipping along the lips and opening the pedals of your sweet treasure.

My face so close you can feel the hot breaths that escape from my mouth. My heart is pounding; my tongue lightly slides along the small bud of sensitive flesh hiding in these pedals, its secret place. Raising your hips and pushing yourself onto my face, my tongue again tastes the nectar starting to flow from within. Sliding into the opening, your head drops back and the deep, long, moan fills my ears…

But again as wonderful as this slight detour has been, it is off the track, outside the purpose of this rub, so continue on I must.

Kissing the recess of your belly button, my hands and fingers again begin their quest. The massage of your breasts almost consumes me with the desire to linger, but I can not, for the end is almost upon me and the reward will be worth the disappointment of not being able to prolong the visits to the warm soft flesh I desire so.

Your nipples are pointing at me as though to tell anyone that could see, that I am neglecting them and they are not happy. But the neglect has to continue. Finishing the rub, I kiss the lids of your eyes, the soft skin covering your cheek and finally the lips on the face I adore.

Again leaning close to your ear I tell you, “Now for the special part of this gift.”

I lie beside you, again encircle you with my arms, and hold you until you drift off to sleep. Matching your slow deep breaths, I soon drift to the place where you have traveled….

Happy Valentines Day!!

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