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It’s a week before finals, and we both need a good grade in this class. We were both psychology majors and that put us in a lot of the same classes. I’ve always tried to sit close to you in class so that I could talk to you and get to see your beautiful face, and body, a few times a week. And what better class to make a move on you in than Psych 355, Human Sexuality.

It’s a warm spring day while I’m sitting in class. I always like to get there early to watch you walk in. I see you walk through the door wearing a cute orange and white striped tank top and a cute little skirt to go with it. It must be a push up bra because your cleavage is pouring out of your shirt. You must want all the guys to look, but I like to think it’s just for me. To top off the outfit you have the cutest rectangular framed glasses. Sexuality and innocence all at once.

I get to the library around 9 pm. You’re already there on the 2nd floor in one of the private study rooms. I get up to the floor and walk around peaking into all the study rooms, excited to find you. Then I see you. You’re as cute as ever sitting there studying. I walk in and see your eyes light up with excitement to see me. I shut the door as I walk in. I look around to make sure it was as private as it could be despite the windows in the room. As I walk over you I try to keep my eyes looking at yours, but they wander down your neckline. I think you noticed.

The hours flew by. Study topics ranged from anatomy to masturbation to fetishes. Human sexuality was an explicit class. The same topics gave me a smile with the ideas and images of you that I got. Your innocence could only allow you to blush. Through all of this I couldn’t help but think you had to be turned on.

As the human sexuality subject turned to erogenous zones, I couldn’t resist putting my hand on your thigh under the table. Your eyes lock on the books on the table, but you don’t resist. Your shyness made you even more desirable. Without resistance I slide my hand further up your thigh. Your legs open up slightly as I continue to massage up and down your leg. My hand makes light strokes that start at your knee, then move up your thigh to brush against your panties, and return back down your leg. Your head leans back and your eyes close as I grab firmly and massage your leg. It’s so hot watching your mouth open slightly as you let out a small gasp.

I glance out the window of the room to make sure no one can see as my hand comes out from under your skirt. I reach to the back of your neck and rub softly before running my fingers through your hair and grabbing a hold of your hair. With your hand in my hand, I move you closer and kiss you deeply. Our lips meet, only slightly opened. As I open my mouth more you do the same and our tongues touch each other. Electricity shoots through our bodies with our first kiss. My hands continue to run through your hair as I bite down on your lower lip softly and pull away.

As our kiss breaks we realize the time. Nearly midnight already and almost time for the study rooms to close.

“Do you want to continue this at my place?” I ask.

“The stacks upstairs are open all night. We should check that out.” You say.

The thought of fooling around in the library is a fantasy of any college student, and we both know how fun and risky it will be. We scramble to pack up our books and rush to the elevator to head up to the stacks. On the way out of the room I grab your ass playfully to encourage the game. You jump and move faster down the hall. I like that you are playing a little hard to get.

We press the button to the elevator and wait a few İstanbul Escort seconds before the door opens up. After stepping in and pressing the number 4 on the panel, I press your back against the wall and kiss you again. My leg plants in between your legs and presses against your pussy. You grind against my leg as our bodies rub together and my hand explores your body. Starting at your stomach, I work up your body to grab your tit and squeeze hard as I continue moving my hand to your neck as I kiss you hard. This kiss isn’t as innocent as the first. Our lips press together sloppily as our tongues seem to fight each.

The two floors didn’t give us much time and as the doors open and we instinctively jump away from each other in fear of getting caught. We step out of the elevator to see a sign saying the fourth floor is reserved for quiet study. A quick glance around shows us we’re alone. We walk through the open floor and past the tall bookshelves. The thought of fucking you on the floor between the stacks is appealing as it crosses my mind.

I grab you by the hand and turn you towards me to kiss you again as I shove your body back against the books. As our bodies press together you can feel the bulge in my pants as you jump up to straddle me. I grab under your legs and thrust against you as your skirt rides up. You can feel me grind against you as we kiss. Your back presses against the books as I thrust harder. Then we hear a crash. Through the excitement and force, books fall off the shelf behind you. I set you down and we move on to find a new spot.

We quickly pick up the books and walk towards the back corner. In the corner are little private study stations. We walk over there, and I push the chair out of the way as I sit you down on the table. I pull your skirt up to your waist, with only your panties hiding your world from me. Your ass sits upon the cold desktop. I pull off your shirt and lay you back on the table. The coldness sends shivers through your body but that sensation is quickly forgotten as I spread your legs and kneel between them.

My hands hold your legs firmly apart, and I start on the inside of your left thigh. My mouth sucks softly as I kiss and lick my way up your leg. I look up at your body, seeing you in just your panties and bra. I hear a slight gasp come from your mouth. My mouth reaches your panty line after my slow tease over your leg and I brush my nose over your panties, softly rubbing against your clit as I reach your other leg. I look up and our eyes lock as I see the lust in your eyes, knowing you want me to touch your pussy but I resist. The teasing is too fun. As you look at me I bite the skin on your thigh right next to your panties. I continue to bite down until your head falls back from the mix of pain and pleasure. I continue kissing down your legs before returning to what you want.

My finger rubs over your panties up and down your lips. After the teasing, your body instinctively reacts to the long awaited touch, and I hear a louder moan escape your lips. I know the soft fabric I feel on my fingers is the same texture your pussy is enjoying right now. My thumb slowly works up and down pussy as I see the panties form to the shape of your lips. From the top of your clit down to the bottom of your lips as I push the panties just a tiny bit inside your pussy with my finger. I want your panties to be soaking wet from your excitement. I kiss the inside of your leg again as I rub your panties faster.

Your hands come down and grab my hair and force me between your legs. You must have been tired of waiting. I move your panties to the İstanbul Escort bayan side to expose your lips to me. Your pussy is perfectly shaved and your lips glisten with your wetness as I taste you for the first time. My tongue starts at the base of your pussy and moves up. The tip of my tongue gently pushes inside you for a moment, tasting you. My hands reach under your ass for control as my tongue continues to push deeper. With my face buried, my tongue has access to that special spot inside of you. I lick upwards and feel the spot that gives you so much pleasure while my hands grip your ass and pull me deeper.

Your moaning starts to get heavier. My hands explore your legs again and end underneath your ass. I hold you firmly as I continue my assault with my tongue as deep inside you as I can go. You body writhes with the movement of my tongue as I continue to press harder, push deeper, and lick faster. Your wetness is at a peak as I slide my tongue out, slowly slide it between your folds and move up to your clit. Your legs shudder as my tongue touches your clit for the first time. I take my time with your clit, knowing how much pleasure it gives you. I make the enjoyment last as I watch your body move from each flick of my tongue. Your breathing becomes more rapid, and I know you are getting close. I push a finger deep inside you, and I feel how tight and wet you are. I slowly move in and out of you as pussy stretches to accept my finger. I push in a second finger and begin to fuck you harder. I push in and out faster and harder as I start to suck on your clit. My mouth pulls your clit in as I flick the tip with my tongue. Your moans become louder as your grab my hair and pull my face hard against your pussy. I respond by moving my tongue and my fingers faster. Your back arches pushing your ass up off the table. I hold your ass with my hand trying to stable myself between your legs, licking your clit faster flicking my tongue up and down. Your breathing continues to get faster, your moaning gets louder. My fingers continue to move in and out of you as fast as I can go. Just when I think my tongue cannot go anymore your body collapses. Shockwaves shoot through your body as your whole body shakes. Your legs clamp down on my head as I work to continue to lick your clit more slowly through your orgasm. My hands hold onto you as if to hang on to you as you come down from your high.

Your breathing slows as your body lies still on the table. My tongue makes one last pass between your lips as my mouth parts from your pussy. I slowly kiss up your stomach, lightly pass over your breasts with my tongue and lips, and kiss you deeply as my hands run through your hair.

“Now I’m going to fuck you.” I say sternly.

I get off you and pull you by the hair. I stand you up and turn you around bending you over the table. The table is still cold as your nipples are the first to touch the smooth top. You lie there, waiting for me to fuck you as I undress behind you. My pants come off and free my penis that stands erect waiting to enter you. I glance around the library looking at the book stacks and taking one last glance towards the elevator to make sure we are still alone. I step closer to you and rub my hand on your ass. You feel my cock touch the back of your ass as I get ready to push into your pussy. My hand grips your ass and spreads your cheeks. I position my cock at the entrance of your pussy and push my head slowly into you, feeling your pussy stretch around me. A gasp escapes your mouth when I first enter you. It takes only a few seconds to slowly push myself deep inside of you. I reach Escort İstanbul my hands up under your body to hold your breasts as I pick up my pace. I start with slow, deep thrusts. My hands squeeze your breasts, making sure to caress every inch of skin and give special attention to your nipples by pinching ever so softly. My hands release your breasts as I run my fingers over your back and up to your head. My hands grip onto your hair and I pull hard as I start to fuck you with some force. The sound of our bodies slapping together echo through the book stacks of the empty library. I pull your hair harder bringing your head back. I turn your head slightly to see the look of pleasure on your face and thrust harder into you. I turn you more to see the side of your breast bounce as I fuck you harder.

“Ding!” The elevator rings. I turn to see the doors opening and pull out of you fast. I take you by the hand as we both run between some book stacks. Our clothes were left lying on the ground but there is nothing we can do.

Out comes someone who works at the library. “Is anyone up here?” he asks. After a moment of silence he gets back onto the elevator and the doors shut.

“That was a close one.” I say to you as we both sigh with relief.

Before you have a chance to say anything I push your back against the bookshelf and kiss you. It is a hard and deep kiss as my finger finds your pussy, pushing inside you. I coat my finger with your wetness before pulling out and finding your clit again. Your legs start to buckle a little with the first contact but I press your body firmly against the bookshelf to hold you up. My finger makes a few more strokes over your clit before I pull you back to the table.

I sit on the edge of the table, turn you around, and pull you to me. You grab my cock and guide it to your pussy as you lean back to me. It slides right back into you as you start to ride it. I sit up with you and reach around to rub your clit again. My other arm reaches around to grab your breast and steady you while you fuck me.

Each bounce gets me closer to climax. As I sit on the table I try to thrust to match your movements. My dick swells bigger inside you as I get closer. Your moans get louder as you get closer too. Any attempts at being discrete have vanished as our sounds echo off the bookshelves. My hand rubs your clit faster hoping that I can hold out long enough so we can cum together. You can feel your pussy stretch even further as the head of my cock expands to the fullest inside of you.

“I’m going to cum.” You gasp.

“That’s it. I want you to cum for me. I want to cum with you.” I say back.

My hand moves over your clit faster. I pinch your nipple with the other. You fuck me harder as your breath crescendos. I can’t hold out any longer as my grip increases and pulls you down hard on my cock. I explode inside you. My whole body jerks under you as I grip your body tight against mine. You can feel my cock twitch inside your pussy as my warm cum fills you deep. My hand presses hard against your clit throughout my climax. My forceful orgasm pushes you over the edge too and your body collapses. Your legs clamp together and your pussy squeezes down on my dick causing my body to jerk and thrust into you again. My hands continue to hold you tight as we both come down from our orgasms in a mutual collapse on the desk.

We break apart and stand up from the table. We search around for our clothes that are scattered on the ground. We begin to dress and glance around the empty floor. Smiles cover both our faces as we soak in the pleasure and adventure of the night. After we get dressed we walk towards the elevator. In the elevator we kiss passionately as we fall back into each other’s arms for the trip down. As the door opens we walk towards the exit hand in hand. As we walk by the front desk we give the librarian a smile and go out the door into the night.

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