Star Struck

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Naomi was going to be a star. She was beautiful, intelligent and sexy. She had talent and she had ambition. She also had that touch of ruthlessness that would let her do whatever was necessary to make it.

Soon, very soon, she was going to shake the dust from this little town and move to the city where she would be someone.

Then came the news. A film crew would be shooting some scenes just outside of town for some film advertised as the next coming thing. They would be hiring locals as extras.

As far as Naomi was concerned, this was a gift from the gods. All she had to do was get acquainted with the crew. Her looks and charisma would get her a bit part, and her obvious talent would be on display. It may only be a small part, but it would be a part.

Naomi headed into town to find the latest details. When were the crew arriving, when were they hiring, what sort of extras did they want?

Discovering details were still somewhat vague, Naomi resorted to heading into town on a daily basis, keeping her eyes open for the main chance. Eventually her patience was rewarded when she found people discussing the car and driver who had arrived in their fair town. It wasn’t one of the farm type vehicles everyone drove. Oh, no. This was a black stretch limousine. It was said to belong to Mr. Insand, the main film director, who was out looking over various locations.

From previous discussions, Naomi had learned the most probable spots for the film, and decided that she might just do a quick sweep of them. One never knew one’s luck. There might be a car there with a producer. A male producer, she thought gleefully, glancing down at a pair of excellent breasts. Flash some cleavage and who knew what might happen.

Frank was bored. He’d been driving the director from site to site and now he was stuck waiting while he went on an extended hike of the current site. The boss and his minions had faded into the bush and wouldn’t be back for an hour or so. Frank took the opportunity to stretch out in the back of the limo, window down to catch the breeze and relax.

His relaxation was broken when he heard a sweet voice calling, “Mr. Insand, can I talk to you, please?”

Resignedly, Frank opened his eyes and looked towards the open window. There was an angelic face peeking in at him, long blonde hair, blue eyes and a lovely smile.

“Listen, kid,” said Frank, “I’m contemplating the film and all the ramifications thereof. I really don’t have time to swap chitchat with some child right now.”

The smile vanished at that. Belligerence crossed the young woman’s face for a moment before the sweet smile reappeared. At the same time the woman stood a little straighter, letting a nice cleavage appear above the window sill.

“I am not a child, Mr. Insand. I’m an adult. And I want to be one of the extras on your film.”

Frank sighed. One of those. A star struck kid who thought she only had to appear on the screen to be discovered and become a star. He suspected that balçova escort he was going to have to be brutally frank. He sat up and got out of the car.

He looked the woman up and down, and he liked what he saw. She was lovely, nice boobs, nice bum, lovely face, a most attractive little package.

“What’s your name, kid, and how old are you?”

“I’m Naomi, and I’m nearly nineteen,” came the answer with a winsome smile.

“Some people consider seventeen to be nearly nineteen, but I don’t. How old are you right at this moment?”

“I’m eighteen,” came the indignant reply. “I’ll be nineteen in another month.”

“Well, Naomi,” said Frank. “I am the bearer of bad tidings. There is no way someone like you is going to be an extra on this film.”

Naomi was righteously indignant. “Why not? I have looks and talent. I’m qualified and I’d be good.”

“Naomi, have you looked in a mirror recently?” asked Frank. “Do you think any female star in her right mind is going to have you bouncing around on the set with her?”

For a moment Naomi was stunned. She hadn’t considered for an instant that her looks might actually count against her.

“That’s not fair,” she protested.

“Movies are not a fair world,” said Frank. “They’re big money and even bigger egos. Forget it. I doubt you’d like it and I doubt that you’d be a success anyway.”

“Why not? I have youth and looks and talent going for me. Why wouldn’t I get anywhere.”

“Because I suspect that you’re spoilt and would be unwilling to listen to instructions for a start. You’d want to do things your own way, not the directors. Point two, can you name a single current female star who hasn’t been filmed nude? Are you ready to take your clothes off and show the world what you’ve got?”

“I can do that, and I can take instructions. I’m going to get there in the end. I was just hoping that this film might give me a start.”

“If reason won’t work, scare the girl away,” decided Frank.

“Alright, let’s test your determination out. Take off your clothes and get in the back of the car so I can check if your body actually stands the nudity test.”

“What do you mean, the nudity test?” demanded Naomi.

“Do your boobs sag when you’re not wearing a bra? Do you have hidden fat rolls around your tummy and thighs? A woman isn’t going to admit to that sort of thing. It needs to be checked by the casting director if the film calls for nudity. You can’t hack it.”

“I damn well can,” snapped Naomi. She turned, scrambled into the limo and commenced stripping.

Sighing Frank climbed back in and patiently waited for her to finish.

Naked, Naomi sat up proudly, not minding showing off her body. It was a good one, and she knew it.

“Not bad,” said Frank, looking her over with interest. “Now think carefully. What were the instructions I gave you?”

Naomi blinked. “Take off my clothes so that you could inspect my body,” she said, puzzled.

“That’s the other point I was making. You didn’t listen to my instructions. I said take your clothes off and then get in the car. You were supposed to strip outside so that I had a better view and I could also see how you moved when you entered the car.”

“I’m sorry,” said Naomi. “I was more concerned about showing myself. I’d listen harder next time.”

“Yes, I’m sorry too, because you do have quite a wonderful body. But, like I said, you’re too much competition to be accepted in the current film.”

Frank paused, and rubbed his chin considering.

“I know someone who could possibly use you, but I’m still a bit unsure about your ability to stand up to the rough games that go on. Convince me you can.”

“Convince you how?” asked Naomi. “I’m not sure what it would take to do that.”

Frank deliberately ran his eyes over her sweet figure, and smiled.

“I’m sure you’ll think of something soon enough.”

Naomi paused, comprehension hitting her suddenly. Sex for work. She paused, considering. A microsecond later she decided. She wasn’t a virgin, so who cares?

Frank watched as Naomi slid across to snuggle up next to him. While he watched, Naomi reached down and felt him through his trousers. Finding him erect, as expected, she ran down his zip and drew his cock out where she could see it.

Naomi knew what was required here. Take his cock and play with it until he blew and he’d be putty in her hands. He was an older man, so she might have to move on to a blowjob, but she could handle that as well.

Frank was soon breathing hard as Naomi expertly raised havoc with him. Not the first time she’s done this he thought as her method changed from moment to moment. A hard firm stroke one moment, followed by her fingernails lightly scratching the head, followed by a feathery touch driving him wild.

For several long, long, minutes Naomi played with him, a virtuoso intimately familiar with her instrument. Frank didn’t know whether to swear or scream.

Stage two, he decided. Reaching down he pushed Naomi’s hand aside, while at the same time pressing his hand against the back of her head, indicating she should bend down.

Naomi knew her duty when it was signalled. Obediently she bent down, warm mouth closing over Frank and starting a different type of excitement for him. Using tongue and teeth and a gentle suction Naomi encouraged him to the edge of a climax. But only to the edge, expertly holding him at that point and making him wait.

Frank was starting to realise that a true virtuoso had many ways of drawing music from her instrument. Or from his instrument in this case.

Hovering there, Frank wondered just how she had learnt her skills. Surely there couldn’t be that many people for her to practise on in this little town. Gasping, he decided enough was enough.

Naomi felt Frank lifting her heads away from his erection. She sat up, looking at him enquiringly. He reached down and slipped his hand between her legs, pressing on her mound. Naomi shrugged slightly. If he insisted. He was the one who had to be convinced, after all. “Condom, please” she murmured.

Frank reached over to a small cupboard in the back of the driver’s seat and extracted a little package, which he handed to her. She swiftly tore it open and then, holding his cock lightly in one hand, she smoothly rolled it on.

“How, now?” she asked with a smile.

“You’re doing the work,” returned Frank. “You decide.”

Naomi grinned. She did like being mistress of the situation. She pushed Frank back so that he was lying on the seat and then carefully straddled him.

Reaching under her, she took Frank into her hand and carefully positioned him until his cock was just pressing against her slit, at the spot where it would do her the most good. Then she started pressing down.

Frank nearly yelled as he felt himself being slowly engulfed by Naomi. She was hot and tight and wet and, while accepting him, he still had the feeling that he had to force his way along each luscious inch.

Then Frank was fully inside her, and Naomi was rocking against him. Slowly at first, the slow drag against his cock as she moved back and forth bringing tumultuous feeling to life. He was groaning now as she dragged sensations from him that he hadn’t known he could feel, but for all the clamorous feelings she still seemed to be able to hold his climax at bay.

Right up to the time that Frank slapped his hands firmly upon her hips and frantically thrust up into her, demanding that she succumb and let him have his climax.

Lying there with Naomi still sitting on his cock and smiling, Frank decided on his course of action.

Lifting her off him, he zipped up and reached for his phone. Telling Naomi to get dressed, he dialled an old friend.

Maggie, it’s Frank,” he said. They exchanged a bit of small talk and then he got to the reason for his call.

“I have found a young woman that I think you should add to your list. She has a lot of natural talent and will be ready to work hard, but she will probably need some additional training before you let her loose. I’ll leave you to test her and see what lessons she needs. I think you’ll find her a valuable property if you’re prepared to invest a bit of effort.

I have some of your cards here. I’ll give her one and let her contact you. Her name’s Naomi.”

Frank turned to Naomi. “I suggest you get in contact with Maggie. She’ll arrange for you to go to New York and you can discuss possibilities with her. If it doesn’t work out she’ll pay your fare back home. She has a number of rules that she expects people on her list to abide by. One is no drugs. If you co-operate with her, she’ll help you make good money.”

Naomi was elated. Men were such simple creatures, and so eager to help. She took the precious card, tucking it safely in her purse. New York, here I come.

Frank watched her go. She should do well with Maggie. A little training and she would move right to the top, becoming one of the best call girls in the business. And who knew, she might even make the transition to actress.

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