Steak and BJ Day 2011

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I had never heard of it. Neither had any of my girlfriends. My first exposure to “Steak and Blowjob Day” came in early March 2010. The day has changed my life.


One of my girlfriends, Sharon, has tons of boyfriends and a really active sex life, but also likes to chat. She typically chats with guys that are pretty far away (we live on the west coast), and that are much older than she is. These chat-friends are usually short-lived, but there is one, Joe, that has gone on for a couple years. Joe is in his late forties, lives on the east coast, and seems to know his way around relationships. He has been a good sounding board for her boy issues, and he helps give a guy’s perspective in a safe environment. Of course, they also do some dirty chat. She is really impressed with Joe’s creativity, and has used his advice several times in pleasing her boyfriends.

It was probably around March 1, 2010 when Sharon called me, all excited. “I am texting with Joe, and he told my about ‘Steak and BJ Day’. You won’t believe this!!” She was almost breathless. “It’s a payback day for Valentine’s. If your guy gives up good for February 14, then on March 14 you buy him steak and suck him!! How great is that!?!?”

I have to admit it sounded pretty fun. And yes, my boyfriend gave me a really nice Valentine’s day, but we broke up just last week. Kinda hard to do a BJ without an available penis!!

I am part of group of woman, all in mid to late twenties, that get together at least once a month to drink and mess around. Our March evening was on the 6th, the first Saturday in March, and we all gathered at our favorite bar for some pre-club drinks. Sarah was visibly excited while she waited for all 5 of the girls to arrive. She started out explaining to everyone the basics about Steak Day. And then got really intense.

“Let’s all of us agree to give our guys a good steak and bj day,” she started. “Joe had a fun idea. First, let’s each put $20 into a pot. Then, at our April get together, the one with the best bj story gets the $100 pot!”

“But I don’t have a boyfriend right now.” I loudly lamented.

They just laughed at me. “Then you won’t be getting the $100 prize!” is all they said.

Well, I like a challenge. And being dickless on March 6 is NOT going to stand in the way of my winning this little game. So over the next hour, while my ‘friends’ drank, I flirted my little heart out. Now, flirting is pretty easy for me. I don’t want to get cocky, but I think I am pretty good looking. I am 5’4″, 110 pounds, with shoulder length sandy blonde hair. I have a nice 34c set of boobs with some really responsive nipples. But my best feature is my butt. Nicely shaped and firm, and that night I had this cute little skirt clinging to my body. So, getting a guy’s attention was not hard at all!!

In that short 60 minutes of flirting, I was able to get 4 phone numbers, and gave mine out another 5 times. I have never done anything like this before, but there is a $100 prize at stake!!

“So any of your targets boyfriend material?? Sarah asked.

“You’ll just have to wait until our April meeting to find out,” I said coyly.

We finished up our drinks and went out clubbing. Sadly, no more good targets at the club.

The next day I was a bit hung-over, but woke to the sound of my answering machine. “Hey there, this is Mike, I met you last night and thought you were great. I would really enjoy meeting up with you sometime. You can reach me..” And not more than 10 minutes later Steve called, leaving an almost identical message. Of the four numbers I got, Dan and Tom were really cute so I called them. They did not answer, so I left messages for them. I did call back Mike and Steve, and had a great call with both of them. However, Mike was traveling for the whole week, and Steve was already busy on March 14. But, there names definitely went into my “keeper” list!!

It wasn’t until Monday lunchtime that I heard from Dan. It was a great call. Really sweet, interesting, smart, and respectful. His talking made me remember his really nice smile and nice shoulders. He was also available for a pre-date yet this week, and had no plans for the 14th. So, I had my first real candidate. That night, I heard from Tom. Tom was great, too, but he was just a little to pushy. Like he lacked self-confidence. He went on my “keeper” list, too, but my sights were on Dan at this point. I called Dan back, and we set a dinner date for Thursday evening at a little Greek place near my house.

All week long I had to endure the trash talking texts from my girlfriends. “Have fun on Steak and Jill-off Day”; “2011 will be your year”; “Here’s a link on how to give a good bj, just in case you forget how to do it”; and “I could let you use a few inches of Jerry’s penis, he has plenty extra.” But these just heighted my resolve.

It seemed to take forever for Thursday to come, and for work to end. I went home and took a shower, and got ready for my early date with Dan. Picking my outfit was a real dilemma. Dan was going to be my only shot at Steak Day, so I wanted to really impress him, but I didn’t want to come across too slutty. After trying on several things, I finally settled on a pair of slightly worn silivri escort jeans. They had a nice casual look to them, and fit great across my butt. Paired with my platform pumps, they made my legs look long and shapely. I really like these jeans, as they laid tight against my flat stomach, and fit tightly on my upper legs, leaving a sexy little space between my legs when I stood.

I decided on a simple form-fitting white t-style shirt, and a crisp blue cotton short-sleeve shirt. I only buttoned the bottom couple of buttons, leaving the top fully open. The t-shirt stretched tightly over my boobs, letting the colorful design on my bra show through subtly. It let him see the nice shape of my breasts, without exposing any cleavage or too much skin. A set of gold necklaces, a wrist chain, some dangling earrings, and I was all set.

Dan was waiting for me at the restraint door. My heart skipped a beat as I saw him standing in the dimming light of the sunset. He was way better looking than even I remember. Probably just over 6 feet tall, athletic build, and a smile that warmed me all the way through. He was dressed just like I was: nice jeans and a cotton shirt. This looked like it was going to be a nice date.

The date went better than I ever could have expected. He was so sweet. And we had everything in common. He really was a guy that I would want to explore a long-term relationship with, and thought about maybe changing my plans to slow things down with him. But, the girls trash-talked me, and my only chance of winning was sitting at my table.

“Dan, I’ve so enjoyed tonight. This might be a little forward, but on our call I asked if you were available for Sunday night. Would you still be available to go out?” I asked.

“It’s been a great night. I’d love to see you again. I’m so glad you asked,” he replied sincerely.

“Well, there’s a couple things I have to confess about Sunday,” I started slowly. “It’s not a group date, but several of my girlfriends are having a bet about Sunday, and it involves being with a boy.”

His eyes grow a bit wider. But he is silent.

“You know about Valentine’s Day on February 14,” I continued. “And March 14 is a day for a boy version of Valentine’s Day. A day to make your guy feel good. So, all my girlfriends agreed to celebrate the day with their boyfriends.”

“Well that sounds really nice,” Dan said. But why the hurry for you to find a date? It’s no big deal if you missed one year.”

“OK. Here’s the deal. We all put $20 into a pot, and the one that has the best story from the night win’s the pot,” I confess. “And I am very competitive and want to win.”

“So how do I fit in?” he asks.

“I am not in a relationship, so I need a boy for Sunday,” I said sheepishly. “I had expected to find someone I liked and go out Sunday, but I find myself really interested in you. I don’t want the aggressiveness of this to turn you off about having a longer term relationship with me.”

“How could celebrating ‘man’s Valentine’s Day’ possible turn me off from you?” he asked.

“The holiday is pretty self-explanatory: Its called Steak and Blowjob Day,” I blurted out.

I had never experienced this before. But this really was a ‘jaw-dropping’ moment for Dan. He tried to speak, but it just came out garbled. His look of disbelief and shock was complete. We had been having such a nice, pleasant, conservative evening. And now I had just offered to give him a blowjob. Totally out of the blue.

Since he couldn’t speak, I decided to continue digging my hole. “It will be a really fun night. You can pick me up about 6, and we can head to the steak house. We’ll have a couple drinks, and the reservation is for 7. It’s a pretty slow place, so I figure we’ll be out by 8:30.” I said very matter-of-factly. “Then back to my place for your bj, and you should be heading home in plenty of time to get a good night’s sleep for work.” The calmness in my voice and presentation was just opposite of what I felt inside. His look of shock softened as I spoke, and a hint of his smile returned.

“I’ll pick you up at 7,” he said with a full smile now. “I am so glad I met you.” We gave a little hug goodnight, and part ways. As we walked away from each other, we both turned around at the same time to look at each other one last time. Big time keeper, this one.

Sunday finally came around, and I got ready to celebrate Steak Day with Dan. I had already picked out what I was going to wear, so all I had to do was put it on. The steak place was really formal, so I selected a slinky black pleated skirt and high black heels. My legs looked so good, and the skirt flowed gracefully over my hips. I was wearing a cute pair of black boyshort panties, but that wasn’t very important because Dan wouldn’t be getting to them tonight. I chose an off-white silk top that was just a little see-through. I put on my thinnest off-white bra, which let just a hint of my nipples show through the blouse. I thought black pearl necklace was nice, since it was really classy, but still had the “pearl necklace” sexual connotation. I looked really good.

Right a 7 my doorbell rang. I opened the door an there merter escort was Dan, looking stunning, with a big smile and a dozen roses. I could see from his reaction that he liked what he saw. I invited him in while I found a vase for the flowers. As I arranged the flowers, I could feel Dan’s eyes admiring my legs and butt, not knowing if or when he would get a chance to play with them.

We drove to the steak place, and had a couple drinks. He was just adorable. He tried to keep his eyes on mine, but they kept drifting down to my mouth. I could tell he was thinking about what my lips would be doing later, and trying to imagine what my throat would feel like. Of course, I didn’t help much. Sucking on my finger tip a little, slipping the breadstick into my mouth, licking the wine off my lips. As we stood up to go our table, I could see a clear bulge extending from between his legs all the way down into his left pocket. It looked long, and I am pretty sure I saw the end of it bouncing a little bit. As my eyes lifted towards his, our eyes met. I know I turned red as I realized he caught me looking at his erection.

Dinner was really nice. Slow. But really nice. Just a lot of talk. And a little teasing.

After dinner he drove back to my house, and I unlocked the door and invited him in. As soon as he closed the door, I turned around and put my arms around his waist. We embraced and kissed gently.

“What is that?” he asked as we finished our first kiss. He was motioning to one of my lounge chairs.

“You will always remember that chair as the place you got your best blowjob,” I said softly. “I’ve set it up with a towel on the chair, some pillows so I can kneel along time, and a moist towel in case we spill anything.”

“Oh my god!” is all he could say. “I can’t believe this is happening.”

I began unbuttoning his shirt, starting at the top. With each button I reached in and ran my fingers across his nipples. When his shirt was fully open, I lowered my mouth to a nipple, and licked and sucked gently. And then moved to the other nipple. He groaned softly, and had his hands moving slowly on my stomach, inching toward my breasts.

“Tonight I do all the touching,” I said coyly as I moved his hand off my breast. With that I reached down and slid my hand up and down his zipper, finding the little clasp. I put the clasp between my fingers, and pulled it all the way down, opening the front of his pants. I unbuttoned them as well, and the pants loosened and fell to the floor. “Kick you pants and shoes off.” I instructed as I pulled him to me to kiss.

As we kissed I heard his pants and shoes land a couple feet away. I let my eyes drop to look at his underwear, and my hands both dropped to cup his groin. As I held him, his hardness pulsated in my hand, and I felt an ache of desire grow deep inside me. “Let’s get you in the chair,” I said as I moved him and gently pushed him into it, letting him rest heavily onto the deep cushion.

I stood in front of him, opening my blouse fully, and letting it float gracefully to the floor. “I don’t want to stain this, either.” I said, while stepping out of my skirt. His underwear bounced with excitement as his eyes moved up and down my body. In just my bra, panties, and heels, it was almost more than he could take. I leaned over from the waist, grabbing the sides of his underwear, and began tugging them down. He immediately raised his hips, and the underwear began to slip off. As I move his shorts down, more and more of his shaft became exposed. There seemed to be no end to it. Inch after inch appeared, and still there was more hidden. Finally I could see the reddish hue of his rim as it passed his elastic band, and finally I released his penis. It sprang up as if alive and celebrating its freedom. Jumping side to side, and enjoying the openness.

I pulled his shorts completely off, and then stood up to see his naked body. He was just beautiful. Broad shoulders, flat stomach, and toned tanned legs. But his penis was magnificent. It must have been at least 8 inches long, and just the slightest bend to the left. He was circumcised, with a wide purplish rim separating the shaft from the head. The top of the head was shiny, most likely from his precum.

We stared at each other in silence. Letting our lust grow. The dull ache deep inside was now a steady pounding between my legs. My tension grew as I imagined how his penis would make me feel. Without saying a word, I reached behind me and undid my bra, and threw it to one side. Dan gasped as my breasts fell out, with my firm nipples pointing skyward. “You are so beautiful,” he sighed with conviction. His conviction was reinforced by the large drop of precum sliding down his head.

I stepped closer to him, and put my hands on his knees, and pushed them wide apart. My hair brushed against his thighs and balls as I slowly dropped to my knees. My eyes kept on his, until my knees were finally rested on the pillows I had placed in front of the chair.

“Sit back and watch this.” I said as my hand pressed his penis against his stomach, and my mouth slid toward his testicles. He just moaned as he settled back into the chair.

I mecidiyeköy escort gently kissed all around his balls, pulling just a little of the wrinkled skin into my mouth. I started licking them all over, letting my tongue press hard into each ball. I pulled each ball into my lips, sucking it deep into my mouth. I release his balls, and let my hand slide up his shaft so my fingers were just pushing on his head. Starting at the top of his balls, I slowly kissed my way up his shaft, stopping just under the rim. I worked up and down in this way several times. He was so turned on that I could see his precum dripping onto his stomach, and his penis was vibrating with anticipation.

“Please suck it,” he begged in a pathetic whimper.

“Not yet,” I said calmly. “Now watch this.”

I let his penis free, and it snapped to stand straight up. I don’t think I have ever seen a penis so hard before. It was so stiff I couldn’t make a dent in it with my finger, and the skin was so tight on the shaft that it was shiny. As it stood there, it rock back and forth in time with his heart beat. My pussy was throbbing as I admired it.

Over the 10 years I have been sexually active I have been with maybe 8 guys, have sucked on a dick probably more than 2000 times, and gave at least 500 full-on blowjobs. But yet, looking at Dan’s huge stick, I was not sure I could do this. First, it was really big around. Getting my lips over that rim was going to be a challenge. Second, it was really long. There was no way even half of it was going in. Finally, most dicks, even when hard, have a little give to them, letting them bend just a bit as they go into my mouth. Dan’s dick was like a baseball bat.

As I contemplated how I was going to do this, his little opening started to glisten as a new drop of precum appeared. I squeezed my thumb and forefinger at the base of his penis, and lifted upward on his shaft. As I pulled up, the drop grew, and was soon balanced perilously on his tip. I looked into his eyes, and then back to the drop, and lowered my face toward it. As I neared, I stuck out my tongue, and let the tip touch the top of the drop. A little bit of the fluid jumped to my tongue, and I slowly lifted up. A tiny silver strand waved between my tongue and his dick, which finally broke. I looked into his eyes, wide with lust, and let him watch as I licked his precum into my mouth. I pulled up another big glistening drop, and I lowered back to his penis, putting my mouth just over his opening and the drop. I gently sucked in the drop, and then slowly increased the suction. He moaned deeply as i pulled the drops from his shaft, the sweet taste of precum filling my senses. After I sucked it all out, I lifted up.

“Are you ready for you Steakday sucking?” I asked.

“God yes,” he moaned.

“Well, here we go. You can let this last as long as you want,” I said. “Just let me know a couple seconds before you pop so I can get ready. Provided this big thing fits in me, I want you to cum in my mouth.”

With that I put my mouth on his head, and began to lower my lips over him. The head was stiff and shiny, and seemed to go on forever. Finally I got past the widest part, and my lips fell across the rim. He groaned and gave out a muted “fuck” as my lips squeezed against the sensitive underside of the rim. I paused, and let my tongue make tight hard circles on that really sensitive spot at the base of the head (the frenulum?).

I pulled him as deep as I could, and sucked hard to draw his head tight into my cheeks. After a few slow strokes to get comfortable with his size, I settled into a steady rhythmic motion, pulling my mouth off him, making a little popping noise. And then sucking him hard and as deep as I could. I let one hand follow along with my mouth, stroking the upper part of his shaft and head, while my other hand moved along the lower half of the shaft and his balls. As I sucked it seems his penis got even bigger and harder. Even though he stretched my mouth to its limit, I got so turned on by his hardness and lust. He was moaning steadily and deeply as I worked on him, and his hips started moving in time to my strokes. His hands instinctively moved to the sides of my head, with his fingers at the base of my head. He was gently pulling my face into him with every stroke, and I could feel him struggling not to pull too hard.

I really love to get a guy off with my mouth. It feels so empowering to give him so much pleasure. While giving a blowjob I love to take a guy to the point where he loses control. Where lust and his need to release shut down his brain and his body takes over. It’s where every cell in his body is working to get to orgasm, to make it as intense as possible. It’s that thing that lives deep inside every man: the need to dominate, to procreate, to take the female. It’s that raw alpha male, released from tame society for just a few moments to make sure his sperm hit the mark. I love the aggression, the sounds, the feeling of being taken. I can tell he’s in this zone from his fast and uncontrolled breathing; from the way he starts to thrust into my face and use his hands to position my mouth for maximum pleasure; the way he moans with each thrust; and the way his taste changes and intensifies. It feels so good knowing I have aroused the animal in him. For most of a blowjob, I control the timing, I control the pace. I control him. But for these last moments I am there at the mercy of his penis. There is no stopping, no teasing, no romance. My mouth is there to finish the job, and to do it on his terms.

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