Step Daughter pt 1

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Step Daughter pt 1Step Daughter pt 1 by clive St.Clement-RoyalWhen I got remarried two years ago my new wife Jane came with two daughters, Sally who is now nineteen and Mary eighteen, they moved in with me, as there was enough room for each of them to have their own room. Both girls had long blonde hair just like their mum and a figure to match, Sally had a trim body, flat stomach with 32b tits, a nice handful, and Mary a little plumper like her mum and her tits were a nice 36b, in fact they were both very fuckable. I started to notice that both the girls would wear skimpy tops and shorts around the house especially when their mum was not at home, or even leaving off bits of clothing and giving me a view of their tits and rear ends. Once I caught Sally coming out of the bathroom with no clothes on, she just carried on passed me as if I was not there, but I did see a glimmer of a smile.The day in question had been hot and we Jane, Sally and I had been out in the pool relaxing when my wife had a call from Mary saying that she had been taken ill and could she go to the hospital to pick her up when they finished with her. Jane said that she would go and I should stop and look after Sally as the hospital was 40 mile away. I said ok I’ll cook dinner for you, just let me know when you are on your way back. With that Jane changed kissed üsküdar escort us both goodbye and left for the hospital.As soon as she left I noticed Sally sit up and take off her bikini top and lay on her back looking at me.“What do you think you are doing, young lady, you might get seen.”“There’s only you that can see me, that’s why I took it off.”“I’m your step father, it’s wrong and your only nineteen.”“No it’s not, you are only my STEP father, who happens to be a good looking hunk, and I am old enough.” As she lifted her hips and slid her bottoms down.“I’m going for a swim…join me daddy.” she said as she stood and jumped into the pool giving me a full look at her nineteen year old shaven pussy. “Come on it’s lovely, daddy.” I thought what the hell could happen, and I jumped in. As I surfaced she swam up to me under the water and pulled my shorts down and put her mouth round my cock.“ What the hell are you doing?” I spluttered. Surfacing she said.“Having fun with you as mums not here, I’ve seen the way you look at me and Mary, you do want me don’t you.”“Sally, I’m married to your mum, she will go mad when she finds out what you have done so far, and she will find out.”“No she won’t, Mary’s not ill, we planned it to get mum away and us to be alone so you can fuck me.”“What tuzla escort I spluttered.” as Sally rubbed my cock with her hand and kissed me as well, her tongue flicking in and out. “What says that I want to fuck you.”“Yes you do, as much as I want to fuck you.” She moved to the side of the pool dragging me by my cock, and then climbed out pushing her bum into my face as she climbed up the steps.“Come and let me suck your cock.” In a daze I moved to her. I sat on the lounger and she knelt by the side and took my cock into her mouth and sucked hard. Up and down getting my cock very wet until I could take no more.“Bitch, your a fucking bitch.” I cried as I picked her up and threw her on to the lounger and dived onto her pussy with my mouth and sucked it hard. At the same time I put both my hands up and grabbed her tits, pinching her nipples. Her cunt was getting very wet so I moved my and pushed a finger into it. God it was tight and wet, I finger fucked her with one finger then I put two fingers in, which was hard to do. She was wriggling and screaming. I was thinking if she wanted it, then, it was time I got my cock in her pussy. I moved up and held her legs apart and pushed my cock into her, God it was hot and tight, I managed to get the head in when I hit an obstruction. pendik escort Yes, she was a virgin, I never have fucked a virgin before. She was screaming and whimpering all the time now as I moved my cock in and out of the entrance to her cunt, I started to pull out and push back in getting faster hitting her Hyman each time. Every time I did she screamed obscenities, I was praying that the neighbours could not hear, I bent down and sucked on one of her nipples, then I bit it as I slammed my cock hard into her tight, virgin pussy.“Your too big, you will split me in two.” She screamed but I carried on fucking her, then she changed her tune. “It’s great keep doing that, I’m cumming ,fuck me, I love it fuck me.” I was very close to cumming and did not know whether it was safe to fill her pussy up or not, I did not want her pregnant. As she came I pulled out and sprayed what I thought to be a massive load of cum all over her face then pushed my cock into her mouth. She licked my cock clean then using her finger sc****d up all the cum that was on her face and tits and swallowed the lot. “That was nice I enjoyed that. I’m now a proper woman. I love you daddy, but why did you not come in me, I’m on the pill. Now all you got to do is fuck Mary.” Her last comment when strait over my head, it did not register at all.“You never said you was safe or I would have filled your pussy up till it over flowed, now get cleaned up before mum and Mary gets back and you better not say anything to mum or Mary or we will both be in deep shit. Of course I will always deny it, there’s no proof, my sexy fuckable daughter.”The end for now…more to come if wanted

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