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Subject: Stepdad Michael – chapter 1 – SECRETS REVEALED (incest, urination) Stepdad Michael — chapter 1 — SECRETS REVEALED. You’ve come to the internet looking for erotic dreams and you have found this website. Places like are necessary to you to live all kind of sexual fantasies. If you can, make survive and help it with some donations. Read a story of beggars which, for a change, is not a tragedy. It is love, friendship, beauty, liberty and happiness the faces of life which are shown here. You can read my trilogy either in Spanish, Luces de la Tierra, in or in English, Lights of the Earth I felt the key in the door and I had no time to react. It was an embarrassing situation. After coming home from work where I was a driving school instructor, I had sat on the couch and was jacking off to a bisexual scat movie. Two people had a key to my house, where I was more or less independent and it should be either my mother or her husband, my stepfather Michael. I had to turn off the TV and put my boxers back on. It was a summer day with unpredictable weather and I had sat on my couch wearing one of my white T-shirts but nothing else. At least I had enough time to switch off the TV but I was hard and still half naked when inevitably the door opened. It was my stepfather and now I would have to face him. Edna, my mother, whose maiden name was Nichols, was 22 and worked in a florist shop when she had met my father Walter Fey in a concert and the typical story had arisen. They had fallen in love, had got married and one year later they had me and gave me the name of Bernie. But it had been a nightmare for my mother, since my father was abusive and used to beat her, scarcely but he did beat her, and often insulted and humiliated her. So no wonder that it had been a great relief for my mother that he had fallen in love again with a girl called Laura and they had divorced. He was living with her now and I never knew if he abused her too. I knew the true facts when I was seven and since that day I had not had any deep affection for my father and I visit him very seldom. He does not seem to have a deep affection for me either and it’s better for both hardly to see each other. When my mother was 29 she had married again, to a cute Latino man called Miguel Reyes. He was a millionaire who presided over some companies and they had bought the house where my mother lived now. But he also had a defect. He was never an abusive man, but one day my mother discovered his usual infidelities and she is a terribly jealous woman and could not stand it. So she divorced again, in an amicable way, and he still came to visit her and me too. Unmarried she had been for ten years, till I was 25 when she had met Michael Weldon, who was a taxi-driver. He was a kind man, who seemed neither abusive nor unfaithful, and he got along very well with me and we seemed to be very good friends. But I don’t know why on Earth my mother had lent him a key to my house. Now he entered and saw me there, half naked and with an explicit video case on the table which he had not seen so far. -Oh hi, Bernie. I’m sorry to intrude. In fact I should not have a key to your house. You have no privacy and cannot do whatever the fuck you want without being suddenly discovered. I really apologize. -Michael –I had always called him Michael-. We are friends, aren’t we? Hope you don’t mind seeing me here almost naked and with obvious signs of having been jacking off. And hope you never tell my mother this. -You can be sure I will never tell anybody what I have just seen. I’m sorry and I’ll leave you soon. You see, yesterday when I was here visiting you I forgot a car mechanics magazine and I’ve had a little problem in the motor of the taxi and need to recover the magazine to know how to fix it. -I put in on my bedroom. You can find it in my bedside table’s upper drawer. You can fetch it. As he went to my bedroom I had time to put my boxers back on. Then he returned holding the magazine in his arms and I noticed he had just seen the video case. But he said. -Ok, Bernie, I’ll leave you now. -Michael, can you please sit down? Since you have discovered me, I would like to give you some explanations. -I don’t want to bother you and you needn’t give me any explanations. I can see you are still hard and it can be embarrassing for you. -I won’t gaziantep travesti be if you understand that men often have erections, mainly –I smiled at him-, when they have been jacking off to a porn movie. -Well, you can tell me whatever you want, Bernie. I really desire to be your friend and I promise I will understand anything you tell me and I won’t tell anybody. But sorry to ask you: are you gay? –he asked believing I was gay since in the video case you could find a young man covered in shit who was taking it up the ass by another young man, who was clean. -Well, it is a fact that I like girls. I’ve not had sex with many but some girls I have had. But sometimes when watching porn movies I had fantasized I like boys. I have not had sex with any boy yet, though. But it is an experience I would like to have before I die. -You’re still very young, Bernie –he said smiling at me. -it is just that it scares me to have a guy fucking me one day. I’ve heard that it hurts a lot and even if I think I have a clear masochistic streak in me, never had a masochistic experience though and one day I would really like to find a mistress. -Well, Bernie, since you are being so sincere, let me first confess something. Prior to meeting Edna, I had a girl slave once but we only had a couple of sessions. She was bisexual too and soon fell in love with a girl and left me. -And what did you do? –I asked getting obviously hard. I saw he had seen me but said nothing. -It was almost conventional sex but I gave her orders and before any sex I used to spank her, a lot in fact. She liked having her ass really red. But I want you to be calm in one thing. Your mother is not my slave and we only have conventional sex and I cannot tell you how much I love her. But I won’t say any more. I know you will feel uncomfortable if I told you more about our sex. -Thanks, Michael, and I hope you don’t mind that I am getting harder. Hearing about spanking has turned me on. That’s an experience I would like to have. -You can talk to me being hard, of course. One more question, if you allow me, does scat also turn you on? He knew what scat means, so I thought maybe it arouses him too, or maybe he has practiced it. -No, I have never done it, but I often jack off to scat scenes in a movie. That’s the same you do, isn’t it? -I often beat my meat watching scat scenes indeed. When I am watching one of these movies I have a frightening but arousing thought. I see a girl could tell me one day to eat her shit and I picture myself obeying her and in my fantasies I eat her shit and enjoy the image of myself doing it and it excites me, but when I cum, I don’t think about it again. I think I would be capable of drinking her piss, though. -Good, and now you have revealed your secrets to me, let me repeat that I will never reproach you anything, Bernie, I understand you and will tell nobody. I can leave now if you want. But I had an obvious boner and suddenly I came to an unexpected idea. He had a cute face and I saw then he had a sexy body. He smelled a bit of sweat and the smell was making me hard. I wondered whether I would have in me the courage to ask him. -Michael, do not go please. In fact, I would like you to… -I faltered. -Come on, Bernie, don’t you believe by now that you can tell me anything you want? -Well, you can send me to hell if you want. But I am remembering what you told me about spanking and well… could you not spank me? -I’m not angry at your request, Bernie. Even if I am not gay you have just made me hard with what you have just asked me. But I don’t know. I am wondering whether that would not mean cheating your mother. Well, I would not be cheating her with a girl. I’d never do that to her. But cheating her with a boy can almost be the same. But look, it can just be regarded as a birthday present that I am giving her dear son, my dear stepson, nothing else. So, are you sure you want me to spank you, Bernie? And would you not see it as if you were also cheating your mother? -I’m really sure I would like you to spank me, Michael, and I do not see this as if either of us were cheating my mother. -So, ok, I will not cheat her and I can spank you. But first you must understand that you are not my slave. We are only Bernie and Michael, two men who are horny now and are good buddies having fun. I’d gaziantep masaj salonları like you to always be my friend, Bernie. -I am sure I can always be your friend. Oh my mother was lucky to marry a hot and respectful man. So could you please spank your friend, Michel? -I will, but knowing we are friends we could spice it up a notch. Since I am gonna spank you, I want to give you a masochistic experience. You won’t be my slave, but imagine you have a mistress one day, or even a master. Would you do anything she or he tells you? -I would certainly obey her… or him. -Then you will do this. You will strip of the few clothes you are wearing because a mistress or a master would like you naked. Then you will show me the ass you want me to spank. I will start to spank you and if you want I can increase the intensity and even whip you with my belt. And one more thing: if you are experiencing pleasure I want you to jack off with no inhibitions and don’t be shy. I would like you to even cum. You think you can cum with a boy? -I’m sure I may cum with you, Michael. I will obey you. Now I am only waiting for your orders, Sir, can I call you Sir? -You can if that turns you on. But never forget you can always call me Michael, even in the midst of your arousal. Ok, Bernie, strip now. I was looking forward to his first order. What I had always suspected could be true: I also like boys. In fact I liked to see him there, sweaty and imposing, not my master, but ordering me about. I knew I could kill two birds with one stone and have at the same time a masochistic experience and my first gay experience. So I decided to remove my boxers first. Soon he could check how hard I was and congratulated me. -Good, Bernie, since we are gonna have this spanking experience, I like seeing you so hard. -So do I and I am glad you like seeing me this hard, Michael, Sir. I like calling you sir, but I know you are my friend, don’t worry. Now for the T-shirt. I was really swift and soon took it off and I liked seeing myself like that, naked as the day I was born and with a raging erection. -Good, my friend. Now turn and show me that ass you want me to spank. Needless to say I obeyed him and turned. -I can tell you, even if I am not gay that you have a really sexy ass and hot body. Many people would like to fuck you, if one day you make up your mind. Now lie on the couch, showing me your ass. -Yes, Sir –I told him-. And I soon exposed my ass to him. -Tell me again what you want. -I want my ass really spanked, Sir. And he began then. But it seemed just a caress. I understood him, of course. He was becoming my best friend and did not want to inflict me severe pain. So it was me who urged him to beat me stronger. -Ok, you asked for it. And he really began his spanks them. I liked it and moaned and asked him for many more and harder. So he increased the pain and began to spank me real hard. My ass was experiencing something new and for the first time I thought that if anybody ever fucked me, it had to be him. I was even meditating whether I would see myself able to ask him to fuck me. I thought he would not like to cheat my mother and did not say anything after all. But just one masochistic experience had been enough for me to know that I would always want somebody punishing me and ordering me about. I was madly asking him for a more severe spanking. I loved the pain and screamed in joy and so he could be surer I started jacking off then. I was not shy with him. He wanted to please me and was also enjoying the experience. -Ok, one or two more blows and then I will ask you if you really desire my belt. The last two blows came with his highest intensity and it was really excruciating pain. I yelled in ecstasy and almost came but my dick wanted to experience his belt now and did not cum. it was me who said. -Sir, please, could you be so kind as to make me know your belt now? Then he unfastened his belt and first he approached it to my face and asked me to kiss it. So I kissed his belt with devotion expecting now it would give me a strong punishment. -Ok, I’ll start. Before having any time to say anything, the first lash came to my buttocks, mercilessly punishing me and making me scream. But I uttered the truth. -Thank you, Sir, could you please go on for a long time, Sir? -I don’t gaziantep escort bayan want to leave your ass a burning red. -Please, Michael, I wanna sleep with a red ass tonight and I will jack off to the memory of today’s experience a couple of times, you can be sure. You said before this was just like a birthday present. So would you be so kind as to make me enjoy my birthday present for longer? -Ok, Bernie, I want you happy. I will keep you whipping you till you cum. Remember that whenever you want this punishment to stop, you must cum. And he flogged me twenty more times. I was untiring and the harder the pain, the more I wanted. I beat off frenetically till after my twenty-first lash, I did cum in such a long stream that even I was surprised to see I could cum so much. -Are you satisfied now, Bernie? -Not quite, Michael. First I want to really thank you for having given me this hot experience I will jack off too for the rest of my life. Now I know I am a masochist and I am starting to believe I can also have fun with boys. But there’s one thing that really worries me, Sir. I have blasted a huge load but I can see you have enjoyed the experience too and how hard you are, but you have not cum. Michael, my friend, I would we willing to jack you off now in gratitude. -Ok, Bernie. If you really want to do it, I will allow you. It’s a fact that your attitude has aroused me like hell and I also need to cum. Just wait for me a minute. I need to piss first. -Michael, since you have just given me a hot experience, I would like you to give me one other experience. I desperately need to try piss and it would be so hot to drink yours, Sir. I would like you to piss in my mouth. I promise that if I don’t like it, I will gesture you to stop. He did not think twice and I saw him whipping his dick out. I hadn’t seen any dick so far, just in porn movies, and his schlong, so hard then, almost made me cum again. -Ok, open your mouth. I did and soon his sexy rod was resting inside my mouth. I had time to taste it a bit before a long gush of salty pee came rushing out, filling my mouth completely and so wildly that I almost choked. Even if I hadn’t liked the taste, I would have had to drink a lot before I could tell him to stop. But I did not like the taste… I loved it, and my hands made a different gesture and showed him instead that I wanted to drink his entire stream. He smiled at me and continued pissing, but giving me a slow flood now so I could well taste that first sample of one of his man’s juices. I could not help it and suddenly I busted a new load before he had finished. But one more minute and he did stop. -Thank you, Michael. I don’t know how to thank you for all you are doing to me today. Now please sit comfortable beside me. I must make you cum. I will stroke gently that sexy rod you have. Even if I had never touched anybody’s cock so far, I really enjoyed stroking his meat. Now I was sure I would not stop till he came. He asked me. -Are you sure you like it? You know you can stop. -I won’t stop till I have made you cum. I won’t leave you hanging. Now I know that pleasing a boy is hot. Thank you again, Michael. -I should jack you off too. But ok, let me think about it. But I must reward you somehow for the fun you’ve given me. So I will do this. I still get hot thinking what he would do next, quite unexpected. But he came to my lips and sweetly kissed me. -Do you like it? -I’m about to cum again. Is that an answer, Michael? -Then let’s keep on kissing. I always thought it would be impossible for me to kiss a boy. But that’s not true with my hot stepson, Bernie Fey. So let’s keep on kissing. We were kissing and even touching all the five minutes it took me to make him cum. But I was proud when I finally saw him blasting a long an aroused load. -I’m glad I have made you cum. Hope you have enjoyed today at least half as much as I have enjoyed. I would like to repeat this, Michael, and become your friend in earnest. You may come tomorrow and spank me one more time. I promise I will jack you off again. -Ok, Bernie. This has been a hot experience also for me and I can feel we are closer friends now. But your mother must never know. This will be just fun between two close buddies. I’ll come tomorrow too. You can wait for me at four p.m. naked on the couch. And you will tell me tomorrow if you want to prolong this fun. I’ll leave you now. He kissed me again, stood up and left and I stayed alone remembering the hot experience I had just had, quite unexpected. Of course I’ll wait for you at 4 p.m. tomorrow naked on the couch. But I will have to wank over you today a lot. See you tomorrow, you hot man. I only hope now we can continue what we have started.

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