Stephanie finds a lover on a long space mission 3

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Stephanie finds a lover on a long space mission 3The longest night, Part ThreeWhen she woke up later, still feeling like she was watching herself, she laid very still and pretended to still be asleep. In her head, she reached out to see if she could contact the creature. “Hello?” she thought. “Stephanie?” She heard and all of a sudden, she had a thought that shocked her. She was being kept as a sex slave. But that didn’t make sense; she was only getting what she wanted. If she wanted to leave, would it let her?What did the creature want out of this relationship? “I have people who will look for me; they may be outside right now.” “Will you let me go if that’s what I want?” The seconds seem to drag as she waited for the answer. Then she heard “Yes.”, and could tell the creature didn’t like the idea. “Will you be lonely, when I leave?” “No there are many of us and we now have your memories to share.” “Can I do anything for you?” she asked.Out of the darkness bursa escort came a large worm carrying a small nut. In her head, she heard “Plant this on another world, and then leave.” She looked at it and it seemed to be a seed, from the creature. “You will be a mother to others like me.”When she stood up, she saw several worms coming out of the darkness. Instead of wrapping around her, they formed small tongues and started licking the honey liquid off of every inch of her body. It was a wonderful feeling.Her clothes and boots were brought back to her and she dressed slowly. A light spot became brighter and as she turned to go she thought “Goodbye.” “What is goodbye?” she heard. “It’s something you say when you leave someone.” she thought.She walked to the light and when she was close, the door opened. Shutting the door behind her, she made sure the door was locked.It seemed to be late night on the ship, so she went to her apartment. Looking at the ship’s clock, bursa escort bayan she was surprised to see she had been gone for two whole weeks. It didn’t seem possible to go that long without food and water, but the creature did say it had no concept of time.When she got to her assignment, she forgot all about the seed, but spent a lot of nights dreaming about the sex she had, with the creature. Weeks later, she was on another ship and landed on Tracy’s World. It was a green and undeveloped planet, so she found a good place and planted the seed, in the moist soil. Leaving when the assignment was over, she forgot about the seed.Years later she came back and found a forest of strange plants. As she walked from the heat of the sun, into the jungle of tree-like plants, she felt them open before her and close behind her. Once inside it got dark again and she smelled the wonderful flowers from years ago. She stopped in a clearing and waited. Soon she heard the escort bursa voice in her head. “You are Stephanie?” “Yes,” she thought. Slowly, this time, the worms advanced and slowly took her clothes. Walking naked, down the path that the trees opened for her, she came to one tree that was larger than the rest. “You are the Stephanie, the Mother?” She smiled at the idea and thought “Yes.” Walking over to a small stream, she bent over to get a drink of the cool water. Looking into the water, she was surprised to see her much younger self, looking back at her. As she stood up, she noticed her hip, which had been hurting her for so long, was painless. She not only looked younger, she hadn’t felt so young and full of energy, in years. Sitting next to the stream, on a bed of leaves, she thought, “If I leave, will I be old again?” Waiting for her answer, she enjoyed the smell of the flowers, the rich ground, and leaves. After a few minutes, the voice in her head replied. “You are the Mother and what we give you, you will always have.” The branches and leaves parted and the sun showed through. The heat of the light warmed her and filled her with a feeling of joy. End of Part Three

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