Steph’s Descent Ch 07

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“What’s your star sign?” Fitz asked. “Gemini, why?” Steph replied. “Well, I like the idea of a star sign tattoo. Do you know what Chinese Year you were born in?” “The Year of the Dog. Again, why?” “I’m going to do one of those too.” Steph felt a shiver of ecstasy run through her. Fitz wanting to tattoo her always did. “I’ve also finished planning the dragon for you too.” She felt herself flushing. She was excited by the fact Fitz was going to use her as a canvas for his art. The dragon was to be across her back. They were in Fitz’s tattoo parlour. He prepared for the astral tattoos he was planning for her. They were going on the tops of her feet. The Gemini would be on her right foot and the Chinese dog on her left. Fitz stencilled the Gemini tattoo and began to ink it in. Steph loved this part. The pain was almost orgasmic. She found herself thinking about how far she’d come in a few short weeks. Her husband, Phil, was at home wearing lingerie and women’s clothes. She had caged his tiny dicklet and pierced him twice; Prince Albert and one behind his ball-sack. These were connected which dragged his dicklet back, leaving kumköy escort bayan a smooth look in his panties. She had found Fitz as a lover, and also regularly screwed his twin brother, Steve. Both were tattoo artists and through them she had met, and fucked, a lot of their tattoo artist friends. Fitz had tattooed her a number of times and had plans to cover her in his work. He employed a gorgeous woman, Amanda, as a piercing specialist. She had pierced Steph’s nipples and had further plans for more piercings. The two women had also become lovers. Amanda loved needle play and Steph had turned into a pain slut. She loved having her areolae pricked and pierced with needles, multiple times. She came out of her reminiscing to find that Fitz was at work on her left foot. He had finished a beautiful Gemini tattoo. It was two women, back-to-back and topless. Both had long, flowing hair. They looked a little like Steph and Amanda. Steph mentioned this and Fitz just smiled. “That was the plan,” he said. He finished her other foot and she saw a Chinese dog tattoo with the Chinese character kumköy escort inked above it. Her feet were beautiful and she told Fitz so. She didn’t get up off the bench. She just lifted her hips and pulled down her panties while pushing her skirt up. Fitz took the hint and dropped his jeans. His huge cock sprang to attention. Steph was wet from the tattooing so Fitz could slip right in. He fucked her with abandon. She loved it, her moans getting louder and louder. As usual after a tattoo, she came really quickly. As she shivered and moaned her way through her orgasm, Fitz filled her cunt with his cum. Fitz collapsed on top of her and she kissed him tenderly. “I’m falling in love with your cock, Fitz. The rest of you is pretty good too.” “Steph, you are the perfect lover, always ready. I love that you respond to my work like you do. Let me show you the drawing of the dragon.” He got up and went to a bench and grabbed a large piece of paper. On it was a beautiful red/green dragon. Flames came out of its nostrils and its tail stretched and curled away from it. It was stunning. His idea Escort kumköy was that the head of the dragon would sit on her right shoulder with the flames coursing down her arm to the elbow. The body of the dragon would be across her back with the tail wrapping itself around her left leg. Steph was overjoyed and wanted to begin right away. “Not so fast, Steph. We need to plan and prepare. It’s going to take a while and we’ll need to go step by step, slowly and carefully.” “Oh, I can’t wait. When can we start?” asked Steph. “We’ll need to wait at least a week and then work for the whole day every three or four days. It should take about ten sessions to finish. It will cover almost your whole back, most of your right arm and most of your left leg.” Fitz invited Steph over to his house the next day. A friend of his, a fellow tattoo artist was visiting from interstate and he wanted Steph to meet him. “We call him Lucifer,” said Fitz. “Really?” replied Steph. “Why?” “Ohh, you’ll find out. I want it to be a surprise.” Steph went home, intrigued. She was curious as to how he got his name. She arrived at Fitz’s place the next day at about midday. She left her husband tied to the bed and told him to expect her home sometime later that day. First she noticed a number of cars parked outside. Then, when she went in, she found that there were a number of men she had fucked already. There were a few she had never seen before.

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