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Big Ass

Subject: steven richards trying to censor WWF i dont know Kurt angle, shane mcmahon or steven richards so i dont know if they are gay or not so dont ask me Shane was watching it all on the CCTV monitor. That was one of the perks of full security access. He had been watching Steve and Debra for over an hour now. Man, Austin really had some stamina. He had always liked Austin and watching him screwing his wife was like a dream. Shane had seen Steve in the showers many times and was impressed by his package but he never would have thought it could have been so large once hard. There was a knock on the door and Shane stopped stroking his cock and frantically rushed to get it back in his pants; he had forgotten to lock the door. There was no time to put it away so Shane moved closer to his desk, hiding his still erect cock underneath. Steven Richards burst through the door looking flustered. “What are you going to do about this?” “What’s wrong now?” Shane snapped back, a little frustrated and out of breath. “I’m trying to do a service here! I’m trying to clean up this damn federation! How am I supposed to do this when it’s full of faggots? Dirty, dirty faggots!” Shane started to go red. Nobody knew he was gay. How could Steven have known? What was his wife going to say? She only worked down the hall; it’d soon get back to her. “Call down Stevie — sorry, Steven. Erm… let’s talk about this. What are you talking about?” “That damn Kurt Angle! He’s just, he’s just… well, it doesn’t matter bursa escort what he did, he needs to go! What are you going to do about him?” Shane breathed out and relaxed. That was a close one. “Wow! Kurt’s gay? Thanks for telling me Steven, I’ll be sure to have a meeting with him later on this matter, and I promise to come down hard on him. ” Shane turned off the CCTV monitor and silently cursed Steven for having to do so. Good thing he was taping it. “Right, in order for me to follow procedures with Angle, I’m going to have to ask you what he did to you. And take your time” “He caught me in the shower. He was looking at me! He tried to touch me! Damn faggot!” Shane’s cock started to get even harder. He too wouldn’t be able to resist touching Steven in the showers. “Look Shane, I really don’t want anyone else to know about this. It’s dirty; I don’t want people knowing I got involved. Promise me you’ll keep it to yourself” “I’m not sure I can keep this to myself Steven. But I’m sure we can come to an arrangement” Shane pressed his office intercom; “Jen, could you send for Kurt Angle please? I’d like to see him as soon as possible. And ask him to come in dressed in his wrestling shorts. Thanks Jen” “Shane — I don’t understand” “Don’t worry, it’ll all come clear” Shane pushed away from his desk, his cock now in full view. He stood and walked round to where Steven sat, his pants starting to fall to the floor. “Here you go Steven. Here’s your opportunity to stop me escort bayan telling people about your gay affair” “Fuck this Shane! You’re kidding me, right?” “Shut the fuck up, and open wide!” Shane shoved his cock in Stevens’s mouth. Richards choked and tried to push Shane away. “Come on Steven. Suck it hard. If you don’t, everyone’s gonna know your shame, and you’ll never wrestle in this federation again. Suck me, bitch!” Steven started to suck on Shane’s hard dick. He squirmed in his seat. This was horrible. He couldn’t decide what was worse, having Shane’s dick in his mouth, or the fact that he was actually enjoying it. There was another knock on the door. “Shane, it’s Kurt! You wanted to see me?” “Hey Kurt, come on in. Have I got a surprise for you!” Kurt walked into Shane’s office and stopped still. His jaw dropped, could he really be seeing this? “Come on Kurt. You get to finish what you started in the showers. Turn that monitor back on for me, then get that sweet ass of yours over here!” “Yes Boss!” Kurt said, obviously getting excited. His cock had started to get hard and was now starting to poke out of his shorts. He rubbed it through his shorts as he turned on the monitor. “Man, this IS a good day! Is that Austin there? Damn!” Shane was groaning. He pulled his cock out of Stevens’s mouth and started jacking off. Within moments he had cum over Richards’ face. It was time for Steven to get HIS cock out, Shane made sure of that. As soon as it was out, Shane wrapped bursa escort his mouth around it. Kurt walked over and started to fuck Stevens’s mouth. “See Steven, it’s not so bad!” Not so bad? He was in ecstasy. He never thought he’d ever be doing this but it was fantastic. Having another man suck his cock was great. Shane really knew what he was doing. And damn! Kurt was huge. He really started to get into it now. He sucked Kurt’s cock harder. He ran his tongue up and down Angles dick and licked the precum. Shane was working even harder now. He had fantasized about this for months. He no longer cared if his wife found out; this is what he wanted to do. Richards started to moan and shift in his seat. Then Shane’s mouth was filled with Stevens cum. It dripped from his lips and he swallowed all he could. It was only Kurt left to unload now and Steven wanted it up his ass. He bent over Shane’s desk and Kurt started to finger Stevens hole. It was tight, but with some force Kurt’s cock was soon in Steven. Man, he was tight! Shane had started to get hard again and started stroking himself, watching Kurt ram Richards up the ass. Steve was still going on the monitor and Shane was impressed. He watched Steve take his cock out of Debra and cum over her tits. He’d definitely be watching that video again later. He wondered if Steve would allow him to join in next time. He’d love to be Austin’s bitch for a session. Kurt started flexing, he screamed and unloaded inside Richards. That was enough for Shane and he came again. The three were exhausted; it was a new experience for all of them. Shane moved over to Richards and kissed him roughly. “Right boys, good meeting, very productive. Now, I’ve got work to get on with. Same time tomorrow, okay?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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