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True memoirs of an airline pilot. Part One by Jefferson Merrick

Manchester for three days. The worst possible layover on the roster. Nobody wanted to do the three day rotation out of Manchester. There were several reasons why nobody wanted to do the three day rotation out of Manchester. One was that all the flights were night departures to a Greek destination with a return early in the morning. The second reason was that the crew stayed at the airport hotel, The Holiday Inn Express, right on the M56 interchange. The other reason was that there were very few places to eat within a few minutes walk, not even a fifteen minute walk so we almost always ate in the hotel. Most of us tried to break our sleep into two, a few hours after the flight, from about seven until midday, and again from about three until six for the flight at ten o’clock.

I met a few of the crew for lunch, a steward and two stewardesses, or fight attendants, as we should call them. We tended to eat a light meal since the intention was to sleep again later. I had a salmon salad that day. We chatted about nothing in particular and went our separate ways a little before twelve thirty. I walked through the lounge to get to my room. It was less than half full, about fifteen people in total. In a corner near the window sat a couple, seats pulled close, faces locked together in a passionate kiss. Her right hand stroked the inside of his right thigh. His left hand was under her skirt, sliding up to the top of her leg before returning to just above her knee. Her skirt covered the hand from view.

Her left hand held the back of his neck, pulling him close. His right hand lay across her neck, his fingers stroking her exposed skin below her hairline. They kissed with ferocious intensity, as if it might be the last kiss they would ever have. I paused, unable to take my eyes off the tableau before me, about fifteen feet away. On the table in front of them sat a beer, the head long gone but the glass still almost full. In front of her sat a cup of coffee, also not touched. They looked like props on a film set. I sat at a table about twenty feet away and pulled out my paperback novel. I pretended to read, peering over the top of the page to observe their congress.

He looked to be in his mid to late thirties, A tad overweight but with a full head of hair and well dressed. She looked quite a bit younger, early to mid twenties maybe, slim and smartly dressed, a junior executive or mid level administrator, I decided. I thought about their situation. Evidently passionate about each other, evidently unable to actually release all that pent up passion owing to the fact that they had limited time and no hotel room. I guessed they met here frequently and indulged in as much physical contact as they could possibly get away with in public. It occurred to me that I could help resolve the one issue that would make all the difference, the lack of a hotel room. I had one with two large beds in it and I had no intention of using either for at least two more hours. They looked as if they needed about ten minutes on top of just one of them! I prepared to be met with hostility if and when I disturbed them but I figured I could withstand that and get through to them that I really wanted to help. I had no real ulterior motive, I simply wanted to help.

I closed the book and approached the table.

“Excuse me. I think I can help you.”

The broke apart. The lady grabbed her coffee. It looked cold. He glared at me, obviously annoyed that someone had disturbed them in their private embrace.

“What? What do you want?”

He reacted exactly as I expected so I did not react to his hostility.

“Would you like to use my room?” I asked politely.

He glared at me for a moment until she put her hand on his forearm. She spoke quietly.

“Why would you do that?”

“I have two double beds in my room and I don’t need either of them until about three o’clock. I’d be happy to let you use one of them for as long as you need.”

“I asked you why?”

“Because you look as if you need a room and I have one. No other reason, really. Just being kind. It’s me, I guess.”

I laughed a little as I said my last few words. I held the key card and moved my hand toward her. She looked at the card, looked at me then looked at him.

“Come on, Greg, let’s go.”

She stood and pulled Greg out of his seat. He looked reluctant, unsure of the situation but she had evidently heard enough to convince her I had no ulterior motive.

“Which room?”

“One-four-nine. This floor, though the fire doors and turn right.”

She moved to the side of her chair, extended her hand to me and said,

“Show me.”

I didn’t think I needed to show them the way. The directions I had given them were simple enough and the room was not difficult to find. I led the way, holding the fire door open to allow them through. I pointed along the corridor. I followed them past seven doors.

“This one, on the left.”

The Bolu Escort lady slipped the key card into the slot, the door lock clicked and she pushed the door open. She entered the room and he followed close behind her. I turned to return to the lounge, trusting them enough to return the key when they had finished whatever it is they planned to do.

“You too, Mister Kind Man. You get to watch.”

“Seriously? Are you sure?”

“Absolutely. It’s something we have talked about already and you win the jackpot. You are the first to put us in a position to allow this fantasy of Greg’s to be fulfilled. Come on in. We have forty minutes.”

As a thirty-four year old pilot, I have been around and seen and done a lot of things that most people would never dream of. The airline I work for, like most others, provides an annual supply of nubile, impressionable, attractive and often accommodating young women, and men of course, every spring. I had been taking advantage of this endless supply of fresh faces since I joined the airline four year previously. I had taken advantage of my position of authority and enjoyed the fruits of my labour. A few drinks, a few flattering words, a lot of attention, some sympathy, some worthwhile advice, some empathy, understanding and patience and I had an almost endless supply of sexual partners a decade or more younger than me. I am not ashamed of my indiscriminate behaviour since I am single and will probably remain that way until I tire of having enthusiastic sex with nubile twenty somethings. Long may it last. This however, was something new.

I closed the door behind me, folding the safety device over the bolt to prevent the cleaning crew from entering. I turned to see Greg shucking off his jacket. The lady slipped off her jacket and flung it on the bed with the crumpled covers. The other bed had not been used. He flung his jacket on top of hers. She unzipped her skirt, he unzipped his trousers. I sat in the chair by the window, the light behind me, the better to observe the upcoming display. The trousers and skirt joined the jackets. Shirts and pants followed seconds later until they were both naked, standing by the unused bed. She stood almost as tall as him, her shoes had maybe three inch heels. He kicked his loafers off, she kept her high heels on.

They embraced, hard, close, firm bodies mashed against each other. His erection looked ready for action. The Lady leaned back, pulling him with her. She dropped back on the bed, her body flat, her legs open as he knelt on the bed between her outstretched thighs. He spat on his hand and transferred the saliva to the head of his fairly sizeable cock. She did the same, transferring her spittle to her vagina. He shuffled forwards on his knees, his cock in his right hand. She held her pussy lips open. He aimed, lunged and ploughed into her eagerly awaiting pussy, one thrust, deep, right up to the hilt. Lady moaned and looked at me, our eyes locking as she smiled. Her mouth opened, her tongue protruded and she made as if to lap some unnamed liquid into her mouth. My cock twitched.

Greg concentrated on fucking her to the best of his ability. He stroked slowly in and out, his arms rigid either side of her breasts. His knees on the bedcover between her upraised legs. She had her ankles resting on his shoulders, splaying her sex wide open for the onslaught. He looked down at the conjunction of their bodies, watching his glistening cock slide in and out of her hairless pussy. I had an erection, hard, demanding, rigid, in need of release. I had not been this turned on since my Chemistry teacher, Miss Fitzackerly, had fucked me in sixth form college.

Lady’s head rolled from side to side. She moaned and spoke words of encouragement to Greg. He ploughed on, driving deep into her with each stroke. Her hips rolled up, forcing him inside her ever deeper. Her head turned in my direction, once again, she opened her mouth and licked her lower lip, making as if to swallow something. Her left arm moved from Greg’s hip. She pointed at me and curled her index finger, motioning me to her. I stood up. She put her forefinger in her mouth and sucked. I got the message. I dropped my trousers, shucked off my T shirt and pants and approached the bed. Greg continued to plough into her pliant body. He didn’t look at me or acknowledge my presence. Lady’s right hand flashed across her clitoris, spreading moisture all over herself and Greg’s lower body.

As I approached the bed, Lady shook and shuddered as her orgasm ripped through her. Her body became rigid, not pliant as moments before. Greg continued, faster, harder, grunting with the exertion as his own climax explded with him grunting and shaking as he blasted into her. He had lasted about a minute, which considering the situation and urgency might not be so unexpected. Lady reached for me as he pulled out and hurried to the bathroom. She reached for my cock, pulling me to her. I stepped closer and her head moved more sideways, Bolu Escort Bayan my cock slipped into her open mouth and she sucked. Oh, how she sucked!

I came about two minutes after the initial contact. I had never come so quickly in my life. Her hand had pumped, her lips gripped, her tongue swirled and her cheeks hollowed as she sucked me into her voracious mouth. Her right hand caressed my balls, toyed with my ring, pressed, relaxed, probed and scratched around the tight ring of dark muscle. I felt powerless to resist and indeed, made no effort to do so. I wanted this, wanted this abrupt and spontaneous orgasm to run its course. I relaxed and let it happen. She slipped her forefinger inside, just one knuckle and I felt the trigger released as she entered. I felt the abrupt explosion deep within me, unsure of its origin but relishing the heat and adrenaline that coursed through my body. I shook and roared my approval, shooting several strong blast of hot semen into her mouth. She continued sucking, shaking, moaning, cumming once again as Greg returned from the bathroom. He turned and looked at me as he came closer. He frowned as Diana licked the last drops of cum from the tip of my cock.

I stepped back as she let my now diminishing erection slip from her mouth. Greg slumped into one of the chairs, Lady remained flat on the bed, her long, lean body stretched as she put her arms over her head. She looked at greg and smiled. The she smiled at me. I dropped onto the bed beside her, my hand resting on her left hip.

“That was amazing.” said Greg.

“Fucking awesome.” said Lady.

They looked at me as if expecting me to add to the expressions of appreciation.

“What’s your name, Lady?”

“Diana, like the princess.”

Lady Diana Spencer had only recently married the heir to the British throne.

“Pleased to meet you. I’m Jeff. Jefferson to my Mum.”

“Likewise, pleased to meet you. Could I have some water?” asked Diana.

“Sure. You need to wash that away?”

“Not at all. I love the taste and feel of cum in my mouth. I’m just thirsty, that’s all.”

“So tell me a little about your situation. Why the meetings in this hotel at lunchtime?”

“Greg is married and has the most awful wife. I am married with the most awful husband. We work in a bank in Ringwood. I’m his boss. He’s my Assistant Manager. We’ve been lovers for three weeks and only twice managed to have sex, both times in his car but it’s too small and too exposed hence, too quick! We come here to do what we can. We sometimes manage to have an orgasm if it’s not too busy in the lounge, well, I do. Greg’s worried about the mess. What about you. What are you dong here?”

“I fly for Centerline. I’m here for three days. Night flights to Greece. If you want to stay the night, you can. I’ll be away from eight-thirty tonight until seven tomorrow morning.”

Greg spoke up.

“Thanks, but we can’t. As Diana said, we’re both married, however badly. We have to be home at night. We have an hour every lunch time and make the most of it. We asked about an hourly rate here but they told us to fuck off. Well, almost. How long are you staying?”

I laughed a little, a chuckle. They smiled.

“Two more days. I check out on Friday night before the flight to Corfu. If you want to come tomorrow and Friday lunchtimes, I am happy to repeat the performance, if you are.”

They exchanged glances. Diana nodded and Greg agreed.

“That would be fantastic, thank you. Do you have condoms? I’m ovulating right now but I’d love for you to fuck me tomorrow. Greg would like to film us, if you don’t mind. Is that OK with you?”

I paused, unsure if I wanted to become a porn star. I decided that even if it was seen by their friends, I was unlikely to be recognised by anyone that mattered.

“Okay, just don’t use my name.”

“Great. Can we meet you in the lounge at twelve-thirty?” asked Diana.

“I’ll be here.” I replied.

Greg went to the bathroom. He retuned a minute later and began to dress. Diana followed suit, spending a lot longer in the bathroom. I wrapped a towel around my waist and stood near the door as they prepared to leave. Greg led the way, shaking my hand as he passed. Diana followed, gripping my hand and kissing me full on the lips. Her tongue darted into my mouth. She stepped back and said,

“Tomorrow then. Twelve thirty. Don’t forget the condoms.”


The flight to Athens went according to schedule, there and back. We took off just before the airport closed at ten p.m. Flight time to Athens in still air is about three hours and forty five minutes. We arranged the take off time to get us back to Manchester for the early morning opening time of six o’clock. I got into bed at six forty-five and slept until twelve. I showered and made it to the restaurant by ten past twelve. Another light salad with coffee sufficed for lunch. At twelve thirty, I walked into the lounge. Greg and Diana sat at the same table, no drinks Escort Bolu in evidence this time. I nodded and produced my key card. I motioned for them to follow me. I hung the ‘Do not Disturb’ sign outside the door.

I turned to see both of them undressing with the same haste as they showed yesterday. Greg stepped away from the bed, went to Diana’s voluminous handbag and produced a handheld movie camera. I recognised it as a Canon Zoom 318. He left the handle stowed and placed it on the windowsill, good light streaming into the room. He made a few settings and rejoined Diana, now naked, on the bed. She immediately began to caress and fondle him while he held her shoulders and hips. They kissed once again as they did before.

Diana turned to me and said,

“Jeff, get naked, join us, please.”

They rolled onto the bed, embracing, kissing with the same passion and intensity as yesterday. I undressed and moved closer to the bed. It had already become evident that Diana dominated the pair, she had control. She held out her hand and pulled me towards her.

“Get behind me, Jeff. Stroke my breasts and back.”

We lay together, Diana facing Greg, her strong body sandwiched between two men with solid erections. Mine lodged in the crack of her arse. Diana had trapped his erection between her legs. They kissed. I did as instructed, massaging her full breasts and stroking her back and shoulders. I pinched her nipples, rolling them to and fro. She moaned but I had no way of knowing if I had been the reason of Greg’s passionate kisses, or maybe his erection between her legs. It didn’t matter. It served to arouse the sexual tension between us.

“I want you two to spit roast me. Greg, you can come in my mouth. I want to fuck Jeff. Is that okay with you both?”

I moved as if to kneel on the bed. Greg hesitated. I imagined that he had spoken about this happening but had perhaps not realised that the reality might give him reason to pause and reconsider. Diana evidently sensed his reluctance.

“Greg, come on. We talked about this. It’s what we both wanted. Jeff deserves this. Don’t back out now, Darling, please. He’ll have a condom so he won’t actually be touching me in there, will he? Come on, we want this, so do you. Relax and let it happen, Greg Darling.”

Diana’s slightly pleading tone and what sounded eminently sensible argument to me turned out to be enough to overcome his reluctance. He knelt up and moved to her head. Diana got on all fours and looked behind her. I had already begun to unwrap the condom, rolling it down the length of my erection. I had glanced at Greg’s equipment several times and noted that mine had about an inch in length advantage but his had some extra girth. I wondered which Diana would prefer! Diana put her left hand on the cheek of her arse and pulled, exposing her pink pussy to my lustful gaze. I edged closer, lowered the head of my cock to make contact with her outer lips and thrust, slowly, gently, overcoming the slight tension in her pussy muscles until I had my cock lodged deep inside her hot pussy. She smiled back at me. I returned the smile and looked down at her beautiful backside. The globes of muscle shook each time I drove into her.

Greg stood at the side of the bed, his cock level with her mouth. Diana repeated the moves she had made for me yesterday. Greg told her to hurry. Diana stopped, turned her head and looked up at me, holding eye contact. She smiled, approving of my steady fucking rhythm, the beats about in time with the hit of the time, Macarena. I did vary it a bit, slowing down, pausing even to let the sensations subside a little. I had time to savour this beautiful experience. I did not feel the need to hurry, nor did she apparently. Diana returned to sucking on Greg’s naked erection. I couldn’t help noticing that it flagged a little, below the horizontal, for sure. She bobbed her head and sucked, making appreciative noises. Greg began to grunt, a precursor to his orgasm, as I had heard yesterday. Greg roared his appreciation and blasted his ejaculation directly into Diana’s sucking mouth. She sucked and swallowed, pumping his cock until he had drained every drop he had into her hungry mouth. He pulled back and went to the bathroom.

Diana also moaned as she swallowed his emission. Her hips swayed left and right. She began to thrust back against me, keeping time with me. The volume and pitch of both groaners increased. Diana began to shake, shudder and rock her body as her orgasm ripped through her. I increased my tempo, determined to finish close behind her upcoming orgasm. I felt the release, deep down somewhere inside me, expanding, rushing outwards as a ripple of energy, reaching every nerve ending as I exploded inside her. I pulsed, jerked, drove in hard and deep, rocking my hips to ensure I had also drained my balls inside her hot body. I pulled back, holding onto the condom, feeling replete, complete, drained and totally satisfied after an incredibly intense orgasm. I fell to my left, alongside Diana who lay diagonally across the bed. Greg emerged from the bathroom and moved to the table by the window where he switched the camera to off. They had fifteen minutes of high class porn to amuse themselves in their future somewhere.

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