Storm Damage Ch. 05

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The summer had literally flown by, and in that incredibly short period of time my life had completely changed. The end of May saw my home half demolished, and the beginning of July saw me engaged to the most spectacular woman I had ever met, besides my former wife. Along the way I had enjoyed a sexual relationship with another fantastic woman, who just happened to be my new finance’s sister, and incredibly, neither of them seemed to be at all bothered by that.

The downside of working at a university is your life is regulated by the class schedule, and this summer was no exception. The wedding was going to have to be the end of August at the latest if we wanted to have a honeymoon. Once that was decided, Tina was left with less than six weeks to get all the planning and arrangements done, including finishing the repairs on the addition, since she wanted to have the wedding on the deck of our house. Sandy had stayed on to help after the sheet rock was completed, which took her and her crew less than a week to do. I was amazed at how hard she drove her guys, and I never heard a one of them complain or treat her with anything other than respect. There was no doubt that regardless of how feminine she looked, she could crack the whip and she knew her job. The guys seemed to ignore the fact that she was normally working in boots, cut-off shorts and a t-shirt that was, by the end of the day, wet enough with sweat to cling to her chest, accentuating her outlines. I suppose it was just routine for them after while, but I would have thought that they would at least be ogling her that way, I know I was having trouble not doing so.

Once the sheetrock crew was done, we fell into a regular routine. For the next week I came home from work, ate dinner with them and then change my clothes to join them in working on the finish work. I was shocked at how quickly the work went, each day I would come home to a new view, the girls somehow finding time to work on wedding stuff as well as work on the addition. It took us only three days to lay all the hardwood and tile that had taken me almost two months by myself.

Each day seemed to bring the addition closer to its final metamorphosis. Just when I was sure that things would be done well in time for the wedding, Tina asked if I would mind if she remodeled the bathroom? I knew she was unhappy with the small bathroom, even though it had served me well all these years. I also realized that since she moved in there was a lot more stuff in there and we were frequently moving curling irons, hair dryers and makeup stuff around to use the small counter and sink. I agreed, after she assured me that there would be no problem having it done by the wedding.

The other thing I did was give her free reign on the project design. She could do whatever she chose, as long as it didn’t go over the 10K I had set aside in the bank for my next project. With a grin she agreed that it would not cost me a penny more and that she would take care of the whole thing. I hoped that it would not be overly drastic, given the short period of time to go before the wedding, but just how much could she do on $10K?

I was a little late getting home from work the next day, having had to go do a fitting for my tux, and was somewhat surprised to see three pickups in front of the trailer. Patty was back. The real shock came when I couldn’t even get into my own driveway, it was so full of trucks and a large cement mixer.

I parked by the trailer and walked down the driveway as a continuous line of workers carted wheelbarrow loads of concrete around the end of the house. I followed at a discreet distance and practically fell over when I saw a huge foundation being constructed.

Tina saw me and ran over, giving me a huge hug, her hardhat falling off as she tilted her head back to give me a big kiss.

“Well, what do you think lover?” she asked with a big smile.

“It looks….big!” I said trying not to look concerned.

“Not too big.” She answered. “Come on. I’ll show you the plans.” She continued as she drug me by the hand up onto the deck where a small table was set up with a set of blueprints. It was pretty clear that she was adding on a section out the back that included the bathroom and a new larger walk in closet. “Pretty cool huh?” she beamed as I looked over the plans that showed a step down bathroom with a sunken corner whirlpool tub, framed with windows so you could look out over the valley behind the house, a double head shower stall, and a large counter with dual sinks.

“Um… yeah. Not to be a wet blanket, but two questions. Is it going to be done in time and how much is it going to cost me?”

“Silly man! Why do you think Patts is back? Of course it will be done, and as far as cost… I promised it wouldn’t cost YOU a penny more than 10K. I never said it wouldn’t cost me anything. Besides, part of it is the girls wedding present to us.”

“Ok.” I said with a shrug. “As long as you have it under control I won’t say a word.”

“Well, bilecik escort I don’t know if I have it completely under control.” She said as she followed me inside the house. “There is one little thing.”

“And that is?” I asked as I headed to the bedroom to change, stopping dead in my tracks when I reached the door.

“Um… we don’t have a bathroom or closet until it’s done, so we’re just going to have to use the guest bath.”

“I guess so.” I answered as I looked at the missing floor and walls were where the bathroom used to be, and all our furniture and clothes shoved to one side of the room.

It was nearly eight by the time the concrete work was done and Patties crew had headed out for the night. The girls decided we should go out to dinner and celebrate, which we really hadn’t done yet. I agreed and went to change while the girls fought over the one bathroom, which turned out to take well over half an hour. It was worth the wait. The three of them looked absolutely stunning. There was no doubt that they were sisters, and each was dressed to the max. Tina was wearing a very short halter dress that seemed to shimmer as she moved and turned. As she pirouetted for me, it was clear by her bare back that she couldn’t possibly have a bra on under the lose material of the top, which had my dick almost Immediately getting hard. Patty was wearing an extremely tight short black skirt that barely covered the top band of her stockings. Her snug cream colored sleeveless top seemed to hug her tits and left plenty of doubt about the presence of any bra. Sandy was the most conservatively dressed of the three, wearing a white silk blouse and red mini-skirt. Her white stockings and heels gave her an almost “come fuck me” look while the rest of her looked like “don’t you wish”. In some ways I felt underdressed as we headed out the door to the suburban.

Dinner was great, and the four of us spent as much time talking as eating. I had to admit that I had a LOT of looks from other guys as we came and went, and I have to admit it felt pretty damn good.

The girls wanted to go out for a drink after dinner and I agreed. Not being much of a drinker myself, I told them I would be the designated driver so they could enjoy. Each of them gave me a kiss for being so kind. Kind heck, it was more self preservation. Last thing I wanted to do around Tina was to get sloshed and get handsy with one of her sisters.

We pulled into the lot of the only real club in town and the ladies got out and I walked to the door with one on each arm and Patty following close behind. I think the head of half the guys in the place turned when we walked in. These three were real attention getters, and they way they were dressed screamed “look at me”. A number of the unattached guys in the place came by and made a play for one of the girls, but each time they were rebuffed, and told that they were with me, which drew a combination stares that included both annoyance and admiration.

After a half a dozen stiff drinks and about an hour of taking turns dancing with each of them, I suggested that we head out, we had a long day the next day, and the girls were getting pretty well lubricated. We walked out of the club and I opened the doors on one side for the girls to get in. Patty climbed in the back seat and slid across, her skirt hiking well up her legs in the process. Even in the dim light of the dome light I could tell she wasn’t wearing any panties under her skirt, which certainly explained the looks she got during the few dances we had. Sandy climbed in after her, unintentionally giving me a good view of her very small red bikini panties up under her tiny red skirt. When I looked up it was clear that Patty saw me looking, even if Sandy didn’t. I closed the door, somewhat embarrassed, and helped Tina into the front seat. She leaned over and kissed me long and wet before whispering, “That’s for being such a gentleman.”

I wasn’t sure I was such a gentleman, after getting caught looking up Sandy’s dress, but I accepted the kiss and closed the door, going around to get in.

We were barely out of the parking lot when Patty called from the back seat.

“Hey sis. Did you see your boyfriend checking out Sandy’s panties?” I figured I was dead meat now.

“Yeah… He did take a pretty long look, didn’t he?” Tina called back, grinning at me to let me know I had most certainly been caught.

“Well, he was checking out my pussy too!” Patty called with a laugh.

“Not like he hasn’t seen it before!” Tina called back. “Sandy on the other hand…” she said, letting it hang out there.

“Yeah. Never seen that one has he.”

“Not going to neither!” Sandy chided back somewhat drunkenly.

“Ohhhhh big talk!” Patty chided. “You’re just afraid to have a guy check you out. You are way too scared girl.”

“I’m not scared!”

“OH yes you are!” Patty shot back.

The argument went on for almost two minutes, sounding manisa escort much like a couple kids before it got quiet. I damn near swerved off the road when a pair of tiny red panties came sailing over the back seat, landing on the steering wheel in front of me. I could see that the crotch was clearly damp as she called back that she was not scared.

“That’s nothing!” Patty called before the sound of some rustling. A few moments more and her tight black skirt landed on the dashboard in front of me. If I wasn’t hard before, the thought of Patty sitting back there half naked took care of that. The girls went at it again chiding each other, Sandy calling Patty an exhibitionist slut and Patty calling Sandy a wimpy priss. The two argued like only sisters can, calling each other names and laughing at the same time, while I drove toward the edge of town. I tried to ignore the chatter because it was simply too tempting to look in the back.

Things got quiet for a few moments and I thought it was finally over when a small red skirt flew threw through the air, landing next to the black one on the dash. Patty was cheering and whooping from the back seat and Tina was laughing almost uncontrollably at the look on my face. Patty upped the ante by tossing over her top, which should have left her with nothing but her stockings and shoes on. Tina unhooked her seat belt and leaned over to kiss me on the cheek and stroke my straining dick through my pants.

“You poor man. Getting teased this way.” She whispered with a bit of a giggle.

“I’m sure I’ll survive.” I whispered back, trying not to react to the on-goings in the back seat too much.

“You are so brave!” she cooed in my ear, temporarily drowning out the continued laughing and arguing in the back seat. As I drove toward the city limits, things began to thin out, traffic and building wise, and I was able to relax slightly, which only lasted a few moments. I felt Tina pulling my zipper down while she giggled. “Why don’t you let me help you get a bit more comfortable?” She cooed as she worked my raging hardon out of my pants and underwear.

“Whatever you want.” I responded for a lack of anything better to say. Fortunately it wasn’t much farther home.

I felt Tina wrap her warm mouth around my exposed head as Sandy’s silk blouse sailed through the air, landing on Tina’s back. I couldn’t help but groan at the thought of the two women in the back seat practically naked, a thought confirmed by a quick look in the rear view mirror, and Tina’s excellent ministrations on my dick. Tina seemed to be unwilling to let me cum, pulling her mouth from my member just as I felt things begin to build toward that end.

“Not yet.” She cooed as she sat up and kissed my cheek wetly.

I turned into the driveway and parked in front of the garage. Before I had the truck even in park, the back doors flew open and the two girls were running down the wooden walk toward the rear of the house, their almost naked bodies illuminated by the headlights. I got out of the truck and walked around to get Tina, opening the door with one hand and holding my pants up with the other.

“Carry me!” she said simply. I started to zip my pants up and she put her hand over mine and just sat there, shaking her head. I shrugged and bent over and pulled my shoes off and then my pants, which she took from me and tossed in the back seat. I slipped my shoes back on and then lifted her from the truck, pushing the door closed with my naked ass.

I carried my soon to be wife down the boardwalk, my hard dick swinging back and forth and bouncing up into her butt as I walked. She giggled and pulled herself tighter to my neck as I rounded the corner. The girls had started the hot tub and their heels were tossed aside on the deck while they were both deep in the water. I stopped by the side of the tub and kicked my shoes off, stepping down into the water, still holding Tina, fully dressed.

She squealed as I sat down, dunking us both into the water. Once I had her situated on my lap I was able to free a hand to pull her shoes off, which she was still holding above the water level. I tossed them aside and then went to work on her dress, working the soaking wet material down her body and finally off. I tossed it aside and then pulled her skimpy panties off, leaving her completely naked except for her stockings.

Tina slid from my lap and pulled my shirt off and threw it to the deck with a loud plop and then slid onto my lap and began playing with my dick while she sensuously kissed me. I allowed my hands to roam all around her body, coming to rest on her large firm tits. I always was a tit man, and she had a nice pair. I tweaked her nipples and she groaned softy into my mouth.

“You love tits, don’t you?” She panted after breaking the kiss.

“That I do.”

“Wanna fuck a big pair of tits?” she whispered.

“Ohhhhh I’d love to fuck your tits.” I groaned as she squeezed my dick.

“Good! mersin escort Don’t go away!” she said as she practically jumped out of the tub and ran into the house. I sat in the swirling water watching Patty and Sandy sitting on the opposite side of the tub, heads back, moaning softly in pleasure. I was pretty sure that neither had their own hand in their laps at that moment.

Tina came back out with a large bottle of lotion and practically jumped into the water next to me.

“Ok stud. First you gotta make me cum!” She said as she slid onto my lap.

“That would be my pleasure.” I responded as I pulled her close to me. To her surprise I stood up and turned around, setting her on the edge of the tub, releasing her so she could lean back. “by the way… I enjoy doing this too.” I said as I bent over and lowered my head between her now spread legs. It was no lie, I very much enjoyed licking a good pussy as much as I enjoyed sliding my dick into it. I knelt down into the water as I kissed one of her thighs just above her soaked stockings, gently working my way up to her pussy lips. I teased her lips with the tip of my tongue before kissing her other thigh.

“Oh god! Don’t tease me… Not right now!” She said in a demanding voice.

“Yes dear!” I replied before I pressed my tongue as deep into her already spread lips as I could. I licked up her wet pussy and across her hard clit, eliciting a sharp intake of air.

“Ohhhhhhh yes!” she moaned as I flicked her hard nub several times in quick succession before sliding down and driving deep into her again. I made this trip several times, each time working her clit a little longer and a little harder.

“OH FUCK!” she screamed into the night as I sucked her clit into my mouth and squeezed it with my lips. Her whole body trembled and shook as I flicked my tongue across the trapped tip of her clit. Her legs closed around my head in a vice grip that felt like it would never release. Slowly her orgasm passed, allowing me to spread her legs and gently kiss her pussy before sliding forward and picking her up. I lowered her down into the water until she was sitting on my lap, panting for breath.

“God that felt good!” she said as she moved her face to mine to give me a wet kiss. “Now it’s your turn!” She pushed away and slid off my lap. Standing up she turned to look over at Sandy. “You ready sis?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be!” Sandy replied, sliding forward in her seat and sitting up until her huge tits were above the water level. It was the first time I had ever seen them completely uncovered, and I had to admit they were impressive. Each tit was about the size of three quarters of a good sized cantaloupe, each one topped off with a two inch areola and a puffy nipples that were nearly an inch in diameter and a half an inch high. Don’t get me wrong, I really really like the way my future wife’s tits look, but these were…a work of art, which she seemed almost ashamed to show off.

Turning back to me, Tina held out her hand for me. “I know you wanted to see these, so here’s your big chance, you might as well enjoy it!”

“HUH?” I asked clearly confused as I took her hand and allowed her to pull me up.

She slid her body around behind me and pressed her tits into my back and played with my hard dick, now exposed above the water. “Are you telling me you don’t want to fuck them?” she whispered in my ear as Sandy reached out and replaced Tina’s hand with her own.

“I didn’t say that.” I said, staring at the massive tits.

“Good. This is your chance.” Tina whispered in my ear as Patty got the lotion and squirted a bunch on my cock, which Sandy quickly massaged into me. Patty also squirted a bunch on Sandy’s tits and went to work massaging the massive mounds of flesh, to Sandy’s obvious pleasure. I probably would have just stood there and let Sandy jack me off, mesmerized a the sight of the her tits being massaged by Patty, who had now slid around to behind her, Patty’s tits acting as a pillow for Sandy’s head, if Tina hadn’t been behind me, pressing me forward.

It only took a few small steps and Sandy had my dick nestled into the canyon between her tits. She let go of my dick and pressed her tits tight around my dick. I didn’t need any further encouragement, the more primal part of my mind knew exactly what to do, and my body easily followed along. Within seconds I was stroking the full length of my cock up between her tits, the head poking out the top with each stroke. Patty was still reaching around and playing with the exposed parts of Sandy’s nipples and allowing her fingers to play with my balls at the end of each stroke.

“OHHHH” I groaned as I felt my load begin to make the trip into the world. Sandy leaned her head down and sucked the head of my cock into her mouth as it appeared above her tits, giving it a quick suck before it disappeared again. She repeated this several times before I pushed up into her tits the final time, the first shot of hot cum lancing out into her mouth. She gagged slightly and pulled her head from my spurting dick, allowing my next shot of cum to shoot straight into the air, falling back onto her tits. Patty cried in delight with each spurt of hot white goo that landed on Sandy’s tits, moving her hands to the warm liquid to rub it around.

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