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Story #1You begin to undress, taking off your blouse and revealing a seductive black lace bra. Your tight denim jeans hug every curve of your body, framing your ass perfectly. You unzip your jeans and smile at me, slowly revealing a matching pair of lace panties as. I sit tensely in the chair, just as you have commanded, watching every movement of your body. The gracefully swing of your hips, the seductive biting of your lip, the erotic torture of watching you slowly slide your jeans to the floor. Unable to control the lustful passion burning inside me, I approach you, pushing you down onto the bed.Pushing your arms down onto the mattress, I kiss the soft skin around the nape of your neck. A slight moan escapes your lips as the warmth of my lips press against your sensitive skin. I slowly slide my hands down your body towards your tight pussy, but decide instead to tease you by tracing my hands back up your body to your voluptuous tits. I being to squeeze and stroke your nipples through your bra, lightly pinching them between my thumb and middle finger. Small waves of pleasure radiate from your marvelous breasts, sending chills down your spine.Yours hands slide down my body towards my jeans, unzipping them to reveal my hard cock. You reach to stroke my engorged manhood, but I resist, pinning your arms to the bed with one hand and using the other to remove your lace bra. For a moment, I stop to marvel at your perfectly shaped, voluptuous breasts and hard succulent nipples. Instead of dropping the bra to your bedroom floor I decide to take your left wrist and press it against the edge of your bed. You smile as I use your bra to tie your wrist to your bedpost. I slowly open your legs and grind my hard cock against the soft lace covering your now moist pussy. The warm touch of my flesh against yours is so invigorating that you use your one free hand to try and just touch my body. I push your hand back down onto the bed, whispering “You know that that is against the rules. Your body is mine to please”.As I pin your right wrist to the soft mattress, I run my free hand down your body towards your panty line. Slowly my fingers trace the panties outline, teasing you with their soft and gentle touch. I smile as my fingers dive beneath the fabric, gently tracing their way to your lovely opening. But once again I deny you the pleasure you so desperately carve. My hand moves back up your body stroking and squeezing your hard nipples. I kiss your neck, nibbling and caressing it as I make my way to your earlobe. Your breathing becomes more labors as my fingers queenbet güvenilirmi circle your areolas, occasionally stopping briefly to massage each of your hard nipples.You turn your face towards me and whisper “Make me cum. Please fuck me baby”. Without saying a word, I obey your command as if you were my master. I move my mouth down from your face to your neck, kissing it gently. With each kiss, I work my way further down your glorious body, the soft kiss tingling beneath my lips. You moan with pleasure, begging me to fuck you and to release your for this erotic torture. I continue kissing down your body, ignoring your desperate pleas for release. Pausing only slightly at the nape of your neck, I gently extend my tongue and lick my way down to your soft warm breasts. I begin with your left breast, gently kneading and sucking your nipples into my mouth as you writhe beneath my in ecstasy.My free hand moves down between your thighs to feel the heat radiating from your beautiful pussy. You beg for me to at least finger you, but again you are denied. Instead, my finger slowly work their way around the lips on your pussy, gently grazing your now swollen clitoris as my mouth works ferociously to pleasure your tits. You struggle to try and free your arms to push my hand inside you but you soon realize that you can’t do anything to stop me from teasing you like this.My tongue slides from your nipples down to the top of your stomach. I slowly kiss your sweaty body down to the top of your hot wet pussy, brushing your clit with the bottom of my chin. You moan and ask me to slide my tongue inside you. You spread your legs for me as my face slowly descends between your soaking thighs. I can see beads of your hot juices soaking the bed beneath us and decide that you have been teased enough. Reaching towards the floor, my hand returns with a small silver egg shaped device. I turn it onto the lowest setting and gently rest it on your clit. The slow rhythmic pulse of your vibrator makes you moan. Not wanting you to cum too quickly, I remove it after a few seconds and then gently lick your clit with the tip of my tongue.As I slide my tongue down the outside of your pussy, I put the bullet back on your clit. The gentle vibrations coupled with the pleasure of my hot tongue massaging your wet little slit sends shivers up your spine. You arch your back and as you’re about to come, I push the bullet down on your clit and force my tongue deep inside of you. Your legs start to spasm as the intense pleasure of orgasm overwhelms you.After the queenbet yeni giriş orgasm subsides, I gently kiss down your left leg before moving my lips up the inner flesh of your right thigh. I slowly move up towards your hot dripping pussy, tasting the juices coating your thighs. I start to lightly slide my tongue up the front of your wet pussy, tasting your hot cum. Again I reach towards the floor and this time return with a large rabbit vibrator. I bring it up towards your wet pussy and tease you by stroking your clit with it and slowly sliding it down against the lips of your pussy. You beg me to fuck you with it and I am only too happy to oblige. I only put it in an inch at first and then quickly take it out again. You moan loudly, feeling the large head of the vibrator stretch your tight pussy.On the next stroke, I put it in two inches and proceed sliding it in and out until it is all the way in. I watch you lustfully as you moan from having your pussy completely filled. Your eyes roll back and a deep moan escapes your lips as I turn the rabbit on its lowest setting. The vibrations on your clit instantly for you to moan and you gasp as the head of the vibrator begins gently rotating inside of you. I start to move the dildo in and out of you slowly watching in pleasure as you proceed to orgasm once, then twice. I raise your legs up and rest them on my shoulders, tightening your pussy and making the dildo rub harder against you. Your body starts moving uncontrollably as you reach another intense orgasm. You orgasm again and again before me, unable to speak so much as a word as the pleasure spasms through you. Finally you manage to beg me to stop.I put your cum covered rabbit next to your hot body and reach down to pick up the next surprise I have for you. You shake your head saying that you don’t know how much more of this you can take and I remind you that your flesh is mine to please for the time being.Suddenly, you feel some thing cold sliding up your leg and you look down to see me with an ice cube in my mouth running it up the side of your leg towards your hot pussy. I use my mouth to slide the ice cube around the wet lips of your tight little love hole. I gently push the ice cube into your pussy with my mouth until it is halfway in you. You moan as the sensation of cold is suddenly matched by a feeling of warmth as I push it into you with my tongue. The feeling of hot and cold going into you at the same time builds you towards another orgasm. The ice cube starts to melt in you and the feeling of the cold water queenbet giriş and my hot tongue moving around inside you makes your legs quiver. You moan your way into another orgasm. You gently squirt more of your juices onto my face, soaking me in the sweet stench of your pussy. I happily swallow as much as I can, enjoying the taste of your pussy on my lips.I kneel between your cum covered thighs as you struggle to free yourself from my grasp. I lean over you and push your hands firmly against the bed before kissing you deeply. You can taste the sweet mixture of your cum on my tongue as I slide it into your eager mouth. My cock presses firmly against your warm pussy, the head pulsing as it rubs against your clit. You ask me to put my cock inside you and make you cum.I rise up from your mouth and begin to stroke my throbbing cock against your now soaking pussy. I spread your legs wide and push the head of my cock inside you. You moan as you feel each inch of my pulsing rod slide into you. You see me reach for the small bullet lying beside you and before you can protest, I turn it on to medium and press it firmly against your clit. You gasp as the intense vibrations pulsate through your clit and I begin grinding my hips against your thighs. Your back starts to arch but I push your body back down to the bed. I can hear you moaning and feel your hips start to move, pushing my cock in and out of you. You let loose a loud scream as I drive you to another orgasm that you don’t want to end. I can feel your warm cum dribbling down my hard cock and over my balls as I slap them against your tight ass. The feeling makes my cock throb inside of you, and I begin to thrust into you with greater speed and force. As I push my hard cock into you, I hear you moan with delight. Your pussy is gripping my cock tight and my thumb begins to stroke your hot little clit in place of the vibrator. I push you down to the bed with my other hand, forcing you to lay there and let me fuck you hard. You grip a fistful of sheets and your legs tighten around my hips.You let out a loud scream as you have an earth shattering orgasm as I continue fucking you as hard as I can. The feeling of my cock pounding in and out of you during your orgasm only serves to intensify your pleasure. I moan loudly as you begin to cum again and I explode with pleasure inside you. The feeling of my hot cum inside your sore pussy makes you moan in orgasm a final time. I grip your hips tightly, thrusting into you violently as load after load of cum spurts inside of you.Suddenly, you feel the hotness of my seed spilling out of you and coating your thighs and ass. I collapse next to you in the bed, having just enough energy to reach up and untie your wrist. We lay exhausted next to each other, your hands move over to my chest where you leave them as we fall asleep for a much needed rest.

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